Visions of the Daughter of Light

Visions of the Mother of Light Embodied

The healing to come is for all.
All who wander.
All whose hearts have hardened.
All who have remained faithful to the tenets of love.

2011 – Draw near for I AM with Thee

The Shield and Scepter of the Holy Spirit was placed
upon Me and My lips were blessed with Purity.

2022 – Presence of Light

Heareth Thy Song.
Changes are coming forth beloveds,
changes which portend the advent of
embodied souls coming forth,
arising, in the Light.

2023 – The Luminescence of Hope

Revelations of Light and the Star.
A reversal from what was.
Elevation of the soul.
Purification of the ego.
Light as an agent of growth and transformation.

2024 – Embrace of the Sacred

Love – the Alpha and Omega.
Embodied and cosmic timelines converge
in the Presence of Light and the Embrace of the Sacred.