Visions of Christ’s Return

There are those I speak with who say to me with pain in their hearts, “Is the Light really coming? Things just seem to be getting worse.”

And this is what I say to you and to them: “The Light is here. The Christ has returned. The Christ is walking among us. Pray that your eyes and hearts may be opened so that you may see the Christ.”

2004 – A Time of Great Weeping and Suffering

Weep, Weep – for the sorrows that have been cast upon the Earth. Weep for the sorrows and sufferings of mankind.

Be with this pain in your heart and be true to it. Be with it until the Light of the Christ comes upon your heart and redeems the pain of mankind. 

2005 – The Power of Light Over Darkness

Hear you not?

The serpent speaks his lies, twisting truths until he enters your hearts, your lives – making you prisoners – of the darkness.

Darkness is darkness. There are no variations of darkness.

Land no longer of the free.

Land no longer of honour.

Land soon to become submerged… in darkness. 

2006 – Remember Love

People of the nation of the free…

How I weep for you.

For I have seen, have felt, what is to come upon you from those who come in the name of the false Christ.

Woe, how they lust after power in the name of pious righteousness.

Woe. How I weep for you.

2007 – Blessings of the Christ’s Embodiment

The first blessings of the Christ’s embodiment begin to pour forth like rays of the sun unto the earth.

Give thanks and praise in your hearts when the blessings touch upon your life and know that these are the first fruits of the Return of The Christ.

2008 – In Stillness You Will Find Peace

Darkness feeds off of your sufferings.

This is why it is important in these times to come to keep your thoughts as quiet as possible, centered in the reality of the moment, with God.

Heed my warning – Do not feed the energies of darkness.

2009 – Love


I will call you in My Voice, says the Lord our God.

You will know Me.

2011 – Know That I AM and I AM with Thee




Remember… LOVE.

2012 – Source of Life

Paradigm Shift

2014 – Source of Light

We call upon Thee Oh Most High – infuse our hearts with courage, infuse our minds with awakening peacefulness and loving kindness, infuse us O God with the remembrance of who we are in Thy Name.

2015 – Light

A time of Revelations approaches.

Inner eyes once covered, now see.

2016 – Return

Bearers of the Light:

It is time to remember the truth of who you are.

It is time to awaken from the dream.

It is time to remember you are a spark of the Divine Light.

It is time to remember this ‘time’, which has always been known to your soul connected to the One, who shall now awaken through the many.

2017 – Divine Awakening

Behold My Beloved Creation:
Designed to transform the energies of darkness and express the energies of Light.

2018 – Love Awakens

Awareness of the lost self, reintegration, connection.

Connecting of the holy self – the Light infused self, in the presence of energies which would seek to destroy the common man and woman.

That which was lost being found. Lost dreams and hopes find bridges between hearts and souls. Hope once seemingly lost – found.

Realization of the dreams of the soul.

2019 – Love Revealed

Be not afraid of the energies which would seek to cover your light, for the Light is with you and you shall carry forth the Heart of the Christ in all that you do.

2020 – Rebirth

For there was no beauty glorified by the heavens which the darkness could not imitate.

And within this false prism of stolen illumination, souls seeking the true Light became imprisoned.

Righteous hatred, bigotries, and hubris being the materials of the bars which held them.

2021 – Emergence

With folded hands I bow before the Light and stand as witness to the darkness.

O Holy God which brought thee forth, Your humble servant awaits Thee.

2022 – Transformation

Breath deep Thy children, for I hold thee within Thy Arms.

2023 – Arising in Light

The Luminescence of Hope – That which was fore-ordained comes forth.