Revelations of Shadows in the Light.

One can transform the energies which imprison the self

by going within and unlocking the gates of pain.

Visions Received in 2022

Gilded Hands

Gilded hands gather to anoint the head and uphold the new master who wears the armour of God as he promises to take America with his shield of faith.

The Missionaries of Freedom:

Coming forward to tame the heathen ‘Other’ and save America.

New rulers rise in the free Republic, lauded and funded by the Gilded in the name of their God and coin.

The Good Samaritan:

Good Samaritan’s lay down their lives, not take them by the barrel of a gun.

A Time Of Great Woe and Sufferings:

A forgetting of the Teachings of the Beloved Master Christ Jesus by those who claim a mandate to ‘save’ America.

There is only so far internal chatter can take one consciously.
Turn off the internal narrative. There is no ‘story’.
There is only the present moment.

Faithfully, I await its holy presence… delight and joy.

Cold hearted laws which rule the night.

Re-imagining Embodied Reality:

Every embodied soul has the potential to transform themselves.

An important requirement is the willingness to move in the presence of oppressive and repressive energies from a “I can’t” consciousness to a “I can with You.”

A Defining Of Fascism

On your embodied journey you may not achieve your inner longings for transformation perfectly in any given moment. Even as this is true, you will be moving forward in time towards actualizing the embodied reality your soul longs for.

Sacred Life – Sacred Lessons:

Remain humble in the presence of imperfections and limitations.

The Commercialization of Authoritarian Impulses:

In a transactional matrix of reality, every truth is negotiable. For some, there are no lines which cannot be crossed.
Who are The People listening to?

Decrees Of The Iron Handed:

Protecting the protected whilst menacing the vulnerable.
Woe O Ye Nations. Woe.

Red hats, orange hats, black shirts, coordinated formations – authoritarian fashions for our times.

Authoritarian Rule – MY way.

Participatory Democracy – OUR way.

A defining of fascism as the absence of love.

For Profit Power Over Life and Death:

When medicine and healing is based solely on profitable concerns, the needs of the patient for survival are greatly diminished.

O Ye Nation Of The Free:

It is time to ask again, “Are we to be ruled by kings?”

Reality Shifts

Reality Shifts.

Warp Speed:

Experiences of inner reality unfolding at ‘warp speed’ whilst outer reality continues to unfold by the second, minute, and hour.

Reality Shifts and the Moment:

The energies of fear can be invoked when one looks forward in times of a reality shift.

Keep thy inner eye focused on what is happening in the present moment.

Keep thy thoughts quiet and focused in the moment.

Reality Shifts, Spiritual Mastery, and the Coming Changes:

Spiritual mastery found by grounding in heart-centered conscious awareness in the presence of incoming experiences of sorrow and suffering.

Embodying Light.

Can you hold in your heart in the presence of all manner of darkness and chaos, that Love is the One true reality?

With humility, can you, nay, will you — embody Light?

Tho It May Seem Counter-Intuitive:

Thoughts filled with the energies of Love, or even silence — emotions staid in the presence of the energies of darkness in another, thoughts anchored firmly in the present moment — can and will, halt, the full immersion of separated energies entering your mental and emotional bodies.

Wait, for I have called Thee.

Remain in Stillness Until The Waves of Negative Energies Pass:

Negative energies will pass. These energies only linger if one allows their consciousness and emotions to be absorbed or entertained by them.

In the presence of negative energies it will seem as if one is making rational decisions or having rational thoughts.

The internal pressure and agitation one perceives – feels, are a warning sign that your mind and body are being attacked, overwhelmed, and saturated by negative energies.

Wait. Be still. Embody silence. Practice stillness.

The waves of negative energies will pass and peace will be felt once again.


The Gilded Bringing Forth the Advent of Patrimonial Quietus:

Fear not these kings of gilded hubris, ill will, smallness of heart, and vision who are coming forth. For they are coming to the end of their historical planetary reigns in the manner of violence’s, cruelties, and horrors which first birthed them forth.

Not A Right:

There are embodied souls who perceive it is their right – consciously or unconsciously, to verbalize, or inflict their inner misery upon others, engendering profound pain and suffering.

Lessons Not Learnt

The lived sufferings of Palestinian peoples as an attestation that not all of the lessons of the past have been learnt.

In all manner of evil doth their heart’s conspire.

Small minds and hearts garner great power.
Woe O Nation.

It’s Global:
The burning and/or destruction of resources in order to punish “Other” as well as all who will not bend the knee.

Great Profits:
The monetization of fascistic and authoritarian rule.

In the authoritarian playgrounds of the vulturous, the Gilded observe the ‘common’ suffering, detached, with a dash of self-righteous enthrallment.

“Look at me!” Bellow the gilded.
The gilded coming out of the woodwork.

Trickle Down Wealth:
Gilded fingers in the dikes.

Religiously Triggered:
The ‘new’ martyrs.

Punishing Other

Homogenized Reality:
“Brought to you by Our Corporate Sponsors.”

Watch now the hubris of the gilded in all their splendid deviations and derision’s.
The People of the Nation of the Free… no longer free.

Folly: “I can control the energies of darkness.”

Transmutation: The path of freedom from the energies of darkness.

Punishing ‘Other’ for the sins of the self.

Look within – with love.

A thirst for adoration of the vile. That which carries the energies of vileness perceived as virtuous.

Kings of Whimsy:

For they shall giveth and taketh away.

Heareth Thy Song

Heareth Thy Song Beloveds:

Changes are coming forth beloveds, changes which portend the advent of the embodied souls coming forth, arising in the Light.

These changes I speak of coming forth, brought about by the Presence of Light, seek it not with your outer eyes.

These changes I speak of coming forth, brought about by the Presence of Light, shall be perceived by inner eyes. The eyes of the soul.

For all manner of darkness and chaos shall unravel about thee. Fear not, for these energies of darkness seek to align with the hearts and minds of souls whom have lost their faith in the power of the Light, whom have lost their way — raging out, seeking to punish, to alleviate the pain of their human hearts which seeks Love, which seeks to be held within the warmth of the Light.

Heareth Thy Song — Changes are coming forth beloveds, changes which portend the advent of the embodied souls coming forth, arising, in the Light.