Revelations of Shadows in the Light.

One can transform the energies which imprison the self

by going within and unlocking the gates of pain.

Visions Received in 2022

Choices Await Thee

Breath deep Thy children, for I hold thee within Thy Arms.

A withering of the root of evil.

New shoots struggle to survive in the Light.

Thou art Thy Creation, I have not forsaken thee.

Redemption of that which had been lost.

The rebellious will in a time of the embodiment of the will-less Will.

Aimlessness no longer an option.

Choices await thee.

Rudderless, the fear-filled ego, flails.

Crying. Rebellion. Horror. Grief.

“What is this reality? Where are we to go?”

A harvest brought forward by the cult of coin and death.

The houses of plenty mock scornfully.

The holy beasts upon the Earth howl in sorrow.

Thoughts of old shall not carry thee forward into the new reality.

Faith shall guide thee.

Love shall be thy anchor.

Recognition of the necessity of surrender of former paradigms.


For I have made a way for thee.

Embodied souls adrift in a sea of angry voices.

Cries Of The Earth Blessed

Cries of the Earth blessed.

Charismatic, paranoiac earthly gods of power in pursuit of absolute control.

Let Go! Let Go!

Relinquish control of the fear filled will.

Let go, for I AM the Arms which embrace thee.

New beginnings in the presence of the passing away of that which has been completed.

All blessings.

Weariness combined with a loss of faith – fodder for the servants of separation.

Shield of Light.

A time comes forward of great weeping and wailing.

I AM and I AM with thee.

Fear not, for I shall guide thee through all storm’s.

Truth! Truth!

What is truth?

Love carries the blind so that they may see.

For thou art Thy Creation.

The paradigm of the reality of coin crumbles.

In the Presence of the Holy:

The Energies of Death and Resurrection

Death as the harbinger of new beginnings – Eternal Life.

Death as the re-leaser of fear and control – Sentient Divinity.

Death as the harbinger of transformation – Everlasting Love.

Death as the harbinger of enlightenment – Perpetual Awareness.

Death of former paradigms – Rebirth and Reunion.

Death as the harbinger of life transitions – Ascended Emancipation.

Death as a passage of rebirth – Infinite Aspiration.

Death as a passage of the Restoration of Life – Resurrection.


The Pillars Of Democracy

Political Speech In A Time of Prolific Profits:

Price gouging as political speech.

Punisher’s Creed:

“Freedom for me but not for thee.”

Vision of the Pillars of Democracy:

In a vision I saw the Capitol being upheld by pillars being pulled away by hands of gold.

Point of Pride:

Fallen Masters will unabashedly, reveal who they are.

In Times of Widespread and Turbulent Darkness:

Anchor your heart in gratitude and humility. Anchor your heart in readiness to forgive with the wisdom of remembrance.

Is It Awakening?

Check for the presence of love and tolerance.

On Avoiding the Abyss of Despair and Anger:

Being able to acknowledge pain or having experienced hurtful actions opens a door in the consciousness to numerous choices and outcomes. Denying pain can keep an embodied soul locked in repetitive cycles of separation and suffering.

Acknowledgment can set the heart free.

In an oligarchic or aristocratic society, norms and laws violated with nary a move towards accountability or responsibility.

I write to you from the future, as you visit from the past.

Light Releasing Energies Of Darkness

Revelation of Shadows in the Light:

One can transform the energies which imprison the self by going within and unlocking the gates of pain.

Light releases energies.

Inner Perceptions of Outer Body Experiences:

Not all perceptions are a reflection of unfolding realities.

The only reality most embodied souls have control over is in the moment.

Until the energies of punishing are purified and redeemed, the purity of Love’s expression shall be tainted.

The energies of the Punishers are hope antagonists.

Longings to rise into the Light of new awareness’s in the heart and mind overshadowed by the turbulent energies of the Punishers.

All blessings.

Hardened hearts harden targets.

Innocents wail and weep.

New agonies unendurable, to be endured.

Politics Of The Fallacious

Punisher’s seeking the tearing apart of the Peoples of the Nation of the Free.

The nation watches in horror at the massacres of the innocent’s, day in and day out a new horror of born of the weapons of war unleashed upon the People of the Nation of the Free.

Innocents, babes just out of their Mothers and Fathers arms, face the tyrannies of the industrial weapons trade.
Weep, Weep for those who could stand and protect, and shan’t.

A rendering of garments and calls for prayers, as the revered 15’s rule the lands of the People of the Nation of the Free.

The horrors known to the peoples of the lands of the ancients now comes home to the People of the Nation of the Free. That which was brought to the innocents, returns to wield its axis of evils.

Faith never needing to be defended, bides to be witnessed.

The holographic Father desecrates the land of many tongues. A power seeking homogenization of the Mothers children.

The rise of the Politics of the Fallacious bringing forth the conferral’s of God’s blessings through laws and political entertainment.

The rise of the new master schooled in the arts of The Prince.

Weep and lament People of the Nation of the Free, for that which was given freely with sobriety and dignity, is desecrated by righteous lust… for power.

The Warlord States Of America

Behold, the sons and daughters of the hard of heart.

These sons and daughters request that you bow before them for they have come to save you.

O how I weep for Thee as I gaze upon Thine meadow of beauty.
For You, the Divine, are everywhere I cast thy eye to see.

Divinely Inspired:

To the sons and daughters of the hardened of heart.

Everything, everywhere, is Divinely inspired.

The Divine does not separate.

Humans do.

Whilst the charismatic old king entertains and regales his adoring subjects, the new master brings forth his righteous rage and fearlessness to punish all who are not made in his image and likeness.

Once the Beloved Master walked this Earth humbly, in sandals bringing forth the Teachings of love, compassion, humility and love for one another.

The new master, wisely in all the ways of guile, manipulations, and corruptions, brings forth the good news of unmitigated control of ‘Other’ and power.

A rising of the warlord states of America.

The new master — bringing forth the command of the art of insult and divisiveness.

Slick of phrase, quick of offense, the new master corrupts the innocent of the ways of political powers to become one with destruction and irreverence.

The hordes are coming!
The hordes are coming!

Instructions to the populace to be afraid of the poor, the suffering, the homeless, the widow, the orphans, the meek, and the migrant.

Sins Of Our Fathers

No longer deemed opponents of political parley, opponents of those who come to ‘save’ are condemned as evil, to be punished as they endeavor to save the Homeland.

The new master, scholarly in the ways of power instructs the youth that ‘Other’ and all who support “Other’, shall be punished without mercy.

A time of the indoctrination of the youth to save them from the indoctrination of ‘Other’.

Yea! Hear thee – you shall not mention the sins of our Fathers for you insult our American pride.

A promising of an ideal which has roots in hatred and division.

Freedom of Speech:

“Freedom for me – insults for thee.”

The doctrine of ‘the American way of life’ brought to you by the new master.

Imagine a master who cares not one wit for anyone who does not follow strict adherence to his visions and ideologies. Charming, charismatic, friendly and insulting, cruel and punishing – calling all who would heed his words to crush “Other”.

A man who secretly lusts for the ultimate position of power in his Homeland targets and desecrates the man and his name who sits in the sacred seat of service.

The New Master Brings The Good News

Aye, the new master drains the heart.

“Only I shall be on a pedestal!” Cries the new master. “None are above me!”

The new master shall speak to you of what you may believe, think, and speak whilst claiming he comes in the name of freedom of speech.

Remember, remember, the crimes and cruelties of Fallujah.
May God have mercy upon their souls.

The new master classifies insults, falsehoods, and fear mongering as “freedom of speech”.
No quarter.

“Why I do not care what you or anyone thinks of me”, declares the new master. “I lead with the true convictions of a man who has donned the armour of God.”

Intentions of the New Master:

“I am coming for America”.

“Yea, it is I who shall determine what is right for you”, claims the new master.

The New Master Brings the Good News.

My America, my principles, my ways, my laws, my visions – my kingdom come, my will be done.