The Book of The Days of The Christ

There are those I speak with who say to me with pain in their hearts, “Is the Light really coming? Things just seem to be getting worse.”

And this is what I say to you and to them: “The Light is here. The Christ has returned. The Christ is walking among us. Pray that your eyes and hearts may be opened so that you may see the Christ.”

Weep, Weep – for all those who have fallen by the sword. Weep for the hearts of mankind that have allowed the powers of darkness to enter them.

Weep, Weep – for the sorrows that have been cast upon the Earth. Weep for the sorrows and sufferings of mankind.

Be with this pain in your heart and be true to it. Be with it until the Light of the Christ comes upon your heart and redeems the pain of mankind. 

Be not tempted in the dark times to come, by the false light.

The darkness will whisper untruths into your hearts, and in your fear, you will long to believe them.

Do Not!

Hear me now before this time and give not the fear any power.

Trust that God will deliver thee.

Trust – even if you are to take your last breath – that you will be redeemed by the Light and by your trust in God. 

Hear you not?

The serpent speaks his lies, twisting truths until he enters your hearts, your lives – making you prisoners – of the darkness.

Darkness is darkness. There are no variations of darkness.

Land no longer of the free.

Land no longer of honour.

Land soon to become submerged… in darkness. 

The boy-child is assassinated by the bullet of the expert marksman.

And the nation of the free whose heart has been corrupted by the darkness, justifies this action 
to the people and in their ignorance of the truth and their apathy, they are silent. 

The first blessings of the Christ’s embodiment begin to pour forth like rays of the sun unto the earth.

Give thanks and praise in your hearts when the blessings touch upon your life and know that these are the first fruits of the Return of The Christ.

Darkness feeds off of your sufferings.

This is why it is important in these times to come to keep your thoughts
as quiet as possible, centered in the reality of the moment, with God.

Heed my warning – Do not feed the energies of darkness.


I will call you in My Voice, says the Lord our God.

You will know Me.




Remember… LOVE.

Paradigm Shift

Seek thee dominion?

Seek thee to feed upon lives, freedoms, and joys
of the people of the Most High?

A time of Revelations approaches.

Inner eyes once covered, now see.

Bearers of the Light:

The appointed time approaches.

Behold My Beloved Creation:
Designed to transform the energies of darkness and express the energies of Light.

Deeper awarenesses coming forward of Divine connections and awareness of our souls.

Awareness of the soul as real.

Reconnecting seemingly lost connections. That which which embodied souls thought was lost or severed – resurrected from the dust and death.

Reconnection with Source-Creator. (Known as God, The One, Nameless One, all names of the Divine).

A time of healing. Reconnection with aspects of the self once thought dead or irredeemable in the presence of great loss.

Souls rising from the dust.

Trust in the unseen Light in the presence of energies which would seem to block that which is of the Light, which is before you.

Holy presence of Life arises from the dust.

That which was lost is found. Recognition of being seen.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have created separation within the embodied self.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have caused humanity to lose themselves in that which was dead and lifeless.

That which was neglected in the self gaining greater importance.