Spiritual visions of the power of Love redeeming and healing.

Visions of the I AM Presence speaking to the scribe of Light.

Spiritual Reflection

Creating A Sanctuary of Peace

Where is the place of fear?
It is within you.

No One Is Beyond Redemption 

The darkness will seek to use your fears,
your desires to torment you.
It is in the power of Love that we
will be healed, redeemed, brought back to God.

Laments Of The Imprisoned 

Before you knew of this time of suffering,
I was with the suffering you are enduring.
I became one with the suffering and went
through its dark passages to light your way.
I am with you now, I was with you then
and I will be with you always.

The Calling Forth of the Prophet 

Daughter Write My Words.
Fear not daughter for these words
I have put into your heart, your pen I guide.
Daughter I AM and I AM with thee.