Prophetic meditations of an awakening humanity

in a time of shadow and expanding energies of Light.

Visions anchored in time as they were received.

Prophetic visions by year received

And this is what I have come to say to you:
Awaken children of the Light!
For the time has come upon you.
End your wanderings and draw near to the Light.
Let your hearts hear my words.
Draw near and heal the hardened places over your hearts,
let your eyes once again see with clarity and love.

2004 – A Time of Great Weeping and Suffering

Hold fast onto your faith, to your goodness, and to your purity
in the times of darkness to come.
Take heed and align with the Light of the Christ.
Align your heart with the Heart of the Christ and hold fast.

2005 – The Power of Light Over Darkness

Trust in the Light.
No matter how dark your heart and mind may become.
Trust in the Light.
No matter how much darkness your eyes may witness.
Stand true.

2006 – Remember Love

Here is what I see:
Not in the darkness not coming
for its coming has been foretold to prepare you.
Hope will be found, be born in the darkness,
and the Light will enter the hearts of the willing
and give unto them strength, courage, compassion,
and most of all, hope.

2007 – Blessings of the Christ’s Embodiment

The first blessings of the Christ’s embodiment
begin to pour forth like rays of the sun unto the earth.
Give thanks and praise in your hearts when the blessings
touch upon your life and know that these are
the first fruits of the return of the Christ.

2008 – In Stillness You Will Find Peace

Darkness feeds off of your suffering.
This is why it is important in these times to come
to keep your thoughts as quiet as possible,
centered in the reality of the moment, with God.

2009 – Love

You will know My Voice, you will know Me.
I have made a Covenant unto thee
and have not forsaken thee.
You will know Me.

2011 – Know That I AM and I AM with Thee

A time soon to come.
Many will falter in fear and corruption.
Know that I AM the Lord your God and I AM with thee.
These things must come to pass.
Be not afraid.

2012 – Source of Life

Paradigm Shift.

2014 – Source of Light

My heart cries out to Thee, O God.
Your peoples seek to awaken and embrace
their Divine birthrights of freedom and free will,
and yet their awakenings are met
with the energies of opposition and tyranny.

2015 – Light

The collective unconsciousness transcending the paradigm of savior.
Falseness must be broken down and illusions shed so that in
the Light of the new day we may remember the truth of who we are.

2016 – Return

It is time to remember the truth of who you are.
It is time to awaken from the dream.
It is time to remember you are a spark of the Divine Light.
It is time to remember this time, which has always been known
to your soul connected to the One,
who shall now Awaken through the many.

2017 – Divine Awakening

The soul rises in the dark times to come.
An awakening of truth in the hearts of the awakened
of which no deception, no lie, can penetrate.

2018 – Love Awakens

Divine Light Is The Inheritance Of All Souls.
No matter how dark events may seem in these times
of charismatic violence and desecration, the light within
all embodied souls is awaiting conscious awakening.

2019 – Love Revealed

Love’s Power Revealed.
That which has been corrupted and separated
from the Divine Plan revealed.
Energies in service to darkness revealed.
Energies in service to Love revealed.

2020 – Rebirth

To be reborn is to awaken to the cycles of drama and pain
which constrains awakening, a surrendering of the ‘forcing’
of life, or control, and allowing Divine wisdom to flow
through your intuition which allows for the rebirth of the self
into the embodied holy self.

2021 – Emergence

Deceptions of Patriotic Freedom.
The lords and ladies of duplicity instruct the loyal
‘true patriots’ that patriotic freedom means
never having to accept a truth they do not agree with.

2022 – Transformation

Once the Beloved Master walked this Earth humbly,
in sandals bringing forth the Teachings of love,
compassion, humility and love for one another.

The new master, wisely in all the ways of guile,
manipulations, and corruptions, brings forth
the good news of unmitigated control of ‘Other’ and power.

2023 – Arising in Light

A time of bearing witness to the energies of vengeance.
Rising energies conflating Democracy with religious supremacy.
The fallacy of projecting self-righteous agenda’s as God’s Will.
The rise of puritanical persecutions of ‘Other’.

2024 – Force Of Creation

The creative exercises of propaganda giving rise to the energies
of fear, hatred, and rage revealed for what they are,
creations of imagination, in the Presence of Light.
Assaults on the consciousness and compassion
of the hearts of humanity in the Presence of the Light.
Fear not, for I AM with thee.