Prophecies Received In 2020

To Be Reborn

To be reborn is to transform the self into the holy self.

To be reborn is to awaken to the cycles of drama and pain which constrains awakening, to the surrendering of the ‘forcing’ of life, or control, and allowing Divine wisdom to flow through our intuition which allows for the rebirth of the self into the embodied holy self.

The darkness causes those who are suffering to know not the Light of Redemption but the ever present cycles of destruction and suffering.

Fallen masters prey upon the hopes and desires of the suffering, seeking that their passions may focus on the fallen master as the object of their desire — the fallen, the darkness, rather than the Light, the way of hope.

The soul knocks at the door of our consciousness seeking to be known, to be One.

Prophecy – that which is seen.

Divine Revelation helps the darkness know itself in the presence of Light.

A garment of hope cleverly sewn by cynicism is injurious to the spirit.

The king seeks illumination through the worship, obedience, and love of the devout.

For there was no beauty glorified by the heavens which the darkness could not imitate.

And within this false prism of stolen illumination, souls seeking the true Light became imprisoned.

Righteous hatred, bigotries, and hubris being the materials of the bars which held them.

Hope and faith not fed by the holy source of Light and Love corrupts and brings forth great sorrows, feeding the darkness, and upholding corruptions as righteous, further enslaving those who seek to be set free.

Humble thy heart.

Put down thy swords.

To trust that the Light is within one in the presence of the forces of darkness can only be found in the silence of a surrendered heart. This form of trust does not give away it’s divinely bestowed power, rather it enhance wisdom, enhances the reception of the divine through the intuition, and strength is born through the course to trust.

If one’s motivation is love and the care for soul, how then do the energies of force spring forth?

The king, desiring in all manner of power, discerns with a discriminating eye the infatuated of power, helpless to mold the world in their image and likeness.

Purification allows for the pristine radiance of Light from within.