On the Eve: First Forewarning 2005

Forewarnings by Grace for the People of the Nation of the Free 

This page has been created as an act of Love. 

First, to help further prepare minds and hearts for that which is to come. 

Secondly, with the hopes that you would hold these revelations daily 
in your minds and your hearts, with prayer. 

Hear me now and have little doubt of the truth I speak: 

The Forces of Light will have reign over the forces of darkness.


Think you – “all is well”?

Do not be lulled by false sleep. 


The rage filled heart silently awaits its time to strike out.


Two forewarnings of proportionate relevance and significance:

The first forewarning:

Screaming, chaos – the law of the punisher who comes falsely in the name of God – exacts retribution.

The second forewarning:

And this is how the darkness shall seek to make you one with it.

The darkness will seek the places within you – within your heart, and your mind, and your emotions – that are dark with doubts, fears, resentments, anger, and pain. And through your own mind and emotions, it will seek to torment you and it will feed these places with like energies, until your mind and heart are confused and in desperate pain, you cry out to your God, either for help or in anger.

“Why,” you may ask of me, “would my God do this to me?”

Remember my words to you now – it is the darkness.

Purify yourselves! Seek the healing Light of the Christ.

For only the Christ shall have reign over the forces of darkness that seek to enslave mankind.


In the times to come…

Many shall weep and say, “Why us?” “What have we done?” “Our children are innocent, our mothers are innocent, our fathers are innocent.”

And this I say to you:

They shall not see that as a nation, their integrity and innocence had been lost – they had allowed the blood of innocents to cover their hands and contempt to enter their hearts. 


And this I shall tell you:

These acts of war will bring much suffering.

Not only to those you have brought the violence to – but to those you sought to keep the violence from. 


Know you not that your actions will reap upon you the blood of innocents 
of your own nations? 

(Separately these warnings are given to the United States and Israel)

Darkness reaps its own… 

You have strayed from the Light.

You have strayed from the Laws of your God, your Father.

You have aligned your hearts with the heart of darkness.




The dark forces of war build around you.


Many shall weep and lament in these times to come.


Do not despair of the darkness.

Trust and be true to the Light of the Christ.


A wall of death.

The birds stop their singing.

The streets full with blood and grief.


Stand True.

Stay true to the Light in your sorrow and your pain.

Stand True. 

For the Light is with you.


Think you – “We have a right to bring about the death and suffering of others?

This I tell you with great authority – 

You shall suffer deeply, intensely, and completely, for these acts falsely commissioned 
in the name of God, Allah, and Yahweh.


The seeds of contempt for the peoples of Islam and their holy shrines will bring forth much pain and suffering to the forces who invade their lands with guns and bibles.


In the silence, the stillness – crows caw – church bells ring. 
People wailing – walking – dazed. 
Destruction, the land becomes submerged.
Life… continues.


Weeping, chaos, confusion, screaming. Death.
People screaming, “God help us. God help us.”
Darkness. Dense darkness. Crying in the night.
Troops mustering – a new battle – but without honour.

A madness of minds and hearts in the nation of the free.

The earth laid bare like a barren field.
(Earth laid bare – (undisclosed) city in the United States of America) 



Mayhem approaches.

Crying, wailing , questioning…

“Why? Why? Why?


Here, this is what I see:

Swelling, swarming masses, chanting, ranting in rapture, choking out all who would dissent.

Unconscious masses in a mesmeric rapture flamed by the fires of fear.

A sea of madness of minds and hearts in the people of the nation of the free.

Woe to the nation of the people of the free. Woe.