May 2018

All is held in God.

All will be revealed.

Fear not!

Reality once understood, begins now to change.

All becomes unknown.

Cling to love.

My Beloved’s gifts are as varied and beautiful as the flowers in God’s garden.

The ability to experience a silent mind will no longer be seen as a fearful experience but a sign of awakening as the time comes forward when the Light, wonderfully radiating and pulsating, enters into hardened hearts and minds.

No man shall rise higher then the fist of the Punisher.

In his voice I heard the voices of legions.

All deemed free until the Punisher deems this not to be.

Be wary!

The Punisher and punishers, whilst afflicting the protected and the weak, reminds all of their good relationship with prayer.

Contempt for the law of man-kind, the keeper of the new kingdom made in his image, desecrates that which is good and holy for the promises of power to mold the new kingdom.

The imprisoned hopelessly sacrifice themselves.

Woe O Nations for what you have called forth.

Afflicting the Planetary Family:

Kings will have their vanities.

The king positions his future queen and prince consort.

The priests are blinded by their new found power to inflict punishment.

A healing of the hard-hearted brought about by cataclysmic events.