March 25, 2011

“Thou Art With Me and I Know Thee.”

My God Thou art with me and I know Thee… (to be true).

And the seas shall rise and the earth shall be laid bare,

Know that I am your God and thou art with me.

In the beginning these times were known, they were known unto you and Me.

Blessed is the One I shall bring to you for a comfort and guide.

Unto Thee O My Lord and My God have I given myself.

Wherest shall I find Thee?

Blessed is She who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed.

My Father, My God, my eyes burneth to see the skies.

I cry out to Thee O My God for Thy comfort and Thy guidance.

For these times are strange and unknown to me and I wonder at the things that I perceiveth with my eyes.

For the Lord My God commeth unto me and proclaims “thou you are dearest unto me and I shall be with you and not leave you. 

For these things I have done and knowest you and shall not abandon you. Trust. Trust. Know that I AM with thee.”

For the Father said unto-ith me: 

“I am with you and Thou art with me and thou shall not be afraid”.

Believith in Me and I shall be with you and guide you. 

Nay, you shall not be alone, for I AM and will always BE.

Giveth your heart unto me says the Lord our God.

All is blessed and known unto Me.

I am aware and hold all.

For I have called you and you are mine.

For I have called you and you are like the sunshine to Me.

For I have called you, yes, I have called you Daughter and you are mine everlasting.

For I have called you. I have called you and you are Mine sayeth the Lord.

Fear not the powers of the darkness.

Fear not the powers of those aligned with the darkness and seek to destroy my beloved (planet earth).

I seeith that which they have undone, that which is natural to (My earth).

I (humanity) seeith not and I (God) seeith all.

I walk amongst you.

I knoweth these things that you do, says the Lord our God. 

(you* humanity complicit with darkness and technology).

A herald I will bring unto you and you shall know that I AM the Lord, your God.