March 2018

Yea, the spirit rises in the two,
love and hate, separated, yet one.

Youth, once the promise of a dream 
of generations before who fought the darkness embodied, 
rise into chaos, the energies of hate embodied, 
the energies of souls separated, seeking love and harmony, enraged.

How my heart weeps to see the darkness use the sacred
vessels meant for Light awakening – desecrate and hate.

Woe, nation. Woe.

Yea, with the promises of power and superiority
the energies of hate, and the energies of desecration
for all who are not made in their image and likeness,
rise up in heart’s all too human and all too lost in the darkness.

See what the fathers of darkness have sown and sow.

See what the fathers of darkness have given unto their sons.

Woe O mighty nation. Woe.

How is it that it is the children who see and rise in the face
of the dangers emerging in the nation?

Innocence knows not of the duplicity of the fathers of darkness.

Would that these visions carry forth
more of the promises of the New Earth and Light.

Alas, my work is not yet complete.

Verily, my heart. devoted scribe of the One,
transcribes faithfully what has been given,
whilst awaiting in earnestness and steadfastness,
the Light which is to come forth for all.

In the presence of the increasing Light, the energies of darkness cannot stop revealing itself.

Apparatus of the desecration of the Nation nears completion.

Woe O beloved Nation.

Bear with.

Fear not for all has been foretold and I AM with you.

The Culmination of Light

That which was once separated coalesces and shines as One.

Light Within

Light within once covered over begins to shine.

That which would seek to distract you may confound and confuse only in the dark.

Love transcends all suffering.

That Which is to Shine Bright

That which is to shine bright 
in the dark night

Blessed Is Thou

Blessed is Thou O Holy One.
From Thee I come forth.
To Thee I return.

All is One. 

Feel The Joy

Feel the you as thine eye awakens to truth within.

I AM Here – The Covenant

I AM here,
with you,
now, within,
I AM one with thee.

In And Out Of Time

In and out of time
I embody and resurrect.

In and out of time
I AM eternal Light.

Here Within

Here within I call to thee.
Here within I AM with thee.
Here within you shall come to know Me.

This Light I See

This Light I see
is for both
you and me.

Truth Be Known

Truth be known for all to see.
Truth be know the soul awakens in the body.

Truth be know none shall distract.
Truth be known the One acts.

The Mother Divine – Awaiting In Time

The Mother Divine called to me,
I did not hear Her.

The Mother Divine shines on me,
I did not feel Her warmth.

The Mother Divine embraced me,
I did not feel Her touch.

The Mother Divine with me,
I did not see Her.

The Mother Divine with me,
awaiting in time,
for me to join with Her.

So shall it be.

That Which Is Hidden Within

That which is hidden within can only be mined by thee.



Desecration of Sacred Trust

Quietly, behind the scenes
zealots assemble to dismantle the Nation
and rebuild in their image and likeness.

Arrogance and hubris unchecked
the Punisher punished
by transactional agents.

Men and women who carry the cross
silently in their hearts,
desecrated and destroyed
for this new legion of the
intolerant and zealous.

All manner of shadow behavior
justified for this new kingdom nation
made in their image and likeness.

A great time of woe befalls the Nation.

The Punisher silent
awaits the punishers
to enact his will upon
the Nation.

In The Silence – The Beloved Comes Forth

In the silence Your Love
washes over me.

Behind eyelids closed
a great Light infuses my inner eyes.

My heart once heavy suddenly lifts
my heart beating faster in Your Presence.

In the silence You come forth to me
and I am grateful and aware
that it is You.

Inner Life of the Prophet:

My self of the world and my soul which knows of the Light coming forward.

My self of the world delights in visions 
and prophecies of Infinite Love coming forward.

My self of the world despairs of visions
and prophecies of darkness and cruelty coming forward.

My soul faithful inscribes that which comes forth
for it Thy Will not mine which guides thy hand.

Yeah, even as I am called to bear witness to the Light,
I too am called to bear witness to the darkness.

For only Light we once knew.

Then the darkness came forth.

Now with eyes discerning.
Light in the presence of darkness,
Aware, and awakening.

The Fruitfulness of Thy Word

The fruitfulness of Thy Word thru thy hand shall be judged by the Light which comes forward.

All is held in Light.