March 2015

The Willing Sacrifice

The Path of the Christ – Into the darkness transforming the darkness into light. 

And all manner of demons did come and visit me, yea, their legions were strong.

And they visited me in my heart and my spirit and upon my mind.

And the Lord Our God spoke unto me and blessed me and protected me in my torments.
And my heart and mind, verily my soul, called out to you My God for mercy and deliverance.

And the demons and legions raged at these words and sought to separate me
from my vow unto Thee which I have given Thee.

Unto Thee I have given thyself.
Only Thou can release me.

Even as the darkness seeks to confound and confuse me, you are there Beloved, shining your light on my path.

Even as the outer light is covered from our eyes, the Holy Light grows stronger to our inner eyes

Windows of dimensional healing now coalescing. 

Light shining through various dimensional windows of awareness bringing healing to all hearts who would be healed.

Light shining into karmic awareness – choice to act out or heal (forgive).

The veiling of the skies shall not hinder the unveiling of the consciousness of human kind.

The dimensional doorway to redemption, opened to all, that they may pass through, by the sacrifice and crucifixion of the embodied Christ.