The ubiquitous luminescence of I AM.

Visions of the Daughter of Light – 2023

Light of the Covenant

The ubiquitous luminescence of I AM.

Energies of Light:
Transformation by Light.

Light as streams of Divine Consciousness.

Revelations of Light and the Star.

Universal Light – Creation.

The transformative alchemy of the Light of I AM.

Opening of the Book of Light.

Restoration of Light.

Unification with the Source of all Light.

Reflections of Creation

Weeping with joy, thy soul hears Thou and sings of Thee.
O Beloved Heart of the One, find my song worthy, find thy heart readied for the outpourings of Your Love.

Movement Forward – Unfolding Realities In Time:
As events of sorrow and suffering accelerate in time the temptation is to look outwards – instead of within – with God.

Reflections of Creation:
Light – Revealed, Embodied, Reflected.

That which was, is, and comes forth again.

A reversal from what was.
Elevation of the soul.
Purification of the ego.
As an agent of growth and transformation.

The continuous transformation of the soul within physical manifestation.

Embodied unification with the Source of All Light.

For that which is good and of the Light of Creation, envelopes the footfalls of all embodied souls.

Wisdom — Thy gift to thee.

The New Consciousness

Ripples of consciousness coming forward through the sacred.
Energies coming in waves.
Challenges grounding.
Be forgiving.

The new consciousness – testing the parameters of imagination.

Purification Events:
An internal sense of ‘speeding up” in time and space.
Energies coming in waves. Anchor in the moment.

The Earth As Memory Keeper:
The soil of life remembers, keeping memories, the seeds of life.

New to Humanity:
The generation called forth to embody the Light of the Covenant.

Devotion is the space between longing and calling.

Righteous Voices of Their Generation:

Cry out for the children, censored you shall be.
Decorum over suffering, the children weep at what they see.

The embodiment’s of ‘love one another’, expelled from the templum.
A new Earth this generation shall bring forth, their hearts the Light within the sanctum.

Time accelerates.
Wisdom opens.
Confusions of the mind abound.

Embodied Transformation

Redemption as a limitless path of embodied soul expression.

A finding of one’s cornerstone on the holy Body of Mother Earth in the presence of the instability of climate changes.

Earth Changes Retreat:
Living in harmony with your neighbors and nature.

Embodied Transformation:
Love as Salvation.
Love as Grace.

A blessed day comes forth,
the portal of Light opened,
giving birth to Hope
to a planetary people in despair.

Lo, every being and every thing shall awaken,
The One in the every and the every in the One.
All Blessings.

Fear Not. The Divine Within.
Internal struggle between expanding cosmic universal energies and contractive dense three dimensional energies.