June 2018

May Your Soul Radiate Light In Times Of Darkness 

The energies of darkness calls forth: “How unfair you treat me. Why is it that you do not treat me as the Light?”

The darkness speaks: “I will force you to embrace me.”

The Light speaks: “I Am here. If you wish to embrace me my arms are open to you.”

Be wary of the iron fist which promises caresses.

Blinded by the energies corrupting and hardening hearts, the suffering are crushed and mocked by the Punisher’s army of punishers.

Those of heart, watching helplessly, become unwittingly complicit in their silence.

Judged as meek and pliable by the Punisher and the punishers, audacious cruelties abound.

Woe O Nation. Woe.

A new currency emboldens the hard-hearted. 

“No mercy. No mercy.”

Eyes taught not to see.

Hearts taught to harden.

The wails of the suffering engulf the nation of the free.

In a time of darkness which draws near, the qualities of mercy shall seem to disappear.

All shall share in the despair.

That which is false and cruel upheld as fair.

These revelations I share, painful to witness,
the vortex of suffering a passage.

The Light surrounds all,
do not lose tenderness of heart,
when those you love and cherish,
become hardened of heart.

Energies Infusing The Planet:

“Witness our cruelty,
cower in fear,
we will crush all who defy us,
and ignore your tears.”

Currencies of punishment upon all nations,
the peoples watch in horror, silent, less they too
are given a share of the cruel fists of the punishers.

The Light is here, to heal fear.

“Wait, for I AM.”

“This passage, a revelation of long held energies of darkness
corrupting the heart’s of humanity, shall bring forth in the Omega,
the love humanity has long awaited.”

The nuclear fist shall hang over the heads of the planetary family.


For I, the Prophet, allegiance to the Infinite One, from whence I and all come.

The forces of darkness will use all manner of corruptions and manipulations seeking to make your soul one with the darkness.

May your soul radiate Light to guide your way forward in the darkness.

Prayer In A Time Of Darkness:

Guide my heart to the Light, especially during those times when I am blinded by the darkness.

Help me to recognize Love in the presence of the energies of hate and cruelty.

The Punisher seeks to define planetary reality.

New allegiances and unchecked power emboldens the Punisher and the Punisher’s punishers.

The tongue of the hard hearted now speaks for the peoples of the nation of the free.

The peoples, dumbfounded and confused, flounder for solutions to the onslaught of external darkness. 

Create space within.

Find time to tend to your spirit.

Remain in dignity.

Seek to be truthful, even as this seeking comes with endurances and temptations.