July 2018

Aggrieved crusaders of enforced piety euphorically rejoice in the establishment of a kingdom in their image and likeness.

The tenets of a loving God forsaken, mercy forsaken, forgiveness forsaken, generosity forsaken, kindness forsaken, for those who do not pursue lives of provable regimented piety.

Woe O beloved Nation.

These times shall call upon your soul in service to humanity and the restoration of all Nations.

This passage, pre-ordained, is held in the One from which all souls come. Falter not, for that which is given shall come from through thy heart, the place of loving courage and the home of the ideals of justice and mercy, which shall prevail.

Our beloved Mother cries out “I can no longer hold your pain beloved’s, you must stop hurting each other.”

Unrestrained force enacted upon the peoples of the nation of the free.

Those who point the righteous finger of ‘bias’ are often unaware of their own.

Ambitious righteous anger tempered by a wily and pious mind.

Finding a speck in eye of another for ambition, to be ‘seen’. A betrayal.

Anger can take one too far into the fire.

A time of betrayals. Step mindfully around the ambitious.

The Infinite from which we all come, gave us freedom to be.
Beware the energies which tell you that you are not free.

Stars of bright Light shine in the dark night.

The darkness craves the comfort of death and destruction. 
That which is of Light is of life.

Lo, even as the darkness may seek to desecrate the Light, it can never destroy it.

Let the Light fill your heart, infuse your cells, and lift up your spirit.