July 2016

Multi-dimensional boundaries permeated by the Advent of Light.

Psychic breakdowns within the fabric of the planet, within the peoples of the nation of the free.


The proverbial “wheat” actively aligning their hearts with the frequencies of Light and Love, separating in frequency, vibration, orientation, and tone, from the “chaff”.

Bear with. Endure. Pray as you will. Align with the frequencies of Light.

The “chaff” in a time of separation, forever beloved, awaited for.

Blessings coming forward in a time of tribulations.

Cling to hope with faithful hearts.

The energies of darkness would inform my mind that I am a liar, and all manner of cheat, and a thief, and a blasphemer, and every despicable thought a tender heart could bear if one is not aware and careful of the lies of the darkness.

Stay grounded in the goodness of your hearts.

We are awakening.

Be aware of mass experiences effecting and affecting all levels of consciousness on the planet.

There are a myriad of signs of the energies of the purifying energies of the body of the Earth 
manifesting within the realms of embodies consciousness. 

If you are able to reflect as the energies rage within and without, reflect then on the thoughts of your mind,
the feelings of your heart, and the ‘gut’ feelings or intuitions which seek to guide you through. 

If you are able to follow this path of self reflection you will be reconnecting and reclaiming your divine ability to “see” 
the triggers which overwhelm your nervous systems and other systems as well as the energies releasing around and within you.

Watch for the times as we move forward when the energies leave you feeling agitated and angry, 
where you lose your center, your place of groundedness and reflection.

This is no easy spiritual or personal task – even more so in the presence of the dense frequencies and vibrational experiences 
of suffering and mayhem.

Bear with. Endure. Pray.

with love,
a daughter of the Light.

I am aware of how empathic I am – how connected through my heart I AM is in me.

On those days as the energies increase in vibrational tone and frequency,
I find myself perceiving the energies (not the actions) before they manifest
in the atmosphere, the ether, and through human beings who align with the energies.

I am sure I am not alone in this endeavour as other empaths, sensitives, psychic’s,
visionaries, mystics, holy ones and those sensitive to multi dimensional realities 
may well be perceiving, perhaps with different to describe the experiences – the same energies.

We are, each in our own expressions, the wayshowers, who hold the sufferings and horrors 
in our hearts in service to the Divine and in service to the path of destiny of humanity.

My personal life and life choices in any given moment, are of no importance to my message.

I am a scribe. 

I am honoured to be called scribe.

Screaming, mayhem.

The unjust laws of the Punisher* enacted upon the peoples of the Nation of the Free.

Punisher – Those in power stewarding the consciousness of punishment, control, and suppression.
Punisher[s] – Those who support the Punisher[s] in power through media, legislation, enforcement, for profit private contracts, propaganda, mercenaries of punishment and control.
punishers [s] – Those who feel empowered by the words and deeds of the Punisher [s] who enact (mete out) their own versions of punishments to those around them who they deem worthy of punishment.

Beware the iron fist of the Punisher.

Soften your hearts!

It has been, throughout time, easier, through 
the reigns of authoritarian rulers and the rules
of the punisher[s], to indoctrinate
separated consciousness into the minds and hearts
of the peoples of the Earth.

In these new times, now with this evil of old comes the greedy hordes 
to pick upon the sovereign bodies of the peoples of every nation
– predators of the free market ideologies of profit and gain – 
in every corner of the planet lurking – waiting, crushing, draining.

The energies of the culture and consciousness of rape infests those who rape Mother Earth in pursuit of profit and power.

It seems the only people who have been punished for the crimes committed against humanity in the names of ‘Freedom” and “Liberty” in the wars against those who live in the lands of the “axis of evil” nations – are those who seek to show the peoples of the nation of the free what is truly happening in their names – actions which do not serve the honour and integrity of the Constitution of the United States of America, nor the hearts of the peoples of the nation of the free.

Woe, for these actions shall come back upon the peoples of the nation of the free and they shall cry out and weep and ask, “what is it that we have done to bring such suffering upon us?” The shall not see that the actions of those who were sworn to serve them, brought instead suffering, pain, horror, torture, rape, and violations unimaginable the those who we were told we were liberating and bringing ‘freedom and democracy’ to.


A for profit Government will never be for We The People.

Here this is what I see:

The planet and the peoples of the nation of the free are moving into purification experiences and consciousness’ related the to the laws of punisher[s]and punishment.

A strain of authoritarian consciousness which has brought the wealth and power of the peoples of the nation of the free to a relatively few of the plantet – whilst predatory practices and punishments are meted out to those not within higher financial strata.

The arms of this vehicle of collective unconscious – consciousness, has been historically through the rulers – either secular or religious, using force, might and monies in pursuit of a planetary experience – reality – they feel in their aggrandized self righteousness they ‘deserve’.

Torture, oppression, repression, fear of reprisal for expressing the ‘truth’ of how I AM made one, the Punishers engage in all manner of darkness and separated actions and deeds against those deemed the worst offenders – those who will not bear fealty to sanctioned religions, state, collective mindset, enforcers or rulers who comes in the name of the Punisher.

These energies and the ensuing sufferings associated with the Punisher[s]breach the planetary consciousness and cohesive good will amongst all.

Lack of containment, psychological breakdowns, and alignment with the energies of desecration and suffering, reeks mayhem upon the planet, ever ensuring the need for more punishing, tougher and stricter laws to be born upon the backs of the planetary peoples by those who oppress in the name of the nation of “Freedom” and “Liberty”.

In the Advent of the Light – all is being revealed and released for transformation and healing. 

The rule of the Punisher[s] shall be short, yet not without suffering and pain for millions. 

Peace be upon the hearts of the suffering. Peace be upon the hearts of the innocent.

From the root forward, from within to without, from unconsciousness to conscious 
awareness, from the cells to the mind, the Light is permeating all dimensions of known
and unknown realities, associated with these separated frequencies of consciousness –
bringing that which was separated back into the wholeness of the One.

Bear with, endure, pray as you will, keep the faith, keep your heart pure, help your neighbor,
with courage and integrity against injustice and oppression. 

Believe in the power of the Light. Believe in the power of Love.

In the darkest of nights – hold true to the power of the dawn of a new day seen in the clarity of the Light.

Even as it seems as if the world is being plunged into mayhem and madness, remember my words:

“All are awakening to the inner truth of who they are.”

Each process of awakening and being ‘woke’, is as unique as the soul who brings forth through
their lives, their energies – frequencies, the consciousnesses of love and light.

The awakened self, the known self, individualized, unites with the greater whole – free to live a 
reality of unified consciousness which does not diminish the self – rather, magnifies the heart, 
as aspects of separated consciousness are healed.

The road forward will fell as if it is full of strife and pain for many, and for some, agony.

Stay strong. Bear with, Endure. Stay in your hearts. Align with heart centered experiences and peoples.

To connect with the truth of who you are
a choice is to be made to move beyond 
defining reality with the mind.

A choice is to be made to leave the realms
of perceiving reality through the mind to 
perceiving reality through the heart.

Purity of Heart
Love for one another.

Leads to…

Awareness of innate purity and wholeness (holiness).

Which leads to…

The truth of I Am.

Which leads to the truth of I AM expressing through who I am in this reality.



A return to innocence.

Journey of redemption.

A return in the midst of great darkness and upheaval to innocence.

A journey to the heart’s awakening.

Redeeming – reclaiming – that which was lost.

The shifting consciousness of the planet
infused with the influences of Divine Action
creates a shift in the vibrational frequencies within 
each embodied soul, which creates space
for the soul to awaken within the self.

Even as this is true, there are forces which would
seek to stop this planetary awakening by infusing
into the weakest amongst us the false teachings 
of the culture of war and death, punishment and
and oppression, authoritarianism and wealth

Rather than creating a “bubble of protection”
the higher frequencies of Divine Action creates
within the self, a sense of safety which translates
into safety for all as the energies expand into the 
greater planetary consciousness.

Forthwith I declare unto all, yeah even unto those who are
suffering the greatest under the oppression of the punishers,
a time is coming forward in which the pendulum of darkness,
suffering, imprisonment and pain will be moving into a reality
of the truth of who we are – a reality of truth, innocence, dignity,
and love – for all.

How do we endure through the time of the punisher[s]?

Look unto the nations who have been suffered the greatest
in the nation of the free – the First Nations Peoples and the 
Americans of African decent who have borne pains and suffering
beyond what most could endure, and have done so with dignity, 
faith, trust, and integrity.

Everything we are witnessing in this reality has a cause
rooted in the past – as such, Purification is the means by which
these separated energies and forces of consciousness can be
transformed – that which has been ceases to be the causality 
of that which shall be.

Yeah, in the Advent of Light, in the time of Awakening, even the sociopath and psychopath shall feel their hearts.


The unity of the Soul with awakening embodied consciousness.