January 2018

Deeper awarenesses coming forward of Divine connections and awareness of our souls.

Awareness of the soul as real.

Reconnecting seemingly lost connections. That which which embodied souls thought was lost or severed – resurrected from the dust and death.

Reconnection with Source-Creator. (Known as God, The One, Nameless One, all names of the Divine).

A time of healing. Reconnection with aspects of the self once thought dead or irredeemable in the presence of great loss.

Souls rising from the dust.

Trust in the unseen Light in the presence of energies which would seem to block that which is of the Light, which is before you.

Holy presence of Life arises from the dust.

That which was lost is found. Recognition of being seen.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have created separation within the embodied self.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have caused humanity to lose themselves in that which was dead and lifeless.

That which was neglected in the self gaining greater importance.

Awareness of the lost self, reintegration, connection.

Connecting of the holy self – the Light infused self, in the presence of energies which would seek to destroy the common man and woman.

That which was lost being found. Lost dreams and hopes find bridges between hearts and souls. Hope once seemingly lost – found.

Realization of the dreams of the soul.

Seemingly lost hopes and aspirations rising – no longer based in class, social mobility, or material wealth – rising within the realms of the heart and soul.

Loss of the material, finding that which one has always longed for.

Confusion arises. Who are we? How have we suppressed ourselves? Who we are meant to be?

The rising holy self in the presence of corruption, obfuscation, dishonorable actions.

Loss of the material self and the gain of the spiritual self.

In the presence of loss of the material self the spiritual self is discovered.

Awakening from sleep – illusory dreams, in the presence of woe leading to the awakening of Divine within.

Embodied awareness of the unification of the nameless One, the soul, and the conscious self.

Remembrance of Love – Divine Love.

Freedom from the illusions rising from the shadow self.

Extending Love. Expanding awareness of the presence of Love from Source-Creator flowing to the soul, from the soul to the embodied self, and from the embodied self to other embodied souls.

Increased radiation of the energies of Love and Light in a time of darkness.

In a time of great sorrows, pain and despair, pray, for the Light shall be with you.

Obfuscation of the Word and hence words.

Obfuscation of Truth and hence truths.

Obfuscation of Divine reality and hence reality.

Illusions presented as reality. 

Theories of truth presented in place of Divine Truths.

Truth found in the Word. The Word anchored within human heart’s awaiting revelations of Love, Life, and Light.

Energies of darkness seeking to imitate energies of Light.

The narrow path of Love sought as hearts awaken.

The Divine and human united within the heart.

Resurrection, Life, Truth, Love, and Light.


A way will be made by the Light even if situations do not turn out as one would long for them to be.

Pray and trust for each soul knows what is best. That which is unfolding will ultimately lead to that which has been longed for by the soul since time immemorial – the connection between the soul self and the Divine to be awakened within the embodied self.

The effects of the ‘fall of humankind’ healed by the sufferings of the Christ’s death and the sacrifices of the Christ’s resurrection. A time of redemption.

Souls arising from the dust of the earth. Resurrection of the awakened soul and the conscious self.

Awareness: “I AM knows I am here.” Embodied souls become aware that I AM is aware of them.

Redemption Is For All

If one allows their heart to open to the possibility of redemption for the self, then the heart is also called to remain open to the possibility of redemption for all.

A Rising Comes Forth:

A rising of souls comes forth.

A battle ensues as polarizing energies of darkness seek to engulf and engage hearts separated from Love’s calling.

Be not of the darkness.

Seek not align your heart with forces separated from the Light.

When self-righteous piety reigns LOVE diminishes.

Let your heart be aware.
Let your heart be mindful of these energies releasing and arising for the purposes of purification – not re-enactment, from the hearts, thoughts, and words of the warriors of self-righteous piety.

Be not deceived.

An entrance into the final enduring’s of the reign of the punishers.

Woe – The Promises of the Punisher

The iron fist of the Punisher promises love, and delivers sorrow.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart cold and hardened.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart disdainful and contemptuous.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented and wept for the punishing’s to come
in the name of those who seek to create a kingdom in their image and likeness.

Hard hearted scorn and contempt meet the cries of the suffering.

The iron fist of the punisher enacts a force once held in abeyance by the foot of the crucified Christ.


The mask of the pious punisher removed.

Laments of the suffering met with self-righteous scorn and contempt.

Biding time the wrath of the pious punisher is cloaked in adoration.

Let All Who See – Know

The Light knows all the plans of the forces of darkness waiting for enactment through the hardened hearted.

For the darkness was once of the Light, and shall be again.

All shall be healed.

A Great Punishment Meted Out

A great punishment enacted out upon the people of the nation of the free.

Woe O beloved nation. Woe.

Cries of the Suffering in Pain

“Why?” “Why?”

“Have we not healed these torments?”

“Why have these torments emerged again?”

Bear with nation.
Bear with.

Zealot like energies freed within hearts to enact vengeance upon all who are not made in the image and likeness of the warriors of self-righteousness.

“Vengeance is ours!” Cry the hard hearted.

“Now we shall make them submit!” Cry the punishers.

A time of great woe.

“Bend thy knee!” “Bend thy knee or we shall charge you with heresy.”

Woe O nation, woe.

Know that the Light is with you in the suffering and pain.

Backs turned on daughters and sons.
Backs turned on mothers and fathers.
Backs turned on neighbors and friends.
Backs turned, haughtily held.

The proudly self-righteous enact division, punishment, and scorn.

Sons and Daughters of might and right,
claim to come in the name of love,
war and fight,
shall in the end,
return as one with the Light.


My heart feels the sorrows of the deceived.

How can it be that those who justify and align with the energies of darkness can in the end, be of the Light?

All are here to purify that which has been separated from Love.


Whilst your heart and mind justifies hate, your soul – pure in love, suffers greatly.

Life before life – upheld as sacred.

Life once alive – condemned as sinful.

All is sacred which comes forth from the One Creator.

To hate is to desecrate.

The pious warriors of peace fan out to save and punish.

The image of the dove projected over the iron fist of the punisher.

Forgiveness and mercy for those who bend their knees.

“Our kingdom come!” ” Our will be done!” Cry out the agents of change.

“Bend thy knees for our mercy.”

Beware the cup of power which separates the heart from the fruits of Love.

Daughters and Sons of the One.

Those who would teach you that your heart is wicked or deceitful have forgotten from whence they came.

Created by Love, for the purposes of Love, we are each of us, Daughters and Sons of Love.

In the silence of the Mother’s Divine Womb,
all is to come forth,
all shall bloom.


Holiness shall flow as a river of Love from the hearts and words of the Daughters and Sons of the Light.

All shall partake of this blessing.


Be not afraid in these times foretold.

The arrows of hate and cruelty shall sting and burn.

Even as this is true, the Light shall come forth as a balm,

healing all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all hearts.

Love frees the embodied soul to be.

To know divine Love is to know the union of peace and joy within the human heart.

I have called thee daughter to My Heart and thou has heard Me.

I shall lift my light in the darkness and await Thee.

The love song of my Beloved is sweet and comforting, calling my soul forth through the darkness into the Light.