January 2017

Behold My Beloved Creation:
Designed to transform the energies of darkness and express the energies of Light.

I in you and you in I. 
There is no separation only the One eternally expressing Divinity.

In A Time Of Darkness and Loss Of Integrity:

In a time of darkness… you can choose to shine your light.

You can make the choice in each new moment to be a beacon of hope for those lost in the darkness.
Shine in your integrity, your hopefulness, your faith, your innocence, your light!

‘Be’ the love you long for.

In the Presence of the Energies of Deception:

Become aware of energies being imposed upon your hearts and minds which are separated from love.

Before you knew of these sorrows, I held them close to my heart in prayer.

The energies of purging coming forward devoid of health.

Dimensional doors opening within.
Thoughts and beliefs once polarized become nuanced.

To confound and confuse, to agitate and enrage; the rule of the Punisher(s) dividing the nation(s).

One of the hallmarks of deception is desecration.

Cries of the suffering met with impudence and scorn.
Patriots called by the deceived to harden their hearts.

Cries of the suffering mocked and silenced.
The rise of the iron fist.

The cries of the suffering calling out for mercy.
The hearts of the One watching in horror and prayer.

The cries of the suffering downtrodden in fear engulfed by the energies of loathing, cry out for mercy.
The nation of the free complicit in silence.

“We are one!” Cry out the hardened hearts of the patriots.
Calls to “Harden your hearts, for the ‘other’ is not of us.”

Bewilderment and sorrow engulfs the nation of the free.
Freedoms lost, the laws of the Punisher a desecration to the sacred held up in vainglorious hubris.

“See you not?” Cry out the hardened. “See you not that all we do is for you?”
Hearts confused and bewildered cower in fear.

The soul rises in the dark times to come. 
An awakening of truth in the hearts of the awakened of which no deception, no lie, can penetrate.

Trust. “What am I to trust?” Cry out the bewildered.
Trust the goodness of your hearts. Let your actions be rooted in love.