January 1, 2004

Weep, Weep – for all those who have fallen by the sword. Weep for the hearts of mankind that have allowed the powers of darkness to enter them.

Weep, Weep – for the sorrows that have been cast upon the Earth. Weep for the sorrows and sufferings of mankind.

Be with this pain in your heart and be true to it. Be with it until the Light of the Christ comes upon your heart and redeems the pain of mankind. 

Be not tempted in the dark times to come, by the false light.

The darkness will whisper untruths into your hearts, and in your fear, you will long to believe them.

Do Not!

Hear me now before this time and give not the fear any power.

Trust that God will deliver thee.

Trust – even if you are to take your last breath – that you will be redeemed by the Light and by your trust in God. 

And in the midst of the time of the great darkness of man – shall come a Light.

The Light of the Redemption of Man. The gift of the Prince of Peace. 

The Light of the Christ – redeeming all through Love. 

Weep, Weep – for the suffering of man. Let your hearts fill with as much of it as you can bear.

And then, through prayer and Grace…

Ask that you may have the strength and courage to bear even more. 

In your fear you shall ask:

“How will I know who to trust in the times of darkness?”

And this is what I have come to say to you: 

The Light shall appear to you to show you the way.

Open your hearts in trust in the presence of your fears and the Light shall come to guide you.

Trust. Trust is the way. 

The hearts of the pure will face the heart of darkness and be victorious. 

How will man face such a darkness?

By the Light of the Christ – the Christ has come to redeem the darkness. 

Woe… I hear your screams of pain, your battle cries, and my heart is with each and every one of you.

My heart is with you and you shall not suffer alone. 

Do not cut yourself off in your armchairs from the sufferings of those around you.

For their suffering is your suffering.

Love shall redeem you.

Whether it is your last breath here upon the Earth or not.

The Love of the Christ shall redeem you.

The spirit leaves the body but never the Heart of God. 


I tell you this with assurance.

For the Light of God, through our Beloved Christ shall hold reign over the forces of darkness.

Be not afraid and trust in God’s plan for you.