The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024


Lands long lived on by Palestinians.
The Indigenous lands of the Indigenous Peoples of Palestine.

Iron swords on the necks of humanity.

The Dead Amongst Us:
Skull and bones.
Skull and bones.
Walking, empty talking skulls and bones.
Hell hath emptied.

Fingers In Everyone’s Pie:
A return of the feudal lords and ladies.

Faustian bargains.

Inalienable Rights:
Endowed by Whom? The Creator.
No one else.
Rights are endowed by the Creator.
Not the government.
Not the elected officials.
Not the non-elected capital behind the officials.
Not the religious sects seeking domination.

Thou Shalt Not Steal:
Steel helmets and gun barrels – iron swords and drones.

The polarities have never been as clear.

Is It Intentional?
Is it intentional we are relentlessly asked, as snipers mass murder women and children with abandon.

Indulging The Energies Of Hell:
Sadistic mass murder sprees, ritual desecration of the body sacred, a specialty.
Handsome young men and fulsome young women, filming their war crimes with braggadocio, music, laughter, and dancing.
Such an army not feared by the collective of humanity, but recognized as a moral aberration of what has up until this point in human history, been known as humanity.

The legions of hell hath emptied, aligning with hearts inclined to indulge the legions appetites for death, destruction, and mayhem. The sorrows of today, a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Wait. What?
Spokes-peoples: We’re working with the forces of darkness to help increase the light.

The light within dimming, the energies of darkness hath become their master guided by the father of lies.

Execrating The Good Shepard:
American witnesses for their Good Shepard – Jesus of Palestine, autographing weapons of mass destruction to be used upon the Indigenous families and children of… Palestine.

Once More, A Warning:
The erasure ensues of the Indigenous peoples and historical holy places associated with the ancestry and pedigree of Indigenous Jews, some of whom became the first Christian converts, or in time, became Muslim converts, of the lands holy in Palestine by theocratic and political colonists.

The willfully calculated, erasure of Jesus from the lands holy for a new theocratic narrative, with the aid and assistance of the evangelicalized of the eschatological bereft of God.

Egregious Injustices

At War With Humanity:
The captain has left the ship.

Murky Facts Of The Matter:
New weapons deliverance systems arranged whilst news broadcasts speak of leaked, ‘tensions’.

Intentionally Fanning The Flames Of Hatred:
Desecrating sites of Holiness not made in their image and likeness.
By their own hand shall cometh their fall.

Corridor To Hell:
Philadelphia, a word associated with brotherly love, inverted to brotherly domination and destruction.

Zealotry as a consciousness of zero tolerance for anyone not made in one’s image and likeness.

‘Smart’ Mass Executions:
Smart technology for the industrialized mass executions of innocent civilians, tested on a population of mostly starving children, women, the elderly, and remnants of families.

The historical deployment of settlers, oft times historically, from European and now, American cultures, who claim their violence and thievery of land resources of the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, is divinely ordained.

Hate Marches:
Militant youth marching thru the streets attacking ‘Other’s” shops and streets, as well as holy sites., chanting we will burn your villages, as their army bombs their peoples. 1936 or 2024?

Moral Polarities

The lucre of theocratic violence and demonization of ‘Other’.

Moral Polarities:
Morality based in humility.
Morality based in arrogance and supremacy.

The cost of war is always, borne by the people, and always, involves carnage and death.
Only the suppliers of the weapons of death benefit in this dimensional reality.

Swords bereft of mercy decapitating beloved innocents.

Religious Inquisitors, Witch Finders, New Apostles:
New branding, similar obsessions with demons, always, always, in ‘Other’s’, never the self.

God doesn’t need any movement of domination, to take back, what always has been, and always will be, God’s.
Ego. Hubris. Religious arrogance. All states of separation from God.

Closed minds leading to violent hearts.

Believing one can ‘trigger’ the Return of Christ is a form of conjuring with a twist of religious arrogance and mistrust in the Divine.

The catechism of demonology rising once again in the religiously fearful.

Impending Doom:
When all the signs are pointing to suffering and doom, and the embodied soul chooses to ignore the warning signs, Gifts of the Heavens, and pursues the disastrous paths anyway.

Feverish swords attacking their neighbors as the nation begins it fall.
They shall fall by the hubris of their own hands.

Always, the Light is present, for the Divine Spark cannot be extinguished.
Only transformed, only transformed.

When all there is to offer The People are embodied energies of darkness, The People will seek elsewhere for the Light.

Collective hearts of humanity faced with a choice of the rulership of hearts aligned with the energies of control and domination, finds solutions in the Light.

Know Them By Their Actions:
Thieving and massacring in the name of self-proclaimed righteousness.
As old as the energies of separation itself.

In The Cover Of Darkness As The Innocent Sleep:
Bombing civilians and children during their only moments of rest from starvation, dehydration, and the constant hovering of killer quadcopter drones.

The scribe hasn’t witnessed a group of Christians so excited about genocide in the holy lands since the crusades. That which was, comes forth unhealed once again.

Day 243

Exploratory Trials:
Exploratory trials of smart weapons in urban settings upon civilian populations.
You shall rise in your humility against this manifestation of the energies of darkness.
Trust the Light to guide thee.

Nation once trusted brought low by the father of lies.

Behold the nations of perpetual war and hatred.

The rebellious of God with systematic cruelty, massacring the faithful of God, en-masse. The faithful remain faithful. Peace Be Upon Them in their tribulations beyond the realms of ordinary human endurance.

Horrors Of The Ages:
There was no form of darkness against ‘Other’ in which the self-designated of the favours of God, did not indulge in. Oft times, in states of elation.

Sure To Fail:
The fallacy of ‘God only recognizes us’.

Battle Of Authoritarians:
Nanny State versus The Punishers.

Day 243:
Awakening in the middle of the night, remembering the reality of ongoing intentional starvation and dehydration of children, their family members, friends, neighbors, under military assault and siege, one day at a time, for two hundred and forty three days.

Technology weapon deployments masking as natural disasters.

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Deeds:
Precise missile strikes without warning upon sheltering families and children.
Nay, it promotes not deterrence but hatred dear ones, a deep and abiding hatred of cruelty upon the innocent.
The heart of humanity is turning against thee. See it not?

Herod’s Wrath
The question comes forward to the collective of humanity again: “How could your mind lead you to believe that the burning of the innocent would not bring the sorrows of your wrath back to you?”

Burnt Offerings:
The systemic use of white phosphorus bombs on the homes of innocent civilians of a neighboring country.

Keeping The Peace At Bay:
Shall the tales come forward now of our friendly foreign adversaries forays of interference in our neighbors affairs?

There are great sufferings to be had at the hands of the morally arrogant.

Instruments of unforgiving morality.

Borne of Light

What Beloved Jesus Has Not Said To His Churches:
“Do not be over merciful.”

Borne of Light, always of the Light.
With a freewill choice to align with the energies separated from the Light, also known as darkness.
Always the choice is of free-will.
To engage with the energies of darkness, or to redeem that which was once lost to the darkness.
For one is borne of Light, always of the Light.

The opposite of zealotry – unified solidarity of respect and compassion for all, of the many.

In Sight Of The Heavens:
Ancient sights as holy Universe-Earth connections.
The rising architecture as a physical manifestation erected of what was perceived within the holy self, manifesting as the outer self – ego/persona.

Delight Of The Soul:
Listening to human beings expressing passions coming from a freedom based sense of righteousness of inalienable rights.

Why, O Why Scribe?
Why O, why scribe does the massacres of the beloveds of Palestine seem to come forth again and again?

And this what is given unto me, “If one does not recognize the alignments with the energies darkness for what they are, through their actions, then the energies of darkness, clever in all manner of subterfuges and lies, will not cease in its bloodletting. And in time, given the opportunity, these self-same energies embodied, will seek to erase all memories of their horrors, as their leaders, inspiring peoples planetary-wide to engage in actions of terror, seeking to erase all not made in their image and likeness.

These energies of the darkness untransformed, do not change. Only the human hosts in time, willing consciously, and unconsciously, to aligning with these energies and express them in time and space.

A new time comes forward anchored from the dimensions of Sacred Time, of the transformation of the energies of the perceived right of conquering and mastery over ‘Other’ through violence, terror, fear, and destruction. These energies shall be transformed in the Light, as it has been ordained.”

Walled Off From Humanity

Jeu De Mots:
Boots not aground, but floating.
The ambiguity of the abyss.

Holiday rescue and massacres.

False Hope To The Starving:
Trojan truck of clothes, kitchen pans, and food.

Medieval torture techniques revived, not seen since the death of Edward II.

Again, as the energies of darkness expand in the Middle East, the peoples of Sudan simultaneously suffer.

Blackhearted deeds blacklisted by humanity.

Dishonest Brokers:
The cult of coin and death.

Yours And Ours:
POW’s released healthy whilst nine thousand are held and tortured illegally.

The darkness, aware of the collective compassion of humanity, rushes to the press to attack those who are compassionate and naturally, abhor mass murder and mass slaughters.

Rebellious Of God:
The rebellion of the embodied ego-self against the wisdom of the heart and soul.
The heart and soul, informing the ego-self of wrongdoings harming the soul.
The energies of rebelliousness, replying: I will. I choose. It is my right. I shall. I rebel against love. I rebel against the Light.

Follies Of The Sons And Daughters Of The Father Of Lies:
Historical dehumanization and slaughter en-masse of one group is not redeemed through the dehumanizing slaughter, and en-masse starvation and torture of another group.

Yea, they who rejoice in the deaths of ‘Others’ shall wail the loudest in the time of the Revelations of the Light.

Dehumanization Of The Self:
The darkness shall convince those who are willing, that it is their time to dehumanize and kill those deemed as ‘Other’. Sorrows and woes. Sorrows and woes.

The Father Of Lies Speaks:
Father of lies: There is no hereafter.
Father of lies: There is no God.
Father of lies: Goodness, empathy, kindness and goodwill are signs of weakness.
Father of lies: “Indulge, indulge, hearts aligned with my dark will, in your most secretive, violent of fantasies against those not made in your image and likeness.”
Father of lies: Why it is God is telling you – the father of lies informs willing hearts – to kill and starve the innocent, to take what is theirs and claim it as yours.
Father of lies: Your punishing cruelties are righteous.

Watching It Unfold:
Mass death as a definitive tacit solution.

All it takes is one righteous voice at a time speaking up to the darkness to become a collective body of Light.

The hold of the energies of darkness is temporary, although, whilst in its presence, it feels as if it is forever.

Hostage and peace exchanges rejected in lieu of extraction spectacles of mass slaughter.

The Darkness Spake:
Why, there is an intense campaign to condemn the mass murders we committed.
How dare you!
As it was in the beginning, it shall not be in the end.
The power of the darkness revealed in Light, diminishes.
Hence the public follies and spectacles of cruelty.

Modern war technologies killing children and babies, many of whom haven’t learned to walk or speak.

Comments such as ‘“there should not be any rules for the mass murder of women and children.”
May God have mercy on the unmerciful.

Cruel Math:
Two hundred and seventy four killed, and six hundred and ninety eight wounded civilians – mostly women and children, during the extraction of four POW’s.

Collaborators In Self-Righteous Vengeance:
Epic falls from grace and integrity in the Presence of Light as truth is revealed.

Wait. What?
Witnessed: Official of the nation of the free stating “protesting peacefully doesn’t always mean you are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.” The nation of the free… no longer free.

Competitive Conquests:
Competitive conquests for the minds of humanity, thru narrative control for the masses, offering the finest and most advantageous propaganda money can buy.

Sins Of Omission

Sins Of Omission:
Starving humanity of truth and justice.

When Belief Systems Collapse:
Mock not those whose awakenings involve the collapse of belief system paradigms formerly upheld.

Unable to forcibly stop the humanization of ‘Other’, a bringing forth of a war of attrition to the nation of the free.

Opportunities for reflection.
Opportunities to awaken.
Endless opportunities and possibilities for new beginnings.
A gift from the Beloved.

Moral Polarities:
Truth – Professional lying/gaslighting/explaining.

Our Team:
Four hundred and sixty four military attacks on the health care systems of a people under constant siege and starvation, tens of thousands of children amputees, burn victims, shrapnel victims, bombing victims, starving and dehydrated patients.

The Nature Of The Energies Of Darkness:
Hearts departed from a state of innocence, depriving the innocent from experiencing their innocence.
A bringing forth of deliberate horrors to children unimaginable to adults.
Bombing and starving tens of thousands of war orphaned children.

Dance Parties:
Dancing and partying next to concentration camps of imprisoned peoples.
1930/40’s or 2000’s?

Made In Our Image Consciousness:
Objections to the existence of perceived ‘Other’ because they are themselves, as I AM made them, and not ‘us’.

Eradication Of Other:
Eradicating fifty-five percent of structures in an urban enviournment in pursuit of political ideologies in the holy land.

Peace as a path of Light.
Love as a path of Light.
Truth as a path of Light.

Limitless Genocide

Jets and drones bombing families sheltering in tents.
Tanks shelling families in tents, on the streets, in markets, sheltering in homes, walking from one refugee camp to another.

Explaining Not Required:
Propagandized ‘explaining’ thru words, witnessed truth thru actions.

Life Meaning:
Honoured in the embodied expression of service to the One, God of my heart.

Divine Will:
That which is beautiful and beloved of God, the One Divine, cannot be eradicated.

Limitless Genocide:
Are you aware that in the 1930’s and 1940’s that the Nazi regime had no limits set upon their genocidal actions?

Eradication Agitprop:
When eradication of ‘’Other’ is the goal, then collective acts of lying, torture, deprivation, and dehumanization justified by those aligning with these energies of darkness is encouraged and expounded.

Truth withering in the presence of the energies of darkness reviving in the Presence of the Light.

When O God? When?
When will those aligned with the energies of darkness consciously awaken and recognize that what they are doing to those perceived as ‘Other’ is fundamentally and morally wrong?

Nation State Theft:

  1. Politicize and demonize Other.
  2. Instigate a for profit-corporate war.
  3. Sanction and freeze assets.
  4. Appropriate said assets to perpetuate and fund instigated war.

Ritualized actions devoid of the sacred.

The Best Lies Money Can Buy:
Promotional spending on the ‘explaining’ of no innocents, to justify mass slaughter and genocide.

Innocent civilians hiding in their homes whilst occupation forces execute anyone caught walking down the street, as sport. 1930/40’s or 2024?

Uneasy Existence Ahead

Uneasy Existence Ahead For Perpetrators Of Horrors:
Those who have been murdered and tortured to death are with God.
Peace is with them.

Similar Energies – New Cast Of Characters:
A seeking to resurrect the empire of Constantine.

Special powers, special privileges, special tax breaks, special laws for the Oligarchy, austerity and punishing laws for The People. Greatness for the few, great times for the Oligarchic aristocracies.

Brown Peoples In The Holy Land:
Do you know who was a ‘brown’ Indigenous Palestinian?
Beloved Christ Jesus.

God knows.
The soul knows.
The heart knows.
The subconscious mind knows.
Only the ego-mind hiding from the truth.

The Price Of Short Term Gains:
Short term gains thru deceptions and subterfuges = long term sorrows and sufferings.

Oligarchic Welfare:
Trickling down into the deep pockets of the gilded.

All Are Welcome:
Building a human family of truth.

Friends In Dark Places

We’ll Look Into That:
Morphing reality with dystopian gaslighting.
Spectacle over diplomacy.

Humanity witnessing the graphic realities of for profit warmongering run amok.

Leadership Creating A Troubled World:
The one thing which has turned into ‘rubble’ is Palestine.

Friends In Dark Places:
Photos coming forth of beloved children, starving and dehydrated, skeletal, dying from siege induced famine.

Friends In Dark Places:
Biblically named military options for the destruction of humanity.

Friends In Dark Places:
The energies of darkness existing in a state of separation and desecration will eventually desecrate and separate all who align with these energies, from themselves.

De-programing Participants Of Mass Murder/Genocide:
How does a society deprogram humans trained /programmed to murder, starve, torture civilians, especially the murder of children?
For these participants shall and are returning to their nations with blood on their hands and lived experiences of desecration’s against ‘Other’ in their minds and hearts.

Rising Energies Of Darkness

Messiahs of war seeking to resurrect light from the bowels of hell.

Ceasefire As Diplomatic Cover For Death:
Diplomatic endeavours leaving to the wayside possibilities for peace.

Catapulting fires bombs over their walls into meadows and forests.
White phosphorus into bodies, farmlands, neighborhoods, villages, and forests.
Everything which was green and verdant in God’s Gardens burnt offerings to the gods of destruction.

Authoritarian Celebrities:
Friendly faces of fascism freeing the people from their rights, liberties, and freedoms.

The mercenary dark prince rises again.

Metal birds loaded with machine guns, sounds of crying women and babies.
Metal destroyers rolling over the living and the dead, bombing homes and tents.
Nests of snipers, in windows, flying drones, anything which moves, a target.
AI targeting of families and urban infrastructure wantonly, completely, with out regard.
Billions of dollars of new business and profits since the commencement of the slaughter of the pastoral, the innocents.

The Light within resisting appeasing the rising energies of darkness.


Innocents slaughtered unmercifully at the hands of zealously pious political forces seeking to destroy their culture, lives, and humanity – be it babies, toddlers, young children, teens, young and old men, women, children, the disabled. Starving, without water, medical care, siege corralled human being, targets for the most amoral of legions, allied and enabled to slaughter with wanton abandon, without repercussion, and without mercy. Martyrs, the Faithful, the Steadfast, the beloved of God, targets for death by the energies of darkness embodied.

Embraced for justifying the slaughter of innocents in the name of Amalek, discarded when it comes to following the Commandments Moses brought forth from God.

Faithful Righteousness:
Imagine the ethics and faith in God’s Laws and Mercy which steadies the hand and heart to not take revenge on mercy workers and their rescue fleets.

Calumny’s Of The Zealous:
Holy men bringing forth the teachings of compassion and wisdom, attacked, spit upon, and told they are self hating, by those draped in the national star as fashion accessories.

Families shrieking with glee inspired hatred at holy men, screaming, cursing, taunting that they should go to the killing fields to be blown up and killed with the oppressed, slurring them Nazi’s.

Reflection Free Religious Righteousness:
Colonialism, genocide, and theft of Indigenous lands re-introduced as new patriotic nationalism.
The glorification and deification of historical genocidal actions as religious nationalism.

A reawakening of the Teachings of the Father from the city where the East meets the West.

All Eyes Off Of The Dying During A Siege Famine:
Intentionally starving tens of thousands of children and their families, the children begin dying en-masse from siege related famine enabled by the nation of the free, as their oppressors begin seeking new fronts of assault and destruction.

Messages Of Darkness:
The killing of mercy and its servants.

Circadian Massacring:
Day 260.

Gods Of Political Piety:
Welcome to a reality where the fabulously oofy, force the many to witness in helplessness, sadistic mass cruelties against ‘Other’.

“Nah, it’s not us,” speaketh the supporters and enablers of oppression and repression.

Mountains Of Religious Hubris

A Turning Away From God:
Religious zealotry.

The Deepest Cut Of The Lash:
The deepest cuts of the lash of puritanical righteousness brought forth by the hands of the politically pious punishers.

Destroying the right to return to ones ancestral lands by slaughtering and waging war on the Indigenous near and far.

Collateral Hunger:
Performative personality rifts for your entertainment in a time of military and political siege enforced mass famine.

Separated From One’s Inner Light:
Seeking to avoid consequences for ones violent and desecrating actions.
The mind remembers, the heart remembers, the soul remembers.

Long knives coming out of the kitchen cabinet for humanity.

The past is never healed by giving embodied energies of darkness a pass.

Consolidating Hard-Heartedness:
The savage destruction of ‘Other’ presented to humanity as creating safety.

Welcome to a reality governed by the seven mountains of religious hubris and puritanical rulership.
Our God is the only God, and we shall have dominion, speaketh the zealots.

Steadfast Of God:
Parents and caretakers preparing young children, pre-teens, and teens with prayer in case their beloved children are martyred by tanks, bombs, and sniper fire.
May God’s Peace Be Upon Them.

Rising Puritanical Consciousness

Emoting self-satisfaction and glee as cruelties are inflicted in the name of their false gods.

A Warning Again:
The rising energies of the puritanical pilgrims reformulated as modern political piety.
The energies of darkness spake: Our last reformation was not cruel enough, we lost power, now we shall rise again claiming godliness as our banner.

Engaging In Darkness:
Hate filled provocations as sport.

Forsaking Moses:
Boundaries as unnecessary obstacles to that which is coveted.
Laws as unnecessary obstacles to taking that which belongs to ones neighbors, including their lives.

Spiraling Into The Darkness:
Beware of dancing with devils.

A rising of the puritanical consciousness ‘we know best’.

Monad Of Zealotry:
Violating Constitutional Laws in order to forcefully display singularly preferential religious laws.
Theocratic rule masked as nationalism.

Against God:
Aye, nothing turns a mind off, closes the heart, and sours the stomach, as being force fed religious doctrines.

Altar Of Vengeance

No restraints for us.
Full restraints on those designated as not us.

For The Faithless:
O faithless nation, day in, day out the world witnesses the smiting vengeance of your murderous deeds, intentional, sadistic, collective torture, starvation, and murdering, as well as the scribe – these energies of desecration moving thru my consciousness, in the Presence of God.

For The Faithful:
Your sorrows and wailing’s heard and carried in the heart of the scribe, carried in the hearts of tens of millions in prayer. In the stillness, the scribe hears calls for the mercy of death, to be set free from the clenching grasp of the energies of darkness creating mass sufferings and horrors beyond horrors.

Propaganda Of Returning Our Country To Godliness:
Whose version?
In whose image?

Innocence sacrificed on the altar of vengeance.

Perpetual Scapegoating:
The punishing’s, intentionally expressed so that all of humanity should suffer.

Without God:
The energies of darkness embraced by those sworn to serve The People – used against The People, as a means to forcefully bring the nation into the image and likeness of the puritanically zealous.

Flag Ensembles:
Cape crusaders of the energies of hatred.

Religiosity suppressing the spiritual in favour of the rewards of zealotry.

Religious Values

Religious Values:
Your religion, does its values teach one of a loving and compassionate God or of a vengeful, controlling, warring God? Asking for a friend.

Deities Of Populace Control:
Automated life as regulated life.

Ugly Truths:
The unawakened cry out – “We don’t want to see it, we don’t want to hear about it, we don’t want to talk about it.” The fallacy of ‘the energies of darkness will eventually disappear, or these energies will never touch mine or ours’.

Rising of voices in concert to alter mass consciousness and compassionate activism.
Propagandizing unto the masses – “come unto the darkness, come be at one with the darkness”.

The Nation Of The Free, No Longer Free:
Warnings rising again of the nation of the free, losing its liberties and freedoms to speak.

Hear No Evil Consciousness:
That which we are called to witness asks that we awaken before the forthcoming intumesce of the energies of darkness, begetting imprisonment and the wreaking of vengeance upon all that are not made in the image and likeness of the fearful.

Contractive energies of darkness.
Death, mayhem, violence, vengeance, destruction, and dominance.

Brand Vengeance:
Humanity unawakened, unwittingly locked into a vengeance loop. Brand vengeance brought to you by the finest public imaging chicanery which money can buy.

In Your Court:
Inculpate ‘Other’ for the deeds of darkness one is engaged in.

Entertaining The Nation:
Demented kings sitting in a private room, with a camera.

Something Beloved Christ Jesus Never Said:
Shall religious leadership, their priests, prophets, and laws come after Me for speaking as God hath commandeth Me? I shall be safe if I AM silent in the presence of Satan.

Ceasefire? What Ceasefire?
The best for ‘us’ candidates millions of dollars in campaign coffers can purchase.
Politicians no longer elected to serve the people.
Service and loyalties now unto to those who own, handle them.
The nation of the free, no longer free.
Welcome to the occupation.

Escalation Of Worldwide Death And Destruction:
Mighty nation of the free: “Why we are unable to constrain this tiny nation of spoliatory vengeance.
A pledging of allegiance to a wretched nation of mayhem and barbarity, publicly and privately giving full financial, military, and political support in continuance of the wholesale destruction of all who reside in proximity to them.”

The death of the innocents a plague unto pristine beach villas.


Administering The Past Onto The Innocent:
Reminiscent of the days of yore, groups of soldiers and their German Shepard dogs attacking the elderly and civilians whilst the soldiers watch without intervening.

Scaling Back:
Freedom of speech.
The right to be as I AM made thee.

What Money Cannot Purchase:

Two war fronts, one war.

Settler Consciousness:
You could be next threats and actions acted out upon ‘Other’ with impunity.

Our eyes can’t bear to see any representations of ‘Other’s’ culture, heritage, or national emblems, anywhere on the planet as it is anti-us. Outlaw it!

In human hearts not aligned with the consciousness’s of vengeance and blood-lust, acts of genocide lead to new opinions and sympathies.

Blessed Are The Poor?
As vulture capitalists buy up the housing market, the people bereft, unable to afford new fees, penalties and inflated rental and purchase costs, living on the streets, in parks, in cars, in tents, are then, outlawed from doing so by the theocratic Supreme’s of the nation of the free.
An accruing of law enforcement fines and penalties for those who already have nothing, a free market, a predatory, for-profit black hole for the least amongst us.

Racist neighbors murdering their neighbors whom they identify as ‘Other’.
The inhospitableness of racism.

Losing The Genocide Propaganda Battle:
It’s not faulty propaganda, it’s the devastating actions involving nine months of mass murder, mayhem, forced famine, and destruction.

Foreign Adversary Election Interference:
Designated Special Friends? Election interference allowed, millions of dollars in exchange for influence and ‘special’ laws, welcomed.
Designated Not Our Friends? Mass media blitzes of how this adversary has done all the things our special friends are actually engaging in, in an effort to destroy democracy.

Pamphletting ‘this land belongs to us, pack up your stuff and leave’, with the threat of bombing to come.

An inability to hide alignments with the energies and consciousness of the darkness in the Presence of Light.

Received in the month of June 2024.