The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Entering Heights Of Absurdity

Turning Americans On Americans:
Adults in full military gear beating kids, the handicapped, the elderly, professors, for expressing their Constitutionally protected 1st Amendment rights, because a foreign nation has identified them as the enemy.

Our Team:
Al Shifa hospital massacre the second act.
Humanity bulldozed alive and dead into mass graves.

Reality Inversions:
Human rights lawyer defending the absolute right to commit war crimes.

Whilst focusing on the feelings of the oppressor, Palestinians continue to be starved, deprived of water and medicine, and slaughtered.

Darkness Speaks:
Propagandists: We have to kill the civilians, children, the elderly in our designated safe zones because they are being used as human shields for soldiers.
Reality: The soldiers are on the battlefields in the empty areas you have destroyed.

Politicos: Why won’t The People understand that the real aggressors are the dehydrated, starving, wounded without proper care and medicine, living in tents, unarmed civilians?

75 Years:
Seventy five years of mass slaughter and lands theft.

Pledging allegiance to our foreign adversary to prove our loyalty.

Observing the soul qualities of those who are willing to give up their futures for those who futures are being taken from them.

Our Team:
Tiny foreign nation orders the once mighty nation of the free to enact new laws in their favour and crackdown on its citizens expressing their protected speech rights.
Political leadership responds with violent, militarized police response, immediately.

Tallying Revenge:
50,000 dead.*
80,000 wounded.
20, 000 bulldozed and buried under the rubble.

_ _ _ _ _

150,000 for 1,500

The Old King:
The old king
wouldn’t listen to a thing.
Not the people in tents crying,
nor the screams of children dying.
Nor the youth pleading,
to stop the killing.
Murder, mayhem, destruction,
he seemed willing.

The Final Betrayal:
The most gratifying revenge awaits for those who have prosecuted them throughout history.

Targeting Our Children:
The softest targets to brutalize are vulnerable peaceful targets.
Teaching the youth that protected speech guaranteed by the Constitution can be overturned in service to adversarial foreign nations.
Welcome to the occupation.

God In A Time Of Madness:
Yea, we are living in a time of collective madness lead by those who govern.
May we feel God with us as the energies of darkness grows.

Leadership Fail In A Time Of Unceasing Sorrows:
Temporary ceasefires and pauses in killing unarmed and corralled civilians.

Unfolding Moral Lows

Moral Agency:
Aligning with the energies of darkness, those without moral agency, accuse those with moral agency, aligning with the energies of Light, of being bereft of moral agency.

Active shooter killing students – witnessing those who serve and protect standing down.
Students expressing protect free speech rights – witnessing unrestrained attacks by those who sworn to serve and protect.

Remove The Press!
Witnesses being removed from witnessing attacking of unarmed civilians by the heavily armed from Palestine to campuses.

The Punisher Speaks:
My protestors were brave and patriotic as they tried to overthrow the government and a free election.
But those protestors who are against genocide and funding genocide are dangerous, shut them down.

Think you that you will be spared the vengeance of the darkness because you have supported them unconditionally?

Vanishing Voices:
Have you heard the truth from those hired by corporate interests?
1, 2, 3… gone!

Loyally Yours:
Friends of mass destruction and genocide.

Yea, in sorrow, babies continue to be killed violently. Men, women, children and babies who have been corralled into safe zones, living in tents, the horror of the manner of their deaths is even worse. Nothing to protect the innocent from the drone fire bombs and bombs.

The Conflict Explained:
We want your land, and we want you to leave, dead or alive.

When watching students, professors, the elderly, and handicapped being beaten the scribe wonders how many of these officers have already committed war crimes in Palestinian Gaza? How many have participated in para-military and military hilltop pogroms? Has the return begun?

The revenge on America and Europe commences.

How long? How long O God?
How long, how long O God, will these energies of darkness embodied be able to continue to freely express themselves?

Instruments Of Wrath

Bearing the sorrows of the heart through the revelation of Light, that there are humans embracing that which is happening to the peoples of Palestine.

Abominations Unto Humanity:
The absolute corruptive power of claiming one nation out of all the planetary nations, can engage in any barbarity they choose to, with impunity.

Rules Based Order:
Preventing the right to resistance and freedom from authoritarians.

Jesus Weeps:
Followers of the good Book protecting the energies of darkness from justice.

Coordinated efforts to destroy reputations and create false narratives of those who would stand for peace and truth.

The king propagandizing the need for violence against the citizenry, whilst setting the tone for the crackdown violence unto the nations youth.

Rule Of Law:
Make the justice go away, cause we don’t care about justice anymore.

A rise in the “If we can’t join them, let’s beat them’, authoritarians.

Asking For A Friend:
Why is it that the nation of the free does not have a Memorial Day for the genocide of the First Nation’s peoples? Perhaps it has to do with ongoing perpetuation’s of genocide to this day?

The War On Children Lives:
Pre-justfying the slaughter of children in political religious speeches to special followers of Christ Jesus.

Rule Of The Punishers:
Rules based order without the benefit of the law itself.

Weaponizing the Constitutionally protected right to free speech.

Special Forces:
Tanks on tents warfare.

Canary’s In The Coal Mine:
Assaults against the First Amendment beginning many years ago by Oligarch’s who found such liberties personally offensive.

Above God:
Enforcing the removal of God given freedoms.

Rule Of Law:
Green lights without red lines.

15 Minutes Of Infamy:
The spiritually spineless for the ‘cause’ recklessly driving into crowds of people they disagree with to harm them.

Protecting Provocateurs:
Giving political permission thru special laws for provocateurs to incite harassment in the presence of anything, or anyone, they find offensive to their perceptions of self.

The energies of darkness may never attack you personally, all that is needed is to frighten you into thinking it can and will, silence you into complicity.

Collective psychopathology given full reign over the integrity and laws of colonizing nations.

Remain steadfast in your Light.
The Light within radiates brighter in the presence of the darkness, as stars in the night.

Thou Shall Not Laws:
The politically pious creating laws against calling the darkness, darkness.

Core Demands Of The Darkness:
Death, violence, humiliation, torture, starvation, destruction, dehumanization, submission, and total control.

Safe Zones As Death Zones:
Extreme force threatened and engaged in against the tented, houseless, starving, dehydrated, civilian population half of which is children.

The War On Love:
A taking away of the God Given right to dignity.

Love for one another portrayed as radicalization.

Love As Nefariousness:
Separated from love within their own heart’s, those shaping the media narrative portray acts of loving one another as a result of outside agitation.

Full Scale Assaults:
Full scale assaults ensue on justice, dignity, freedom, integrity, and protected Constitutional rights and truth.

Eyes Of God:
An open and compassionate heart is an eye of God.

Wait. What?
Minority spokespersons for the violent repression, of… minorities.

Primitive Perceptions Of Sacred Embodied Life:
In: My people, our people.
Out: Your people.

Politicos: If you are not hating our designated targets of hate, you are not one of us, you’re anti-us.

All hail our suffering.

Apostates Of Justice:
Apostates of Justice sending threatening letters of retribution to countries and courts seeking to hold those committing war crimes accountable.

Vengeance, an ancient desire so vile that Holy Scripture quotes God The Almighty commanding all, that vengeance belongs to God and God, alone.

Self Centered Hubris:
We only care about our own! We only care about our own!

Making safe, one specially designated group above all others, with ensuing losses of liberty, and guaranteed protected rights, world-wide, as a political ploy. All are safe when everyone is safe.

Media Portrayal:
Is the leader who is supporting the red-line free munitions handouts, as well as support of billions of dollars of America’s monies, withholding munitions?

The king wages a war on his own people in service to the perceptual.

Conflating The Political With The Religious:
When protesting is portrayed as being ‘anti-us’, then the propaganda will point out a surge in anti-us’ism.

Excavators Of Death:
Made in America armored engineering equipment designed to destroy that which belongs to ‘Other’.

War On Children:
Orphaning children, creating amputees, starving them, depriving them of water and medicine was not enough to satiate their vengeance.

In the Presence of Light rising, the darkness reveals itself as the false god of vengeance it is.

Restraint Free Hubris:
The Light revealing the truth of those who govern political interests.

Twelve politically pious apostates of the law, betray justice and the integrity of the nation of the free, in service to a foreign nations political interests.

Something in the political heart of many nations has died.
The people rise amongst the rubble of privatization and dehumanization.

Private In-Holdings Of American Treasures:
Millionaires and billionaires blocking free access to the natural treasures of We The People.

Locked In By Private Properties:
Colonists surrounding Reservations.

Unified Consciousness Of Love

Living The Teachings Of Love:
Protests borne of Jesus’s Teachings of ‘Love one another”.

Emboldened By Love:
The compassionately vulnerable on the receiving end of the violence of empire.

Pushing the eschatological clock forward through the manufacturing of tribulation.

Strife, violence, division, killing, genocide, and ethnic cleansing claims of bringing forth the Messiah.

Throwing Off:
A throwing off of the shackles of prejudice, hatred, and violence against those perceived as ‘Other’.

Violence Is Not In The Interest Of Humanity:
Love as the commonality of coming together perplexing empire.

The Father Of Lies Speaks:
The father of lies speaks through hearts willing to align with his frequencies of darkness.
Yea, even the piously sincere can be found falling under his spell.

Oath Breakers:
Outlawing the protections of the First Amendment.

Coming Up Against The Bottom Line:
Meeting the youth pleading for peace and divestment from death and war, with batons, bullets, tear gas, political leadership and media smears, and violence.

All Hail:
The Giver of Death and the Smiter of Peace.

Karmic Boomerang:
The scribe remembers when the word terrorist was bandied about with impunity, weaponized against the vulnerable of empire twenty years ago. It was given unto my heart then, that its promiscuous use would come back to the American shores and used against the American peoples.

Politically posh world-salads, melodious voids of content.
Beautifully saying absolutely nothing politically.

There are sadly, some citizens of the world whose consciousness’ and hearts are being awakened by the impinging and infringing energies of the darkness.

Citizen Against Citizen:
Incited by those whom power was entrusted to.

Luntzing America:
Creating out of thin air, atrocity propaganda whilst enabling actual atrocities.

Crossing The Rubicon:
Imagine a time coming forward in which laws conflating criticism of an American political party with Christian beliefs are enacted punishing those for speaking such criticisms as designated illegal speech.

Hearts Of Light:
Throw off the energies of darkness!
Shake them off, shake, shake, shake them off.

Revelation Of The Light:
Darkness as the father of lies.

Wars of vengeance never seek peace.

Reward and liberate integrity in a time of duplicity and complicity.

The rise of the devout apostates of freedom and liberty.

Violence Upon People In Tents:
The houseless in tents, students protesting in tents, Palestinian refugee’s in tents.

You Can’t Take It With You:
The manna of wealth.

A Why Of Historical State Sponsored Mass Murder:
Resource greed.

God Is Watching:
Whilst slaughtering and starving those whose lands God told us were ours, we must control the narrative.

De-freeing speech one platform at a time.

Hard Leaning And Piously Political:
Islamophobia runs amok, again.

Not The Lord’s Work:
Massacring, destroying, starving innocent men, women, children and babies.

Deifying Love:
Healing, transformation means, leaving the emotional traumas of the past where they belong, in the past.
Not forgotten, and certainly not celebrated.

In a time of transformation of human consciousness into a higher collective frequency, the energies of darkness will swoop onto the vulnerably unawakened. Even still, Light shall prevail.

The energies of darkness requires obfuscation and manipulation to protect its realities.
The energies of Light reveals without the need of creating protected realities.

Will the foreign nation calling the crackdowns on Constitutionally protected rights also run the software and data management of the monitoring?

Love inspires and expands whilst the darkness contracts and closes off.

The tomes written of the massive war crimes in less than a year shall be voluminous.

Rising Political Piety

The energies of vengeance masking as security.

To The Hilt:
Supporting the murder of unarmed civilians unconditionally to the hilt.

Prejudicial Weapons Of Death And Destruction:
Why is it not racist to call American helicopters of war and death ‘Apaches’?

Rising Political Piety:
Politicians speaking as religious preachers often with prideful self-righteousness, punishing and censoring all who are not made in their exclusive self-images.

Chosen To Receive God’s Laws:
When on defies keeping God’s Laws, then there is no law of humanity which will hold sway.

Fear, Control, Murder, And Torture:
You shall know them by their deeds.

Sheltering In Tents:
Defined as targets, Mothers, Fathers, children and orphans, shelter in tents, as the sons and daughters of darkness relentlessly bomb and attack them with incendiary materials.

If what you are experiencing or witnessing lacks respect, love, dignity, and kindness, if such actions are not infused with integrity, it is against humanity.

Love, It’s An Inside Job:
Love portrayed as ‘outside’ infiltration.

The Presence of God lives within your heart.
That which Created you loves you.

Thou Shall Not Steal Nor Covet:
Auctioning stolen lands in holy houses of God.

The Untransformed In Love:
The untransformed in love being given new legal rights to magnify perceived micro-aggressions as well as special legal protections when committing aggressions.

Consciously living and claiming the truth of who you are in the Light.

15 Minutes Of Infamy:
Oh, you’re attacking my perceptions!

Framing The Narrative:
Framing the narrative of the darkness thru omissions of the full story.

The energies of paranoia seeking to control the planetary population.

Demanding a private foreign company designated as our new political foe, sell their business, preferably to an Oligarchic politically friendly, American company.
The nation of the free, no longer free.

Genocide, a crime so horrific in its nature, that those thinking they are helping their victimized friend, committing atrocities, are willing to stretch reality to new dimensions, to justify that which their heart balks at.

Oh, the politically ambiguous exclaim, it is not helpful to use terms such as genocide when describing the genocide you are witnessing.

But The Other Guy Is A Fascist:
When the king distorts the truth with a narrative of propaganda in service to a foreign nation, then his domestic troops will follow his moral imperatives and attack viciously those the king has demonized as ‘Other’.

In Hind’s Honour:
The anthem comes forth.

Christ Jesus:
Christ Jesus, the outside agitator who radicalized humanity to love.

Silencing Critical Voices

Yea, the Scribe comprehends that there is no such thing as prophetic inevitability.
Only Light is inevitable.

Teaching Students A Lesson:
Sympathize with our declared, designated, enemy to hate?
We’ll give you a similar version of the treatment they are receiving.

To The Youth:
You are the future, the pure convictions of your heart’s shall prevail.

Perceptional Laws:
We ‘perceive’ you are anti-us, anti-our dear friends laws spreading throughout the nation of the free.

Conflating political ideologies with religious theologies, setting the standard for our dear friend, to be used and weaponized further in the future with all who would criticize the politicians of the good Book.

‘Anti-Us’ surveillance monitoring coming soon to the Nation of the Free?

Not E. Pluribus Unum:
Destroying the First and Fourth Amendments for a designated group of singular friends.
Violating sacred oaths for those who violate Sacred Laws.

A World Without Love:
You’re our enemy, and you, and you, and you over there, all of you.
And you, you’re our friend.
A forgetting of the One in the many.

A signing into law, the ‘don’t you dare say that’ laws in the Nation of the Free.

Hard Father Forgets:
Hard Father forgets that the nation’s youth are not his children to punish.
Patriarchal ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ political governance.

Marching too and fro, the energies of darkness masked as Light.

Militarized Slaughter and Maiming Of Children:
Half the population of the proposed Rafah military offensive are innocent, traumatized, starving, thirsty, children.

Two hundred and fifteen days of the mass murder of babies and children.
The evangelicals of Christ silent, and in far too many cases, complicit.

Protecting the nation through violence to bring about imminent protections against peace.

Politicians Of The Good Book:
Good students are complicit and silent students.

Betraying The King:
Enforcing the legality of violent reprisals against those who stand for peace in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr and the Freedom Fighters. Voices for the oppressors, media blitzing for violence against all identified as ’not-us’.

Standing up and awakening of the heart identified as a political conspiracy.

Bearing False Witness:
The self proclaimed servant’s of Jesus of Nazareth tasting the sweet delights of unrestricted, earthly political powers to destroy and control the ‘Others’.

The chaffe self-separating from the wheat.
The darkness self-separating from the Light.

Still Bragging About Atrocities:
Still bragging about their atrocities whilst pointlessly killing God’s Beloved Creations.

Hierarchy having difficulty comprehending unity, the unified consciousness of Love.

Claim Your Humanity:
Or the energies of embodied darkness will define who you are, with or without your consent.

Oaths To A Foreign Nation:
Forced pledging of allegiance to a foreign nation or one won’t get the job, or get paid.

An unfolding final solution of herding civilians into death camp ‘safe’ zones.

All Hail Our Pain:
Using historical pain and trauma to justify the infliction of pain and trauma on ‘Other”.

Temporarily evacuate this safe-zone until we destroy it.

Hope arises when the corporate media cheerleaders for mass murder begin to ever so slightly become aware that the civilian population, half of which are children, have no where to go.

Crows Set Upon The Doves

Privatizing Colonialism:
Win-win for corporate contracting.

Shifting Loyalties Of Those Who Govern:
The generation in which We The People are awakening to the reality that our democratic empire no longer upholds its sacred oaths. Observe the actions of those who govern, listen to their words as liberties, freedoms, and constitutionally projected rights are removed in service to nations foreign.

Crows Set Upon The Doves:
They were holding teach in’s, growing, learning, sharing in love and solidarity with the Constitution of the United States when the crows set upon the doves.

Respectfully Received:
Expressing unwavering loyalty to foreign nations and their paid domestic minions whilst destroying the nation of the free.

You are either with us or against us, divisive consciousness now being enacted into law.

Nightmares Of The Unawakened:
The unawakened rising from their sleep, observing in horror as those who swore oaths to protect and serve the nation as they govern, begin to denounce and attack all who are not made in their image and likeness.

Chosen to uphold and honour the Holy Laws given by God.

Protesting War Crimes?
Watching as the wrath of God agendas of the punishers are being unleashed on any who would protest against genocide and investments in war.

‘G’ Word:
Say it’s name – genocide.

Designated as insulting to our dear friends and illegal critical speech:
Speaking of war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing, enforcing siege famine and cutting off water, maiming children en-masse and whilst cutting off medicine simultaneously, murdering men, women, and children, and babes in the tens of thousands, destroying all infrastructure, destroying all verdant life, mass executions of civilians, mass graves, and many, many other provable war crimes.

Christ Jesus, punished by the state for rejecting the politically pious of His time.

Perception Management:
Look, the people are protesting our illegal actions, we can calm it all down if we cut off their sources of information, not change our ways.

War On Truth:
The darkness came upon the nations and spake: ‘We shall brook no criticism.’

When an embodied soul is cut off from one’s heart, cynicism fills the window to the soul – the eye, accusing all who come in service to love as being manipulative.

Haven’t Learned To Let Go:
Colonial empires once again telling the Indigenous populations who shall and who shall not, govern them.

Under The Threshold:
We’re broken hearted about all the deaths, and here are some more weapons for you, bypassing the threshold of reporting laws.

Steadfastness In God:
In a time of turbulence’s, ‘Remember Love’.

Grievous atrocity propaganda on behalf of a violent foreign nation by those elected into positions of trust.

Fear Not:
In a time of darkness, do not lose your way, follow the Light within your heart.

Oh look! We can stand down rest assured, as the oppressor has produced a polished ad assuring us that the violence they are perpetuating, is not really true!

15 Minutes Of Fame:
The ambitious hungrily seeking greater power and fame, begin publicly identifying those who are supporting peace and the end to violence as cesspools of hate.

Nanny State Politics:
Thou shall not speak ill of our dear friend unless you are willing to be punished by the full force of our anti-friend laws.

The Living God expressing through embodied humanity, in hearts willing to Love.

As Empires Fall:
A criminalizing of citizens for insulting those who govern them.

Angry Patriarchs:
Angry patriarchs destroying God’s Creations.

Those who live without the benefit of God’s Sacred Laws, become violent expressions of the laws of ego, hubris, and deception.

A Rebuttal:
We are are becoming an authoritarian nation, sir.
Violent interventions of peaceful protestors portrayed as bringing peace.

Legitimate And Reasonable Concerns:
Wish lists for death.

Peace And The End To Preventable Deaths:
Those standing for peace and the end to preventable deaths identified as being a part of, ‘little Gaza’s in America’. The darkness speaks freely and the Light is demonized.

Brother Hate:
With hands folded in prayerful repose, the politically pious spewing incendiary hatred against those who will not align with the violent deeds of empire.

Sometimes one can only know the hatred hidden in ones heart for another through their actions and words.

Sending immigrants to a land which in recent memory enacted a horrific genocide against ‘Other’.
Colonizers still colonizing, now using despised by hardliners, immigrants and those who cannot speak to power.

Invested In Death:
How dare you care about innocent civilians being slaughtered.

Above All Else Laws:
In the nation of E. Pluribus Unum.

An ignorant nation is a malleable nation.

Creating lists, public and private of those who are perceived as anti-you.

For some of the deepest zealots of darkness, personal beliefs supersede the needs of the people of their nation.

Witnessing The Once Unimaginable:
Witnessing deeds of the darkness that no human should ever witness nor experience.

Establishing tank and military forces in preparation to attack a population half of which are children, living in tents.

Political Malfeasance:
Age gating in service to politically unfavorable news, corporate censorship in service to the state.

Shielding The Darkness From Light:
New laws enacted in the nation of the free, giving the energies of darkness the freedom to attack its citizens.

Cognitive Dissonance:
Killing the starving and under siege whilst claiming ones victim status simultaneously.

Extreme Force Against The Innocent:
Remember that time in the nation of the free when it became illegal by law to criticize a nation slaughtering its Indigenous peoples unarmed, starving and dehydrated, after months of siege in designated safe zones?

Saying The Quiet Part Out-loud:
Nation leader, receiver of unwavering financial largess, support, and munitions, anecdotally quotes another in a publicly broadcasted speech, as to how their nation cannot trust the promises of gentiles.

War Without Honour:
Targeting anything which moves in the prison camp.

The Energies Of Death Spake:
Truth and compassion are actually serving terrorism.

Famous Agitator For Love:
Jesus of Nazareth.

Light Reveals

In the Presence of Light, lies will come forth as truths of the inner self projected onto ‘Others’.

The War On Reality:
Distortions beyond proportion for public consumption.

Fascist behaviour described for public consumption as ‘feisty’.

Guided By Love:
Humanity collectively organizing from the heart.

The Light Reveals:
Shadow aspects of the imperial self surfacing.

Not Wise:
Leadership pronouncing that a pause on sending arms to a nation slaughtering civilians, is ’not wise’.

The Light Reveals:
Previously, internally suppressed dark aspects of the self-rising to the surface, leaving the mouth.

Leadership seeking to punish leadership for interrupting the mechanisms of mass death.

Radical Youth:
Radicalized views of love, world peace, and a healthy, prosperous planet for all.

Oath Breaking Betrayals Of We The People:
Behold the bipartisan stripping of guaranteed protected Constitutional rights and freedoms.

You shall know the energies of darkness by the wake of death and destruction left behind its presence.

Banning The Press:
Just because one cannot see acts of darkness and desecration, it does not mean it is not happening.
God is watching. The Heavens are watching, aware of the deeds of humanity aligned with the energies of the darkness erupting on the Earth.

Planetary Phenomena:
From the free press for all, to the press of the few seeking to control all, the Oligarchic aristocracy worldwide.

Consciousness transforming the embodied aligned frequencies of darkness, into embodied Light.

Declaring independence the day before violently dispossessing seven hundred and fifty thousand Indigenous peoples. See, you didn’t exist consciousness.

That which is unhealed will continue to be revealed by the Light.

It may seem as if the energies of darkness are on the ascendance. They are not!
Rather, it is the power of Light revealing its presence.

Inversion Of Holy:
Prayer regalia, theft, killing, and violence.

God? What God?
Dancing, laughing, mocking, destroyers of Life.

And the Heavens look upon the Faithful and called them Resilient.

An entitled ego finds the embodiment of sacrifice bewildering.
The sorrows ensue when embodied egos expressing entitlement, unleash their jealous rages upon the Faithful.

Truth Revealed:
Ego masks becoming transparent in the Presence of Light.

Trauma Unhealed

Righteousness by the hand of the sword brings throughout human history, sorrows and woe.

When trauma is left unhealed, it becomes everyone’s problem, no one is left unscathed.

Living On Earth:
Humans are borne to the Earth and leave the Earth.
No one is from this planet.
Humanity are all, temporary guests.

Accelerating Dominion:
The acceleration of dominion consciousness coming forward against the guaranteed protected Constitutional rights of Americans in service to a foreign adversary, served by those elected to uphold and serve We The People.

When You’ve Got Nothing:
Dredging up proven lies.

Self Rewarding:
Yea, the path of healing the layers of separation within the self is arduous and, deeply satisfying.

The healing of the heart requires letting go of the ego’s fear of pain.

Observed In Time:
Settlers have always been a government supported endeavor.
Heavily glamourized through culture.

On The Other Side:
On the other side of ego death is the redemption, the resurrection, your souls seeks.
Let go.

Salvation is not found in the hands of another, although such hands can be a sacred catalyst of such.
Rather, salvation is found when one surrenders to the purity of the Light within one’s heart.

For ‘Our’ God:
Self-proclaimed Moses of the House of the People bearing witness to the good name of the golden calf.

Independence Day:
Declaring independence the day before taking away the Indigenous population’s independence, permanently.

The Few, Seeking To Shape The Narrative:
There is no financial- transactional instrument which can compete with compassion.
To believe otherwise is vanity and folly.

Humanitarian Interest Free

Such a breath of relief shall the Earth sigh when the epochs of hierarchical kings passes.

Swords of iron cold until they are awash with the blood of innocents.

Billions of dollars and technology splurges against a corralled, starving peoples.

Behold the influences of advocacy crushing free speech and the right to dissent worldwide.

Shall there be a monetizing of the forthcoming hate indexes?

Calling for peace identified by leadership in the nation of the free as… un-American.

Special Thanks Awards:
Awarding the dismantler’s of Democracy.

Humanitarian Interest Free:
Billions more for war, continued austerity for the poor.

Inestimable Sorrows

Transactional Humanitarian Portal:
Sure, you can have aid, but in exchange, you’ll need to relinquish half of your lands.

Indigenous peoples worldwide being re-traumatized as they watch another Indigenous population being slaughtered, starved, forced marched, and displaced.

Private Contracting In War Zones:
Remember dear ones, Fallujah.

Fuzzy Red Lines:
Sending fresh munitions as the tanks roll again north and south in the occupied zones.

Yea, no matter how dark your actions, the purity of your inner Light remains steadfast.

The inestimable sorrows of finding those you loved and esteemed have buried alive handcuffed patients, mass executed patients, families, and hospital care workers and then bulldozed over them.

The people of the Holy Laws of Thou Shall Not’s intensifying their violence as God’s Will.

Starving, dehydrated, bomb shocked multitudes of orphaned children sorting through the rubble of revenge.
Well fed foreigners, displacing the Indigenous population, throwing to the ground and destroying the food stuffs for these same starving children.

In Their Darkest Hours:
In their darkest hours, Love responds through the heart’s of humanity grounded in compassion and integrity.
You are not alone, your lives have meaning, we see you, we witness and protest the horrors being committed against you. May your dreams of living in dignity, freedom, peace and liberty, come to pass. Amen.

Sorrowful Observances:
Ordinary peoples expressing the energies of exhilaration whilst spouting atrocity propaganda.

Demonic Liberators In Time:
Witch Finders
New Apostles

What was not heard from leadership in 2024:
“We recognize millions of Americans are deep in medical debt, have lost their homes since 2008, many are house-less, and cannot compete with the private equity investment capitalism in the rental and housing markets, nor can many afford food in a time of greed-flation and corporate low wages, lack of health care, declining infrastructure, declining morale, We recognize that many Americans are a few hundred dollars from a catastrophe. As such, we have decided to stop furnishing billions of American dollars in proxy wars and supporting foreign nations peoples, infrastructures, and war machines, to take care of our nations people, and the suffering world-wide, from the ravages of climate change and wars.”

Cosplaying religiosity.

Occupational Education:
A bringing forth of occupation consciousness from early education to graduate education.

From the Podia:
Nah, the war crimes you are witnessing are not, actually war crimes, as we haven’t come to that conclusion.

Crippling The Law:
Special privileges for our special friends who look and believe like us.

Politicians Of The Good Book:
Forcing the nation’s leader to send 2000 pound plus bombs to an area of imprisoned peoples, many living in tents.

Settler Consciousness:
The cognizant dissonance of claiming as a colonizer, as a settler, that ‘we are from here’.

Yea, for those killed, their sorrows have ended.
For those who kill, their sorrows have just begun.

Inversions Of Logic:
Calling For Peace – Infecting society.
Calling For War – Protecting society.

Yea, it comes forward again to the Prophet:
Thou shall fall by thy own hand.

First Borne Of The Lands Holy

Politically Endorsed Mandates On Worshiping God:;
Clothed in seven summits of piety, humans forcing other humans to worship God as per their authoritarian ego dictates.

‘You Heathen’ Consciousness Re-Rising::
The re-rising of the energies of “We’ll force you to have a relationship with God”.

Terrorizing Humanity:
Stealth acts of the darkness.
Acts of war, committed in the fog, of war.

Silencing Awareness:
We The People know.
Some will deny their knowings out of fear.
Some will deny knowledge for the people, out of fear.

Before There Was Tech:
Paper pamphleteers and conversation, keeping the people connected to knowledge and each other.

Behold the new high priests of the golden calf.

And The Darkness Spake:
You shall not know peace.
Know the source from whence it speaks – the father of lies.

Feeding The Beast:
Embodied acts of the illusionary powers of the darkness upheld to the people as Light.

Mandated Worship:
Mandated worship = Idol worship.

Creating Their Own Future:
Threatening a generation whose future you have left them is a promise of sorrows and death, will never bring forth the fruits you seek.

God is a personal experience, not a result of a political edict.

And in a vision, I saw rays of the Light, pure and radiant, coming through the masks once dense, rigid, and cold.

Delighting The Soul:
Observing the erudite of compassion and wisdom, embodying their truth in the presence of the energies of darkness.

When the genuine frequencies of justice vibrate, the body naturally relaxes.

Before there was Israel, there was Egypt.
Before there was Judaism, there was Egypt.
Before there was Christianity, there was Egypt.
Before there was Islam, there was Egypt.
Before all three came into being, there was the first borne of the lands holy, Egypt.

Embodied Life Journey

Leadership Failings:
Encouraging alignments with moral injury.

Embodied Alignments With The Energies Separated From Love:
The expansion of all manner of embodied acts aligned with the energies separated from Love.

Our Team:
Once again, hospitals, patients and their families, and hospital carers under attack and slaughter.

‘Enthralled to demons’.
Recognizing the enthrallment of demons speech as a projection from the inner self on to ‘Other’.
All are of the Light.
Some, unconsciously aligned egoistically with the energies of darkness, even as the Light is within them.
For all are borne of the Light.

Embodied Life Journey:
Arrival: Birth
Departure: Death
Whence comes the journeyer before Arrival and where does the journeyer Depart to?
That is the question.

Blessed Is The Light:
Blessed is the Light which has come to reveal and heal all manner of energies separated from Love.

Yea, a shield of darkness guarded by the swords, covering the eyes of humanity.

The bane of living near a neighbor who believes their fears give them the right to kill you and all the other neighbors, at will.

One by one, killed off, turned off, disappeared, assassinated, bombed out of broadcasting with the assistance of the titans of technical innovations.

The only moral perspectives offered to The People was umbrage and outrage, in response to justice moving forward.

When transparency is removed, conspiracy and distrust move in.

The New Puritan Reformation:
Dooming the people of the nation of the free to the experience of their religious lash.

Good Book Politicians Betraying Oaths:
Crushing right and freedoms in service to the cult of coin and death.

Never Again:
No one has an absolute right, nor basic right, to collectively punish innocent civilians.
Wasn’t that the lesson?

Tales Of Woe

Tales Of Woe:
This is not the first time in human history when humanity watched helplessly whilst one group of humans sought to destroy, through mass slaughter, siege, and unmitigated violence. ‘Other’ humans.

Deliberate and Intentional:
The disappearing, thru mayhem and violence, of ‘Other’.
Bereft of God and humanity didith they act.

Short term gains, long term losses.

Leadership presenting to The People, the rightness of decisions regarding nuclear bombing innocents.
Ah, how the energies separated from Light revel in the spotlight.

Woe, moves through the heart.
Those energies of woe you’re experiencing?
There’s nothing wrong with you dear one.
Rather, it is your humanity, engaged, tuned into the frequencies of embodied souls suffering, even if your mind is disengaged, your heart is not.

Children too young to understand why the dragons which makes loud noises and breaths fire and bullets is chasing them, killing and hurting those around them.

Beguiled By The Sword

Absurdities Abound:
Broadcasting call out to the energies of darkness:
Do whatever you have to do consciousness.

Barbaric Acts:
Not seen by human eyes, nor witnessed by human hearts, for thousands of years.

Tempests of rains seeking to purify that which only hearts of love and compassion can heal.

Despoiling the future for the sins of the past.

If God had given the lands then why would anyone be violently stealing them off of the centuries old inhabitants? A promise indicates waiting to receive.

Shield Of Silence:
The shield of silence surrounding the epic slaughter of mother, child, the elderly.
Non-combatant fathers and sons as targets of exceptional cruelty.

Many of the elect, beguiled by the gleam and sharp edges of the iron swords.

Methuselian Moment:
Genocide??? What genocide?

The embodied, aligned with the energies of darkness, proudly boasting ‘finish them’ as defending God’s lands.

It’s Time:
It’s time for healing the beast.

Political Spectacles Of Cruelty:
Speaker 1: You’re not cruel enough.
Speaker 2: No. You’re not cruel enough.
Speaker 3: Look at how cruel I can be.

It is not of the nature of the energies of darkness to express itself as Light.
The Light is within all that exists upon the Blessed Earth.
For some embodied souls, their inner radiance is covered over by the energies of darkness, rejecting and rebelling against the Presence of the energies of Light.
There will come a time in which the energies of darkness will dispel as the Light within expands.
For I AM, and I AM with thee.

Spectacles Of The Punishers

Reporting the news whilst undermining the same news.
Ignoring important world news for political celebrity spectacles.

Royal Hubris:
Beating and insulting the very constituency who put one into power by slim margins.

Canvassing For Votes:
Fear and rage spectacles.

The embodied of the divine labeling justice as a moral failing.

Paying Homage:
Paying homage to the energies of darkness as a reminder to The People of who is in charge of the nation of the free. Spectacles of exacting cruelties displayed before the public kissing of the ring.

Polarizing The Nation:
Leadership polarizing itself from the will of We The People.

Hard Father Knows Best:
The captivating theocratic desire of wielding power against We The People.

Using the law to undermine justice.
But, the other guy!

Turbulence in a time of runaway deregulation.

The Chalice Is Brought Forth:
Politicians of the good Book inviting the energies of the darkness into the land of the free.

Darkest thoughts cannot be defeated, darkest thoughts can be transmuted and transformed.

Burnt Sacrifices

Burnt Sacrifices :
Women, children, families, sheltering in tents burned alive by airstrikes, in safe zones.

A nation plumbing the depths of amoral vengeance and rage against all who are not made in their image and likeness.

That awkward moment of conscious awakening when the embodied self realizes it is caught up in someone else’s massive and violent revenge loop.

Christian broadcasting, highlighting a message in caps, to a nation committing genocide, to ‘do whatever it takes’.

When scribes of the media take the pen to morally justify the legality of mass murdering children, it assists the rest of humanity to identify who’s publicly plumbing the depths of amorality.

The ongoing mass slaughter of the Indigenous Semitic peoples of the lands holy.

Militariily Yours:
Expressions of bipartisan whole-hearted support for registering the youth of the nation to give up their lives and futures as human war fodder for corporate and religious forever wars.

The more fearful the populace, the more concentrated the inner circle, and greater the demonstrations of the expressions of the death of ‘Other’.

Dehumanization And Death:
Perhaps the words of your mouth, and the actions of your heart may be generating the energies of anti-you?

The lords of the darkness seeking embodied human souls for eternal suffering.
Remember love!

The Father’s Of Lies:
Bringing forth claims that God has sent them to destroy God’s beloved Creations.

Yea, even the pious of the good Book were led by serpents dressed as wolves.

A relentless blood-lust, so savage, its nature so bizarre, no form of intentional suffering and torture left undone, no form of cruelty left unexpressed.

Beware. Beware.:
The divisive tongue and lash of the ‘God has sent me’ kings and vassals.

When the energies of darkness come upon thee, (consciousness separated from love), shall thee reject these energies or embrace them?

Power Shielding The Darkness

Oppressive Messaging:
‘You must’ to the oppressed.
‘Go ahead’ to the oppressors.

Repercussions of thy actions in secret manifesting in the Light.

In times of great sorrows, that which naturally seeks community and unity, the heart, draws nearer to the Light embodied.

Beware of those who seek to entertain your consciousness with spectacle.
Most especially, violent spectacle.

For Profit Death:
For profit death in lieu of national dignity.

The Punisher, tasting the rare fate of justice, plots his revenge upon the people.
The piously political brings forth the playbook of revenge in service to a new nation made in their image and likeness.

Brave are the so called ordinary folks of humanity, who believe with their hearts in justice and truth.
And the darkness looked upon them with malice, and they flinched not.

As we witness events historically repeating themselves energetically in Time, know that what is coming forward offers Light filled probabilities of the New Earth and a new history being borne.

This Reality Unfolding:
Greater cosmic Life, scientifically measured and observed, as well as perceived on Earth, coming forward.

The Light revives as the Earth grounds.

Morality Free:
Enabling and allowing the energies of darkness to indulge in all manner of vengeance-revenges fantasies which comes to the mind veiled in darkness, and promoted as righteous.

Whether this body of holy work is ’seen’ or ‘unseen’ is the Will of God.
Thy Will be done.

Devotion Straying From God

Army Of Darkness:
Oft times comes unseen, like missiles in the night, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Rolling, fortified, coffins of death and suffering.

By failing to stop the spread of the darkness, by encouraging and enabling the spread of darkness, the energies of darkness comes to visit one’s own.

You Shall Know Them:
You shall know them as oath breakers, treaty breakers, and law breakers.

Moments of confessing and days of desecration of the innocent.

With Or Against Us:
Atrocity Silences.
Brought to you by friendly corporate media.
Atrocity Spectacles:
Brought to you by friendly corporate media.

Hubristic Hegemony:
Hubristic hegemony is a consciousness of domination which engenders the aligners to the energies of fear and hubris that there will always be a need to be in full control, a seeking to unconditionally dominate ‘Other’.

Wolves revealing themselves as serpents.

If God does not seek to dominate you, why would one use God as an excuse for dominating ‘Other’?
Hubris. All is hubris.

Tales Told By The Darkness:
There is no way to stop us.
You have no right to resist.
Safe areas.

What horrors shall unfold within the nations receiving back the sons and daughters of genocide, murder, and mayhem?

Devotion Straying From God:
As the contemporary Moses of the people came upon the crowds, the crowds parted, and upon seeing the golden calf in the fire, retrieves it from the flames, declaring the purifying fires of justice, disgraceful.

Father Of Lies:
The violence you are on the receiving end of, we’ve convinced those inflicting it in our name, of its necessity.

The punishing lash of the soft spoken, mild mannered fascist leader to be felt in the nation of freedom.

These Realms Of Embodied Hell:
These realms of embodied hell are but a passage for the many, and a new dwelling place for those aligned with the energies of the legions of hell.

Love always offers a choice.
The darkness offers no such choices.
The darkness seeks to control, to devour, to take that which belongs to it not.
The Light says: I AM and I AM with thee.
Love shall find a way.

The Light you seek is within.

As planes and bombs fall out of the sky, the Horseman of Death rides.

The Chalice. Of Darkness:
The chalice of darkness comes onto The People, brought forth by misguided, hubristic leaders of political piety.
All hail! All hail! To the darkness they cry.
Rounds of applause and aplomb.
The blind of the Light leading The People into the realms of darkness.

Bonfires Of Inhumanities:

Don’t look away from the devastation of the energies of darkness.
For the darkness needs the cover of an absence of witnesses.

The Omnipresent Light:
The Omnipresent Light can be seen from all directions, all dimensions.

If that which Created me, observes me, and finds me faithful, then I am surrendered happily to That which Created me, of That which I am.
I AM in I am.

Holy Work:
To be, to the best of my abilities, consciously aware of both the energies of Love and Light in the presence of the energies of darkness without becoming one with the darkness.

Stay the course.
Feel the Love.

Denying I AM:
Of course, there are those which shall deny Me,
So shall it be until it is not.
In Thy Time.

As It Was From the Beginning:
The energies of desecrating darkness rebelling against God and humanity.

Who is the me?
I AM the me.

Bonfires Of Inhumanities:
Hearts on fire.
Nations on fire.
People on fire, burned alive.
The fires of hatred lit.
Shall the Phoenix of Peace rise from these ashes?

Received in the month of May 2024.