The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Hellfire Unto The Merciful

Aye, no nation shall rise to destroy thee, for it has been prophesied that thy destruction shall come by thy own hand.

Shock and awe killing of seven mercy workers insuring the ongoing starvation of tens of thousands.

Targets Of Intent:
The servants of the noble mission (journalists, citizens sharing).
Houses of mercy, healing, prayer, and education.
Homes with women and children sheltering in them.
Anything which moves, white flags.

Dispensations of the king – no red-lines, bombs and jets forthcoming.

In Time:
In time, the darkness shall come forward and say unto thee, “Darkness, what darkness? We never engaged in darkness.” Mark these words. The deeds of the darkness shall seek to scrub from historical records except for what remains living within embodied witness memory. And even then in hubris, those memories will be called into question as truthful or relevant. For these are the ways and nature of the energies of the bearers of darkness in a time of Light rising.

Trapped In A Reality Of Brutality.
Blessed are the innocent trapped in a reality of unleashed, relentless, taboo breaking brutalities.

Profits First:
Death and destruction as the corporate business model.

Empire, is never for The People.

Detached From Restraint

From the beginning, all which has unfolded has been intentional. The mass death, mass destruction, mass starvation, mass amputees of children, and the eventual land grabs to come, all has been intentional.

Definition Of Gaslighting:
Intentional targeting presented to humanity as a regrettable mistake.

The sorrows of American sons and daughters garrisoned as tripwires for the protection of our special friend.

Binding Resolutions:
Suits our purposes – binding.
Does not suit our purposes – non-binding.
Behold the nature of rules based order.

Targeted strike straight through the logo of a mercy food mission.

Living ‘separately’ remorseless version.

Shocking and awing humanity accompanied by savage merriment.

The people of the energies of darkness passing laws to keep out all who would dare to expose the darkness and acts of darkness, as darkness.

But We’re The Victims:
Wanton strikes killing neighbors with impunity.

Culture Wars:
Content without caring.
Content without compassion.
Content without consciousness.

The Darkness Laughed:
Why, we never target civilians.

Profaning God’s Reality:
This land was promised to us three thousand years ago in our holy scripture, so we have a right, three thousand years later, to kill all the Indigenous peoples living here, destroy every infrastructure, everything precious to them, and starve them until we fulfill our God’s promise.

Pernicious Cruelty:
Mainstream Media: How could (this latest atrocity) been allowed to happen?
Without adding, again, again, again, and again, ad infinitum to the question.
A seeking to keep humanity’s awareness negligible even as the heart of humanity grows in the Light.

Three Strikes:
Hunting humanity with coordinates.

Double Strikes Of Impunity:
Double strikes against hearts of mercy and diplomacy.
The collective war on humanity continues to unfold.

All And Sundry:
You’re Hamas. And you, you’re Hamas.
And you, you, and you, you’re Hamas.
And you over there, all of you, you’re all Hamas.

The Strategy:
Breaking every taboo known to humanity, is the strategy.

And The Darkness Spake:
Every babe, child, woman, man,
in these lands lusted for, are terrorists.

Blinded By Fear

End Times Theologies:
Guaranteed to induce fear and keep the dollars flowing into coffers.

Blinded By Fear:
For the unawakened, guided by the energies of fear, freedom of ‘Other’ is often perceived as a threat.

Template Of Control:
Anti-free speech laws in the Nation of the People of the Free in service to our politicians special friend.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Religion As The Uniform:
Religion as the uniform one wears in public to control ‘Other’.

Joseph The Pious:
Bereft of mercy,

Except For Jesus Himself:
Sacredotalists from Constantine to the modern mega houses of worship, garnering wealth and power from the Teachings of Christ Jesus’s.

Corporate Aide:
Elected politicians petitioning for corporate aide rather than aide for needs of We The People and the infrastructure of the nation.

Religious Nationalism, Dividing That Which Is United.
Denying the Diversity of the peoples of the United States, the politicians of the good Book reject Equity for all and Inclusiveness of all.

Vengeance Against Humanity

In Name Only:
Democracy free democracies.

Hallucination Free Insights:
The for-profit AI war on human consciousness begins.

When did customer service become customers serving us?

Public Facing: We are committed to minimizing all civilian casualties.
Privately: Here are more 2000lb bombs, more F-35’s and billions of dollars more to support your economy as you engage in ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter. More child amputees to come.

Al Rashid Road:
Road of mercy – road of hellfire.
Nation state predators slaughtering
those who would seek to escape violent attacks,
and all who would bring mercy and aid.

Body Count:
That moment of clarity when you recognize your special friend doesn’t believe your life, your children’s lives, your family’s lives, nor the lives of the peoples of your nation, are sacred.

Intentionally Unintended:
Which strike? The first, the second, the third?
One hundred and ninety six aid workers murdered for bringing forth mercy and love.

In The Hands Of The Few:
Machine learning translation errors – human fed bias and prejudice.

Denounced As Terrorist:
A horror filled experience never rising within ones mind, until one’s identified by the paranoid of all who are not made in their image and likeness, of being a terrorist.

Profits Of War:
Peace – It’s bad for business.

Nation Of Never Again:
Two thirds of the peoples of the nation of never again express favor and agreement with the blockade of aid and mercy reaching the starving and dying of the Indigenous peoples surviving under their occupational siege.

Be It Bulldozers Or Drones:
Be it bulldozer or drone,
death to all who dare
to bring hope, mercy, or aid,
into our designated kill zones.

Rules Based Order:
Darkness determining the rules.

Compelling the unawakened to ‘get with the programing’.

Fifty seven years ago America lost her Liberty.

Fallacy Of Safety:
I will be safe if:
I blend in.
I keep my head down.
I keep silent.
I deny truth.
I look like those with power over Other.
I join in.

Old Kings Of Unmitigated Power Nearing Mortality
Old kings of unmitigated power over the lives and deaths of Other, reacting with anger and rage to their approaching mortality, punishing the living by taking as many lives of the divine before they leave.

Ritual Purification Rites:

There are no ritual purification practices involving taking life as to atone for destroying or taking the lives.

The body remembers, the mind remembers, the heart remembers, the soul memorializes deeds of desecration and alignment with energies of evil until they are transformed, the collective consciousness of humanity remembers, all energies which have been separated from Divine Love and Light.

Humility, a sincere desire to seek forgiveness, and full accountability are paths of healing embodied alignments with the energies of darkness.


War On Peace

War On Peace:
The war on peace and humanity rising and expanding.

Punishers not resting until democracy is destroyed in favor of theocracy in the nation of the free.

The goodness of God revealed in Time through the Creations of God.

Cheer-leading Mass Deaths And Sorrows:
The false belief of the righteous justness of inflicting mass death and sorrows on those deemed as ‘Other’ in support of Christ Jesus returning to save them.
Anti-Christ energies at work.

Holy houses posing as God’s real estate brokers.

Hollow-eyed preachers of death and destruction leading the people into the realms of darkness.
In the money-makers the people were taught to trust.

The Cult Of Coin And Death:
Talking and promoting war endlessly.

The Iron Gods Of The Cult Of Coin And Death:
Open season on humanity.

Soldiers on the path of spreading religious corporate ethos.

Fear Speaks:
Babies being executed after birth propaganda.
Reality Speaks:
Photos and documentation of babies being killed, and executed, left to die in hospitals.

Sorrows Of The World:
Vengeance funded corporate benefice.

Oops! We accidentally bombed another relief agency.

War Time Politics:
Perpetual suffering = perpetual profiteering.

Live Free Or Die:
Imagine the courage it takes to choose freedom in the face of an oppressor whom the world has given permission to slaughter and kill en-masse your communities with impunity.
Shouldn’t every human being enjoy the right to live free?

The Giver Of Death:
Violating and killing the people who surrendered all power.

He’s Not Our Messiah!
Erasing Christ from the lands holy.

The weak leader of a strong nation sacrifices its dignity, its nations assets, and without temperance, its sons and daughters. The nation suffers for the leader’s moral arrogance, vanity, and wrongheadedness.