The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Hellfire Unto The Merciful

Aye, no nation shall rise to destroy thee, for it has been prophesied that thy destruction shall come by thy own hand.

Shock and awe killing of seven mercy workers insuring the ongoing starvation of tens of thousands.

Targets Of Intent:
The servants of the noble mission (journalists, citizens sharing).
Houses of mercy, healing, prayer, and education.
Homes with women and children sheltering in them.
Anything which moves, white flags.

Dispensations of the king – no red-lines, bombs and jets forthcoming.

In Time:
In time, the darkness shall come forward and say unto thee, “Darkness, what darkness? We never engaged in darkness.” Mark these words. The deeds of the darkness shall seek to scrub from historical records except for what remains living within embodied witness memory. And even then in hubris, those memories will be called into question as truthful or relevant. For these are the ways and nature of the energies of the bearers of darkness in a time of Light rising.

Trapped In A Reality Of Brutality.
Blessed are the innocent trapped in a reality of unleashed, relentless, taboo breaking brutalities.

Profits First:
Death and destruction as the corporate business model.

Empire, is never for The People.

Detached From Restraint

From the beginning, all which has unfolded has been intentional. The mass death, mass destruction, mass starvation, mass amputees of children, and the eventual land grabs to come, all has been intentional.

Definition Of Gaslighting:
Intentional targeting presented to humanity as a regrettable mistake.

The sorrows of American sons and daughters garrisoned as tripwires for the protection of our special friend.

Binding Resolutions:
Suits our purposes – binding.
Does not suit our purposes – non-binding.
Behold the nature of rules based order.

Targeted strike straight through the logo of a mercy food mission.

Living ‘separately’ remorseless version.

Shocking and awing humanity accompanied by savage merriment.

The people of the energies of darkness passing laws to keep out all who would dare to expose the darkness and acts of darkness, as darkness.

But We’re The Victims:
Wanton strikes killing neighbors with impunity.

Culture Wars:
Content without caring.
Content without compassion.
Content without consciousness.

The Darkness Laughed:
Why, we never target civilians.

Profaning God’s Reality:
This land was promised to us three thousand years ago in our holy scripture, so we have a right, three thousand years later, to kill all the Indigenous peoples living here, destroy every infrastructure, everything precious to them, and starve them until we fulfill our God’s promise.

Pernicious Cruelty:
Mainstream Media: How could (this latest atrocity) been allowed to happen?
Without adding, again, again, again, and again, ad infinitum to the question.
A seeking to keep humanity’s awareness negligible even as the heart of humanity grows in the Light.

Three Strikes:
Hunting humanity with coordinates.

Double Strikes Of Impunity:
Double strikes against hearts of mercy and diplomacy.
The collective war on humanity continues to unfold.

All And Sundry:
You’re Hamas. And you, you’re Hamas.
And you, you, and you, you’re Hamas.
And you over there, all of you, you’re all Hamas.

The Strategy:
Breaking every taboo known to humanity, is the strategy.

And The Darkness Spake:
Every babe, child, woman, man,
in these lands lusted for, are terrorists.

Blinded By Fear

End Times Theologies:
Guaranteed to induce fear and keep the dollars flowing into coffers.

Blinded By Fear:
For the unawakened, guided by the energies of fear, freedom of ‘Other’ is often perceived as a threat.

Template Of Control:
Anti-free speech laws in the Nation of the People of the Free in service to our politicians special friend.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Religion As The Uniform:
Religion as the uniform one wears in public to control ‘Other’.

Joseph The Pious:
Bereft of mercy,

Except For Jesus Himself:
Sacredotalists from Constantine to the modern mega houses of worship, garnering wealth and power from the Teachings of Christ Jesus’s.

Corporate Aide:
Elected politicians petitioning for corporate aide rather than aide for needs of We The People and the infrastructure of the nation.

Religious Nationalism, Dividing That Which Is United.
Denying the Diversity of the peoples of the United States, the politicians of the good Book reject Equity for all and Inclusiveness of all.

Vengeance Against Humanity

In Name Only:
Democracy free democracies.

Hallucination Free Insights:
The for-profit AI war on human consciousness begins.

When did customer service become customers serving us?

Public Facing: We are committed to minimizing all civilian casualties.
Privately: Here are more 2000lb bombs, more F-35’s and billions of dollars more to support your economy as you engage in ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter. More child amputees to come.

Al Rashid Road:
Road of mercy – road of hellfire.
Nation state predators slaughtering
those who would seek to escape violent attacks,
and all who would bring mercy and aid.

Body Count:
That moment of clarity when you recognize your special friend doesn’t believe your life, your children’s lives, your family’s lives, nor the lives of the peoples of your nation, are sacred.

Intentionally Unintended:
Which strike? The first, the second, the third?
One hundred and ninety six aid workers murdered for bringing forth mercy and love.

In The Hands Of The Few:
Machine learning translation errors – human fed bias and prejudice.

Denounced As Terrorist:
A horror filled experience never rising within ones mind, until one’s identified by the paranoid of all who are not made in their image and likeness, of being a terrorist.

Profits Of War:
Peace – It’s bad for business.

Nation Of Never Again:
Two thirds of the peoples of the nation of never again express favor and agreement with the blockade of aid and mercy reaching the starving and dying of the Indigenous peoples surviving under their occupational siege.

Be It Bulldozers Or Drones:
Be it bulldozer or drone,
death to all who dare
to bring hope, mercy, or aid,
into our designated kill zones.

Rules Based Order:
Darkness determining the rules.

Compelling the unawakened to ‘get with the programing’.

Fifty seven years ago America lost her Liberty.

Fallacy Of Safety:
I will be safe if:
I blend in.
I keep my head down.
I keep silent.
I deny truth.
I look like those with power over Other.
I join in.

Old Kings Of Unmitigated Power Nearing Mortality
Old kings of unmitigated power over the lives and deaths of Other, reacting with anger and rage to their approaching mortality, punishing the living by taking as many lives of the divine before they leave.

Ritual Purification Rites:

There are no ritual purification practices involving taking life as to atone for destroying or taking the lives.

The body remembers, the mind remembers, the heart remembers, the soul memorializes deeds of desecration and alignment with energies of evil until they are transformed, the collective consciousness of humanity remembers, all energies which have been separated from Divine Love and Light.

Humility, a sincere desire to seek forgiveness, and full accountability are paths of healing embodied alignments with the energies of darkness.


War On Peace

War On Peace:
The war on peace and humanity rising and expanding.

Punishers not resting until democracy is destroyed in favor of theocracy in the nation of the free.

The goodness of God revealed in Time through the Creations of God.

Cheer-leading Mass Deaths And Sorrows:
The false belief of the righteous justness of inflicting mass death and sorrows on those deemed as ‘Other’ in support of Christ Jesus returning to save them.
Anti-Christ energies at work.

Holy houses posing as God’s real estate brokers.

Hollow-eyed preachers of death and destruction leading the people into the realms of darkness.
In the money-makers the people were taught to trust.

The Cult Of Coin And Death:
Talking and promoting war endlessly.

The Iron Gods Of The Cult Of Coin And Death:
Open season on humanity.

Soldiers on the path of spreading religious corporate ethos.

Fear Speaks:
Babies being executed after birth propaganda.
Reality Speaks:
Photos and documentation of babies being killed, and executed, left to die in hospitals.

Sorrows Of The World:
Vengeance funded corporate benefice.

Oops! We accidentally bombed another relief agency.

War Time Politics:
Perpetual suffering = perpetual profiteering.

Live Free Or Die:
Imagine the courage it takes to choose freedom in the face of an oppressor whom the world has given permission to slaughter and kill en-masse your communities with impunity.
Shouldn’t every human being enjoy the right to live free?

The Giver Of Death:
Violating and killing the people who surrendered all power.

He’s Not Our Messiah!
Erasing Christ from the lands holy.

The weak leader of a strong nation sacrifices its dignity, its nations assets, and without temperance, its sons and daughters. The nation suffers for the leader’s moral arrogance, vanity, and wrongheadedness.


A chronicle of the energies of Light and darkness in a time of rising Light.

Machine Learning Humans:
Algorithms re-writing and scrubbing history.

The Prince:
Themes as old as time and as new as the present unfolding moment.

An objective of propaganda is to keep the people asleep and unaware.

Soldiers as the agents of desecration of other in the name of political purity.

The right to exist in the context of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Deescalation Free Preaching:
‘Love’ portrayed as the vigorous need for war and death.

God’s Creations:
(Souls) Disembodied
(Birth) Embodied (Death)
(Souls) Disembodied

Holding fast against the energies of darkness.
Blessed are holy children of the holy lands.

From The Scribe:
I am one voice in service to the Creator of the Universes, the God of all Creations, in a cosmic sea of millions of awakening voices arising in Light.

Egalitarian nations providing diplomatic cover and financial support whilst the remaining Indigenous population is cleared out, detained, and murdered in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Free No More:
Fired, cancelled, de-platformed, silenced.
Welcome to the occupation.

I, Scribe:
I exist, this body of scared visions exists, for the sake of God.

If you receive guidance’s which inform you to violate another’s boundaries then the source of such guidance is not of the Light.

Empires Spinning The Wheel Of Fate

As the world watches empires spin the wheel of fate upon the innocent.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murders, murdering children, starving 2.5 million half of which are children, no water, no medicines whilst inflicting war amputees many of which are children, mass assassinations, famine? – No restraints.
Anyone who seeks to help or speak out against such atrocities? Full restraint demanded.

Leadership seeking to teach, or force if the teachings are not accepted, that the darkness has the right to express itself.

Cognitive Dissonance:
You forced us to mass murder and starve you.

‘Going thru the door as bulldozer’ religious preaching phrasing to a people horrified by acts of murder using bulldozers.

Calling forth
Beyond the self

Special Friend Junkets And Trainings:
Oppressor/occupation trained officers of the peace, loyal to those who trained them.

Pauses And Limited Attacks:
The devil is in the details.

Freedom Of Speech*:
*Congressionally restricted, condemned words via Resolution 883

  1. From
  2. The
  3. River
  4. To
  5. The
  6. Sea
  7. Palestine
  8. Will
  9. Be
  10. Free
    The people of the nation of the free, no longer free.

Amendment 1
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.

Constitutional Freedoms:
First Amendment – Not exactly.
Second Amendment – Absolutely.

Warrants? What warrants?

Keeping wartime proxies financially aloft whilst houseless American are punished and incarcerated.

Chosen Lots:
Finishing the job as appropriating the rest of the Indigenous lands and selling their properties on the market to chosen buyers only.

Billionaires And Their Millionaire Cousins:
Bemoaning, cursing, and unfavourably name calling all the former residents of their residential areas living in tents without homes. We will bring the courts and police in to clean up our views.

Eight hundred and thirteen billionaires owning one point seven trillion dollars collectively as the people begin to starve, lose their homes, their jobs, cannot afford health care, or feed their families.

Save Children!*
*Restrictions apply.
Not applicable in all nations or regions.

God only asks that you love each other as God loves you.
Everything separated from this love is from the father of lies.

Intent, Pride, And Glee:
Yea, they slaughtered the Indigenous peoples who at first welcomed them in their time of need.

Power and privilege to silence and destroy all who are not made in ones image and likeness.

Jesus Of Palestine:
A Holy Man of the holy lands who understood suffering.

Messianic Motives

Politicos Publicly: Well, we think you are making grave mistake.
Politicos In Chambers: We support you one hundred percent and here’s another twenty six billion dollars.

To The Abuser – We’ve got your back.
To The Abused: Don’t you seek justice or freedom.

Go home the concentration camp prisoners were informed.
Trusting their military rulers once again, they are bombed and shot at as they walk back to their lands and what is left of their homes.

Snipers assassinating children portrayed as the right to defend oneself.

The energies of darkness expressing itself thru the willing with impunity and belligerence.

Inversion Welfare:
Largesse for corporations.
Austerity for the people.

Genocidal nation demands sanctions against non-genocidal nation.
And receives them.

Religious Values:
We will not allow you to pray in your holy site.

When the Light reveals the energies of duplicity and political malevolence, it can feel to the awakening maddening in the presence of bold lies and twisting of reality to serve political and privileged powers.

Targeted drone strike against eleven innocent children in a playground playing foos ball.

Babies And Women Crying:
Assassination quad-copters playing sounds of women and children crying as a means of drawing out the compassionate for targeting. May God have mercy on the souls engaging with these levels of extreme darkness.

Siege famine against millions as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Mass executions of civilians as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Executing patients, doctors, nurses, and families, as well as destroying all of the hospitals as an absolute right to defend oneself.

The nation of the free vetoing the right to exist as an independent nation – the oppressed and colonized.

The Light brought opportunity after opportunity to condemn and step away from the darkness, even still, the rebellious of Creation doubled down in support of mass mayhem, mass murder, mass destruction, and mass famine.

Living Amongst Ghosts:
Brigands settling and garrisoning in the lands of ‘Other’.
You can’t go home because we are moving in.

Multiple Timeline Purification Event:
I want.
I take.
By any means necessary.
Consciousness of kings (and queens) immemorial now portrayed as democratic values.

The People Of Destruction:
Everything the eyes of the people of destruction cast their eyes upon, precious and belonging to “Other’ was callously destroyed.

Free Speech Violations:
Trained by a foreign adversary, loyal to the foreign adversaries.

The sons and daughters of darkness deliberately blocking mercy, compassion, and aid.

Iron Gated:
The rise of millionaire and billionaire settlements in the nation of the free.

War Proxies:
Banshees and berserkers rampaging.

Iron clad support in the committing of daily horrifying mass atrocities.

Nuclear power nation fearing their safety slaughters their neighbors.

Messianic Motives:
Informing the youth that their truth is offensive and then initiating a ban on their rights to experience free speech.

Al-Aqsa Photo Op:
The protection if needed, was for their holy site, not the Mosque’s.

For those who have everything they could ever desire materially, it seems the only thing left is the power of death over others rather than spreading love and financial support of all communities to thrive.

Messianic Motives:
Political and financial collaborations with the sons and daughters of darkness.

The Belief Lives On:
Palestine, a land without a people for a people with out a land. “If we don’t acknowledge that Palestinians exist than how can their elimination matter?” we are asked.

Eight hundred and thirteen billionaires versus democracy, freedom and the will of The People.

Shadow energies casting their pallor over the rising Light will not emerge victorious.

Religion Of The Almighty Dollar

Value Added:
From do no evil to supporting evil.

Assassinating innocents statecraft.

Fear and paranoia infiltrating the conscious constitutional commitment to freedom of speech.

Sure, my friend does act like a homicidal berserker, but we just can’t quit them.
The nature of berserkers is to destroy and kill.

Ritualized Slaughter Of The Young:
Geriatric and zealous politicians once again calling for the sacrifice of young peoples lives.
The political opportunists of the cult of coin and death.

Iron Clad:
Supporting political policies of slaughtering our friends neighbors as to assuage fears.

Freedom Of Speech Askew:
We must protect the feelings of the oppressor mass murdering their neighbors.

Kill zones of the innocents feeding the energies of darkness of the impotently fear filled

Adult, military sharpshooters assassinating children, both head and heart.

Indulging the violent proclivities of our special friend.
Sovereign borders are wherever they say the are.

Leading nations into collective moral injuries in service to paranoia.

Deceptive Hypocrisy:
Our trusted servants speak: Genocide? What genocide?
Breaking international laws? We haven’t seen any evidence of that.

Fire Sale!
Recently burned out homes – prime holy land lots available for the exclusively select.

Go to the United Nations for a political outcome desired, bomb one of the United Nations schools filled with sheltering peoples in the following days.

Religion Of The Almighty Dollar:
Don’t forget to participate by giving us money!

Our Bible told us so politicking.
Coming to a democracy near you!

Indigenous Peoples: Welcome to our lands we hope to all get along together.
Settlers: Get out it’s ours.

Arriving settlers on the prairies harbingers of untold sufferings to unfold for the Indigenous.

Manifesting Reality:
What the price was for the core woundings secretly negotiated at the time of the prisoners release.

1400’s – 2024:
Europeans stealing Indigenous peoples lands.

Foreign adversary calling for the dismantling of the nations Constitutional rights of We The People.

The Silencings:
Occupiers come for the idealistic and awakened first, with accusations of their being ‘anti-us’.

Hell On Earth:
Thinning the world population for a dystopian utopia.
Private memberships available!

Not coming across as indigenous enough whilst bringing forth media propaganda?
Spray tan your Caucasian attributes away.

The energies of darkness finding it more difficult to conceal itself within embodied humans as the rising Light reveals its presence and actions. These energies need human beings to express themselves within the realms of materialism.

Dear God,
How is it that those, who slaughter and wound tens of thousands embodied souls without mercy, man, woman, child and babe, are the victims?

Right To Defend Oneself Matrix:
The mass executions of innocent hospital patients handcuffed and bulldozed.

Why Do So Many Seem To Hate Us?
Perhaps it’s the slaughtering of the innocent?
Asking for a friend.

Shaping Narratives

Shaping narratives in service to the murderous vices of special friends.

Everyone a terrorist except for those enacting terrorism.
You are with us or are terrorist’s madness rises, again.

“Come out you animals”, shouted the most moral of legions to the frightened hospital patients and family members, before slaughtering them en-masse. (Survivor reports.)

All Else Are Punished, Sanctioned, and Condemned:
Only our special friend has the right to provoke, attack, and massacre others in the name of protecting themselves.

The God King Speaks:
I am sacrificing the royal self, for you, the good people, as I go to court for secretly paying off a sex worker whose knowledge of my infidelities may have prevented your voting for me.

Enslaved To Fear:
Tormenting and slaughtering all who are not made in their image and likeness.

In time, the instrument of sanctioning shall no longer have power as it has been abused for political propaganda.

War Crimes And the Noble Mission:
War crimes – few to zero punishments meted out.
Reporting on war crimes – imprisonment, eliminating certain words in narrative framing, de-platformings, firings, and death.

Perpetually exacting the price of suffering on humanity rising as the club of billionaires gain new members.

Revelations of leadership world wide shielding the energies of darkness expressed, and protecting these same energies.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murders, murdering children, starving 2.5 million half of which are children, no water, no medicines whilst inflicting war amputees many of which are children, mass assassinations, famine? No restraint or condemnation.

Anyone who seeks to help or speak out against such atrocities? Full restraint demanded.

Is It Christlike?
Calling a genocidal nation ‘dear’ and enabling their expressions of darkness against “Other’.

Great For Ratings And Donations:
Revenge and vengeance.

Invading and occupying sovereign nations as traditional as apple pie.

But their country is against women’s rights distraction propaganda, whilst murdering women and babies en-masse.

Eleven million dollars worth of reasons to support genocide and ethnic cleansing.

A New Gold Standard Of War:
The discovery of patients executed with IV’s and catheters still attached to their handcuffed bodies being revealed in mass graves. The exiled of God exiling themselves from their humanity.

Propaganda For The People

Snipers assassinating children, women, teens, the elderly, and adults as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Destroying churches, mosques, universities, schools, and the infrastructure of life as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Cutting off food, water, medicine, and gasoline as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Killing aide workers distributing food and the starving seeking food as an absolute right to defends oneself.

Shoot to kill zones throughout Palestine as the absolute right to defend oneself.

Bulldozing homes as an absolute right to defend oneself.

The destruction of embryo’s and babies as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Breaking every law, convention, ethical and humanitarian principle, all taboos of humanity, as an absolute right to defend oneself.

Targeted bombing of sovereign nations as a preventative deterrence as the absolute right to defend oneself.

Thirty four thousand and forty nine women, and dead children*, seventy six thousand, nine hundred and one plus wounded, thousands of dear ones buried under the rubble and berms, eighty percent of infrastructure destroyed in six months as the absolute right to defend oneself. *Without counting those under the rubble and bulldozed into sniper berms.

Propaganda For The People:
Garnering sympathy for the oppressor thru mutual hatred of Other.

Shall the empire become a preemptively offensive victim, attacking all whom the empire fears?

Cult Of Death:
Destroying anything which sustains life.
You shall know them by their deeds.

Teaching The Children A Lesson:
Killing children playing on beaches and playgrounds as an absolute right to defend oneself.

The scribe witnesses how an embodied soul needs to focus and concentrate when sharing propaganda on the fly, as the heart will seek to assert itself.

Politicians Of The Good Book

Solemn Duty To Protect The Constitution:
Amendment 1
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Politician Of The Good Book:
Are you familiar with Genesis 12:3?
Do you consider that a serious issue?
Do you want your University to be cursed by God?

Constitutional Freedoms:
First Amendment – Somewhat.
Second Amendment – Absolutely.

Politicians Of The Good Book:
Reveling in wartime powers.

Buffered From Other:
Separation consciousness extreme version.

Segregation 2024:
Mixed cities, mixed privileges, mixed freedoms.

Giver Of Death:
Lamenting as lame the lack of deaths.

Iron Clad:
The rights of berserker rage to express itself.

Politicians of the Good Book:
Politicians of the good book advocating that its citizens, may take matters in their own hands, in anger, to punish fellow citizens who are not speaking or behaving according to the good Book propaganda and agendas.

Why, of course we can defend ourselves by collectively punishing innocent men, women and children. Yet, don’t you dare say our nation’s people who serve as a peoples army are collectively responsible for such actions.

Victim Consciousness:
Stop resisting your occupation and deaths, it frightens us.

Ultimate Form Of Godlessness:
The power to kill and harm others with impunity.

Seven thousand acres of prime holy land recently available for new builds.
Only those made our image and likeness need apply.

Disproportional Retribution:
Everyone but us gone!
Death, starvation, or leave.

Peace Thru Force

Jesus Of Palestine:
“Blessed are the peacemakers.”
Crusading evangelists: But we need to destroy those who were your first followers to bring You back!

Similar Accouterments To Resistance:
Campuses: Drones, helicopters, snipers, armed military response – no live fire.
Concentration Camps: Drones, helicopters, snipers, armed military response – live fire.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Safe Spaces:
Arms sales and manufacturing upheld as making the world a safer place.

Funding Initiatives:
Bipartisan support for billions of dollars for death and destruction.
Bipartisan fighting for funding for food, housing, schooling, medicine, infrastructure.

Angels Of Death:
Gruesome removals of organs and skin, desecrating of human bodies in a time of war by medical practitioners.

Playing God:
Checkpoints of death.

1st And 4th:
Amendment violations by those who govern the nation of the free in the name of freedom.
But you should really fear the other guy who is a fascist, we are told.

Justice Coming Forward:
Arrest warrants coming forward for blatant, uploaded for viewing, mass murder, mass graves, mass destruction, mass starvation and mass dehydration?

Arresting Jewish students for resisting authoritarian genocidal actions.

You Can’t Conjure The Messiah!
No matter how fiery the spectacle, how elaborate the church visual displays and literature.
The Light of the One Creator comes in Divine Time and no sooner.

For And Against US:
Hey! Thanks for the twenty-six billion dollars of your taxpayers monies.
By the way, we want you to crackdown on your young people, which we feel are anti-us, Nazi’s who want to kill us.

Pogroms Of Eradicating Other:
From the hilltops to the sea.

Who Preached The Good News?
The Christian gospel teachings were given to you by Jesus of Palestine.

Mirror, Mirror

Bot Farming The Destruction Of Freedoms:
Adversarial to Constitutional Democracy freedoms ‘dear’ friends farming dissent of freedoms through owning ‘Other’.

Double Standard:
Sure, our relationship with oppressor and oppressed is equitable, that’s why we are seeking a solution to the Palestinian problem.

Drama Farming:
Drama farming in service to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Eighty one percent not supporting pure unadulterated expressions of evil.

The fallacy of superiority giving a nation or people, the unique permission to kill those identified as ‘Other’, those not made in their image and likeness.

Control And Domination:
Lay down your swords O rebellious of God.

Energies Of Wanton Revenge:
If one has been brought up on a diet of emotional and psychological trauma reinforcement without healing, then the cycles of fear and revenge will continue to play out. Fear setting off the energies of revenge, revenge satiating the uncomfortable feelings of fear.

On The Rise:
The ultra-conservative funders of a genocidal Armageddon waiting in the political wings for their debut.

Politicians Of The Good Book:
Repeating well proven lies as political representative affiliates of Christ.

Mirror, Mirror:
‘We recognize evil when we see it.’
And it is you, you, you, you, and all of you, too.

Oligarchic Kleptocracy:
The few – Oligarchs, taking by stealth, the nations wealth – Kleptocracy.

Abridging Speech In The Nation Of The Free:
The signing into law the Ensuring The Security Of God’s Chosen People in the Nation of the Free.

Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.

History Proves It:
Conflating political ideologies with religious theology can only exist with intense repression of the people.

Neo-Nazi’s Endorsing Christian Nationalism:
If you are getting endorsed by Neo-Nazi’s it is not a good look.

Madness Of Mind and Spirit

Your choice 2024!
Fascism for ‘Others” or fascism for ‘Us”?
The end goal being a choice-less choice of the energies of darkness.

In A Time Of Darkness:
Protesting an unfolding genocide: We feel you’re calling for our genocide.
Enabling genocide: We feel you’re bringing world peace.

Politicians Of The Good Book:
Money for war no money for the poor.

Everything Is Frequency:
Resonate with peace.

Stand Up And Speak Up:
Whose heart’s are hardened?

Discovery Of Mass Graves:
Leadership response: Troubling. We’ll let the perpetrators look into it.

Strength Through Peace:
Unconscionable support of mass death through weapons sales and manufacturing windfalls.

The Awakening Youth:
The awakening youth bringing forth the principles of solidarity, justice, and mercy.

Political leadership of the good Book informs the youth that they need to go back to sleep.

The Giver Of Death:
Worldwide surveillance, repression, and occupation as security measures for peoples made in his image and likeness everywhere.

Wait. What?
Arresting Jewish student protesters to protect the nation from the spread of antisemitism?

Say Their Name:
Not the acronym JVP – it’s is called Jewish Voices For Peace.

Blocking 5,500 Tonnes Of Food And Aid:
Oppressor: How dare you accuse us of collectively starving the people we are starving under siege.

Madness Of Mind and Spirit:
Your peace rally is intimidating and frightening us.

Influencer’s influencing hate as unwitting tools of repression of the state.

Transcending Hate For Peace.
Peaceful Christ like rallies drawing towards them the energies of self-righteous rage.

Appropriating the American flag with religious symbols, appropriating the word American, appropriating American politicians.

He’s just like Hitler!
Who is?

Spiritual Light as a spectrum of frequencies.

Twenty First Century Genocide:
Executing the gold standard of mass slaughter, siege starvation and dehydration.

Closing the Gates of Freedom.
Protected speech? What protected speech?

Settler Colonialism Inc.:
From 1492 to 2024, for all your Indigenous genocidal needs.

Seeking Conformity And Submission

From Giza to Gaza, Old Father Dread watches humanity being slaughtered.

Only our historical trauma gives us the right to inflict trauma on your and yours.

The Giver Of Death:
Not satiated with the rampant violence of hilltop and city pogroms of erasure of the Indigenous peoples, the Giver of Death draws up plans to extend his violent reach into other nations worldwide to protect his people.

The energies of darkness speak: Sure we are killing you, but we have to because we experience fearful feelings and thoughts that you might kill us.

The War On Humanity:
Keeping the despair factory churning.

Empty Windows To The Soul.
The oppressor assures us that they won’t begin the slaughtering until their weapons suppliers express their concerns.

The Elderly ‘Resisting’ Arrest:
Then horrors of watching burly police men in military gear assaulting elderly women protesting for peace.
Welcome to the occupation.

Free Speech Repression:
On behalf of the feelings of our dear friend.

Conformity and submission.

Shocking And Horrifying:
The occupying forces have our full support.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Jesus of Palestine

Heartfelt Thoughts:
Machine gun totting soldiers sharing their thoughts with a background of soft cycling music.

You’re traumatizing me and making me feel uncomfortable feelings.
We are all responsible for our consciousness and healing needs.

Delighting in the presence of the Holy.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers:
– Jesus of Palestine

Politicians: What are you saying?
Students and Peace Groups: Stop the genocide. Ceasefire.
Politicians: Oh, you want to kill our dear friend.

Political Speak:
If you are anti-genocide, then you’re pro-terrorists.

Moving Civilians Out Of Harms Way:
Bombing urban infrastructure and fleeing peoples.

Freudian Reveals:
Only a people with a deep and abiding hate of ancient Egypt would call their terrorist group Isis.

Every Reason To Be Frightened:
Enslaved, forced labor, families slaughtered at will and split in service to profits, murdering runaways, punishing those who would speak their minds, lynchings, laws against them, repression to this day. And guess what has never been politicized and weaponized by these same peoples who have suffered such injustices?
“We’re frightened of you. You make us feel unsafe. We feel intimidated by your actions.”
The very people who have the most justified right to share such feelings based in reality, are not, and have not historically, been the individuals undermining the First Amendment based on fearful feelings.

Power Of Donors:
The permanent erasure and eradication from future positions of service and power, dissenters of corporate warmongering, through suspensions, doxing’s, and an inability to finish college terms and receive degrees.

Eradicating Other

Eradicating the ancestral lineage of the first Christians followers of Jesus of Palestine.

Bombing Safe Zones Of Families And Children:
Corralled innocents living in tents, living in doorways, most of which are women and children awaiting their slaughter as they are starved and deprived of water under siege, en-masse.

Destroying the unification of families by militarily targeting mothers and children.

Blinded By The Darkness:
Green-lighting catastrophic humanitarian actions in service to ‘peace’.

Hilltop pogroms and weaponry funded by earnest Christians escalating the eschatological clock for the return of one of their Messiah’s.

Genocidal rhetoric feeding genocidal actions portrayed as free speech rights empowerment.
Anti-genocidal rhetoric calling for the cessation of genocidal actions portrayed as anti-us with free speech rights repression.

Stop Libeling Us:
What two million starving people whose food and water we cut off?

It Will Backfire:
Manufacturing ‘anti-us’ propaganda.

Encouraging Submission Consciousness:

Welcome To The Occupation:
“The darkness can do whatever it likes.”

Surveillance Propaganda:
Protecting the oligarchic kleptocracy from the will of We The People whilst harvesting their data.

The Incessant Hum

The Incessant Hum Of Death:
Brought to you by the peace through strength initiatives.

Free Market Warmongering And Death:
Look at all the money many of our states are enjoying by our peace through strength weapons manufacturing and sales initiatives!

Misidentifying Commotion:
Commotion: Protesting for the end to starvation and slaughtering innocent civilians.
Not Commotion: Mass starving and slaughtering innocent civilians.

Madness Of Mind And Spirit:
If you are pro-them, you are anti-us.

News Alert! News Alert!
Drama farming rage and fear.

Everything Is Light:
Yea, even in the deepest abyss’s of darkness, the Light is present.

Remedy For The War On Peace:
Collective nations agreeing to live in peace.

Cycles of Violence:
Cain and Able.
Politics and Religion.

Do you condemn genocide and mass starvation?

Mass Graves:
Propaganda: We take the utmost care not to harm civilians.
Reality: Mass graves unearthed in the lands of the holy of hundreds of patients, including children, and families executed, as well as hospital workers, doctors and nurses.

They Hate Our Freedoms:
Perhaps we now know who “they” is?

First And Second Amendments:
Fiercely protecting the God given right to keep and bear arms but not free speech when it comes to the feelings of our dear friend.

Actual Threats To Safety:
Nooses, burning crosses in the night, Klan costumes, racists with guns.

Collective Punishment

Astro-Turfing ‘Other’ Bills:
Superlative bills against ‘Other’ then the actual amount of embodied Others”.

Electoral Politicking:
Enjoying the fulsome support of the lavish funding lobbies rather than supporting the will of We The People.

Violent Crackdowns:
Foreign nation state setting Americans citizens upon Americans citizens to secure the safety of the foreign nation states peoples.

The Only Real Answer To War:
Peace, respect, mutual rights, equity, freedom.

Collectively punishing vulnerable people seeking to live in freedom living in tents from the USA to Rafah.

Control Your People:
Foreign Adversary: Crackdown on your people expressing their Constitutional rights.
Leadership Response: Well, we wouldn’t equate that with interfering.

What’s Going On?
Jewish Voices for Peace and Not In Our Name Jewish groups identified as anti-Semitic?

1930’s – 2024
Mass graves found in death camps.

A Reminder:
Political ideologies are not religious theologies.

Foreign lobbyists calling for free speech crackdowns.
Surprise! It’s not Russia, nor China!

Viral Virus:
Your existence makes me fearful.
Generating the virus of paranoia virally.

Light Rising Within:
A sight to behold those beloved souls saying no to aligning with the energies of darkness.
Bravo. Brava. Brave.

Imagine living in a frequency of love.

Political Crackdowns On Free Speech:
Enforcing constitutionally free democratic values to the Nation of the Free.

The terrorism which was given birth in the 1940’s will now reveal itself in its fullness.
The revenge on humanity to unfold.

Spiral Of Terrors

Genocide And Ethnic Cleansing:
It has to be condemned and condemned unequivocally.

Again The Scribe Asks:
Why this fetishistic obsession with striping naked those taken into your custody?

Upholding The Constitution?
Foreign adversarial leader finds Americans expressing their Constitutional rights offensive and against them.
Leadership responds with armed police response, many of them trained by self-same foreign nation’s troops.

Moral Injury:
Sure we know he is supporting and enabling mass murder and starvation against children, women, and men, but the other guy is so much worse!

Genocidaires claiming they are defending themselves from those they are genociding.

Free Of God’s Participation:
In a saviour complex reality, the use of violence, suffering, and pain, is justified in service towards bringing forth their Armageddon.

Are US weapons being used in the commission of genocide?
Did the former Vice President sign a bomb in a photo op?
Did preachers and celebrities sign the bombs in photo ops?
Asking for a friend.

Spectacles Of Dominance:
The explosive, raging, uncontrollable, ungovernable arrogance of the sons of darkness on full display for the world to witness in horror.

Broadsiding freedoms for foreign adversaries.

Speakers For Leadership:
Nay, it is not calmness you are witnessing, rather an emotional detachment and suppression of the heart.

Immoral Leadership:
We’ll need to refer you to the darkness to find answers to the actions of the darkness.

The fate of democracy is on the collective shoulders of We The People, not individual leaders.

Tolerating The Intolerable:
Mass murdering the starving, the sick, the broken, the suffering.

From The Podium:
Behold the augustness of political empty-speak.

Mass Deaths:
Mass executions bulldozed into mass graves.

Desecrating America

Protesters For Peace:
Maligned as being pro-terrorists.

Donor Class Appeasements:
Want that grant? Our donations? Shutdown your student’s rights to protest.

Fashionista Fascists:
Do you know who else in history wore large religious symbols as fashion accessories as political allegiance in service to violence? Crusaders.

Buffer Zones:
Land grabs by military forces.

Desecrating the American flag with religious symbols and/or other nations imprinted on it.

Identified As Mentally Deranged:
College students protesting for peace and the cessation of violence.

Look Ma!
Look Ma, we are fulsome, and, we can kill with impunity.
There are not the energies of redemption.

Consequences can be quite transformative.

By giving permission to the energies of darkness to express itself, the energies as a spiritual virus, begins to express themselves in the planetary collective.

Genocidal Lies:
We have no problems with civilians.
Most morally yours.

Volcano Godlessness:
Lies erupting as volcano flames leaving mouths ablaze, setting fire to truth.

Hilltop Pogroms:
Rampaging settlers spreading death, mayhem, sorrows, and destruction.

War On Free Speech And Knowledge:
Three handfuls of billionaires owning US media, except for…Tik Tok.
Free speech for the me’s and not for the thee’s.

War Crimes:
War crimes? What war crimes?
The promise of ‘Never Again” showing promise of fulfillment.
The planetary collective takes a breath.

The Energies Of Darkness Spake:
Jurisdiction? What jurisdiction?

Received in the month of April, 2024