The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Yea, I loved thee so dearly that Divine blessings were given to my innocence to know your darkness.

Hidden In Ambivalence

The re-rising enmity of the crusader conquests from the Papal Frankish kings, to the corporate kings and barons, to the religious supremacists and nationalists. These same energies, never healed, being reborne again and again in hearts willing in time.

Supreme Decisions:
The pious playing their last trump in service to the return of their king.

Wait in faith, for the legacy of love rises in the collective hearts of humanity.

Healing Begins:
One thousand plus years for humanity to begin the healing process, through conscious awakening, of a religious propagandized crusading past against all who are not made in their religious images. The awakening to the Divine in all and the All in the divine.

Hammer Of Lies:
The lost in the darkness celebrating, dancing, mocking, whilst genociding and ethnically cleansing ‘Other’’ in the lands holy. The hammer of lies hitting the anvil of the desecration of ‘Other’.

Journalist Infotainment Complex:
Evidence free coverage, front loading prevarications in service to unmitigated amoral power. “Whether it’s true or not”, the beautifully coiffed talking heads informs us. “ doesn’t matter” Corporate capture of the heart.

Public: An influx of truth and integrity enters political discourse.
Politico’s: We must put a stop to this.

Democratic Apologia Cleansing:
Vetoing condemnation of the blood and flour massacre.

The Dapper King:
Peddling false hopes as the nation falls into despair.

I Feel:
Demanding humanity honors feelings of the oppressor as they watch the enactment of horrors unimaginable upon the oppressed.

Religious And Secular:
You must destroy our historical enemies and we will not participate in the sacrifice.

Building symbolic houses of hatred upon the open grave of the Indigenous population.

To The Exclusion Of All ‘Others’

Targeting Humanity:
We shall abolish the diversity of humanity.
We shall abolish the equity of humanity.
We shall abolish the inclusion of all of humanity.
The piously hard-hearted rising in political power.

Violating All The Norms Of Humanity:
Yea, they slaughtered and starved the Indigenous populations because they could.

Didactic Trophy Posting:
Celebratory spectacles of collective punishment, humiliation, torture and destruction.

There was no form of alignment with the energies of desecration that was not permitted and supported by the nation of democratic values.

Shall Ye Go This Far?
House of God’s Law seeking to sell off stolen lands of the Indigenous.

A recreation of Sodom and Gomorra in the lands holy.

May your heart have the strength to bear witness to the torture, torments, and tribulations you have inflicted upon ‘Other’.

Their first taste of freedom was death.

Question Of Soul Price

Affronts To Corporate Democracy:
Human Rights.
Supporting The People.

Versions Of Reality May Vary:
The soul of the scribe witnessing the immense sorrow of watching the dapper king in his aviators, running interference, cover, and diplomatic immunity for the slaughter and wounding of the starving awaiting food.

A Question Of Soul Price:
Examined by earthly power.
Examine by the soul and Cosmic power.

25,000 And Counting:
The heavily subsidized militarized war upon women and children in the lands holy.

Mother Earth:
Divine embodied life cut off from the currents of mercy and love in service to end times theologies and avarice both.

Managing The Optics:
Corporate vetting of campaign attendees in service to the optics of political solidarity.

Lies Of The Darkness:
The embodied energies of darkness seeking to manipulate humanity to believe and cosign a consciousness of despair. Enforcing through manipulators that the energies of purity, innocence, and justice cannot thrive and survive. The consciousness of the survival of the brutal.

Mission Accomplished – Phase Four:
The erroneous crusading consciousness of the forced submission of the not made in the image and likeness of the crusaders. Anchored in 1097 revealed in its fullness in 2024.

Paradigm Of Fear:
The implicit. covert message of fear that if one stands up for their’s or other’s human rights that their concerns should be focused on the the repercussions of the powerful and their devotees attacking them and destroying their lives and livelihoods.

Strength thru Truth.
Strength thru Light.
Strength thru Love.
Strength thru Unity.

Well the results are in, and you have lost.
Loser: I won’t believe it, it was unfair.

If truth is the answer then we no longer know what the question is.

Witnessing Energies Of Intentionality:

Yea, everything we are, and have been witnessing, in helplessness, is energetically intentional and these desecrating energies embodied, have no intention of stopping. The desire to create more mass trauma and inflict horrors previously unseen and unknown are now beyond the control of those embodying and aligning with the energies. And those who are supporting and enabling those wielding these energies of desecration, destruction, death, and trauma, have no intention of stopping them.

I have been given no answers as to how or what will cease what is being enacted. I, like you who is reading this testament, am waiting in the Light, in prayer, with you, with humanity, with all who are awaiting to help, with all who report with integrity at great expense to their well-being, with all who protest and are making the voices of their hearts heard, with the people of Palestine.

Humanity is collectively waiting with love and prayers in our hearts for the possibility of a miracle.

Scribe of the Light.

Think you God is not real if no miracle of mercy comes forward and the starvation and murdering continues?
Nay, for the Light does cometh upon them, and it is within the inner hardness of their hearts that their outer actions reflect a rejection of the Laws of God’s Love and Mercy.

O Israel:
The healing answers you seek for your trauma are found in Love.

Love in its purest form is the healing balm for trauma, not enabling nor codependency.

Atrocity Forewarning:
The Swords posing proudly, menacingly, in front of the Dome sacred.

Entering The Chasm

Help Waiting:
Sitting and waiting with aid and mercy, caravan upon caravan, as the people danced and prevented their entrance into the lands holy.

Living apart from ‘Other’ with hate.
An unnatural excitement grows to build upon the open grave of Palestine.

Promises, Promises:
As the swords nonetheless, arise ripened for violence.
An exiling of the Indigenous from the lands verdant and holy.

Genocidaire Reckoning:
When ethnic cleansing proves inadequate to expansionist needs, permissive genocide granted for the removal of the Indigenous population.

Darkness Emboldened:
The energies of darkness emboldened, seeking to desensitize the empathic, and delude the credulous.

Gates Of Hell Opened:
A rising of the energies of permissive genocide world-wide.

We Need Your Vote:
A spectacle of pre-election compassion.

A Putting Forth:
Uplifting the amoral and immoral for public leadership through spectacle, cruelty, and austerity.

Heretic Governance – Prohibitions Of God’s Laws Lifted:
Manipulations through propaganda and falsehoods.

Masters Of The House Of The Fallen:
“We control our neighbors one hundred percent”, so saith the servants of the Angels of Death.

The Giver of Death withering the vines of the vineyard, one leaf, one seed at a time.

All Is Nukhba:
Boosting the moral of immorality through the public displays of sufferings, torture, torments, death, destruction, and starvation of their neighbors.

Entering The Chasm:
And what mercies shall the embodied servants of living death and destruction, ask of their God when they pass into the realms of the unliving?

A giving of lands belonging to another, within the narrative framework of “our Deity told us to take these lands”, as old as recorded time itself.

Pride Of The Fallen

Refreshing Propaganda:
Fresh allegations, renewed allegations previously disproven, the re-claiming of past trauma brought before the nations as relevance for the justification of traumatizing starvation and slaughter of innocent civilians. The false claiming that innocent babe, child and all civilians, are Nukhba.

Portrayed as frightened, soldiers in tanks and their drones attacking the unarmed starving under siege again, again, again, again, and again ad nauseam.

Was it not taught and sanctified, “Woe to them that steal and expand into that which is not theirs?”

Was it not taught and sanctified: “If one longs for peace, then be respectful of one’s neighbors?”

The forced erasure of Palestine obstructing the entrance of the agents of siege through the gates of the heavenly realms.

What price to the citizens of their nations shall be endured through the returning torturers, abusers, and murders to their lands? How shall the swords coupled, undermine harmony and peace in their origin lands?

Pride Cometh Before The Fall:
The glorification of the self and nation through the humiliation and suffering of ‘Other’.

Angels Of Darkness:
Increasing the price of retribution with each passing day..
Day by day, impudence is increased, world regard and esteem is perverted, and the governing forces convert their peoples to heresies against God Laws. Blood-letting and starvation in the lands of the holy.

Enamored By Dissension:
Was it not taught and sanctified that “wherever justice and mercy thrive, peace can be found?”

Dominion And Fear

Dominion And Fear:
Cruel spectacles of fear inducing dominion of the iron swords as the world watches and shudders in horror witnessing blasphemies.

Asking For A Friend:
Shall the Messiah look upon Palestine and see impunity, division, and torments or acts of peace and mercy?

Pride Of The Fallen:
Records made, shared, and celebrated within the nation, of the humiliation, torture, and death of thy neighbors.
Pride no longer sanctified in humility and fear of God.

Domination of ‘Other’ as a source of pride of a fallen nation.

Angels Of Despair:
The sound of laughing cackles as the filmed tormentors and torturers, administer woe and hell upon the blindfolded and cuffed, as ‘100% owned’ captives, will never be forgotten in the hearts of compassionate souls embodied.
May God show your souls the mercy you denied to others.

The servants of the angels of Death unchained and dancing upon their creation of hell on Earth.

So Our Neighbors May Not Increase:
And the king did come forth, who did not know God, and he preached unto the nation, look our neighbors are too numerous for us.

And so the nation leaving God Law’s did lay siege to their neighbors, first mowing them into the Earth, then thinning them through siege, starvation, and all means of violent pleasures.

Ruthlessly, for decades, did they make life bitter for all the children of Palestine, until finally did they come forth and destroy all which was precious and verdant to their neighbors.

Scribe Write These Words:
Did I AM-God come forth and speak unto the nations saying: “I am hereby giving all of Palestine to my chosen followers or did these followers come and taketh the lands and claim that it was”I”, “I AM-God” who gave it to them?

Observing From The Heavens

Observing From The Heavens:
Witnessing the calculated annihilation of historical Gaza.

Intentional Armageddon:
Skeletal children and the elderly dying of intentional starvation and dehydration.

God’s Love:
When the price to pay for God’s love is autonomy and free-will, then one must realize that the One who gave humanity the gifts of free will and autonomy is not a part of your ask.

Shall It Take:
Shall it take the domination of the sons and daughters of Dominion to teach the nation of the free what it feels like to live as an oppressed people?

Be Not Afraid:
Fear of ‘Other’ as the justifying tenets for violence, dominion and control of all not made in ones image and likeness – aka, ‘Other’.

In a time of darkness, radiate your inner light.

Contrary To Contrarian Teachings:
All who are borne in the Earth have divine souls.
Some souls may be more covered over by the energies of darkness than others.
Nevertheless, any teachings of some human beings having a soul and other human beings being soul-less, is false.

Genetically Semitic:
I speak for the genetically Semitic – the people of Palestine and Gaza, so how can it be anti-Semitic to speak of them or of their plight? Asking for a friend.

Is It Hell?
You shall know them by their deeds.

The Charge:
The Charge: You are spreading sympathy and support for terrorism.
Answer: No, I am not supporting mass murder, ethnic cleansing, forced famine, and genocide.

Nature Of Zealotry

The Energetic Nature Of Zealotry:
Puritans and Evangelicals, same energies, different moments in time.

Correlation Does Not Equal Non-Caucasion:
Circular arguments about the supremacy of identity.

Stronghold Narrative:
Stronghold defined as under siege, unable to escape, under bombardment, starving peoples living in tents, without water, medicine or hospitals. The lie of the stronghold narrative leading to the mass slaughter and starvation of ‘Other’.

Blood And Soil:
The ongoing and historical spilling of Indigenous blood for their soil, resources.

Unrisen In Christ:
Come to Jesus political propaganda perfectly timed for the Lenten season.

Why The Visible Rise In Evil:
Light routes out and reveals the energies of darkness for transmutation.

Daily re-creations of never again’s.

The old king, not fit to be tried, found fit enough to sentence hundreds of thousands to death.

Nation sponsored terrorism as a means to acquire thy neighbors lands and resources.
Penalty free colonial generational terrorism against ‘Other’.

Buffalo’s And Olive Trees:
In service to the eradication of Indigenous peoples, the destruction of their sacred resources.

Humanitarian Islands:
Reservation prison camps.

Yea, with impunity dd the scythes roam, slaughtering and starving children en-masse.

Not Made In Our Image And Likeness:
You do not belong to our privileged religious sect so you are not considered a citizen, and in some cases, not even worth of life.

The Father of Hatred:
The Father of hatred of “Other” rises seeking to create a nation made in his image and likeness.

Bi-Polar – One Party Or The ‘Other’:
The coming fragility of the ‘in or out’ status of a nation under siege.

The Innocent In Christ:
The innocent implicitly trusting that if broadcaster is bringing them the news or analysis of the state of the world with the name Christian in it or Christ associated with it, that those bringing them the good news, are not bringing the good news of war mongering, propaganda and the upliftment of violence against other.

US Corporate Control:
Malleable to hegemonic/political pressures to conform and harvest for profit the data of American citizens.

Witness To Unendurable Sufferings

Love reveals the energies of hatred.
Love reveals the energies of not-love.

Symmetry Free:

Ghost Soldier:
One can move as ghost when one is amongst ones recently slaughtered.

Such is the way of kings.
A paving of the way for the king of impunity thru actions of secretive impunity.

Purloining In Holy Regalia:
Billions of dollars a year in support of the purloining of lands and Indigenous deaths.

Witness To Unendurable Sufferings:
A psychological punishing of humanity with intentionality.

Humanity To The Nation Of The Free: “Why can’t the aid come in?”
Nation Of The Free: “Well, they are shooting at the aid trucks and people.”
Humanity: “Using whose supplied shells, bombs, and bullets?”

Birth To Death.
The bodies of Palestinians desecrated and harvested, the hallowed dead dug up and destroyed.

Settler Supremacy:
Caucasian, religious nationalism at the border.

Inversion Of Reality:
Destroying bloodlines, destroying the futures hopes of children, destroying culture, killing, kidnapping, false imprisonment, stealing lands, harming neighbors all in service of the right to exist.

There is no divine flow within the rigid confines of the energies of fear.

Twisting The Truth Of Genocide:
How can it be that a community of Christ can be broadcasting the upliftment of violent war propaganda in service to genocide? Propagandizing the language of war as justification for the unjustifiable.

Rule Of Bullies:
Brazen acts of impunity, funded by the billionaire class.

Wait, What?
Speaking out against anti-Semitic acts of hate against Semitic peoples identified as anti-Semitic hate speech.

They’re Back – Founding God’s Kingdom In America:
A reprising of the rigid, puritanical energies of forced piety upon the people of the nation of the free.

Conquering In The Name of Ego And Power:
Mandates of the seven eminences seeking complete control over all who are not made in their image and likeness, claiming that doing so, is God’s will.

When individuals rights to freedom and liberty are just another mountain for power driven zealots to conquer.

Semitic Indigenous peoples intentionally misidentified as Arabs? No Birthrights.
European, American, Non-Indigenous peoples – Birthrights.

Without God:
“We are coming to slaughter the Indigenous peoples and there is nothing any nation or peoples can do about it.”

A government of humans claiming the authoritative power to rule in God’s name.
Oft times with disastrous zeal.

Culture In Decline:
Privileged children of a nation built on their ancestors migration (and slavery), bemoan migrants seeking a better life as ‘destroyers of their country’.

Righteous Retribution:
Righteous retribution has nothing to do withe Christ nor Christ’s Teachings.

This shocking violence in the lands of the holy as the most abnormal of behaviours a state can take against non-state actors. History repeats itself – again.

Buffalo’s And Olive Trees

Bi-Partisan Efforts:
A bi-partisan rise in morality legislating as pieces of de-regulated planes fall from the skies, trains fall off the rails, waters become toxic and lands become poisoned as well as crude oil saturated.

Prayers For The Earth:
The destruction of nearly three quarters of million olive trees ancient and new in the lands of the Palestine.
The destruction of the sacred cedars in Lebanon.

The means to buy elections and power in the name of Democracy.

Finishing The Job:
Translating the dark energies of “We’ll finish the job”, as we will finish killing and starving the Indigenous peoples until we conquer all their lands for ourselves.

The Popularity Of The Previously Unloved:
The Giver of death reinforcing and praising the targeted assassination’s of children and civilians.

The oppressed embodying the faith of sacred dignity.

Buffalo’s And Olive Trees:
Eradication of Other and lands sacred as proclaimed divine decree.

Downsizing Previous Humanitarian Islands:
Is that not what the refugee camps which were bombed to rubble?

Ethnic Cleansing’s Of ‘Other’ Worldwide:
Supremacists: “Well, you’ve done it historically. Why can’t we do it now?”

Total Victory Thru Enforced Famine:
‘Resistance is futile’ is the message of the oppressor.

Americans Defending Fear-mongering:
ADF – Fearful fanatical fundamentalism.

Taste Of Freedom:
The Indigenous Peoples occupied, starved, dehydrated, tormented, tortured, slaughtered en-masse, never lost their taste for freedom and peace.

And in the holy month of of prayer and sacrifice, the ardent followers of Christ Jesus did not speak with a passion for the peoples of the the lands of His Sacred Birth and Origin Embodied. Yeah, they did speaketh instead with great passion for the legions occupying the lands besieging, killing, and starving anything which moved.

Without Rights

A People Without Rights:
We never recognized you as a state so in essence Palestine does not, and never has existed. Oh, by the way, thanks for recognizing our existence.

Pricing Out The Public From Public Appearances:
Because the king can.

Inversions Of The Sacred:
A doctrine of do not spare any soul is not and never, will be holy or sanctified.

As long as trauma is venerated, history will repeat itself.

Truth is what we say it is.

250 Year Marker:
Will the nation of the free remain free by its 250th year of incorporation?

To wait is to build faith and trust in God. To take is to abandon God and trust in God.

Hard-line reforms to control the population in service to the upliftment of the power of hard-line reformers.

Incendiary words are the oxygen to the fires of hatred.

When the Teachings of the Christ became incorporated and the community of Christ became a for-profit endeavor, disinheriting the many of their lands, in service to the few.

“Let me educate you”, responded the fast talking chipmunk to the wise owl.

Millions Of Dollars Of Separation:
The entrenched in power, uplifted by unlimited funding of corporate free speech ignoring the will of the people worldwide does not bode well for the future of the power elites.

Occupying Safe Spaces:
Occupying the nations freedom of speech rights one state at a time.

Does evil have the right to exist and express itself?

Involved in war crimes against humanity?
Let our reputation cleanser erase your history.

Mission Creep

Privileged Content:
The commodification of compassion and knowledge.
Knowledge free, ranking results.

Given Unto The Scribe To See:
Embodied energetic alignments with darkness have no moral quandary working with the corrupt or the morally righteous. Although, there is greater contempt for those posing as morally righteous.

Same As It Ever Was:
Behold the king allergic to the will of the people.

The Father of hatred, dancing, dividing “them and us”.

You Can Do Both:
Grow in the Light of your divine being and hold the sufferings of those whom the darkness is unwilling to release.

Shall The Nation Open Their Eyes:
The last breaths of the cults of coin and death.

Free nations celebrating and awarding the atomic father of death.

The Imperial Hat Of Death:
For profit mercenaries of death.
Violence against’ Other’ is always a win-win for the manufacturers and sellers of death.

Mission Creep:
The occupiers build new occupying technologies in the nations of freedom.

The sword of Damocles hovers over the heads of humanity whilst peaceful, ardent prayer moves through the planetary network.

Political theatre as a means of diverting attention to non-governance, governance.

Revelation Of The Cult Of Death:
Slaughtering en-masse any human being not made in one’s religious image and likeness.

America the child of Mercia.

Religious Hardliners: “We’re protecting you by punishing you.”

Our religion is superior claim the ignorant of the Holy.

The Planetary Sorrows Of Othering:
The rising of violent supremacist nations.

Circle Of Control:
Feudalism evolving into capitalism, capitalism creating a new feudalism.

The Impunity King:
Just a little personal dirt to publicly punish all who might hold to account the king of the nation of the free.

War on the holy land.

Without God

Branches Of Peace Destroyed.
Three quarters of a million ancient olive trees desecrated and destroyed.

Without God:
Retribution and vengeance.

Humanitarian Islands:
Indigenous reservation prison camps.

Humanitarian islands in a sea of hatred and domination.

From Fiction To Fact – Borg Consciousness:
From the screen to reality, the eradication of resistance and the suppressive enslavement and imprisonment of human beings.

Hell On Earth:
A turning into hell lands of the Holy, in the name of religious and ethnic supremacy.
Turning that which is holy into the abode of the darkness.

Re-Rising Of Religious-Political Cruelties:
Supremacy is just another name for the perceived right to eradicate ‘Other’.
The using of incendiary religious political language to infuse the hearts and minds of the people to kill, destroy, and remove other in the name of religious-political purity ideologies.`

Humanitarian Islands:
Is that not what Gaza and the West Bank already are?

The Youth Are Aware:
It is not a app platform problem, it’s an ethnic cleansing, forced starvation, and mass murder problem.
The youth are aware and unwilling to support the darkness their eyes and hearts witness.

Imagine the inestimable sorrows of living next to a neighbor who deliberately and intentionally kills your civilian population.

“Look”, say the supporters of mass annihilation, “they’re not targeting civilians or the place would be dust with everyone dead.”

Unless one comprehends when listening to propaganda, that there are some humans who do not believe that ’Other’ humans, who are not made in the image and likeness, are indeed human, with fervent sincerity, then their actions and deeds will make little sense.

Word Salads:
It is breathtaking listening to an hubristic supremacist argue the relevancy of morality.

Toe The Line:
Don’t worry kids, this ban, it’s not really a ban.

The American body has become war fodder for corporate interests.

Servants Of The Noble Mission:
Press helmets and flak jackets as legitimized targets for assassination and targeted family deaths.

1930’s – 2024
Photo’s of dying, emancipated, skeletal children and adults dying of intentional starvation emerging once again as nations who could, did nothing, to stop it.

Who Is The Anti-Semitic Entity?
Most Palestinian peoples are genetically Semitic.

Imagine, if your heart can bear it, what it is like to watch helplessly as your children and beloveds starve slowly, deliberately, and intentionally due to powerful political nations aligning with the besiegers and not the besieged. Such sorrows and woes are beyond endurable, and yet, nations of wealth and plenty watch in silence with small gestures of politically opportune theatrics.

Heavier Than A Feather

Dark Hubris:
Thou shall not criticize the darkness, so saith, the darkness.

Fascist Creep:
One free speech right at a time.

Historical Time Keepers:
Historical content 3000 years ago forward, historically valid.
Historical content 1948 forward, not historically valid.

By The Tens Of Thousands:
Humanity buried under the rubble of bombs and bulldozers.

A Coming Forward:
Justification for retribution by the political class against the people.

Celebrating Slaughter:
A laughing soldier is a vulnerable soldier.

The Legions Return To The Holy Lands:
Garrisoned at the port.

Unfettered Political Vanity:
A leaving of truth and integrity in service to remaining in power.

Heavier Than A Feather:
This ban of your free speech rights is not really a ban of your free speech rights.

A rising of deviant heretics claiming that ‘Other’ is a heretic and deviant.

Dehumanizing The Suffering Of Other:
Incendiary words – killed by illegals, swarms of illegals, invasions of illegals, diseased illegals, vermin, migrants ‘invading and destroying our country’; sanction, starve, suppress – all forms of enforced ethno-supremacy.

As The Humble Pray

Dance festivals along side fenced in concentration camps.
Bouncy castles and dance parties blocking food aid to the starving.
Dancing dinosaurs loading bombs.
Dancing soldiers celebrating recent slaughters.
Dancing peoples and politicians celebrating the planned settling of recently stolen lands.
Soldier dance parties as entire communities are bombed to dust.
Yea, the scribe has witnessed all of these actions and more.

As The Humble Pray:
The humble of God pray in the last ‘safe’ place whilst starving and dehydrated, under bombs, drone strikes and sniper assassinations, awaiting the sons of darkness to enter with swords drawn.

Foreign Adversary: We are losing the PR war with the younger population.
Nation of the Free: No problem, we will ban it.

Inversions Of Love:
Continually identified as hate speech – “Stop the slaughtering and killing.”

Evidence free narrative psychological war-fare entertainment.

Leadership Ask:
Folks, will you join us in enabling genocide and famine?

Anti-Free Speech:
Empire Controllers: Hey, the people are witnessing our duplicity online. Let’s legislate against it.

It’s Ours:
The darkness speaks: “Hey, they are consuming and eating our resources.”

Colonialism American Style:
Humanitarian Islands – aka reservations.

Foreign adversary exercises free speech rights control over the people of the nation of the free.

Islamophobia madness rising in the supremacist consciousness across the religious spectrum.
All are made in the Image and Likeness of the Creator God.

Welcome To The Occupation:
Our special friend has been feeling misunderstood.
Yes, it is true, the people did not care for, nor support, war crime propaganda nor the war crimes.


Without The Presence Of God:
The embodied expressions of the energies of retribution and vengeance.

Islamophobic madness rising in the crusading consciousness.
All are made in the Image and Likeness of the Creator God. All.

Colonizer Consciousness:
Eradication of resistance, suppression and enslavement for the rest of the population.

Proclamation: We are resolved to finish this ideology off as a means to complete victory.
Translation: We are resolved to commit mass murder of the non-combatant civilians.

Re-Rising Of Religious-Political Rulership Worldwide:
Supremacy, just another name for the hubristic claim of the right to suppress and eradicate ‘Other’.

Humanity: 500,000 children in Gaza on the brink of famine.
Punishers: Can you prove it? What are the metrics on that?

For-Profit Corporate Whims:

1970’s – China! We love China! We are selling off all American assets, shutting down your jobs and moving American companies and industries to China. You’ll love it America, everything cheaply made from China!

2020’s – China! Be fearful of China. “Hey, are you Chinese?” Don’t trust the Chinese we are told, we need to go to war with China we are informed.

Foreign Companies Un-Welcome:
Divest Or Else!
An unwelcome mat being laid forth for foreign nationals with businesses in the Nation of the Free.

The Punisher and the hierarchy of patriarchal of punishers as emboldened austere, harsh fathers.

Protecting lies rather than lives.

Yes, of course you have freedom to choose.*
*Except for…

Fear Speaks:
Fear: “Why, just let us kill all of these innocent civilians, take their lands and resources, so our imaginary threats of terror do not come upon your houses and your shores.”

7 Crossings Laden With Tons Of Food And Aid:
Imagine being the group of human beings who calculated the timing of an unfolding famine to unfold during the holy month of Ramadan.

Christ Jesus:
Borne, taught, lived, died, and resurrected, in Palestine.

Theologically Zealous

As the faithful of Christ Jesus celebrate and banquet the Easter rising of Jesus of Palestine, the ancestors of the first converts of Palestinian Christ Jesus are being starved and slaughtered en-masse. An erasing of the history of Christ Jesus in Palestine and the holy lands.

By Any Means Necessary:
The evangelicalized centralizing power in the anointed one.

The Prince of Peace:
Christ Jesus carried the cross symbolic of shouldering humanity’s burdens, not a gun.

The Sword of Truth is not a sword which draws the blood of humanity.

Speaketh not to me of your piety as I witness your acts of depravity and cruelty.

Fear of Other portrayed as the advent of secularism. A deep an abiding fear of the freedom to choose how or whether one worships God.

God Told Us To Rule Over You:
Mountain theology/political ideology as stealth Dominionism.

False Witnessing:
A leaving of the rule of law for biblical clarity in politics as the destruction of the separation of church and state.

Egoistic Glorification:
And the scribe did hear such blasphemy pronounced haughtily, that there are only two nations created to glorify God – Israel and America. All nations, all peoples are the embodied glorification of the Divine.

If violence is involved I your interpretation of God’s Will on Earth, perhaps it is time to pray and humbly, turn in your guns.

Standing With The Energies Of Darkness:
Fervid of Christ Jesus claiming a righteous stand with the embodied energies of darkness.

The Fallacy Of The God Told Us Narrative:
God told us to seize power.
Gold told us to take your lands.
God told us to engage with zealots in violent acts against all who are not made in their image and likeness,
God told us we needed a private jet for our ministry of Christ.
God told us to hobnob in the halls of political power.
God told us to invade your lands for your resources.
God told us to control you and take away your freedoms.
God told us to dehumanize your peoples and slaughter them en-masse.

Smiter’s Of Hope

In Palestine two thousand years ago, many an embodied soul looked away also.

Egotistically Devout:
The egotistically devout proclaim that the political arm of our deity demands that you love and worship only our deity and our version of worshiping our deity, or we shall do unto you what was done unto Palestine.

By Any Means Necessary:
People of the Good Book engaging in duplicity for their glory.

The Big Lie:
Betraying the nation and her peoples for their kingdom come, in the name of their king, on Earth.

Children Of Christ:
Are your eyes open? Does your heart not witness the orphans clamoring for food as the the nation of the free assists in the maiming and bombing of them and their families?

False Teachings:
Teaching and instructing the people to be paranoid of Light and Love and obedient to power and darkness.

War Narrative Of God’s Will:
The history of religion melded with politics has always been about ‘power’ cloaked in a theology of God’s Will.

God As Love:
Humanity as the body of the Divine.

Nice People Being Misled:
Sincere believers sincerely supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing.
An erroneous belief that aligning with these energies of darkness are the Will of God.

Raptured Out:
Late 16th century, revived in 1800’s, then again in the 1900’s theology of violence.

Political Savior Complex:
Ego satiation of being perceived as a saviour without actually engaging in any saviour like actions or deeds.

False prophets preaching the death and exiling of the original bloodlines of the first followers of Palestinian Jesus.

Proclaimers of the Good Book as staunch supporters of a nation who slaughters their neighbors.

Smiter’s Of Hope:
Well, we are confiscating this land of yours for the state. Our state that is, and you, the Indigenous peoples who have lived here for centuries, are not welcome.

Day By Day:
Assassinating the starving seeking to access food, as the witnesses of the Good Book are silent.

Permissively Enabled Depravity

Two Objectives In Conflict:
Sending bombs to kill those whom you claim you are sending humanitarian aid.

Rules Based Power:
We have the power and money so we make the rules consciousness.

Behold the chaos, violence, and suffering in the world and realize that rules based order has noting to do with peace, justice, nor mercy.

A child of American colonization, meddling, and foul politicking.

The Rationale:
The rationale is the pervasive cruelty.

Identifying civilian non-combatants who are being starved, maimed, targeted for sniper fire, who are dehydrated, under constant drone and bombing attacks, as ‘battalions’. Completing the mission of the ‘elimination’ of Other whilst making the helpless of the world complicit witnesses to genocide.

It’s Not Complicated:
Darkness denies in engaging in acts of darkness whilst engaging in acts of darkness.

No Longer Protecting And Serving:
Trained by a kill at will culture.

Greenwashing Depravity:
Using the unburied bones of the dead mixed within the rubble of ethnic cleansing as materials for a humanitarian pier.

War Crimes – Famine Induced Silences:
Living babies with no energy to cry.
The deliberate and intentional silencing of God’s children.

“See, we told you they were not human.”
Reducing humanity through intentional starvation and dehydration fighting for scraps of food as proof of their inhumanity.

Colonization Consciousness:
Move out the population through violence and oppression, kill families (tribes) en-masse, ‘finish the job’ through the theft of their land as a security deference.

We Don’t Feel Safe!
Secure in their homes, cupboards full, jobs secure, neighbors bemoaning neighbors who have lost everything living in RV’s, cars, and tents nearby.

Gazan’s: We are starving, experiencing famine, dehydrated and dying.
United States: Help will be available in about two months.
Humanity: Why won’t you let in the seven thousand trucks laden with aid waiting to bring in supplies?

It’s Not Working:
Targeting and martyring the innocent in service to fear, power and greed.

Light reveals the confessional nature of accusatory and atrocity propaganda.

Rapid Response:
Weapons – yes.
Humanitarian aid – no.

Embracing Freedom And Democracy*:
*Restrictions apply.

No Longer Upright

Ask Yourself:
Has the king restored the soul of the nation?

No Longer Upright:
Everything that is not of Love shall fall.

Embodied Horror:
Witnessing a people who left love and embraced the darkness revel in their expressions of darkness upon Other.

Army Of The Amoral:
Soldiers who slaughter patients, women, children, men, and the elderly in lieu of combat with other soldiers on the field of battle.

Desecration’s beyond endurable the day before and after religious observance.

Aye, Satan blushed at the depravity of embodied darkness unleashed.
And every horror of torture and torment that arose within their minds did they act out with pleasure and pride.

Behold the golden calf of pervasive and unmitigated cruelty.

It Is Intentional:
The sons and daughters of darkness doth want for you to lose your hope in humanity, love, and faith in God.
Do not partake of these energies, remain faithful in the Light.

Promising Safety Whilst Slaughtering For Pleasure:
A disease of the spirit, full of vile and evil did come forth in the lands holy.

Merciless Deeds In The Houses Of Mercy:
Justifying mass execution spree’s of civilians as ‘combatants’ taking refuge in hospitals.

Killing For Fun:
Witness this prophecy.
Repercussions to unfold when these citizens return to your homelands after being licensed to freely engage with the deepest levels of human depravity known since time immemorial.

Two hundred and eighty seven kidnapped beloved children returned to their parents in Nigeria. Give thanks and praise for these moments when Light arises in the hearts of those covered by the darkness.

The Propaganda Of There Are No Innocents:
Making humanity complicit through their powerlessness, even as they do what they can, with depravity of genocide.

God’s Eyes:
A witnessing of the energies of embodied darkness separated from the Love of God by billions of souls longing for Love and Light.

And the people untied did cry out to stop the infliction of suffering and pain.

And the nation of the free, did maketh laws to further infliction and suffering, erasing all means of holding the inflictors of suffering and death, free from reprisals and justice.

Knoweth that when the times of tribulation comes forward, and the nation is torn asunder, that the nations leadership betrayed the peoples united in favour of religious tribes and creeds rather than the laws of mercy, humanity, and justice, opening the way for greater sorrows, woes, and pains of the people of the nation of the free.

Even as this is true, Light shall prevail.


Embodied Christ Consciousness

Embodied Christ Consciousness:
The paradigm of sacrificing ‘Other’ for the self transmuted to sacrificing the self for ‘Other’ through the embodiment of The Christ on planet Earth. Two thousand years on, in the fullness of time, the Christ Consciousness begins awakening in humanity.

Symbology Of The Cross In Time:
Behold the symbology of the embodied dying in the darkness and awakening-arising in Light.
A symbology of the Divine Awakening in the divine, as old as Mother Time Herself.

Message of Sacred Time:
Awaken and arise embodied in the Light of The Divine.

God Of Love:
Behold the energies of the Divine, awakening in the divine embodied, in Time.

Ask Thyself:
Wouldest Thou Create beings of darkness which destroys the Garden of Life?
Why then wouldest Thou Create the Return in support of the energies of violence and darkness?

Received in the month of March of 2024.