The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Us Versus Them As Shadow Consciousness

Famine as a desecration of humanity.

Hunting Bad Guys:
What happens O lands of the free, when the assemblage of participants of ethnic cleansing and genocide come home, in this culture of growing fascism and Nazism?

A rising of religious zealots of all persuasions planetary-wide, suppressing, and collectively punishing all who are not made in their image and likeness.

Armed and enraged self-proclaimed legions of God seeking to harm, punish, and inflict pain upon all who are not made in their image and likeness spreads with the fever of racist zealotry throughout the lands of the nation of the free.

The political economics of tax cuts, layoffs, and price inflation foisted upon the many in service to the few.

The plague of religious zealotry mired in bigotry and racism spreading as wildfire through the nation of the free bringing forth the energies of hell to the land of the living.

The remembrance culture dis-remembers.

Divinity ascending in the rejected of humanity

Observing Persecution Of Other:
What was the persecution of early Christians like under the rule of the empire of Nero?
Observe the purging and mass slaughter in the lands of the holy.

Moral Quandary:
When is it a scourge one needs to fight and when is it a scourge one needs to condemn?

As The World Watches In Horror:
Racists on the rampage.

In Service To The Dead:
The political optics of showing the fallen returning or hiding the fallen returning.

License To Kill:
Pioneer settlers of the Bible roaming the lands with guns and violence in their hearts.
The plague of hatred rises and spreads throughout the planetary body from the lands holy.

Survival War Consciousness:
The energies in which an embodied soul feels compelled to desecrate, dehumanize, and slaughter ‘Other’ because they may, they might, they could, hurt us.

Rising Of Elite Racism Consciousness

Colonial Consciousness As An Open Planetary Wound:
Never healed, new generations of colonizers throwing salt on the old wounds of the generations of the suppressed and oppressed.

Elite Racism Consciousness:
From the lands of the holy to the borders of European countries to the borders of America.
Elite racism consciousness, no longer able to disguise its true designs, expressing itself in racist ideologies of the fear of ‘Other’ and the need to protect our homelands from the invasion of ‘Other’.

Tie-in narratives of propaganda arises, explaining to the people that it is our enemies actually who are sabotaging our special friend, not their actions.

Field tested border surveillance technologies morphing into populace control.

Fervent dedication of ones life to the destruction of the freedoms and rights of ‘Other’.

Beware the bearers of neurosis inducing propaganda in service to political power.

Imperialistic Governance:
Performative, legislative free yelling, scolding, shaming, and proclamations of repentance in service to pious political objectives.

Racist Colloquialism’s:
No one is innocent, including children.
This population is ungrievable.
Erase them all off the map.

Janus Political Piety:
Promoting global peace and unity on Thursday.
Bombing eighty five targets with over a hundred bombs on Friday, with a promise of more to come.

Safe Zones:
Designated zones of promised safety, revealed as zones of slaughter of a corralled starving population unable to flee bombardments, tank fire, and sniper fire.

Mother, father, child, friend, neighbor, left to bleed out and die lest the drone operator kills you also for daring to rescue the suffering. The inhumanity of the most moral of legions.

A rising of the warlords of the politically pious expounding ‘expel and deport stochastic rhetoric’.

Upending Reality:
Attacking, provoking and bombing presented as a reality of deescalating tensions.

Morally Bereft

Stimulating racist bigotry for votes.
That which is unleashed will not become United.

Destroyers Of Innocence:
Looking to the eyes of a child who lost their limbs, their parents, their families, who are starving, deprived of food and water, and then remind humanity how moral your democratic values are.

Trillion Dollar Question:
“Why is it,” asks the heart, “are wealthy, heavily militarized nations
continually posturing themselves to humanity as ‘just’ defenders against poorer, often unable to defend themselves, nations?”

Morally Bereft:
The morally bereft informing the heart’s of humanity, that we shouldn’t put conditions on genocidaires and their genocidal actions.

Lifestyles Of The Poor And Helpless:
Homelessness, poverty, and asylum pleas are not a result of lifestyle choices.

Platforming Bigotry:
Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab bigots making known to all, their inner alignments and thoughts with the energies of separation and darkness.
Whilst anti-freedom, anti-free speech laws are enacted for the favored state chosen of God.

Bigotry Of The Presence Of Other:
“Well, Other doesn’t look like me or act like me, it’s not my country anymore.”

Oops! We accidentally destroyed your aid agency.

People of the Bible protecting and blocking food and aid from reaching the starving and dying.

You Shall Know Them By Their Deeds:
Limbless, orphaned, traumatized, starving children deprived of the inner Light and delight of childhood innocence, by the self-proclaimed sons and daughter of the light.

Shock And Awe:
Modern day expressions of Crusading and ‘gone a viking’.

When unconditional support translates into never having to reflect or ask ‘why are we hated?’.

Before experiencing true freedom, an embodied soul must first witness and experience that which is keeping them locked in bondage.

Advertising The Love Of Christ Jesus:
Propagandizing the love of Christ Jesus rather than charitable, non-strings attached, feeding, sheltering, and supporting of the poorest amongst us.

120 Days

2000 Pounds of Destruction:
Bunker busting women, children, and the elderly sheltering in their homes.

120 Days:
A killing spree of tens of thousands of murders and maiming’s a month.

Peace is the only solution to war.
As it was, as it will ever be.

Screams Of The Children:
Close your eyes and try to imagine the horror of your child surviving the collapse of the building which was targeted and bombed, whilst you were sheltering in it, only to witness your child’s limbs crushed, being removed without anesthetic. Now imagine this happening tens of times a day, for months in the name of freedom and self-defense.

Siege Lords:
Everything which was of life, verdant, and of beauty, stripped from the Strip.

The unfathomable sorrows of being wedged between a tank and a wall.

The sins of Mengle perpetrated upon ‘Other’.

When slaughter and ethnic cleansing are your only paths to victory, there will never be peace.

Preparing the Way For Cyrus III’s Return

Onward Crusading Soldiers:
Fighting over aid to war proxies whilst the nation’s homeless population nears the one million mark.

The Internal Quest:
Seeking the greatest version of you.

A slaughtering of humanity for hydrocarbons.

Preparing the way for Cyrus III’s return.

Cumulatively Accelerating:
Machiavellian energies of darkness cumulatively accelerating in the heart’s of nations.
Great sorrows to come for all not made in their image and likeness.

Their Beloved Leader And His Vassals:
Their beloved leader and his vassals proclaim unto the nation that it’s time to unleash inner expressions of rage and intolerance in service to freedom. Sorrows unimaginable beset the People of the Nation of the Free. Fear not as it has been foretold.

Good Book Politics:
Hundreds of thousands/millions in support for billions in support.

Righteousness Gone Awry:
People of the holy Book proudly, a times joyously, blocking aid and medicines to the starving, dying, and diseased under occupation. Such desecration’s of humanity, in the end, starves their own beloveds longing to come home.

A healing of a damaged and ailing world can never come forcibly.
Forced anything, including dignity and personal expression, are forms of fascist control.

The old king shall pass.

The perceived rejected and dehumanized exemplifying courage, dignity, and humanity. The faithful blessings of God for all of humanity to witness.

Generating the energies of blood-lust as a means of inciting cruelty upon perceived ‘Other’.

Shared Values:
Shared values of hatred and intolerance inevitably lead to sorrow and desecration.

Forcing The Clock Of Eschatology Forward

No Option Shadow Consciousness:
Siege acts of cowardice against unarmed civilians.

Divine Birthright:
Being born unto the Earth gives all the right to be as the Divine intended in peace.

In the time of The Return all will see God.

Disturbing – Looking Forward To Armageddon:
Violently moving the clock of eschatology forward.

Reality Inversion – ‘Doing Our Best Not To Cause Harm’:
150 – 200 people a day slaughtered.
27,000 embodied souls killed (12 thousand children)
7,000 embodied souls missing.
67,000 injured without hospitals and medications.
10 children a day losing their legs.

Judgement as a measure of the soul’s awakening to its inner light in time,
Rather than outer punishments it is the inner self when it awakens from the altered states of blood-lust and vengeance which it has participated in, that experiences the horrors inflicted upon ‘Other’.

Christ Jesus and His neighbors, disciples, family, and friends were from… Palestine.

The Multitudes Of The Poor And Unhoused:
Millions of dollars spent in aid to re-shape perceptions rather than feed, clothe and support the poor.

Trinity Of Sorrows:
Power, brutality, and subjugation.

The Lid On The Id Of Fascism Opens:
Id led fascist crackdowns on perceived ‘Other’ worldwide coming forward.
That which has been seen is foretold.

Not necessarily something that ‘happens’ to an embodied soul, rather Judgement emanates from the realms of the soul.

Boneyards Fostered By Hegemony:
Power targeting neighborhoods and apartment buildings brought to you by the most moral of legions and the nations of egalitarian values.

The planetary family breathes in unison, the mass deaths and the last breaths of Palestine.
Let not the actions of those aligned with the energies of darkness
create doubt that God is with the embodied souls of Palestine.
Succumb not to the energies of rancor and hate. Trust. All will be revealed.

Trespassing Against:
Forcing little girls, teens, young women, and women to carry and raise the children of their rapists.

The Youth Will Remember

War is just another name for mass executions of humanity.

For The Future – How Could It Happen?
The threat of killing all who would dare help the besieged with little regard to law or humanity’s opinion.

Proudly Reveling:
Self-recording acts of extreme darkness accompanied by music, celebration, and dancing.

Soul Rendering:
The lands destroyed, the Indigenous peoples mass murdered, extreme actions of violence perpetrated upon ‘Other’ all at the cost of the peace of your soul.

Embodied Suffering:
The spiritual, emotional and mental costs of participating in genocidal actions and ethnic cleansing will be revealed.

Symbols Of Darkness:
Narcissistic uploading acts of violence and destruction for followers, dopamine hits and views.

Fascism As Shadow Consciousness:
Only we get to live here and rule, everyone else must submit, leave, or face our wrath and death.

The societal morbidity of torturing, imprisoning, and slaughtering perceived ‘Other’.

Don’t You Dare Criticize Us!
Trolling social media pre-targeting those who would speak truth, for death.

The Exiled:
The exiled by God, forcibly exiling the sanctified.

Zealous Priority:
Obliteration of ‘Other”.

Until All Is Rubble And Bones:
Presenting to humanity an altered reality in which enemy battalions are portrayed as schools, hospitals, holy sites, homes, businesses, and anything human which moves in the line of drone, tank, and sniper fire – man, woman, child.

The Youth Will Remember:
The traumatizing imprinting of the uniquely expressed features of intentionality of the death and destruction wrought.

Adults In Armored Tanks Martyring Children:
In memory of six year old Hind Rajab and the twelve thousand plus innocent children martyred by the lawless of God’s Holy Edicts.

Collective Projection:
Torturing the besieged population and humanity en-masse.

Behold the ministers of death and unendurable grief.

Separated And Unequal:
Sterilized from ‘Other’.

Our God Said It’s Ours – All Ours:
If I don’t take your land, someone else will come along and take it.

Nothing To Go Back To – Nowhere To Go
Brace yourselves in prayer and faith for the horrors to unfold of the rebellious of God.

Dereliction Of Holy Edicts

Upending the constitution in service to foreign and domestic religious nationalism.

Multitudes Of The Raging:
Men of God preaching righteous violence as a means of summoning the return of the Christ.

Dereliction Of Holy Edicts:
Behold the breathtaking destructiveness of wanton revenge and willfulness.

Make Your Checks Payable:
Crusaders in the holy lands.

Zealots Supporting Zealotry:
Armageddon embracing fundamentalists sending guns, bullets, and armor to self-righteous violent brigands of the lands holy.

The Objective:
That which was spoken, becomes.
The eradication of all deemed as abominations and ‘Other’.

Evacuation Of The Population:
Precision and power targeted ethnic cleansing.

Global purification of the enslavement, imprisonment, and colonization of all peoples on the planet. All peoples.

Cast Not Thine Eye:
Cut so deeply from harmony with other, viewing all not made in your image and likeness as an abomination, neighbors pray you won’t cast your eyes towards them. A time coming forward when sterilization and separation will bring collective self-imprisonment and dogmatist bondage.

Cult Of Death And Destruction:
This war of attrition will end with the horrors of your deeds imprinted on the heart’s of humanity for generations.

Ersatz Redress

Janus Political Distancing:
We will not support what you are doing.
We should send them fourteen billion dollars.

May We Have Some More Please:
Starving the children orphaned by the most moral of legions and their wealthy national friends.

My heart weeps witnessing these deeds of darkness.
My heart weeps.

Ersatz Redress:
Systemic starvation as ersatz redress.

Ethnic Cleansing:
Leave your lands or die.

Dereliction Of Holy Edicts:
Disciplining and controlling the populace of ‘Other’ through siege, famine, disease, mass maiming, death and destruction.

Toe The Line!
Digital gods of control seeking to shape the opinion of humanity whilst horrifying the hearts of humanity.

Everything their eyes cast upon was desecrated, destroyed and demolished.

The Fervent Soullessness Of Intentionality:
Targeting captive, exhausted, starving, suffering civilians with sniper, drone, and tank fire.

Seventy Five Years:
The unheard laments of seventy five years of daily torment filled revenge upon a people having nothing to do with their oppressors historical sufferings. The deeply unethical politicization of historical trauma and suffering in service to power and blood-lust reveals itself in spectacle.

Peace Without Peace:
Sniper drones/quadcopters hovering in the air, notifying the horrified populace through microphones that if they dare to rescue their loved ones, they will not be spared their fate. The soul shudders.

The Hegemonic Permissibility Of Killing ‘Other’:
Sniper and tank fire upon besieged houses of mercy-hospitals, no one spared – doctors, nurses, medics, patients, children, and their families.

The actions of humanity aligned with the energies of darkness will seek to shape your heart, your mind in their image and likeness.

Brace yourselves in faith and prayer for what is to come.

Empires In Decline

Access To Billions:
‘Selling’ humanity the product of genocide as righteousness.

The Propaganda of Sowing Doubt:
As the collective eyes and hearts of humanity observe war crimes and genocidal acts, legacy media asks, months on end, ‘Is it really a war crime, is it really genocide?”
The efforts of the few to convince the many that the horrors they see, hear, and witness, may in fact not be what they are witnessing at all.

Empire In Decline:
Empire in decline offering a choice of two emperors in decline.

Kingdom Of The Earth:
The self-deceptive belief of earthly wealth and materialism as divinely appointed designations of being the blessed of God.

A Price Of Prosperity Sermonizing As Salvation:
The ten million dollar temple to prosperity as salvation stained by a small child hit by retaliatory gunfire in the temple.

Slaughter Games Consciousness:
Switching from console cosplay to the streets.

Political Optics Of ‘Over The Top’:
Bombing civilians en-masse in buildings – carnage hidden in rubble.
Bombing civilians en-masses in tents – carnage revealed for all to see.

Smashing Humanity Portrayed As Victory

Corralling, starving, dehydrating, and force marching humanity for slaughter.
The iron cruelties of barbarity.

Ethnic Cleansing:
Capturing and possessing that which was not actually given by God explained as being of God’s Will.

Are war crimes and genocide walking in God’s ways?
Asking for a friend.

Atonement For Trespass:
Shall you restore all of what you have violently taken?

Embodied souls smashed, and smashed, and smashed until the mad king and his followers feel victorious.

War Crime Trauma Transference:
Trauma war crime ancestors transferring intentional and specific instances of historical war crime traumas upon innocent civilians with no historical associations of the war crimes perpetrated upon their ancestors.

Permission Granted:
Fourteen billion reasons to continue engaging in war crimes and genocide.

Bygone Ideologies

Inversion of Presupposed Values:
Egalitarian societies supporting an unfolding famine and ongoing collective murder.

No ‘Other’:
The civilization of collective humanity.
We belong to each other.

The populace internalizing the unethical desires of their leaders.

Speak against us, cry out the sons of darkness, and we will destroy everything dear to you in your life.

Fascistic Broadcasting:
Welcome to incendiary racist television talk, please suspend your sense of reason, reality, and rapport as your behold our broadcast.

Which Is Peculiarly Wicked?
Enabling and supporting an unfolding famine?
Feeding and supporting men, women, and children experiencing an unfolding famine?

Friends allowing friends to commit war crimes.

The vainglorious confidence of the hardened heart revealed for all to see.

Hearts Of Compassion Reacting To Horror

In order for the foundations of an Earth based in Universal Divinity, everything and everyone which contains the energies of anti-divinity must be revealed in its fullness. Everything. Everyone.

End Times Holiday Excursions:
Collective death and destruction paving the way to biblically inspired theme parks and tourism.

Bi-partisan leaders of the democratic nation of the free discuss sanctioning those who stand for the human rights and the dignity of the lives of ‘Other’.

Collective Torture:
Every form of darkness which came forth to the mind, expressed and enabled with self-righteous zeal.
No mercy, no quarter.
The veneration of the energies of darkness.

A revealing of the bipartisan evisceration of the meaning of democracy and humanitarian values planetary-wide.

Hearts of compassion reacting with horror to the embodied horrors acted out upon the faithful.

Watching Angels Die

“Why should I care about what actions we are enabling and supporting over there?” Ask the unawakened.
Soon beloved, that which was supported there will be justified as it unfolds, here.

The perceived right of violent security measures borne upon mass slaughter and destruction the innocent.

Robotic Assassinations:
When a transmission signal or cell phone signal becomes the targeting coordinates of assassination robotics.

False Light:
Restraint and restriction free expressions of collective torture and slaughter presented as the pious righteously discharging national responsibilities.

Aligning With The Energies Of Darkness:
Assassinations of children by sniper fire.

Historical Lessons Not Learnt:
The arrogance of crusaders lusting to conquer the Mount Holy.

Light Reveals Truths:
Our military operation…”

The Magic Wand Of Cessation:
The cessation of sending money, bombs, weapons, technical support, and aid.

Redemptive energies of Light expanding Light filled realities in which embodied souls who previously collapsed and submitted in the presence of oppressive energies of darkness, begin perceiving an inner strength connected to the Divine Essence.

End Times Broadcasting:
Broadcasting war propaganda in service to energies in opposition to the teachings of Christ Jesus.
Paying deference to the energies of darkness.

Death, destruction, and disease engulfing all areas of the lands holy.

See You Not?
The irony of fundraising banquets for the oppressor and famine for the oppressed.

The Moral Void

Finger Wagging Diplomacy:
‘Uneasy’ and ‘concerned’.

Religiously Endorsed Acts Of Anti-Divinity:
The religiously favoured reintroducing in time, the concept of religiously endorsed acts of anti-divinity to the world.

Prayers Of The World:
Dear God, please keep us safe from violent projections.

Pious Caesar’s:
Pious Caesar’s put forth a decree against diplomacy and peace.

Wow, What A Rational Leader:
The interviewing spectacle of the rational intelligence agent with a profound knowledge of history, enthralling the credulous, thus commencing on a post-interview killing spree, including the sudden death of his political opponent.

Corporate Capture:
Leaders of the worlds super powers declare their helplessness against war crimes committed with their weaponry and funds. The profits of war are death.

Marriages Of Affluence:
The unholy joining of corporate profit making and religious zealotry.

The Corporate Capture Of Morality:
Red lines versus bottom lines.

Pharisaic Exodus

Human Animal Classification:
A justification of the sacrifice and murders of ‘Other’ presented as animals.

There is no atrocity that can be ritually purified when such atrocities are done in the name of atrocities perpetuated upon ones ancestor’s, living and dead. Only The Divine can heal and purify these deeds.

Propaganda Of Paranoia:
Until we eliminate them all – all who are not made in our image and likeness, the aligned with paranoia explain, we will never be safe. All – their men, women, and children.

Before And During:
Before and during the engagement of war crimes, propaganda campaigns of unproven ‘facts’ presented as righteous attestations for slaughtering the innocent. A testing of the limits of credulity.

Horror Shows:
Raiding, slaughtering, and mass executions of the hospitalized and their carers will never be normalized if humanity is to expand in Love and the Light.

Spectator Torture:
Observing the infliction of profound suffering.

Compromise framed for the trusting as dictates.

Vengeance As The Opposite Of Trusting God:
And they took it upon themselves as a nation to collectively engage in the energies of revenge.

Suffer The Little Children:
The horrors of the scary fictional monsters of childhood innocence, manifesting as real life monsters resolved to kill them.
Blessed are the innocent.

The Trust Of Innocents:
White flags as targets for execution.

Cradle To Grave:
There is no line of atrocity to be crossed when one is indoctrinated from cradle to grave that the sacrifice of ‘animals’ is sanctified by Law.

I loved thee so dearly that I sought to warn thee.

The Sorrows Of Embodied Depravity

In dreams, in quiet moments of reflection, yea, even in moments of joy, these deeds of darkness will come and haunt the mind and heart. As it was in the beginning it will be in the end, for you are a soul of the Divine.

The Moral Void:
Portals of planetary depravity opened.
Fear not for it has been revealed.

Multiple Timeline Purification Events

As with all colonization endeavours, it is always about the lands and their resources.

Yousef – Aged Seven Years:
The first child has died of starvation in the lands holy.

Multiple Timeline Purification Event:
Eighty years by one day, the designation of humanity as ‘animals’ in service to war atrocities and crimes.

Waiting And Observing:
The father of all slaughterers comes forward.

Behold the depths of darkness the unaligned with the energies of Light are willing to plumb.

Lies Of The Darkness:
“Safe zones”.
“Work will set you free.”

Multiple Timeline Purification Event:
All probable atrocities perpetrated upon the innocent now perpetrated upon the innocent.

How can tens of thousands of innocent children who had done nothing wrong warrant the sentence of death in the camps and starvation as orphans, asked once again, whilst nothing was done to save them?

Multiple Timeline Purification Events:
A multiple timeline purification event is a collective embodied spiritual event in which the expanding Divine Energies of Love and Light release the energies of sorrow, pain, suffering, (as examples), from the past for the healing of humanity. In accordance with the laws of Divine Will (free will), humanity has a choice to allow for the Divine Healing or re-engage with these releasing energies separated from the Light of the Divine.

Regrettably beloveds, there are embodied souls who will consciously, or unconsciously choose to re-engage or newly align with these releasing energies rather than allow for the redemption, or Divine Healing of all. The unfolding realities of profound suffering and sorrows which we are witnessing will not always be the reality of humanity. Bear with and endure with each other with love until this new reality comes forward for it has been fore-Ordained.

Above And Beyond:
The old king covertly amassing additional munitions.
The civilian population living in tents in the last safe zone await their fate.

Son Of Colonialism:
Son of the historical sorrows of colonialism seeks through his powers to curb the freedoms of speech of his nation in service to colonizers. An inversion of the dignity of humanity in service to hegemonic power.

See You Not?
Injuring tens of thousands and starving a million plus civilians
whilst simultaneously laying siege and destroying the houses of mercy and care.

The expansive nature of the energies of Love’s Light can hold all, all that is of the darkness or aligned with the energies of darkness, all that is of the suffering of humanity and the planet Earth, and all that is of love which is the divine nature of each and every awakening soul. All is held in God’s Loving Light. All.

Whose Kingdom Come?

In a time of judgement the determiners of who are the Disobedient of God rise to humanity’s horror.

Peace Defined As Wishful And Irresponsible:
How many parents weeping and holding their slain children in shrouds do the leaders of the nation of the free need to witness before their hearts command them to raise their hand to cease the violence?

Erroneously protecting those aligned with the energies of darkness from experiencing the moral consequences of their murderous actions against ‘Other’.

Unfolding Nature Of Duplicity:
Delay, deny, destroy, deprive, dispossession, death.

Profitable Canvassing:
The devoted tithing and paying for the sins of the Punisher.
Shall it redeem him?

Knowing just enough propaganda to be dangerous.

Head To Toe:
The fashionista’s of fascism.

Awakening – the ability to transcend the energies of self-absorption.

A manipulative demanding of humanity that they renounce their humanity in service to crimes against humanity.

The pain inflicting self righteousness of the pious punishers rising in all areas of previous autonomy and freedom.

The Rise Of The Wrathful:
Religious fanaticism spreading as a virus effecting many a nation aligned with the energies of fear and loathing.

Whose kingdom come?

To be of the Light in a time of darkness is to stand for all of the Creator’s Creations, most especially the suffering and oppressed.

The People Of Disquietude:
The trials and tribulations of being at the mercy of the irrational whims of the chronically disquiet.

That which roams in the lands holy returns to the nations.

Healing The Collective Consciousness:
Healing the historical indifference to the mass extermination of ‘Other’.

For the apprehensive of Other, those not made in their image and likeness perceived as potential enemy. A malady of the persona separated from the soul; a lacking of the ability to recognize God in all.

Recalcitrant Of God

Indigenous lands appropriated by the few at the mercy of the many.

Historical Holy Land Invaders:
Ruthless, pitiless, merciless.

Eradication Of Other:
The open grave of holy Palestine.

Long held hopes, shall be borne anew.

Defaming Divinity:
The gospel of death.

And all manner of torture and torment was meted upon the faithful who remained devotedly resilient to their dignity and their God.

The scientific cognizance of starvation as a means of stunting the growth – mental, emotional, physical – from the new borne to the elderly, whilst simultaneously enacting collective torment and torture morning, noon, and all night, with the assistance of technology. The scientifically enabled destruction of generations coming forward.

Power And Land:
Abominations designated by invaders as all who are not made in their image and likeness.

The legions of the sword resting, as smaller sorties are carried out upon innocent by the refreshed and civilian swords of retribution and judgement roam the streets and lanes of the lands holy destroying and horrifying all who would dare leave their homes.

Desecrating The Pious:
The stripping naked and sexual abuse of “Other’ manifesting in the lands of the holy.

Berms Of Sorrow:
How many bodies of the beloveds have been bulldozed into your berms?

Planetary Retribution:
The energies of inordinate avarice and vengeance spreading death and trauma to planetary inhabitants near and far.

Siege Mentality:
Starvation as a means of creating a civilian population incapable of resistance.

Five hundred sanctions for the death of one and zero sanctions for the deaths of tens of thousands.

Choice Of Sapiens:
Rising in Light or a further submergence into the darkness.

Love is the moral standard.

Swords At Rest:
Do not be lulled by false sleep.

Yea, before the Advent of the rising Light did the energies of darkness freely roam the lands of the living.

Devils Unchained:
A seeking to open the gates of hell during the Holy Month of the Faithful.

Hegemony Of The Unprincipled

Wrongful Deaths Of Minors:
Death and starvation en-masse of thousands of children from Palestine and Sudan – judicial silence. Death of an embryo – judicial punishment for the killing of a ‘child’.

Veto Hegemony
And the nations united in mercy and compassion did come forth to make their cases and plead for the brutal mass killings, starvation, torture, and destruction to cease. Yet nay, the nation of compassion and freedom did once again in many a month say no with their hegemonic veto.

Illusion Of Free Speech:
Free speech, absolutely, unless of course, you reveal violent misdeeds committed in the nations name.

Exhibition Of The Unprincipled:
The ultimate power of life over death, the veto.
The will of one over the will of the many.

Orphaned children of the profits of war starving and dying as weapons stocks and profits soar.

Force of Creation:

The pressures of the energies of darkness seeking to express through the willing of embodied humanity.

An inexhaustible yearning to destroy and inflict profound suffering enabled by an inexhaustible supply of armaments, upheld to humanity as principled and righteousness.

The demented ruler is the most malleable ruler of all.

Proclamations Of The Righteous:
The political witnesses of Christ open their mouths to speak and all manner of darkness and horrors did pour forth. Politically preaching to ones constituents of their Christian nation state, that those who are not made in their image and likeness are filth, demonic, and for others, should all be killed.

Human Sapience

Human Sapience:
The innate ability to judge reality.
In a time of darkness obfuscated by religion, politics and commodification.

Circle Of Judgements:
As retaliatory judgements are being meted out upon the innocent, the world observes and judges the actions of the bearers of apocryphal judgements, as the aforesaid bearers of said judgements bemoan, being judged.

The inestimable sorrows of witnessing the maniacal torturing the innocent.

The Optics Of Political Diversity:
The political optics of presenting the historically oppressed as spokespersons upholding the politics of modern oppression and repression.

The sacred temple of the land in exchange for an artifice.

Proclamations and acts which repeatedly demonstrate to the world, that there is no law nor justice. Undermining the law of nations united as a means of furthering enabling that which one has no intention of stopping.

Theocracy Or Democracy?
One affirming the freedoms and rights of a diverse humanity whilst another affirms the freedoms and rights for a select few.

Is God Real?
Revelation upon revelation of the illusions of darkness.

100 – 200 Embodied Souls A Day:
Mass slaughtering of innocent women and children sheltering in their homes.

There is always plenty of room for truth in a time of darkness.

One Hundred Million:
One hundred million dollar investment in the dismantling of democracy and free speech.

Yea, in the presence of the Light the energies of darkness cannot but reveal themselves.
Such is the power of Light.

Supremacy Pronouncements:
I – We, deserve to exist and You – They, do not.

Punishing and silencing those who dare to expose actions of darkness and criminality whilst those who enact the crimes against humanity roam free.

Purity Of Love:
Love doesn’t have to be about crisis. Love doesn’t have to be about drama-conflict. Love only needs to be about love, the purity of love.

Loca Sanctus

Infesto – Infestus:
The siege of Palestine.

Staunchly Allied:
“Sure you’ve gone too far”, as the death of the people of Palestine rises over the 30,000 mark of inestimable sorrows, “but we just can’t quit you.”

Loca Sanctus:
The holy lands of Palestine

In the Way Of Profitable Expansionism:
The humanity of Palestine.

Refreshing The Narrative:
Telling tales far and wide full of new versions of horror and sorrow insuring the sanctioned re-commencement of the slaughter of ‘Other’.

Love Bombing Offensives:
“Well we do care about your feelings, we are concerned, and we are listening”, whilst doing naught to stop the mass slaughtering and starvation.

Blood And Flour:
The third to date of targeted assassinations of the starving under siege as food is delivered, whilst the nation of democracy and human rights tells We The People that there are actually two competing versions of the events.
The energies of darkness unchained.

Exiled From The Heart

The energies of darkness would seek to convince thee that neither the Light, nor Love, nor innocence are real as a self-preservation tactic.

Exiled From The Heart:
“Loving one another” – “loving thy neighbor”.

The siege of Palestine as didactic spectacle.

Dividing The Faithful:
The threat-promise of a Holy Month slaughter of the innocent.

For everywhere the legions of hegemony were barracked did suffering and torments proliferate.

Sanctioned And Censored:
Sanctioned and censored as disciplinary action against those who would stand for and uphold the humanity of ‘Other’.

Returning Of The Unhealed:
What happens to the nation of the free when the participants of the slaughter and destruction of Palestine return to their communities?

Flames Of Protest – The Unendurable Sufferings Of Other:
The innocent atoning for the deeds of the complicit.

Risu Superbia

Puritanical Dominion:
New and improved packaging for the selfsame human driven need for power and control over the humanity of all deemed as ‘Other’.

Historical, histrionic, energies of paranoia of the demonic in other.
“Why we’re not attacking you”, the puritanical guardians of social norms cry out, “just the demonic influences in you.”

In God’s Name?
If one is reclaiming ‘Other’ for God, in God’s name, then does it not then imply that one no longer believes in the Omnipotence of God?

The Reemergence Of Demonic Forces Language and Beliefs:
From Augustine, to the Reformation, to the rise of Religious Supremacists.

Spiritual Warfare:
Deploying the faithful in service to seeking and purging demons.

The stronger the desires for human control over the free-will of ‘Other’ endowed by the Force of Creation, the greater the outer manifestations of perceived demons, heretics, heresies, and the perceived right to destroy the perceived sinful.

Eager To Deceive Humankind:
Dominion as bondage of the self in service to power of the few.

The Devils Snare’s:
A theological categorization of the perceived sins of ‘Other’ as demonic apparitions embodied, rather than the beauty of the Force of Creation manifesting and expressing through the diversity of humanity.

Otherness As Perceived Obstacle To Salvation

There is no separation within the Force of Creation.
All is Unity.

Judgement Of The Punishers:
Punishers: “Why you have chosen to act, according to our edicts – wickedly, and so according to our beliefs, you have become inherently evil. Yea, you have become evil in our eyes.
The loss of the alignment with love and the Teachings of Christ Jesus.

And they did come forth in their multitudes, asserting the Light as darkness and the darkness as their light.

Otherness As Perceived Obstacle To Salvation:
The vigilance of the seekers of dominion infecting the nation from the root to the head, the heart to the mind, the body to the limbs.

Spiritual Warfare Upon Otherness:
Purging the perceived sinful ‘Other’ as a preemptive strike as not to be tempted by ‘their’ sin.

Dominionism over ‘Other’ as a remapping of the moral framework of the nation in service to the deity of fear.

There are no hierarchical and clarifications of ‘Other’ within the Unity of the Force of Creation.
All are one in the One, and the One is the All in the many.

Not Upholding Our Values:
Fear of ‘Other’ translating into the perceived necessity of purging the demonic in the not self.

Spiritual Ailment:
Perceiving the demonic in ‘Other’.

Perceived As Impious:
A diet of hatred and fear of ‘Other’ will lead to the starvation of the heart and the longings of the soul for love and unity embodied.

The Preconceived Unclean:
The historical ‘Othering’ as the unclean in service to the deity of sanctimony.

Projections Of Moral Failure Borne Upon The Body Feminine Of Creation:
The fearful of the Divinely endowed gift of free-will, project upon the divine embodied feminine as embodying all manner of licentiousness, sinful nature, deceit, seduction, malfeasance. The institutionalized defining of the divine embodied feminine as sinful as power over Other.

Instruments Of Their God’s Wrath

Seeing Demons Everywhere:
The profitable commodification of the purging of demons.
A demonizing of ‘Other’ feared, as old as unconsciousness itself.

The Punisher, remembering the insults and those who mocked and prosecuted him, exerts his vengeance through the political body of the army of self-righteous enforcers.

Filling The Arenas Of The Devoted:
The pastoral teachings of living in the constant fear of ‘Other’.
Spectacles of godliness lending to desolation and the barrenness of love of ‘Other’.

The Providential Ordering Of Other:
A re-rising of the puritanical holier-than-thou.

An antagonism towards the free will gift of Creation grows.

The Divine is within all and the choice of awakening to one’s inner divinity is the (free-will) choice of the embodied and their soul. That which is meant to be, manifests in accordance to the timing and the Will of the Divine.

The sorrow filled accusatory opining on humanity’s moral disposition without the benefit of love and compassion.

Theocratic Moral Teachings Absent of Love:
One of ‘us’ – your suffering is in service to God and you are forgiven.
Not one of ‘us’ – your suffering is punishment for your sins.

Historical proclamations of divine judgment against one’s perceived enemies.
A leaving of the Teachings of Love.

Demonic as a spiritual metaphor for dominion (social and moral) control of society.
Darkness projected from the eye of the beholder.

Perceived Instruments Of God’s Wrath:
Seeking to cast out the accused of immorality whilst uplifting the immoral and their actions as righteousness.

The self appointed punisher’s relegating to ‘Other’ the pains of which they are to endure. The infliction of suffering as salvation rather than the humble service of the uplfitment of all.

Pastoral Vanities:
Arena’s of self-righteousness.

Everything which is created from your love, from your heart, is a work of the Divine manifesting through you.

Received in the month of February, 2024