The beauty of humanity expressing collectively,

its beautiful humanity in a time of darkness.

Visions Received In 2024

Illusionary Power Dynamics In The Divine Matrix:
A dispelling of the power of darkness coming forward.
A recognition of the fallacies of darkness for what it is… illusionary power.

An identification of that which is separated from the Light so that a passage to the Light in times of darkness may be opened.
All Blessings.

Hearts Awakening:
A rising of billions of embodied souls speaking truth to power.
Dis-identification with the bondage inducing energies of fear.

Seductions Of The Self Transformed:
Love for ‘Other’ grows as the vice grip of the control of ‘Other’ loosens as the energies of fear transmute in the Presence of the Embrace of Love.

Light Revealed as Love.
Love Revealed as Light.

Authentic expressions of Love transforming the self revealed within, the self.

Recognition of the illusionary nature of the energies of evil.
Deeds expressing such aligned actions revealing hearts separated from the Divine.
Mercy for the merciless, for their travails have yet to unfold.

Hands Raised In Reception:
Hands raised in reception.
The Nations embracing Light and Love.

Time Honoured Truth:
Entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be purchased.

The embodiment of fallen energy consciousness diminishing in power.
Even as this is true, an exercising of undue force upon the innocents.
Fear not for these are the last days of the deeds of darkness.

The Light cometh upon the embodied aligned with the energies of darkness
and they comprehendeth it not.
For I AM.

The exhilaration of acting out perceived fear consciousness diminishes amongst the embodied as the energies of Love and Light expand and strengthen through the Universe. Amen.

Will Of The Many:

The dissolution of the rigid, fixed perspective of self.

Humanity Awakens To Love:
Voices of love for ‘Other’ expanding.

Love as the emancipator of the enslaved of darkness.
Light transforming the Garden into a domain of Love.

Ideological Creations:
The creative exercises of propaganda giving rise to the energies of fear, hatred, and rage revealed for what they are – creations of imagination, in the Presence of Light.

Intoxicating The Multitudes:
Infatuations with political/theological ideologies fall by the wayside as the cruel nature of these works are revealed.

In Passing – Creators of Hell On Earth:
Ritual sacrifices of ‘Other’ in service to power, domination, fear and rage, pass into the void, transformed by the realms of Love and Light.
That which passes from the realms of embodied life, freeing humanity as it moves forward into Ascension.

A relinquishing of the worshiping of the servants of the energies of darkness.

Political-Theological Idol Worship:
Idol worship as a political and religious tool of domination and control of those not made in the image and likeness of the perceived idolized.

Be aware of the political idols which seek to enslave your humanity.

Assaults on the consciousness and compassion of the hearts of humanity in the Presence of the Light.
Fear not, for I AM with thee.

The energies of darkness generating fear, begin to lose their tenor and grip.

Political Disenchantment:
The recognition that there are no lesser of two evils.

In a time of darkness, fear not, for the Light is with us, the Light prevails.
Wait in your growing love.

Be wary of political idols seeking to engulf their nations in desecration, destruction, and detachment from the bonds of love and Source Consciousness.

The Temptations Of Collective Rage As A Means to Divide The People:
Leaders indifferent of compassion and love seeking to indoctrinate-entice the populace with the intoxicating energies of rage and destruction.
Be not tempted beloveds.

Energies Of Rebellion In The Presence Of Light.
The energies of darkness expressed in hearts separated from Love calls for humanity’s submission to tyranny.
A cosmic balancing coming forward.

In the presence of darkness reach deep within for your inner light.

Hearts awakening unified in Love in the presence of the energies of darkness.

An entering into a time of the energies of darkness riding through the planetary consciousness whilst the energies of Love expand in the hearts of humanity.

The Coming Forward Of The Embrace Of Love.
The Love which has been longed for in the heart’s of humanity arrives.
Fear not the presence of the energies of opposition,

Imagine Divine Love.

The energies of evil understood as consciousness separated from the Sacred.

Generation of the energies of Love and Light embracing the longing of the embodied.

Darkness: Nothing is real.
Light: You beloved, are real.
Your love is real. Your truth of being, is real.
Revelations of the existence of Love as real.

Definitive Measures of Worth:
The love you are, the love you express, the love which radiates from within.

Your Place In The World:
In the Heart of Love.

Witness To Love:
To witness the pain of other, and hold that pain with love, respect, compassion and fearlessness.
I AM with you consciousness.

A Going Through:
Going through travails of darkness, the embodied soul awakens to a reality of Love as real.

Freedom comes forward in the presence of that which would oppress freedom.
Aye, awakening can emerge in the presence of the energies of bondage of self.

On My Screen:
On my screen I witness your sufferings and sorrows helplessly as my hands reach out and touch each face, each presence, all presences, my heart proclaiming, “I love you.”
“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Revelations of Love in a time of darkness.
Revelations of Light in a time of darkness.

Leaving Of The Many:
A leaving of many embodied souls of this planetary reality into new realities of Light in which peace and goodness abounds.

Overthrowing Suffering:
The ‘hands of the righteous’ overthrowing suffering through the feeding of the hungry, the tending the sick, and care of the poor and immigrant.

Egoism and Religiosity:
Our power, our glory, our control.

Force of Creation:
The freedom to be as I AM made thee.

Testings Coming Forth:
The courage to live free in a time of would be dominator’s of all persuasions.
Political, religious, financial, corporate.

Your Choice 2024!
A man who demonstrated no mercy in the genocide of Palestine.
A man who promises to show no mercy to America.
*Hint – One offers a path of redemption through the enduring of the suffering and the transmutation of the energies of cruelty and darkness.

The beauty of humanity expressing collectively, its beautiful humanity.

Morally Injurious:
Yeah, the forces of darkness in the end, self-destruct as their expressions are death and destruction.

Billionaire supported independence.

The Language Of Nihilism:
There are no innocents. There is no innocence.

Undemocratic Influencers:
Unregistered foreign agent lobbies and Pacs.

Deferential To Violence Perpetrators:
Either upon our nation or ‘Other’ nations.
Two evils of violent rule.

Same Energy, New Version:
Taking the cross, bringing death to the lands of the Holy.

Not Of The Light:
Who – what nation is calling for your sons and daughters blood to be shed?

Political Theatrics:
Legislation free governance.

Borderline Cruelty:
The pious at the border leaving compassion and Christ’s Teachings back in their pews.

Precision Management Of Humanity:

Precision Management Of Humanity:
Warehousing of basic needs and community through customer ‘representation’.

Public Treasure Lost:
Commercially laden commercial free public radio.

That Which Was Hidden:
The rising ramifications of de-regulation revealed.

Eliminating Negotiators:
Killing the hopes of families.

Voluntary Relocation:
At the point of a gun, tank, drone, bombs, starvation, dehydration, disease.

Counter Productive To Humanity:
Supporting genocide.

Word Violations:
“Stop the genocide.”
People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

Justifying Murder:
Nobody should shed a tear consciousness.

Fealty pledges to a nation foreign.

Suffering multipliers – generational slaughter.

Evidence Free Reality:
Perceived fear consciousness.

Genocide is not a path of salvation.
Bloody means bringing no victorious end.

“Safe zones.”

Permissive genocide.
Protests against permissive genocide.

The energies of darkness exploited as ‘Light’.

False Salvation:
Redemption through the sacrificial slaughter of ‘Other’.

A Feudal Populace:
A saving of educational systems from knowledge.

A rising of the new inquisitors.

Political Grandstanding:
When you’ve got nothing, there is always the fear angle.

Political Savior Consciousness:
“Only I can save the nation.”

Hidden Realities:
Restraining liberties of free movement and speech,
whilst espousing proclamations of freedom of expression.

Political Talking Points Meet Reality:
“We’re here my fellow Americans to talk about freedom.”
“Hey! Get those protestors out of here.”

Inversions Of Democracy

Inversions Of Free Speech:
Incitement: Calling for ceasefire, peace.
Not Incitement: Calling for the death of an Indigenous population
and for the rest of the people to be moved to another country.

One President at a time in a Democracy.

The Kings Men:
The kings men argue that the law is discretionary when it comes to the king.

Framed By Stained Glass:
Genocide enabler preaching on the pulpit.

The king argues for immunity from his impunity.
“Look, other kings have it.”

Enabler of white supremacy based ethnic cleansing abroad informs the populace that white supremacy has no place in the nation of the free.

Witnessing Resolutions:
Protecting innocent civilians from genocide: no, no, no, no.
Protecting commerce: Yes on the first vote.

Imperious Vanity:
Barring democratic processes so that the old king may remain uncontested.

Green Death:
Battery powered weapons of death.

Imperial Dictates

Authoritarian Fears:
The threat of a free people living by the rule of law.

Dangers To Authoritarians:
People expressing the right to free speech.

Multiple Timeline Purification Events Coming Forth:

Note To Those Slaughtering The Innocent:
Could you keep down the levels of violence?
We have an election coming up.

Free Flowing:
There’s always plenty of money for war.

Deceptive Truths:
Massacres proliferate in ‘safe zones’.
“Go South, you’ll be safe there.”
The innocent are instructed to move.
“Our truth will set you free.”

Only Our Religion Is The True Religion:
Destroying ancient cultures one mass slaughter at a time.

Entertaining The Proletariat And Oligarchs Alike:
Lawlessness – Let the people fight and massacre each other.

Oligarchic Aristo’s:
When the few own nearly all of the planets wealth,
there are no laws which can, nor will, contain their actions.
The few have become a law unto themselves – rulers of the planet.

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous:
Hey! We’re not paying for our nations safety net.

As global leaders abandon the rule of law, the lawless rampage globally.

As global leaders abandon the rule of law, humanity rises and engages in compassionate solidarity.

Bombing campaigns without the consent of the people.
Undeclared actions of war upheld as projections of strength.

The only winners of war are weapons stock holders and weapons manufacturers.

The story of Gaza becomes a tale of warning for the planetary family.

Nobility Of The People:
Integrity, compassion, courage, fortitude, kindness, and respect in times of crisis.

70% – A Tale Of Cruelty:
Whilst the men dig out the bodies crushed in the rubble, the women and children hide in buildings which are then, bombed to rubble.

Moral Choices:
An oppressed peoples can transform into leaders of moral integrity or violators of moral integrity and the rule of law.

Genocidaire Consciousness:
Dismissing as meritless, the right to life and freedom.

Revealed To Be Healed

The heart as a portal to awakening.

Old And New Consciousness:
Old Consciousness: Vengeance and destruction as statecraft.
New Consciousness: Freedom and existing upon one’s lands as a planetary birth right.

That which has not been in service to the upliftment of humanity reveals its true nature as part of the dismantling of denser orders of darkness by the rising energies of Light.

Purifying Energies Of Light:
That which is anti-humanity, anti-life, anti-love, anti-divinity being transformed in service to the harmonious existence of a planetary peoples.

Revealed To Be Healed:
Before transformation all that is not of the energies of Life must be revealed in its fullness.

Revelations of that which has been hidden accelerating in expression and impact.

That Which Is Not Of The Light:
Erstwhile energies of darkness consolidating even as they are losing strength.

Energies separated from love rising planetary wide effecting the unconscious memories of the heart’s of humanity.

Animus Stimulated By Perceived Fear Consciousness

Unmerciful Planetary Leavings:
The starving under siege, gathering for food, shot en masse, child and adult alike.

Planetary energies connected to the collective consciousness resonating with the frequencies of density, darkness, despair, mass slaughter, mass psychosis, mass rage, brought forth by hearts of darkness claiming to be of the Light.

A Collective Realization:
Deifying ancestral wounds in lieu of transformational healing leading to collective acts of madness.

Frameworks borne of corruption and duplicity collapse in the expanding frequencies of Light.
(Frameworks: law, governance, commerce, religious, financial, etc.)

The Unmerciful:
Bombing civilians sheltering in tents.

There is no law which can contain the amoral indifference to life found in the heart’s of the separated from those not made in their image and likeness.

Ask Thyself:
“Why is my nation’s leadership enabling demonstrable psychopathic behaviours?”

In This Time Of Planetary Transformation::
Take care to take care of ‘Other’.
Generate thee not the energies of darkness and suffering, remain in thy Light.

O Hubris:
O hubris how majestic your claims of divine righteousness.

Destroying the lives, dreams, and hopes of millions to protect against the unhealed and perceived fears of the few.

Too Old Consciousness:
Rigid and inflexible consciousness displaying an inability to humanely care about all life as well as the well-being and safety of all peoples of all nations.

Dominance Politics

Power politics is dominance politics.

A stealing of the lands of perceived Other through slaughter and massacre as an expansion of empire.

De-Contextualized Media Presentations:
“That strike came out of no where for no reasons, we have to defend ourselves.”
Sleight of hand aggressive behaviours hidden whilst responses to aggression’s are highlighted histrionically.

The elite gather in mountains splendorous to determine how not to share the inequitable bounties enjoyed by this few.

Without Consent – War Maneuvers:
A deploying of sons and daughters to war zones without the consent and full awareness of The People, without a declaration of war.

Optics Of Strength:
Putting the nation in harms way as a means of projecting dominance and strength.

Enablers Rush In:
After creating unsafety for millions of the neighbors, the belligerent cry out that they feel unsafe.

Janus Political Moves:
Hey! Stop killing so many people.
Here are more weapons, we rushed them through for you.

Principled title, unprincipled content.
Giving voice to the energies of darkness as ‘balance’.

Torturing and punishing the projected upon for the sins of Mengle.

Animus stimulated by perceived fear consciousness.
A rising above animalistic instincts towards destruction and annihilation coming forward.

Biblically inspired spectacles of strength achieving death, despair, and immense profits for the few.
Power claimed as divinely inspired full of hubris, ego, vanity, and vainglory.

O’ Where:
O’ where are the diplomats of yore, humanitarian, principled, moral, wise, holders of the virtues of life as precious?

Opportunities Arising:
Healing Longstanding Wounds

Multiple Timeline Purification Event:
A turning against wisdom and knowledge.

The rising energies of the collective past, filled with the energies of paranoia and fear, weaponized by those who crave power over the people, seeking to circumvent that which cannot be circumvented, the awakening of humanity through the Force of Creation.

Perceived fears consciousness rising for purification for the enlightenment of humanity as those unwilling to release their hold upon the control of humanity, align with shadow energies of the past related to accusations of the heretical, demonic, evil, and blasphemous, all previously held beliefs and cultural traditions of autocratic rule.

A purifying of the consciousness of the energies of control. Hubris beliefs imposed upon the peoples of nations indicating falsely in the minds of those who seek control, that if only the thoughts and beliefs of humanity can be controlled, then those who are in control, can safely remain in control.

Censoring ‘Knowing’:
Tensions arise between authoritarian suppression’s of knowledge in service of commanding and controlling, yea, dominating, the consciousness of the collective of humanity.

Brutalities Of Colonization:
The brutalities of colonization exposed in its breadth of destruction to humanity and nature alike.
The historical desecration’s of life revealed in fullness.

Rising Awareness Of The Cosmic Collective:
Burgeoning awareness’s of the life of the human collective and its deep connections to the life of the cosmic collective coming forward.

Awakening In Time:
What Has Humanity Learnt?

What Has Been Learnt?
What has been learnt and internalized from previous revolutions of inequity?
A choice coming forward – inequity or democracy.

Shall the Nation of the Free embrace or reject monarchical rule?

Will the energies of mass paranoia be once again weaponized against perceive enemies of the state?

Will the energies of mass paranoia be used as a weapon against the consciousness of the Nation of the Free from a nation which is neither one’s own nor of one’s constitutional origins?

Utilizing a facade of democracy in service of the energies of autocracy.

Blood-lust And Ambition:
Sorrows of the energies of vengeance permeate the planetary body.
The rebellious of God believing that they are indeed god.

Recipes For Death:
Plagues arising from the lands Holy.
(Viral, bacterial, mental, emotional, political, religious, and technological.)

As The Light Of Creation Expands:
As the Light of Creation expands a choice comes forward.
Shall you rebel and flail deeper into the energies of shadow
or embrace the Light of your light?

Leading The Blind By A Way Which They Know Not:
The energies of darkness convincing the pious of heart that the darkness is indeed, the Light they have longed for.

Exceptional Spectacles Of Cruelty

Exceptional Acts Of Cruelty:
A malevolence which is exceptional in its severity unfolds with rigor.
Day, after day, after day, after weeks, after months, after years.

A witnessing of biblically inspired slaughter of the innocents under siege as leaders deny, suppress, and enable the unfolding realities.

Rooting For The Divine:
Rooting for love, freedom, respect, compassion, the right to exist in peace and prosperity.

Multiple Timeline Purification Event:
The drama of blood spectacles reminiscent of Ancient Rome now unfolding as part of a new world order.

The licentiousness of the theatre of polemic rhetoric enthralling the multitudes.

Mysterious disappearances of that which displeases the punisher king.

Loyalty Oaths:
“Do you unconditionally support the king?”

As Empires Fall:
Spectacles of cruelty and violence heretofore unseen.

Ensuring Loyalties:
The august amongst his people.

What is revenge than a settling of old scores by the king and his minions?

The inestimable sorrows of living with a heavily militarized and wrathful neighbor.

Using emotive language, usually of the energetic nature of rage and self-righteousness in service of creating inner anxieties, despair, nihilism, and hopelessness.

Primeval Consciousness

God Said It’s All Ours:
That moment when you realize your lamentable neighbor seeks not only your land, but the entire area, region, state, nation, and the lands of all nearby.

Primeval Consciousness:
“Good” = Us.
“Bad” = Them.

A Raging Populace:
Stripping away purpose and meaning as an apparatus of autocratic control.

Irrational behavioral actions foisted upon the people as necessary for the nations defense.

Violence laden actions and language as spectacle for the entertainment of the people.

The undue influence of the energies of rage.
To divide and conquer a people seeking only to live in peace.

External influences seeking to create internal turmoil.

That heart stopping moment when you realize your humanity has been reduced to being ‘useless’ by the affluent few.

Four Year Rotations:
Staying the course of dismantling the nation.

Political Optics:
When integrity is amiss, posturing arises.

You have spears, now we have spears.
You have arrows, now we have arrows.
You have swords, now we have swords.
You have siege machines, now we have siege machines.
You have hand cannons, now we have hand cannons.
You have cannons, now we have cannons.
You have rifles, now we have rifles.
You have automatic weapons, now we have automatic weapons.
You have tanks, now we have tanks.
You have bombers, now we have bombers.
You have bombs, we have nuclear bombs.
The never ending profitable for the few, cycles of violence.

Politics Of Shadow Consciousness

Political leaders of once great empires reduced to roles as arms brokers.
The immoral casualness of killing innocent civilians.

The time is upon all of humanity to let go of the shadow consciousness of the hero-worshiping of colonizers and mass murderer’s.

Posturing benevolence whilst doing the minimal amount necessary to help the homeless, poor, and the sick.

A seeking to penalize and punish the parents of teen mass-gun killers whilst the gun manufactures and lawmakers which promote, endorse, support, and legislate an environment of easy to access to weapons of mass killing, go scot-free.

Mass Disenfranchisement:
Ignoring the will of the people whilst cynically vote shaming them.

And the people cried out and pleaded with their leader, a man who previously assured them of his reasonableness and compassion. They cried out in sorrow and anger for their leader to stop the killing and slaughters. Beholding their laments, the blindly loyal shouted over their pleas with ‘four more years’.

Feeling solid in the kings political wins, his people begin to feel inner compulsions to verbally express a shadow consciousness once shared with but a few. Emotions once hidden of rage, desires of violent political outcomes, and descriptions of all manner of punishments awaiting ‘Other’ comes forth. Thought-forms of intolerance, anti-freedom, hatred, and the need to puritanically punish sinners whom they sincerely believe have turned away from their God, pours forth with undue self-righteousness and venom.
“We’re done with your freedoms they proclaim, our king will show you!”

‘Saving’ The Children From Knowledge:
Biblical values expounded as the pious warriors of the god king identify public schooling, a right of the people, expressed as the church of Satan.

Shadows Of The Sons Of Darkness:

Siege Lords:
Sure you can have a small portion of the food you need, but we cannot guarantee that we will not bomb or shoot when you try to distribute or access it.

Carrying the dead whilst fleeing violent carnage as to avoid your beloved’s body from being violated, harvested, and desecrated.

What sorrowful and pitiable nightmares the shadows of darkness cast upon the innocent.

Why Do They Hate Us?
Could it be the surrounding hospitals with tanks and drones, and then siege bombing the sheltering innocents and the injured in the aforementioned hospitals?
Asking for a friend.

Siege Lords:
“Go south! You will be safe there”, the siege lords reassured the people.
Tens of thousands, cramped, confined into ‘safe zones’, wounded and slaughtered en-masse.

At Any Cost:
When unrestrained paranoia and megalomania brings forth directives to kill your own.

O’ future hear thy cries of the past, from one living in a time when a nation claiming to be the sons of light laid siege without mercy to innocent civilians living upon desired lands claimed as a biblical inheritance from their God, with utter contempt and disregard for humanity, degrading their own humanity and sanity as a result.

Nations Engulfed In Shadow Consciousness – I

Time itself, shall reveal the truth or fallacies of that which is revealed unto me.

Silencing the values of Christ Jesus in service to power and ideologies of control.

The Avenging Angels Of Death:
Roaming the planetary body, destroying all which is perceived as bringing forth energies of fear and anxiety.

The Compassion Of Ceasefire Consciousness As Perceived Threat:
Sewage-skunk chemical attack upon the youth of the nation of the free.

Empathy Free:
When calling for the end of the slaughter of innocents under siege is identified by the morally bereft as being a political ploy of enemies. Behold the cognitive dissonance of political cynicism. May their hearts open to compassion.

And the people cried out and pleaded for the end of the violence, whilst the corrupt, coffers stuffed, attacked and doxxed them as enemies of the state.

Morally indistinguishable candidates brought to you by billionaires.

What happens when those sanctioned to engage in war crimes return to the land of the free?
Who shall suffer from their trauma inflicting afflictions?
Who shall suffer under their violent need to control?

Genocide enablers slipping into the moral abyss.

Peak Violence Supremacy:
From East to West, from North to South,
the energies of violent supremacy rises amongst the nations.
Fear not, these are the last days of the reign of such energies
embodying the minds and hearts of humankind.

Warlord Governance:
Performative displays of cruelty and misuse of power whilst failing to govern and provide succor to the people.

Out Of Touch:
When the side effects of bio-chemical enhancements effect ones emotional capacity to react with compassion and empathy.

Nations Engulfed In Shadow Consciousness – II

By Any Means Necessary Consciousness:
“Sure there was torture, claim the politically righteous, but just look at the results!”

Colonizing Erasure Of Other:
Caucasian racism married to hard-hearted homogeneity extremism and a willingness to slaughter a besieged population of brown people en masse.

Colonizing Erasure Of Compassion For Other:
Caucasian racism married to hard-hearted homogeneity extremism and a willingness to deny asylum to the fleeing of violence and poverty.

Censoring activities which would make Stalin blush with envy.

When The Masks Fall:
Leaders of self-described democratic value nations reveal the truth of their hearts.

Faith For Sale!
For just $19.95 your financial support will help bring forth God and faith into our politics!

Cold Hearted:
‘Freezing’ humanitarian support for a besieged people on the brink of famine.

Explain To Me:
Explain to me how moral you are as I witness the depths of your immoral actions and words.

No Light, No Hope, No Love:
Friday: Cutting off humanitarian funding for a million plus men, women, and children, under siege and starving.
Sunday: On the pulpit preaching the meaning of faith and Christian values.
No light, no hope, no love.

Behold The Protectors and Guardians:
Behold the Protectors and Guardians of prosperity and commerce in a time of genocide.

We shall dictate to you what is forbidden and what is prohibited to discuss about our nation.
Welcome to the world-wide occupation.

Rules Based Atrocities:
Well aware that those they were supporting were murders, liars, and thieves, they were supported and enabled in their actions nonetheless.

Nations Engulfed In Shadow Consciousness – III

Inflaming the leadership of nations to cosign genocidal behaviours.

The twenty first century opens with wars on all aspects of humanity by mad kings, financiers, and their legions.

Immorality Tales:
Tell me again Grandpa of the modern day kings who starved and bombed a people with no means of escape.
Did they really assassinate, children, men, women, the elderly, the sleeping, the bearers of white flags, the injured, the paralyzed?

Rules based belligerence.

The Nanny State’s Last Breath:
Polished, seamless, political illusions presented to the people without shame or self-reflection.

Why are people who deliver aid to an occupied population held to a higher standard
than soldiers and politicians who occupy their lands and slaughter them?
Asking for a friend.

Who Is Engaged In Terrorism?
Behold the politics of starvation, collective punishment, torture, the enabling of mass murder, and land theft.

A Warning Repeated:
The rise of the warlord states of America.
The rise of warlord nations planetary-wide.

“Welcome to the Organization!”
This week, the wealthiest amongst us are collectively endorsing the starvation of a community of peoples under siege on the brink of famine.

Lo, even the dead were given no quarter, no mercy, by the legions of the moral.

Old Men Willing To Sacrifice The Young:
Well, we don’t have all the facts, but we have been longing to bomb this nation for years, so let’s destroy them.

The ultimate formula for the control of the masses – fear.

Nations Engulfed In Shadow Consciousness – IIII

Heifer In Waiting:
Peace was never an option.

How does one keep one’s sanity when billions of peoples are starving, displaced and/or homeless, without needed medical care as you, a part of the gilded few, hoard billions of dollars?

Beautifully coiffed people shouting and arguing, accomplishing nothing more than emotionally inflammatory entertainment for the apathetic and disenchanted.

Perceived Fear Consciousness:
A compulsive irrational consciousness which informs the mind of the need to inflict pain, suffering, torture, control, attacks and death upon all who are perceived as potential threats.

The inability to perceive your self in the reality of Other.

The astounding wisdom and beauty of the youth coming forward bodes well for the future.

Trauma Tourism:
Profiting off of fear and trauma for the purposes of propaganda and reinforcing fear consciousness of other.

Rationalizing The Irrational:
The neurosis of homogeneity and separation consciousness.

There is no ancestral redemption through present day mass slaughter of ‘Other’.

Unfettered capitalism morphs into the destruction of humanity.

Consciously minimizing the deaths of civilians.

Ethnic Cleansing:
We’re so exceptional, so pure, so unique as human beings that we cannot live with anyone else but ourselves.

Received in the month of January, 2024