February 2018

Visions of the New Earth Energies


It can be so difficult to feel one’s divinity embodied.
Even so, the Divine awaits awakening within each of us.

Prayers for the suffering who feel separated from the Divine within.
Prayers for these embodied souls who tend to feel with greater pressure within their hearts,
energies seeking the expression of desecration, mockery, and manipulation.

Without connection to the Divine and our own divinity, suffering can seem meaningless and arbitrary.
Suffering in whatever form it takes, is never meaningless, never arbitrary, always held in the arms of the Divine.


The word’s of the Beloved “Remember love”.
Until we become, and extend love, then the suffering of perceiving separation will continue.


It is time to embrace the truth of who you are.

Ancient and new Teachings shall become easier to comprehend.

The Infinite Awakening:

The Infinite transforming the embodied.

Beloved, I hear the Voice of the Infinite in the Infinite embodied.

In the silence within, I AM.


A time in which the energies of darkness brings forth to the Light that which has been hidden.

Vandals at the gates.
The bolts of decency, respect, and honor of one another loosened yet not breached on that which bind us in unity.

The energies of transactional consciousness will seek to own your soul.
Charismatically, the energies of darkness will seek to draw your soul forth.
Be forewarned, the soul collector cares not one wit for the care of your soul.
The soul collector basks in the ownership, the rulership of your soul.

All of humanity has imprinted in their soul the truth of who they are and why they are here.

Divine Light is the inheritance of all souls.

No matter how dark in these times of charismatic violence and desecration events may seem, the light within all embodied souls is awaiting conscious awakening.

Every soul has a spiritual gift to bring forth.

Fear covers this truth for many, yet in the times to come forth, the Light awakening within will heal the effects fear has had and dignity, honor, truth, integrity, and respect for one another will come to the fore.

This will not be at first an easy awakening for many, for the energies of opposition to Love and Light can zap the strength to forebear.

Even so, bear with.

Anchoring in the innocence of the heart brings forth the purification and eventual clarity of the mind in the presence of the energies of darkness.

How does one find truth in the presence of charismatic rulership?

In the innocence of one’s heart, guided by the wisdom of the soul.

Harmony of spirit is an essence of the One.

The harmony of souls comes forth through conscious gestures of the heart – love, cooperation, dignity, and respect.

That which seeks to separate harmoniousness in humanity uses the tools of fear, desecration, diminishment, and the dissemblance of the humanity of ‘other’.

How is it that the energies of darkness can bring forth truth to the Light?

The energies of darkness reveal in the presence of Light, that which is separated and opposed to Love and Light so that clarity of what is Love and Light may be revealed, may be ‘known’.

A spiritual movement forward.

The transcendence of spiritual Light bringing forth clarity and truth as inner knowing.

Certainty of inner truth through ‘knowing’ anchored in innocent hearts.

All hearts are capable of a return to innocence.

No matter what one has done and said, a Path of Return to innocence is available to all souls.

In the silence of I AM.

In the silence of I AM our intuition conveys the presence of I AM to the heart and mind.

All spiritual paths, all embodied experiences of the soul lead back to the One.

For from the Infinite we come forth and return.

All events experience in an embodied state, will in what ever form they have taken, ultimately bring humanity back to the Oneness from which we have come forth.

Each Path of Return is as individualized as the soul and its embodied experiences. 

The state of innocence of the heart allows the mind to witness what is unfolding with a suspension of judgement so that a greater truth beyond the veils of separation can be gleaned through the intuitive self.

All Shall Be Revealed:

Fear not for that which confuses, obfuscates, and confounds, will in the end, reveal in the presence of Light, the truth of that which has been hidden.

A time of awakening to the truth of who we are.
The heart shall reign, the unity of life bringing forth the blessings of the One.

In times of darkness embodied souls seemingly fall into a ‘forgetfulness of Love’.

Embodied souls, in the depths of their forgetfulness of Love, far too often, choose to follow the energies of charismatic rulership. A rulership which reinforces the forgetfulness of Love through the energies of fear, violence, threats of punishment, punitive punishing’s and petting.

Even so, Love remains as the Path of Return.

It may not seem so to the judgmental and fearful mind that darkness witnessed as manifesting in embodied souls in a state of the forgetfulness of Love can also be signs of the struggle of the soul to awaken from their state of forgetfulness and separation.

Yeah, even the rage filled heart seeks the Path of Return to Love.

The awakened can provide through their hearts, ‘doorways’ to those seeking the Path of Return to Love.

Embodied souls who seek to strip other embodied souls lost in the depths of darkness of their humanity the dignity of their souls, will in the end, seek to imply as irredeemable and inhuman, those souls do not conform to their embodied rule.

Divine Light is always with us no matter how charismatically dark the actions of those who would seek to separate our hearts from Divine Light and Love.

There are souls in a state of forgetfulness of Love, who will seek your pledges of faith whilst desecrating faith in all but themselves.

See experiences as an opportunity to heal perceptions and judgements where the forgetfulness of Love may be present within.

Be not of the darkness.

Lift the veil of your own forgetfulness of Love, lift the veil within your heart.

First and foremost, find your faith in the power of Love.

Those who would seek to rule your heart and mind know that the suspension of love and dignity are necessary to obtain your faith and ultimately, your compliance.

From The Beginning:

From the beginning we were created by the authority of Love, made in the image and likeness of Love, and meant to live in the harmonious unity of Love.

So shall it be.

The Veil Of Forgetfulness Shall Lift:

Wisdom and love shall flow through all of Creation as an everlasting fount.

Fear not the charismatic energies which would seek to incite hearts to violence.

Truth, love, intuition, wisdom, dignity, respect in the ascendent.

The veil lifts.

Love stirs the somnolent heart to awaken.

Your inner light strengthened by the Light of the Infinite shall shine.

Truth will be revealed. All will be known.

Deadened hearts shall arise for this is the promise of the One Everlasting.