February 2017

Feelings of helplessness as events move forward without grounding.

Energies of chaos causing overwhelm of nervous systems, minds and hearts.

Decisions becoming more difficult to make in the presence of distorted and chaotic energies.
Waiting. Allowing for the passage of time and the subsidence of energies and clearing.

Truth obscured.
A calling to anchor deep within, connection with the soul in stillness, waiting for clarity.

The Nation once united – torn asunder.

Truth obscured.
A calling from the voices of the deceived to hate and desecrate.
Great sorrows in the nation of the free.

Truth obscured.
Language weaponized to separate the hearts and minds of the people of the nation of the free.

Anger fueled by the voices of the deceived calling for unholy wars between sister, brother, neighbor and friend.
Categorizations of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.
The language of love weaponized.
The nation weeps.

Truth obscured.
Hearts and minds distracted, overwhelmed, helpless, enraged – lashout.

Sorrows and divisiveness.
The avowed saviours of the nation crushing dissent.
The iron fist of the Punisher and punisher(s) loosed upon the nations values and rules of law, a great desecration of the nation to come.

Woes and sorrows of the needy scorned and mocked.
The needs of the cult of coin and death usurping the generous heart of the nation.
Imprisonment and harsh indictments for those who would dissent.

A great blessing coming forward for the nation in times of turbulence and destruction.
Look past desecrations and divisiveness. Days of darkness and destruction of pillars of virtue of the nation bring forth unexpected consequences.
The nation of the free united in cause and voice.

Fear not for I have foretold of these times.
I Am and I will be with you.
The birth of the nation once envisioned and anchored in hope, comes forward.

All Blessings.

The tides of ancient Rome wash unto American shores.

The iron fist attacks.
Punishers revealed.
The beloved nation reels.

Wails of women and children.
The cries of men.
A great injustice unto the peoples of the nation of the free.

Wails and lamentation years old, washes the planet in sorrow.

Sorrows and crimes attributed to irrelevance and the fake.

The sting of the Punisher shocking and awing the nation of the people of the free.

“Who shall bend and kiss the ring?”

“Look,” cry the complicit, “behold our modern king!”

I speak to thee in a time of freedoms not long to be.

The iron fist of the Punisher strikes brutally.

These events foretold by sages, prophets, and Holy Books of old, warning all who would listen.

A time to stand in integrity.

Beware the man who would proffer a pious brow and speak with a soldiers tongue.

The energies of desecration, tentacle like, spread into the hallowed foundations of the nation of the free, crushing and undermining long held virtues.

The eye of the tyrant meets from sea to shining sea.

Memories once seemingly locked in time, surface.
Horrors and sorrows long held, others now new.
Hearts and minds scrambled – reel.
The wrath of the iron fist of the Punisher.

The rising light continues to reveal, that which once was, and is, concealed.

Bear with nation.
Bear with.