December 2018

Visions Of and For The Zealous Hearted

The fear filled heart full of zeal entrusts that to the Punisher which is for God.

Hatred fills the fear filled heart with a zeal to punish and inflict pain upon those deemed as ‘other’.

Hatred of ‘other’ – those not made in the image and likeness of the zeal filled heart causes a hardening which blocks the love of the soul from flowing freely.

All are children of the Infinite, the Divine spark borne in each soul.

The serpent speaking softly to the heart of zeal, feeds the fear resting where love should abide.

Fear and lust for power bind in darkness that which was meant to shine as light.

A loving heart rejoices in justice tempered with mercy, mercy wedded with wisdom, love wedded in Light.

We we’re, we are, we shall ever be, immortal in the One, Infinite.

The Light from the heavens shall fill all hearts longing for Love.