The Mission of the Christ Joining With The Energy of the Divine Mother.

Visions of the Mother of Light Embodied

The Mother Divine

The Mother Divine – Awaiting In Time:
The Mother Divine called to me…I did not hear Her.
The Mother Divine shines on me…I did not feel Her warmth.
The Mother Divine embraced me…I did not feel Her touch.
The Mother Divine with me…I did not see Her.
The Mother Divine with me..awaiting in time, for me to join with Her.
So shall it be.

The Healing to Come is for All:

All who wander.
All whose hearts have hardened.
All who have remained faithful to the tenets of love.
Let your hearts not be corrupted by hatred and violence.
Let your hearts remain in innocence.
Trust that the Light will heal all wounds, ancient and new.

The Body Of The Mother:

The Body of the Mother, our Beloved Earth is being readied and is near completion of Her Transformation into a Light Body.

That which is separated from Love, releases from Her Body, eons of separated energies have been and are, releasing.

As the separated energies release, the Light, and souls in service to Love, absorb and contain, the releasing energies.

There are those in service to the One, the Body of the Mother, and humanity who are here to contain these releasing energies, a process of transformation/redemption anchored in Love.

In time, as greater amounts of embodied souls participate in the containment of the energies releasing which are separated from Love, the impact on individual souls will lessen.

The Body of the Mother, Planet Earth, can no longer lovingly contain these separated energies for Her sacred mission is to radiate in fullness, the Light of the One, the Light of the Infinite.

The Divine Mother’s Voice can be heard in the songs of the whales to the thunder of the skies.

Mother of Light Embodied:

The Sacred Flower of Light comes forth.
GurujiMa – Mother of Light Embodied.

Expressions of the Divine Mother:

The many colors of the Mother expressed so that the windows of the soul might perceive them.

Open your hearts so that the soul may see, so that the soul may be.

The Sacred Once Hidden Revealed.

The Emerging Energies of The Mother.

The Emerging Energies of the Daughter.

The Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

The sacrifice of the Divine feminine manifesting as revelation of ancient energies once empowered to suppress the energies of the Divine Mother.

Blessings to the daughters whose lives have been borne of sorrows and whose lives have been extinguished by energies embodied claiming the right to desecrate and destroy.
Mourn these daughters.

Truth Of Being

The heart’s of the souls awakening to the energies of Love need not call forth the suffering for healing, for by their very presence embodied, the healing force of Love is activated and that which is meant to crush, suppress, and oppress is enveloped by the energies of Love these beings of the Christ, the Divine Mother, carry.

Prayer to the Mother Divine:
Mother Divine embrace me.
Mother Divine uplift me.
Mother Divine infuse my heart with Your Love.

I AM Awakening The Truth Of My Beingness.

I AM is awakening within me to the truth of my beingness.

Awakening to the Light, the fair Light, awakening within me and will awaken in all.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.

In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

See how the daughters and sons of Light dance to the songs of Heaven’s Love.