Visions of the Daughter of Light – 2024

Love – the Alpha and Omega:
As it was in the beginning – Love,
so it shall be in the end – Love.

Revelations of the Light:
Light as Divine Revealer.
Light as Divine Healer.

Revelations of the Light:
Light brings honesty forth notwithstanding the ego’s desire to hide.

Revelations of the Light:
The Return, beyond expectations, exactly how the Divine Will’s it.

Healing Coming Forward:
A revealing (and eventually, healing) coming forward of the intense, heart-felt phobia’s of ‘Other’.

Best For Life:
Loving one another.

On The Mountain Of Adonai:
Purified by Love.
Purified by Light.

An Entering Into The Embrace Of Love.
All are welcome!

One loving heart at a time.

If thine eye is focused towards battle with ‘Other’ it may very well miss the Redeeming Power of Light.

The Light Is Here:
Time to get you heart in order.
Love. Love. Love.

Come All Ye Faithful:
In the presence of Light new means of healing become possible.

In Contact:

Coming Forward:
Revelations of the Arising Light within humanity.

Coming Forth:
Love + Light = Change/Transformation

An entering into the collective dark night with Love as the guiding Light.

We Are The Beauty:
We are the beauty of Truth.
We are the beauty of Compassion.
We are the beauty of Love shared.
We are the beauty of courage in the presence of fear.

The Children Of The Light:
The children of the light, are such a delight, with their hearts so bright, standing fast in the presence of fright.

Presence of the Sacred:
Embodied and cosmic timelines converge in the presence of Light.

Realities Coming Forward:
I am real.
You are real.
We are real.
Love is real.

Love As Divine Ordainment:
Divine Consciousness embodying the instruments of the Divine.

The Virtues of Love rise as angels amongst embodied life.

Liberation of the Heart Divine.

Embattled hearts freed, to love.

Spiritual Healing:
Love consecrated embodies.

Affirmation Of The Presence of Love:
Activation of hearts.

Consciousness transcending time.

Eyes once blind begin to see.
An awakening of humanity.

Light Receptors:
The conscious self, the open heart, the humble will.

Light Of Your Light

A frequency consciousness shift coming forward.

As The Light Of Creation Expands:
As the Light of Creation expands a choice comes forward.
Shall you rebel and flail deeper into the energies of shadow
or embrace the Light of your light?

Rising Awareness Of The Cosmic Collective:
Burgeoning awareness’s of the life of the human collective and its deep connections to the life of the cosmic collective coming forward.

Portal Of Immediate Access To God:
The heart as the portal of immediate access to the Creator Source of Life.

The songbirds come unto Me singing their songs of Oneness.

Holy Sacrifice:
Holy Sacrifice is an expression of embodied Love in which the embodied soul willingly surrenders in service to the One within the all.

In a surrendered state of faithfulness, revelations flow from the Oneness.