Visions of the Daughter of Light – 2024

Love – the Alpha and Omega:
As it was in the beginning – Love,
so it shall be in the end – Love.

Revelations of the Light:
Light as Divine Revealer.
Light as Divine Healer.

Revelations of the Light:
Light brings honesty forth notwithstanding the ego’s desire to hide.

Revelations of the Light:
The Return, beyond expectations, exactly how the Divine Will’s it.

Healing Coming Forward:
A revealing (and eventually, healing) coming forward of the intense, heart-felt phobia’s of ‘Other’.

Best For Life:
Loving one another.

On The Mountain Of Adonai:
Purified by Love.
Purified by Light.

An Entering Into The Embrace Of Love.
All are welcome!

One loving heart at a time.

If thine eye is focused towards battle with ‘Other’ it may very well miss the Redeeming Power of Light.

The Light Is Here:
Time to get you heart in order.
Love. Love. Love.

Come All Ye Faithful:
In the presence of Light new means of healing become possible.

In Contact:

Coming Forward:
Revelations of the Arising Light within humanity.

Coming Forth:
Love + Light = Change/Transformation

An entering into the collective dark night with Love as the guiding Light.

We Are The Beauty:
We are the beauty of Truth.
We are the beauty of Compassion.
We are the beauty of Love shared.
We are the beauty of courage in the presence of fear.

The Children Of The Light:
The children of the light, are such a delight, with their hearts so bright, standing fast in the presence of fright.

Presence of the Sacred:
Embodied and cosmic timelines converge in the presence of Light.

Realities Coming Forward:
I am real.
You are real.
We are real.
Love is real.

Love As Divine Ordainment:
Divine Consciousness embodying the instruments of the Divine.

The Virtues of Love rise as angels amongst embodied life.

Liberation of the Heart Divine.

Embattled hearts freed, to love.

Spiritual Healing:
Love consecrated embodies.

Affirmation Of The Presence of Love:
Activation of hearts.

Consciousness transcending time.

Eyes once blind begin to see.
An awakening of humanity.

Light Receptors:
The conscious self, the open heart, the humble will.

Light Of Your Light

A frequency consciousness shift coming forward.

As The Light Of Creation Expands:
As the Light of Creation expands a choice comes forward.
Shall you rebel and flail deeper into the energies of shadow
or embrace the Light of your light?

Rising Awareness Of The Cosmic Collective:
Burgeoning awareness’s of the life of the human collective and its deep connections to the life of the cosmic collective coming forward.

Portal Of Immediate Access To God:
The heart as the portal of immediate access to the Creator Source of Life.

Visions of the Daughter of Light – 2023

Light of the Covenant

The ubiquitous luminescence of I AM.

Energies of Light:
Transformation by Light.

Light as streams of Divine Consciousness.

Revelations of Light and the Star.

Universal Light – Creation.

The transformative alchemy of the Light of I AM.

Opening of the Book of Light.

Restoration of Light.

Unification with the Source of all Light.

Reflections of Creation

Weeping with joy, thy soul hears Thou and sings of Thee.
O Beloved Heart of the One, find my song worthy, find thy heart readied for the outpourings of Your Love.

Movement Forward – Unfolding Realities In Time:
As events of sorrow and suffering accelerate in time the temptation is to look outwards – instead of within – with God.

Reflections of Creation:
Light – Revealed, Embodied, Reflected.

That which was, is, and comes forth again.

A reversal from what was.
Elevation of the soul.
Purification of the ego.
As an agent of growth and transformation.

The continuous transformation of the soul within physical manifestation.

Embodied unification with the Source of All Light.

For that which is good and of the Light of Creation, envelopes the footfalls of all embodied souls.

Wisdom — Thy gift to thee.

The New Consciousness

Ripples of consciousness coming forward through the sacred.
Energies coming in waves.
Challenges grounding.
Be forgiving.

The new consciousness – testing the parameters of imagination.

Purification Events:
An internal sense of ‘speeding up” in time and space.
Energies coming in waves. Anchor in the moment.

The Earth As Memory Keeper:
The soil of life remembers, keeping memories, the seeds of life.

New to Humanity:
The generation called forth to embody the Light of the Covenant.

Devotion is the space between longing and calling.

Righteous Voices of Their Generation:

Cry out for the children, censored you shall be.
Decorum over suffering, the children weep at what they see.

The embodiment’s of ‘love one another’, expelled from the templum.
A new Earth this generation shall bring forth, their hearts the Light within the sanctum.

Time accelerates.
Wisdom opens.
Confusions of the mind abound.

Embodied Transformation

Redemption as a limitless path of embodied soul expression.

A finding of one’s cornerstone on the holy Body of Mother Earth in the presence of the instability of climate changes.

Earth Changes Retreat:
Living in harmony with your neighbors and nature.

Embodied Transformation:
Love as Salvation.
Love as Grace.

A blessed day comes forth,
the portal of Light opened,
giving birth to Hope
to a planetary people in despair.

Lo, every being and every thing shall awaken,
The One in the every and the every in the One.
All Blessings.

Fear Not. The Divine Within.
Internal struggle between expanding cosmic universal energies and contractive dense three dimensional energies.

Visions of the Daughter of Light 2022


Heareth Thy Song Beloveds:

Changes are coming forth beloveds, changes which portend the advent of the embodied souls coming forth, arising in the Light.

These changes I speak of coming forth, brought about by the Presence of Light, seek it not with your outer eyes.

These changes I speak of coming forth, brought about by the Presence of Light, shall be perceived by inner eyes. The eyes of the soul.

For all manner of darkness and chaos shall unravel about thee. Fear not, for these energies of darkness seek to align with the hearts and minds of souls whom have lost their faith in the power of the Light, whom have lost their way — raging out, seeking to punish, to alleviate the pain of their human hearts which seeks Love, which seeks to be held within the warmth of the Light.

Heareth Thy Song — Changes are coming forth beloveds, changes which portend the advent of the embodied souls coming forth, arising, in the Light.


Visions of the Daughter of Light 2011

I Have Called Thee Daughter

And all manner of demons did cometh and visit me. Yea, the legions were strong and they visiteth upon me and in my heart, my spirit, and my mind.

And the Lord our God spoke unto me and blessed me and protected me in my torments.

And my heart, my mind, and my soul called out to You my God for mercy and deliverance.

And the Spirit of the Lord our God moved upon me, as the wind over the stormy seas, and all manner of travail and torment were soothed by the Breath of the Almighty.

And the darkness sought out those places within me…within my humanity, in which to torment me and distress me, for my humanity.

And I shall tell you with Great Authority, for this time was fore-spoken of:

I have called you Daughter.

Beloved of My bosom, cleaved unto My Heart.


And all manner of demons, legions…raged at these Words.

And sought to separate me from thy vow unto Thee.

I have given Thee my life my God, my Father, my Beloved.


And the birds and animals drew near, all manner of insect, and the mourning doves cooed “Blessed. Blessed. Blessed art Thou.”

And the root of the strongest, oldest tree knew Me, and raised its arms into Thee, in praise and thanksgiving.

“Draw I nought from the sacred well?” I asked. * (Daughter)

Nay, it was not Thee that spoke, but the legions that sought to inflict Me and draw Me from Thy Sacred Waters.

Heareth not the plant, the leaf, the Sacred Word of Thy God speak to Thee? Draw Thy eye towards the window and see ME and know that I AM with Thee.

In the breadth of the leaf I speak to Thee.

In the eye of the crow, the birds that visit Thee, I see Thee.

I see Thee and protect Thee.

Yea, My Light shineth bright upon Thee.

Draw Thy eye towards Thy window and bequeath ME.

I see Thee in all Thy creatures and I draw Thee near.

Cleaved Unto Thee

For unto Me it was said:

Behold, I AM the Lord thy God and I AM with Thee.

None shall separate Thee from Thy bosom, Thou art cleaved unto Me.

Daughter. Daughter, Thou are cleaved unto Me.

Verily, I say this to You.

Verily, I AM with You and shall not foresake You.


For the Father draws near to Me.

For the Father drew near to Me.

For the Father Thou art with Me.

My hand trembled in weakness, My limbs cry out in misery, My body weakens, trembles for mercy.

Unto Thee I have given Thee.

Only Thou can release Me.


Deep I draw My breath to be closer to Thee.

“Free me. Free me.”

I hear all manner of dark angels call unto Me.

“Free me.”

And the darkness draweth near to distract Me, to break Thy vow, it seeketh within me.

And the Lord Thy God I knoweth shall protect Me.


And no manner of darkness within the human heart can deceive Me and draw Me near.

For Thee I am cleaved to.

For Thou knowest Thy Heart and is with Me.

And the power of the Most High shall guide and protect Me.

And the soul of humanity shall no longer pull at Thee.

These things I say unto You.

Draw near, draw near, for I AM with Thee,

And the sins of humanity shall no longer travail Thee.

And a guardian was posted to watch over Thee.

And the guardians shall have no power over Thee.

For the powers that once held dominion over the lands and seas shall no longer tribulate Thee.

Draweth near Daughter, draweth near.

Cleaved unto Thy bosom, draweth near, I AM with Thee.


And the Spirit of the Most High flew, as if a bird across the lands, across the seas…to seeketh Thee out and to draw Thee nearer, closer to ME.

And the forces of darkness surrounded Me and all manner of tribulations and demons were beset upon Me.

And the Shield and Scepter of the Holy Spirit was placed upon Me and My lips were blessed with Purity.

Unto Thee My Father, I giveth Thee, My body, My soul, My purity.

Unto Thee My Father, I giveth Thee, My doubts, My wisdom, My certainties.

Unto Thee My Father, I giveth Thee.

“It is done.”

Blessed Be

To the prophet:

These things that the darkness brings upon thee, cannot, will not, separate thee.

I AM with thee. I AM with thee. I AM with thee.

Blessed be. Blessed be.


To the Prophet:

Nothing shall pull thee from Me.

For I AM with thee, and I know your purity.

These outer shells of darkness and despair, these human feelings, verily I tell thee, these shall fall away and and thou shall know ME.

Thou shall know Me.

Thou shall know Me.

Thou shall know Me.


(End messages for the prophet.)

Blessed be, blessed be, Thou art forever with Me.

And the Hand of God reached out and plucked Me from My travails and delivered Me.

No longer cleaved to the tribulations of humanity to better serve Thee.

My spirit is weary and my soul tormented and I seek to rest from met miseries.

Deliver Me, My Father, for I am so weary.

Deliver Me, that I may know Thee.

Deliver Me.


And the legions came into my heart and sought to torment Me.

And a great screaming was heard upon the Land of Liberty. Anguish and wails, “Deliver me, deliver me. My God, my God, have mercy.”

“Leadeth Me not into temptation.”

Thy Seal I have put upon Thee cannot be broken.


End prophecies of The Daughter.

Previously unpublished received in 2011.

All Blessings.

Visions of the Mother of Light Embodied

The Mother Divine

The Mother Divine – Awaiting In Time:
The Mother Divine called to me…I did not hear Her.
The Mother Divine shines on me…I did not feel Her warmth.
The Mother Divine embraced me…I did not feel Her touch.
The Mother Divine with me…I did not see Her.
The Mother Divine with me..awaiting in time, for me to join with Her.
So shall it be.

The Healing to Come is for All:

All who wander.
All whose hearts have hardened.
All who have remained faithful to the tenets of love.
Let your hearts not be corrupted by hatred and violence.
Let your hearts remain in innocence.
Trust that the Light will heal all wounds, ancient and new.

The Body Of The Mother:

The Body of the Mother, our Beloved Earth is being readied and is near completion of Her Transformation into a Light Body.

That which is separated from Love, releases from Her Body, eons of separated energies have been and are, releasing.

As the separated energies release, the Light, and souls in service to Love, absorb and contain, the releasing energies.

There are those in service to the One, the Body of the Mother, and humanity who are here to contain these releasing energies, a process of transformation/redemption anchored in Love.

In time, as greater amounts of embodied souls participate in the containment of the energies releasing which are separated from Love, the impact on individual souls will lessen.

The Body of the Mother, Planet Earth, can no longer lovingly contain these separated energies for Her sacred mission is to radiate in fullness, the Light of the One, the Light of the Infinite.

The Divine Mother’s Voice can be heard in the songs of the whales to the thunder of the skies.

Mother of Light Embodied:

The Sacred Flower of Light comes forth.
GurujiMa – Mother of Light Embodied.

Expressions of the Divine Mother:

The many colors of the Mother expressed so that the windows of the soul might perceive them.

Open your hearts so that the soul may see, so that the soul may be.

The Sacred Once Hidden Revealed.

The Emerging Energies of The Mother.

The Emerging Energies of the Daughter.

The Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

The sacrifice of the Divine feminine manifesting as revelation of ancient energies once empowered to suppress the energies of the Divine Mother.

Blessings to the daughters whose lives have been borne of sorrows and whose lives have been extinguished by energies embodied claiming the right to desecrate and destroy.
Mourn these daughters.

Truth Of Being

The heart’s of the souls awakening to the energies of Love need not call forth the suffering for healing, for by their very presence embodied, the healing force of Love is activated and that which is meant to crush, suppress, and oppress is enveloped by the energies of Love these beings of the Christ, the Divine Mother, carry.

Prayer to the Mother Divine:
Mother Divine embrace me.
Mother Divine uplift me.
Mother Divine infuse my heart with Your Love.

I AM Awakening The Truth Of My Beingness.

I AM is awakening within me to the truth of my beingness.

Awakening to the Light, the fair Light, awakening within me and will awaken in all.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.

In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

See how the daughters and sons of Light dance to the songs of Heaven’s Love.