From the Heart of Christ these words were given to me:
“Remember Love.”

Visions Received in 2006

The boy-child is assassinated by the bullet of the expert marksman.

And the Nation of the Free whose heart has been corrupted by the darkness, justifies this action to The People and in their ignorance of the truth and their apathy, they are silent.

A desecration of the Nation of the People of the Free by those who come in the name of the false Christ.

My God, I am overwhelmed by the darkness.

I beg of you my Beloved God, do not abandon me to the darkness.

I have been faithful to You. You know my heart. You are aware of my every thought, how I live my life.

Please my God, do not abandon me to the darkness.

My Beloved God,

I am overwhelmed by the suffering you have asked me to bear.

Will you not help me my God?

Please my God, the darkness is crushing my spirit.

There is no relief within my mind — within my body.

I am beset by the torments of the darkness.

My God, why have you not answered my weary soul’s cries?

Why have you forsaken me to the darkness?

I am weary my God and feel broken by the darkness.

Tribulation follows torment as the darkness engulfs me.

My heart weeps, confused, as my cries and prayers are met with silence.

My body has become my soul’s prison.

To the People of the Nation of the Free:

Be aware of how the darkness works through the seemingly well intentioned.

For it is in their egotism and rigidity of belief, that leaves no room for God’s voice to come through to guide them as they serve, that leaves them vulnerable to corruptible forces.

The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

Here is the message of the darkness. Be aware of the intent of the forces of darkness my brothers and sisters and do not be fooled:

I have come to perpetuate fear in the name of power.

I shall seem to be a comfort, yet in truth, I am here for your demise.

I shall seem to be a servant of the good and righteous, yet in truth, it is a cloak for the darkness whom I truly serve.

I will seem to acquiesce unto your laws, yet in truth, when I speak, my agenda will be to confound the People of the Nation of the Free.

“Why, see how agreeable I am?” says the darkness, “how could you not trust me?”

“Why People of the Nation of the Free,” demur the false governors of the law, “we feel it is wrong for you to have public debate and discussion of the laws of the nation, for those who we have deemed ‘evil’ who seek your demise, will listen to these debates and mock the Nation of the Free.”

People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

The servants of the darkness will hold up, as paradigms of their virtue, the innocents for public display.

“How righteous I am!” claim the servants of the darkness.

“Can you not see, people of the Nation of the Free, how righteous we are?”

Yes, it is true that in their hearts, many who inadvertently serve the darkness desire in their hearts, to uphold the light.

Yet truly, as soon as they violated Your Sacred Laws, they had become agents of the darkness, no matter the desire of their hearts.

They followed not the judgment and guidance of their God, but of their own truths, claiming it to be “in the name of God.”

My Beloved Father, their contempt for those that they claim to serve – in Your Name, is egregious.

To the People of the Nation of the Free:

How I weep for you.

For I have seen, have felt, what is to come upon you from those who come in the name of the false Christ.

Woe, how they lust after power in the name of pious righteousness.


How I weep for you.

Father, I cry out in agony on this cross You have asked me to bear, without You.

A Portal Into the Realms of Hell.

Opened by the one who came in the name of “compassion and freedom”.

Prayers for all who suffer there.

Brothers, sisters, how shall you stand in these times to come?

To those in the Nation of the People of the Free who claim to come in the name of Christ:

I have watched your actions and I have seen the fruits of your deeds.

And I tell you this, your deeds speak of the energy of the false Christ.

You take from the widow, the poor, the sick, the elderly. You strip the mother of her dignity to feed her children. You forget, nay, you look away in contempt and disgust at the homeless, the broken, walking your streets.

You claim that you are commanded to save all whom you meet. I tell you truly, in your madness of mind and spirit, you have become servants of the false Christ.

Heed my warnings, for I have seen you in your zeal to save – claim souls as trophies, and I tell you, that you do this in the name of the false Christ.

Nation of Impudence and Arrogance:

Time and again I have come to stir the kernels of compassion lying dormant within your self-satiating consciousness.

Even so, you have refused to awaken to the horrors and atrocities committed in your name in your Nation’s march to freedom.

Here again is my warning:

The mighty hand of Islam has been gathering within the heart of its collective consciousness, each injustice; each violent death; each humiliation – each massacre. Their collective anger festers; their righteous anger (much like yours, People of the Nation of the Free), now intermingles with the forces of darkness.

I have experienced the force of this collective anger and know of the suffering that is to come.

How I weep for you.

For I tell you truly, that even though these atrocities have not been committed directly by your hand, they have been committed by the greater collective hand of those you have chosen to govern in your name.


How I weep for the innocents.

How I weep for those who have suffered, those whose suffer greatly even now, and those who suffering is still to come.

Nation of Compassion:

Whilst you sleep, whilst you pursue your dreams, whilst you satiate your selves at the cost of the less fortunate who share this planet with you – children are being slaughtered, households are being massacred, villagers are being tormented and humiliated, mosques are being desecrated; the peoples who you have come to liberate in the name of freedom are being tormented and tortured — all this occurs in your name, whilst you sleep.

My heart weeping, weary and confused, is overwhelmed by the suffering which is to come.

Each side righteously claims they act in the purity of Your Name.

Weeping, screaming, wailing.

A suffering so great, anguish so unbearable.

Oh My Beloved, I hear their souls crying out – begging to come home to You.

Watch now with horror people of the nation of the free, as your false prophets and politicians press hard for their crusade against the people of the nation of Iran.

For in their hearts speak the voices of darkness.


Woe to the People of the Nation of the Free.

In their righteous madness they shall seek to bring about their glorious “rapture” as they slaughter the innocent.

And they shall fulfill biblical prophecy as the false prophets who brought Armageddon to God’s beloved.

And their tortured souls shall weep at their complicity with the darkness and cry out for forgiveness.

People of the Nation of the Free:

Those who are tormented and tortured in your name, cry out through their actions, for your compassion, your awareness and for your righteous indignation.

For these atrocities are committed for you – in the name of freedom, so that you in turn may satiate yourselves, nay, gorge yourselves on lifestyle indulgences, whilst the tormented starve in protest and seek ways to kill themselves in the name of blessed release from their unending captivity and torture.

Nation of Shame.

False prophets, false leaders claiming to serve in the name of the Light. Truly, your master is the prince of darkness.

Woe unto the People of the Nation of the Free.

You shall lament for these deeds and the blood upon your nation’s hands.

What merit have your deeds if you pick from the pockets of the poor in order to fund their ‘salvation’?

A repeat of history again and again,

Hebrew, Muslim, and Christian.

Brothers three once were thee,

now each slaughter and suffer endlessly.

How can this root once so pure,

bring forth desecration, humiliation, and torture?


I AM woman, I AM man, I AM as I AM made me.

I AM black, I AM brown, I AM yellow, I AM red, I AM white.

I AM beast, I AM insect, I AM every living cell, I AM every particle, I AM forest, I AM sea, I AM sky, I AM desert, I AM rock.

I AM, have been, and will be.

Think you, People of the Nation of the Free, that it is wise counsel to keep silent in the face of the horrors the prisoners of war have suffered?

How shall your minds and hearts be manipulated to ‘frame’ this event?

Think you, “If we do not look closely at what has happened to them, then we need not look at what we have done and are doing, to those we capture?”

See you not?

Hear you not, the cries of the tortured and the tormented?

Does it touch your hearts any more deeply now that it is your own two sons, People of the Nation of the Free?

Shall this event awaken your hearts to the horrors and slaughters being carried out in the ‘name of freedom’ or shall you allow those who govern you to use this event to manipulate you into further complicity with the forces of darkness?

Shall your outrage further fuel the darkness in your hearts, People of the Nation of the Free?

Shall it cause you to awaken to your misdeeds?

Or shall your sleep ensue unencumbered?

To the Governors of the People of the Nation of the Free:

Whilst you line your pockets with raises and benefits, you deny the same to the poorest of those you claim to serve.

Nation of Shame.

To the People of the Nation of the Free:

When they come for you, when they arrest you – on charges of being a terrorist, how shall we know if it is true?

The People of the Nation of the Free… no longer free.

To the Churches:

I come as Daughter to serve the Father.

O my Brother Israel…

See you not? You have become the Goliath of yore.

How you shall weep and lament People of the Nation of the Free, when you awaken to find shackles upon you.

People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

A war upon the hearts and minds of the People of the Nation of the Free.

O how I weep for you my beloved nation.

A warning to the People of the Nation of the Free:

Be wary.

For the foot soldiers of the darkness cloaked in the raiment of pious national righteousness, have invaded your once hallowed halls, bringing with them corruption, desecration, the twisting of truths, lying and deception.

Their deeds speak of their contempt for the People of the Nation of the Free yet the people see this not.


I am overwhelmed by the relentlessness suffering You have asked me to bear.

I beg of You, release me from this unbearable burden and allow my body to die and my soul to come home to You.

My Father,

I am broken and confused, my torment relentless.

I ask of You, why have You abandoned me to the will of the darkness?

It has begun.

All will now participate in the suffering.

The planet and its inhabitants shall cry out in anguish.

O My Brother Israel:

See you not?

You do unto your brothers what was done unto you.

Nation of Compassion:

Your Arab brothers cry out to you in anguish for your mercy, your help.

And yet you choose to respond with silent contempt.

So much woe begotten in your lust for power, Nation of the Free.

The sons of Abraham slaughter each other mercilessly whilst the people in the homeland picnic and play.

How long shall the karma of your nation protect you from the suffering you have wrought upon the innocent?

A portal into the realms of hell opened by your deeds of avarice and greed.

All shall participate in the suffering to come.

The militarizing of the homeland’s public safety forces in the Nation of the Free.

My Soul Laments.

Imprisoned within my body, I watch helplessly as the days turn into months and the months into years of living death. My companions melancholy, despair, and helplessness — torment my imprisoned consciousness.

Relentless suffering, walking death, torment, and pain.

I walk entombed among you, near and yet alone, in my imprisoned state.

Blessed One, Beloved Father,

I cannot protect my children, my wife, my husband, my family, those I love.

I cannot protect them from their bombs, from their contempt.

In the darkness long have I travailed.

Whilst I knew it not, the Light hast traveled with me.

For in my blindness and suffering I could not see the Light – nay, could not know the Light, for the darkness and its torments were my only companions in the dark night.

Whilst it is yet not dawn, and the dark night still prevails; my heart knows of the coming of the Light.

I shall await You my Beloved.

I shall await You amongst the tormented, the suffering, the forgotten.

I shall await You and trust my heart until Your Light comes for me.

Verily I say unto you People of the Nation of the Free:

Until all of your planetary brothers and sisters are safe from violence and war you shall not know peace.

O my Iraqi brothers and sisters, how deeply I grieve with you for the unendurable sufferings you are being asked to bear.

I hear your cries, I hold your sufferings within my heart.

I grieve for you and with you.

The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

And the Nation of the Free shall torture their own – lock away in their madness those whom they fear – the innocent shall lie in the darkness weeping, lamenting, unheard in their anguish and others in their fear, shall succumb to that which their heart knows to be wrong.

How I have lamented for you, People of the Nation of the Free – now you shall lament with me.

A second portal into the realms of hell opened today, by the act signing in the Nation of the People of the Free.

The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

O Woeful Time of Waiting.

How great is the disparity in my heart between loving compassion and awareness of the sufferings of my planetary brothers and sisters, and what I can actually ‘do’ to help.

My soul is Your servant my Beloved God and until You guide me, I must learn to trust in the waiting, with faith.

My soul is with You my Beloved in this time of suffering.

For verily I say unto you:

This is just the beginning, the dawn of the darkness to come.

For the planet shall suffer as well as Her inhabitants.

Darkness, twilight, gray days, hunger, suffering, wars, avarice, greed. Woe.

Is this why humankind was created?

To kill one another in the name of the Most Holy God?

Nay, I say unto to you, it is the will of the darkness that corrupts the hearts of humankind to slaughter brothers and sisters.

Nation of Shame:

See how your thoughts stray not to your Iraqi brothers and sisters who are slaughtered by the hundreds daily… but to shopping, eating, and feasting.

Now begins the nations’ season of national excess whilst those your nation has attacked and made unendurabley vulnerable, live in poverty and horror daily.

Think you my brothers, my sisters who live in the streets, that I see you not in your suffering?

I see you with the eyes of my heart and my heart weeps with you.

My heart cries out in anguish and in joy my Beloved, for the suffering I have endured has created a vessel too small to hold Your Love which pours forth into it. 

We shall yet see in these darkest of times to come, brother and sister of all nations and races, join together in compassion and love, to serve the suffering in the name of the Most High.

Here is what I see:


Not in the darkness not coming for its coming has been foretold to prepare you.

Hope will be found, be born in the darkness, and the Light will enter the hearts of the willing and give unto them strength, courage, compassion, and most of all, hope.

Think you the reign of contempt for the Iraqi peoples has now come to an end?

Nay, I say unto you, for the manner and timing suggests otherwise.

Woe to the People of the Nation of the Free, for your hands are unclean and you have become corrupt in your pious political righteousness.