Rebirth of the self into the holy self.
Revelations of the darkness which comprehends itself not.

Visions Received in 2020

Rebirth Of The Embodied Self

To be reborn is to transform the self into the holy self.

To be reborn is to awaken to the cycles of drama and pain which constrains awakening, a surrendering of the ‘forcing’ of life, or control, and allowing Divine wisdom to flow through your intuition which allows for the rebirth of the self into the embodied holy self.

The darkness causes those who are suffering to know not the Light of Redemption but the ever present cycles of destruction and suffering.

Fallen masters prey upon the hopes and desires of the suffering, seeking that their passions may focus on the fallen master as the object of their desire — the fallen, the darkness, rather than the Light, the way of hope.

The soul knocks at the door of our consciousness seeking to be known, to be One.

Prophecy – that which is seen.

Divine Revelation helps the darkness know itself in the presence of Light.

A garment of hope cleverly sewn by cynicism is injurious to the spirit.

The king seeks illumination through the worship, obedience, and love of the devout.

For there was no beauty glorified by the heavens which the darkness could not imitate.

And within this false prism of stolen illumination, souls seeking the true Light became imprisoned.

Righteous hatred, bigotries, and hubris being the materials of the bars which held them.

Put Down Thy Swords

Hope and faith not fed by the holy source of Light and Love corrupts and brings forth great sorrows, feeding the darkness, and upholding corruptions as righteous, further enslaving those who seek to be set free.

Humble thy heart.

Put down thy swords.

To trust that the Light is within one in the presence of the forces of darkness can only be found in the silence of a surrendered heart. This form of trust does not give away it’s divinely bestowed power, rather it enhance wisdom, enhances the reception of the divine through the intuition, and strength is born through the course to trust.

If one’s motivation is love and the care for soul, how then do the energies of force spring forth?

The king, desiring in all manner of power, discerns with a discriminating eye the infatuated of power, helpless to mold the world in their image and likeness.

Purification allows for the pristine radiance of Light from within.

Punishers incite punishers with the promise of the power to inflict punishment.

Collective punishments meted out in incremental daily doses.

We The People psychologically, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially traumatized by punishers and predators.

Hallmarks Of The Energies Of The Cult of Coin and Death:

The lack of caring and support is a feature not incidental.

As the Plague Ravages

“You are on your own.”

Honourable men and women tossed aside as nonviable as the dishonourable are held up as paradigms of virtue.

“Open For Business”

Priorities move to keeping affluent business people with political influence solvent on the backs and lives of We The People.

Billions for the affluent – pain and suffering for the People.

Who is asking for your sacrifice?

Phrases which have come to the prophets heart:

A show of cruelty.

The reign of narcissists.

Purposeful ineptness.

Vainglorious corruption.

Tormenting the traumatic.

‘Flooding the zone’ with suffering, lack of support, and trauma.

Sacrifice on the altar of commerce.

Zero liability.

Inciting the armed ‘good’ to anger.

Perceptions of safety.

Subdued through cruelty and neglect.

Tamed with distrust.

Jim Crow enforcement punishers: The sons and daughters whose mission is the enforcement of Jim Crow cruelties.

The nature of abusive actions.

Reality Definers:

Narcissistic abusers. Social narcissistic abusers. Religious narcissistic abusers. Aristocratic narcissistic abusers. Corporate narcissistic abusers. Political narcissistic abusers.

A Lament: If only the People of the Nation of the Free had paid attention, had shown compassion, for that which was done in the Peoples name, that which was done unto others – perhaps, that which shall be done unto the People of the Nation of the Free may have never come forward.

In the shadow of the pious punishers, the Iron Fist flexes.

Shadow piety – contempt for the heathen, the unsaved.

Shadow piety – “Our will be done.” Foot soldiers of the pious punishers awaiting their reign, fill the halls of power.

The blood of Jesus spilt again. The zealous righteously torturing, beating, gassing, starving, imprisoning, denying compassion, and neglecting the body of Christ Jesus found in the hearts of all.

One Nation Under Misrule

Witness. See the sharp teeth behind the clown’s smile.

Who fulfills the king’s decrees?

Pious punishers cover a rogue’s heart.

A mandate to hate, the Nation desecrated.

“Here!” Cry the pious punishers. “Follow our ways and we shall save you from all whom do not follow our creed.”

“Here!” Says the voice of darkness. “Once again my doctrine of hate shall rule through the zealously righteous.”

The children cried out, and the hard-hearted earned their coin.

The Mothers and Fathers cried out for mercy and the hard-hearted earned their coin.

The People cried out in sickness – in hunger, and the hard-hearted denied them and earned their coin.

The Nation cried out at the injustices, the cruelties, and the hard-hearted attacked them, gassed them, threw stun grenades, and earned their coin.

The Punisher spoke and the hard-hearted obeyed and earned their coin.

The king demanded allegiance, the hard-hearted pledged their fealty, and earned their coin.

Can you not see?

The darkness which informs the hard-hearted cares not one whit about thee.

Perceive the Light and know, I AM is with thee.

Faith In A Time Of Chaos

The birds of the wild sing Thy Praise as the children of darkness set the Nation ablaze.

See! Why see how hardened my heart is? Go ahead, come with me, we will seek to destroy that which is good in the name of cruelty.

Zealous punishers in the streets, screaming from the airwaves, spreading the doctrine of malevolence and cruelty.

“How can one do this?” The incredulous ask.

“Why we shall create a new Nation, destroying all who would defy us, yes, in every Nation that is our task.”

“Woe and Behold.” How cruel we can be. “You shall suffer now for not following the doctrine of ‘ME’.”

A dark spirit entering the mind, the zealous hearted lost in the energies of a sorrow-filled time. A madness upon their spirit spreads, suffering to unfold.

Again I have come People of the Nation of the Free to warn thee, that when you look into the eyes of the spellbound of the reign of darkness, you shall see, the darkness within, cares not one whit about thee.

Open thy hearts! I call to thee. For this is the good medicine which shall cure thee. Open your hearts to love and be free.

I AM speaks through your heart, do not allow the darkness to enter you heart.

A time is coming forward where moments in Time will feel as if one is in a perpetual experience of torment, a ‘hell on Earth’.

These experiences will be worldwide.

Those aligning with the energies of darkness will feel emboldened to take actions which at their source, will inflict great suffering upon the many.

Life will feel at times, a torment.

Life will seem to be filled with chaos and pain.

Even as I share this with you, remember my words – “Keep faithful”.

Keep faithful to each other. Keep faithful to truth. Keep faithful to unity, respect, and honour.

Keep faithful.


Love. Trust. Faith.

Thy shield in the presence of the energies of destruction and desecration’s.

Lauding Of The Hero Patriots

Be wary of those who would gather all the power and wealth of our Democratic institutions unto themselves.

Every embodied soul in this planet has a reason to be here at this time.

That which your soul has been waiting for, you, awakens in Time.

Power can have the energies of allurement attached to it, which can make for confusion in the mind when the lower chakras are activated by their energetic presence.

It takes a strong faith to face the energies of contempt.

Be the light even when it feels a fright.

The human heart – Divinely Designed to love.

The sorrows of false hopes carry no “Good News”.

What have we wrought with our wrath?

The movement of a culture serving the people to the peoples veneration of those who are meant to serve.

Shadow Piety

Do not become one with the sources of darkness which feeds the energies of violence.

On his mighty chariot he did ride, to inspect his most loyal servants, his heart’s pride.

Shadow Piety – In the shadows of piety a lust for the trappings of power.

Rebuke me my God if I leave Thy Path.

As we move forward in Divine Time, one may find it especially challenging to anchor in one’s heart.

Bear with.

Bear with each other with love.

Whatever I am in this moment is because of Your Love.

Proprietorially Occupied.

Penalty laden beneficence.

One cannot fight the energies of darkness by engaging with the darkness. The energies of darkness seeks to make the one engaging with these very same energies one with the darkness.

Shadow piety is a state in which an embodied soul proclaims their allegiance to that which is Holy whilst their words and actions proclaim un-purified aspects of the embodied self which are often separated from Light, Love, truth, respect, and honour.

Righteousness in the pursuit of power.

In a state of pre-Awakening consciousness, the antiquated themes of religion, power, and dominance plays out in the collective human consciousness, bringing forward, over and over in time, the lambs to the slaughter.

The King’s Retribution

As Lambs To The Slaughter.

America She stands before the king.

The King’s Retribution.

As the peoples of the realm die, the king gathers his most loyal close to him for their subjugation and his praise.

The King’s Decrees.

Whom I deem to be against ME shall pay dearly by forces loyal to my decrees.

“Animals they be.” Not worthy of life declares ME.

Who sits on the throne of thy heart?

Aye, thy king would teach thee to hate one another, to kill, to maim, and defame thy brother, thy sister, as a pledge of unbound loyalty.

A new decree from HE who would rule thee: All who thwart me shall be punished unmercifully.

A time coming forward where minds manipulated and betrayed, know not where to seek truth.

The heart I call to you, the heart.

Truth will be found in the presence of hearts which bring forth the fruits of love.

Love – unattached, without agenda. Love which seeks to uplift and strengthen. Love which says, “The truth you seek is within”.

Reflection Of Love.

A reflection of our spiritual progress is Love.

Dimensional Doors Open

Dimensional doors once locked, opened.

Loss of certainty in a time of crises.

A fallen master cannot hide their darkness within the darkness.

The Light reveals all.

Be not afraid for I AM and I AM with thee.

Soul Life.

Do not get too comfortable.

Blessings are best accepted with humility.

For Better Or Worse.

To lose all which gave one a sense of comfort or security is to find one’s true self — in Time.

The Sacred In A Dark Time.

Thine eye needs to focus with greater clarity to perceive the sacred in a dark time.

Honour the lush greens and blues of the Mother’s Body, before it turns to charcoal black.

New beginnings for the Earth once burnt in raging inferno’s.

All blessings.

Those who suffer greatly in the present will enter the future with an unforeseen fortitude in comparison to the embodied souls newly awakening to the energies of suffering.

All prayers for the suffering.

When the “Good News” is false, sorrow ensues.


In a time of debasements, desecration’s, and all manner of corruptions, inquisitors shall have reign.

The King’s Will – Rule By The Sword.

The violent punishing of those who would resist or rebel against the rule of the king.

Ostentatious wealth branded empathy for the masses.

A Time Comes Forward – The Inquisitors.

A time comes forward filled with the ignorant arrogance of the inquisitors.

One cannot enjoy both the pursuit of adulation, the entrapment’s of power, and a life lived in innocence with God.

At one with the One is perfect freedom.

The Temptations.

Lust for power. Power through punishing. The power of punishing to save.

Shadow Piety: The belief in the investment of God to punish all who will not follow in the pious punishers image and likeness.

Shadow Piety: Bow down or endure our wrath.

A crusade against the body of We The People.

Portal To The Realms Of Grace

The Heart.

The heart will be thy portal to the Realms of Grace.

The greater the squeeze on the conscience the stronger the rebellion of the heart.

Redemption is found through an innocent and surrendered heart.

A hardened heart burns that which is around it in want of the Flame of the Holy.

The height of power brings a hardened heart much sorrow, much sorrow.

I beseech thee to leave the domain of the agitated mind and breathe deep into your heart’s.

Going Backwards Forward.

The king and his grand inquisitor bring forth fear and sorrow throughout the Nation of the People of the Free.

Woe O Nation, woe.

Trusting In The Unknown

Trusting in the unknown in the moment is much like the proverbial “walking on water,” one needs to trust where one’s feet leads them.

The spectre of the grand inquisitor rises in the heart’s and mind’s of the People of the Nation of the Free.

Who continues to provide these paths of power for the fallen masters? Is it the darkness, or the unseen works of a promised future brought forth by the Light?

All prayers for the hundreds of thousands dead, the thousands homeless from fire, water and wind. For the sickly, the homeless, the hungry, the out of work, and the lonely.

In the silence I can hear the laughter and gleeful sounds of dancing, and my God, I know not what to do.

My God, what is my path?

My God, my soul must be prepared for my human heart trembles.

How does one stand before such darkness my God? How does one stand?

Cheaters and liars abound while the people cry out in the face of tyranny, death, and destruction.

Innocence lost in a time of crisis’ and darkness.

Workers of iniquity abound my God, their task to destroy what has been, in service to pious punishers.

All is not lost my daughter.

Why do you tremble before the darkness and not I daughter?

Do you have faith in I or is your faith placed in those who serve the darkness?

What is your choice daughter?

Where is your faith?

Enter The Betrayer

Visions Of The Hardened Of Heart

O Nation of Woe.

That which seemed to be an aberration comes to fore as a feature of hearts hardened to one and Other.

Shy or shame or just a game?

In the end it is of the same raging flame

To own and punish.

The Glee Of Thee.

Cries of suffering.
Dances of glee.
If we don’t like thee,
then we shall punish thee.

Purification Coming Forward:

That which is not love for one and Other.

The at first innocent feelings of freedom experienced by collective abuse and the ‘owning’ of other, eventually the raw power of the voice of the mob.

Resentments, hatreds, biases, rages hidden born anew, the freedom to punish in the hands of the darkness and the few.

Contempt of ‘Other’ brought forth to new heights,

Shy observers of the energies of contempt celebrate silently in their heart’s.

Euphoric energies of domination flood the cells.

The 3 D’s of Democratic Desecration:

Doubt (promote, generate, and inspire)

Demoralization (dishearten, seek to break the spirit)

Destabilization (undermine, damage, sabotage, disrupt)

Enter the Betrayer.

A blank slate with hopes and dreams affixed.

The Nation’s political saviour not.

The sorrows great.

Healing longed for further delayed.

O Woe mighty Nation, O woe.

The Pouring Forth.

Grief held at bay in the heart exhausted by sorrows and negligent cruelties, breaks as a dam, flooding and pouring forth.

Woe, once mighty Nations. Woe

Scythes Aloft

Willing Hosts.

Evangelizing the hosts.

Every prophecy waits for its time to be revealed.

Shadow Piety:

The belief in the investment of God to punish all who will not follow in the pious punishers image and likeness.

Scythes aloft, foot soldiers of the cult of coin and death march.

The agents of piety authorize state sanctioned execution sprees.

Brothers of betrayal richly rewarded.

Pardons abound for the mendaciously disposed.

Three thousand a day We The People die crying out for mercy and relief, whilst punishers threaten death to those who will not comply.

People of color on the front-lines, wary of the projectiles of death.

The Earth burns and floods as sanctuaries of pristine wilderness are sold off and destroyed.

Whilst the king and his most loyal sup and dance, mask-less, festive, in a time of plague.

Vision Of The Hardened Of Heart:

O Nation of Woe.
That which seemed to be an aberration comes to fore as a feature of hearts hardened to one and Other.

At a feast set upon plate of gold, the full of belly bemoan the wealth of the starving.