Beloveds know that I AM and I AM with thee.

Visions Received in 2011




Remember… Love.

“Thou art with Me and I know thee.”

My God Thou art with me and I know Thee… to be true.

And the seas shall rise and the earth shall be laid bare.

Know that I AM your God and thou art with me.

In the beginning these times were known, they were known unto you and Me.

Blessed is the One I shall bring to you for a Comfort and Guide.

Unto Thee O My Lord and My God have I given myself.

Where shall I find Thee?

Blessed is She who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed.

My Father, My God, my eyes burneth to see the skies.

I cry out to Thee O My God for Thy Comfort and Thy Guidance.

For these times are strange and unknown to me and I wonder at the things which I perceive with my eyes.

For the Lord My God cometh unto me and proclaims, “Thou, you are dearest unto me and I shall be with you and not leave you.”

For these things I have done and know you and shall not abandon you. Trust. Trust. Know that I AM with thee.”

For the Father said unto me:

“I AM with you and thou art with me and thou shall not be afraid”.

Believe in Me and I shall be with you and guide you.

Nay, you shall not be alone, for I AM and will always Be.

Give your heart unto me says the Lord our God.

All is blessed and known unto Me.

I AM aware and hold all.

For I have called you and you are mine.

For I have called you and you are like the sunshine to Me.

For I have called you, yes, I have called you Daughter and you are mine everlasting.

For I have called you. I have called you and you are Mine sayeth the Lord.

Fear not the powers of the darkness.

Fear not the powers of those aligned with the darkness and seek to destroy my beloved – planet Earth.

I see that which they have undone, that which is natural to My Earth.

I (humanity) see not and I (God) see all.

I walk amongst you.

I knoweth these things that you do, says the Lord our God.

*You: humanity complicit with darkness and oppressive technology.

A herald I will bring unto you and you shall know that I AM the Lord your God.

Time Accelerates.

An opening of a planetary vortex.

Blessed be.

Time Accelerates.

Be not afraid.

For I AM.

Blessed Wanderer.


Herewith: this I say unto you.

Proclaim. Proclaim. Proclaim.

Proclaim the Word of thy God.

Proclaim unto thy people The Word of thy God.

Hear Thy Word, Thy calling thee.

Herewith: I call unto thee my people.

Herewith I call thee.

Unto thee I proclaim.


I AM the Lord thy God and I call you forth.

End? End? Nay, there is no “end.”

All is beginnings with thee.

And the Lord thy God’s voice rose over the land and the seas.

Proclaim unto all:

“I AM with thee” “I AM with thee” “I AM”…with thee.

“I AM.”

Foundation, Rock, Sea.


Blessed be. Blessed be. Blessed is thee.

Blessed be the Most High.

Blessed be thy praise.

Blessed be thy prayer.

Blessed be Thy way.

WayShower, I AM with thee.

WayShower, Blessed be.

WayShower, I AM with thee.

Blessed am I.

I AM in Thee.

Praised be.

“Cometh unto me and know My Glory.”

Forthwith I command thee.


Proclaim Thy Word.

Unto man. (Human)

I proclaim Thy Word.

Forthwith I command thee.

Blessed be.

Forthwith I command thee:

Obey Thy Word.

Hear thou art WayShower.

Thy commandments I give unto thee.



Proclaim Thy Word.

Thou art Thy God – I AM with thee.

Fear not.

I AM with thee.

Hear thou Thy Words.

I AM with thee.


Beyond all time.


And I AM with thee.

A blessing be placed upon thee for thou art with Thee.

I know thy thoughts.

And I AM with thee.

I hear thee.

I see thee.

For thee I AM with.

Blessed be unto eternity.

Blessed be.

In the name of thy Father you shall come forth and proclaim.

Unto thee I AM with Thee.

I AM the Lord thy God.


A preparation, a blessing, shall come forth to thee.

See it and know, I AM the Lord thy God.


I call thee forth.

And beckon thee.

Unto me.

I AM. I AM. I AM (with thee).

Blessed be.

They shall seeketh thee out and yet not find thee.

For a protection I have put upon thee.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

Forsaketh not my words.

I AM the Lord thy God.

And I AM. (With thee).


Believe in Me for I AM. (With thee).

I know of thy travails and I AM with thee.

A blessing I put upon thee.

Fear not sayeth the Lord.

I AM. I AM (With thee). I AM.

And I forsake thee not.

Beloved, I AM with thee.

I see thee in the desert.

I see thee on the rock. (Mount)

I see thee through eternity.


I AM. (With thee).

Unto Thy care I have placed thee and thou art with Me.

Fear not.

I AM. I AM with thee. I AM.


Fallen angels have no power over thee.

For thee I have blessed.

And thou art known unto Me.

I AM with thee, Beloved.

I AM with thee.


Time immemorial I have been with thee.

Time everlasting I shall be with thee.

Blessed be. Blessed be.

Blessed be Thy name.


Tired daughter (scribe), take thy rest.

Thy work is good unto Me.

And I bless thee.


Take thy rest, daughter (scribe), take thy rest.

A vision of the Lord thy God coming amongst His people.

And He knew them and they “knew” Him.

Praised be to the Almighty.


Blessed be.

Blessed be in the Almighty.

Words I shall give to thee to guide thee.


This I shall say to the scribe – hear Thy Words.

Blessed be for I AM with thee.

Unto thee I give thee Thy Blessings to bring forth.

Hearwith scribe:

I shall guide thee in thy times of troubles and tribulations.

I shall guide thee and thou shalt not be afraid.

For I AM with thee.

Hear thee, scribe?

I AM and I AM with thee.

Be not afraid as you witness these times aforementioned.

Blessed be for Thou art with thee.


A time soon to come. Many will falter in fear and corruption.

Know that I AM the Lord your God and I AM with thee.

These things must come to pass. Be not afraid.

Guide, scribe, I will guide.

Wait upon My Word and I will guide thee.

Be not in fear, for thou shalt not hear Me whence forth I come for thee.

I shall be with thee. I shall be with thee. I shall be with thee.


Blessed be to the Almighty.

Many will seek to claim thee, to claim thy attentions.

Let thy attention be single.

Let thy attention be drawn to I, for I AM, and I AM with thee.

Scribe, write this forthwith:

I tell thee I AM with thee and thou shall not be afraid.

I will guide thee. I will guide thee. I will… guide thee.



For a time shall come when all shall be as tribulation and fear shall be great upon My beloved Planet.


In these times of tribulation and despair, I AM and I will be with My children.

I will guide thee, pure of heart.

I will minister unto thee.

For I AM and I AM with thee.



Many shall cry out in pain and despair and wonder of thy fate.

And this I say unto thee.

I will be with thee. I will be with thee. I will… be with thee.


Fear not. Fear not what your eyes will behold.

Fear not with thy hearts.

Fear not with thy minds.

Fear not for I AM and I AM with thee.


Blessed be unto the Almighty.

Scribe, hear Thou words and know that I AM thy Lord thou God and I AM with thee.

In these times before thou knew Me, I knew thou.

I was with thee then and I AM with thee now.

For thou are not alone.

Blessed be to the Almighty.

Scribe, I tell this to thee so that you shall know I AM and that I AM the Lord thy God.

Forthwith, many calamities and tribulations shall beset thee and thou shall not be afraid.

For in these times of tribulations and despair, all will be made whole again.

All will be healed.

All will come to know Me, the Lord your God.

For I AM and I AM with thee.

Glory to God in the Highest.

Blessed be unto the people of this Beloved Earth.

Herewith scribe:

Blessed be.

I pour forth My Love upon thee, a blessing unto thee who avail Me.

I pour forth My Love upon thee.


Beloveds, know that I AM and I AM with thee.

The dark forces will seek to claim thy attention scribe.

They will seek to draw thee away.

They will seek to confound you, distract you, invade you.

Fear not, for I AM aware of thee.

I AM aware of these forces that seek to distract thee, pull thee away from Thine Eye.

I AM the Lord thy God.

And forthwith I tell thee.

They shall have no power over thee.

For thou art with Thee, scribe.

For thou art and thou art with Thee.

Go thy daughter (scribe).

Take thee now your rest.

Be at one in knowing forthwith I AM and I AM with thee.

A blessing I put upon thee.

None shall harm thee… none shall distract thee from Me.


We the servants of the Light, have been released from our work of transmutation and the ‘holding’ of the horrors and blood shed upon our Beloved Mother Earth. For She is rising – ascending, the blood of nations spilled in Her soil is being purified and redeemed.

She is rising, like the morning sun, in all Her glory – She is rising and transforming Her body, our beloved home, to all its former glory and goodness.

A transformation is in process by which our Beloved Mother is transforming the suffering, the blood shed on Her. She has held this history of violence, suffering, and greed for so long within Her and Her travails have ended.

The souls trapped here are being released from their torments and prisons. (Praise be.)

They are being redeemed, transformed. They are letting go – moving now, moving towards the Light, transformed. Many different dimensions of trapped souls are being redeemed.

I see them. They are leaving the earth plane. I see them locked at one time in many different dimensions, locked in their torment and pain – rising into the Light.

This is the redemption of the dead, the mad, the tormented, the tortured; the unhealed are healing and moving towards the Light. It is as if they are rising from their graves from the Earth – yea, from the bowels of hell, rising – the Light enveloping them. The Glory of the Light – embracing them. The arms of angels caressing them and these souls, in all dimensions, are as if they are disappearing – absorbed by the Light.

Released. Released – they are being released. The blood shed in our Beloved Mother Earth is being purified – redeemed. The trees are rejoicing – laughing in their joy. The flowers are embracing the Light. The wind whispers prayers. Prayers are upon the wind’s breath as our Beloved Mother expands, releases, transforms, ascends and becomes as One with the Beloved ONE, Creator of all.

Into the Light… the Light… the Light.


Blessed is this day.

Blessed is the Beloved One.


Release and Transform.


In your stillness… I AM.

Let all unfold.

Seek not the company of chaos.

Stay firm in thy truth, and wait upon Me.