For the time has come upon you.

Visions Received in 2003

There are those I speak with who say to me with pain in their hearts, “Is the Light really coming? Things just seem to be getting worse.”

And this is what I say to you and to them:

The Light is here.

The Christ has returned. The Christ is walking among us.

Pray that your eyes and hearts may be opened so that you may see the Christ.

And this is what I have come to say to you:

Awaken children of the Light! For the time has come upon you.

End your wanderings and draw near to the Light.

Let your hearts hear my words.

Draw near and heal the hardened places over your hearts, let your eyes once again see with clarity and love.


For your redemption, for the healing of your heart.

Pray to see the Light and for the humbleness of spirit to allow yourself to be drawn near.

Pray for the Comfort of the Christ and to be drawn near the Light.

Who are you in your righteousness to condemn those who walk in darkness?

Know you not that in your condemnation you bring yourself to the same dark path of suffering?

Soften your heart and pray for your redemption.

Asleep! Asleep!

I look around as I sit and walk among you and I feel your separation. From yourselves, each other and I feel the deepness of your sleep.

Awaken! Awaken!

The Christ is here – to bring Comfort and Love and the Light that your souls have been waiting for.

Here is What I Say to Parents:

Do not invalidate – in your fear and ignorance – the sight of your children, for they see the Light and they need you to help them articulate the knowing of their soul.

Be not afraid.

Let them show you the way.

Do not silence them in your fear.