The Luminescence of Hope.
That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

For that which is good and of God, the Light of Creation, envelopes the footfalls of all embodied souls.

Tempt us not to look out from our inner eyes, bidden us to look within, with You, our Beloved Creator of all Life.

A reversal from what was.
Elevation of the soul and purification of the will.

Embrace of the Light by the will endowed.

In a state of powerlessness and limitations, the will-less will, in unison with heart, readies itself for unification with the One Light.

You shall find Me.
Know how much I loved you before you even knew of Me.

Revelations of the Lamb and the Son.

The ubiquity of Light.

The Luminescence of Hope:
That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Light brought into view in the presence of darkness.

Revelations of the Light of the Christ.

The bewildered, groaning under the weight of the energies of chaos, arise in Light.

The new master, smart enough to know better, wily enough not to care.

Encounter Culture:
O beloved nation — the enforcers enforce with undue force.

A rise in the re-branded confederacy.

A rise in the “don’t question me”, rulers.

Legislating protection against “Other”.

A dismantling of the Nation’s laws and ethos.

Gaslight Laws:
When legislator’s concern for safety begins to feel like threat.

Zealotry 2.0:
Sponsored by the donor class.

From democracy’s to pyramidal authoritarian schemes.

A re-branding of the term P.C. – from Politically Correct to Punishing and Controlling.

The new (for Democracy) animating principle of political power – reporting on ‘Other’, as a patriotic constitutional duty to the new master’s nation of the unfree.

A dropping of the veils of kindness, compassion, and tolerance in service to the new master’s rise to power.

Authoritarian Values:

Lo and behold! We shall define the rules and parameters of your rights, so that they may reflect the image and likeness of our beliefs.

Now comes forth battles and scandals of the mobster and the torturer for the power of a new nation to be made in their likeness and image. Woe, O Nation. Woe.

There shall come forth, those who shall fight the frequencies of the Light, whilst other embodied souls in humility, shall open their arms, exposing their heart’s to Its Presence.

Everywhere sacred life, yet embodied souls destroy.

The austerity of fascism.

The agonies of corporate greed.

The ethos of self-interest over truth manifesting throughout the free Republic.

Energies of Domination:
Downward pressure on humanity’s growth and expansion.

Reality Takeovers:
Corporate Consciousness Fusion.

Gilded Hands Line Up

Unnatural farming practices leading to unnatural protective remedies.

“The power, it tastes so glorious.” Gilded hands line up.

Paradigms of profiteering collapsing planetary harmony.

Market Powers:
Financial solutions for the homogenization of reality.

Climate Changes and Corporate Profiteering:

Climate change as corporate induced dependencies designed and marketed as to make the planetary populace unaware, dependent, and therefore, complicit, in the ongoing destruction of the planet.

The Source Energy of All Life and Consciousness, never designed to be exploited for personal profit and gain.

Reigning Death:

Death as a business model. De-regulation manifesting as disease, destruction, pollution, and death. Accountability on hold. Risks hidden. Perpetrators shielded. In service to shareholders or humanity?

A punishing of We The People for the sake of increased dividends. Financial solutions punishing the poor and struggling, whilst continuously enriching the hitherto rich.

Planetary Fiefdoms:
The re-serfing of humanity.

Pious Political Calculations

Not content with the Wall, it was time to take all.

Generation Complacency:
Moral injuries abound.

A time rising of pious political calculations.

The new master a law unto Himself.

A rising in time in which The People speak their will and those who govern defy their rights.

Algorithmically Yours:
The mapped human brain.

Gilded Giveaways:
A diminishing of the treasures of We The People.

90 Years On:
A redefining and re-rising of the energies of evil.

The perceived scorned, tormenting, torturing, and persecuting women for defying theocratic legislation.

Faithfulness in the presence of historical odds.

Bear with nation. Bear with.

Hidden from the eyes of humanity, recorded in the cosmic records.

Denizens of the Energies of Darkness:
A time of embodied no-limits amorality, mired in a sea of sarcasm.

Deep Fake Reality:
The for-profit purloining of authenticity.

Authoritarian Green Lighting:
Repercussion free finger wagging diplomacy

Veiled double dealing’s of a Neo-liberal, acquiescent king.

Woe, the arbitrariness of authoritarian rulers.

Demoralized Reality:
Imagine a morality in which one is compelled to the share of the dismantling of the nation, whilst not bearing aloft, the ideals which built it.

The Void of the Energies of Separation:
The energies of separation guaranteeing to shock, entertain, and eventually, drain.

Authoritarian Rule:
Regulating legislation of the behaviour’s, morals, and personal responsibilities of The People whilst simultaneously de-regulating and dismantling the responsibilities, actions, and choices, of the private equity and the corporate sector. Now with bonus bailouts!

Acts of Vandalism:
Forrest trees sacrificed and downed for the corporate equity crown.
A new city of armed training for safeguarding the plutocratic when the sorrows begin reigning.

20 Years On – Lessons Not Absorbed:
Private contracting and government obtrusion’s in the Middle East.

Frosty Hearted Legislation:
“Why it’s your right as parents to know your children are safe in their classrooms!”
A banning of books these we shall shun, yet the dreaded killer of the young – the AR-15 gun – becomes a political fashion pun.
O how dark these times have become, so many sorrows facing the young.
Yet do not despair for all is not lost, for awaiting you is a future of Light not of frost.

Neo-liberal conservative politics wrapped in a warm hug.

Shanty-Tent Towns, USA:
As Americans strive to survive in shanty-tent towns, record breaking billion dollar profits with nary a windfall profit tax in sight. After effects of the precision management of the American dream.

Kings of Malfeasance:
Mad kings, acquiescent kings, corporate kings, propaganda kings, private equity kings, theocratic kings, and media kings, competing to remake the Nation of the Free in their image and likeness.

Sanctioned Suffering:
Returning the suffering to the origins of their suffering.

A curbing of the un-comfortability of the comfortable.

Good Guys With Guns:
Glorifying stories and photos of enforcement take-downs of mass shooters as a panacea for the frightened masses.

That which seeks to divide in darkness draws forth the intentions of hope.

Nihilistic energies of dystopia seeking to bear the flag of the masses.

The valorous knight lays siege to the castle and kingdom
whilst the old king rambles and rages.

Flooding the zone …with sorrows.

A Man For This Season:
The rise of a nondescript man with a nondescript name
shunning publicity and the fawning’s of fame,
bringing forth hope and upliftment to a nation in shame.
All blessings.

Light does not change you by force or coercion, rather Light creates the medium in which change can occur with greater freedom and ease.

Billion dollar disruptors of Democratic systems a new for-profit motive,
for all others — a prayer, and perhaps lite a votive.

We, have an unusually high, and at times, delightful,
tolerance for individual freedoms to be, empowering each other
on their journey of awakening and becoming.

But the time has come for change for what is truth for me — for you, is now out of compassionate range.

Trains derailing and water poisonings, the snake awake.
New leases for drilling in pristine waters at stake,
the for-profit motive feeding into climate crises wake.

O what shall you do, screaming and railing against imagine frauds,
whilst truly it seems the darkness some laud.

Here we go into the future together, shall all be for naught for
profit and pleasure?

Our children will experience the sorrows too,
now is the time to stop thinking of profits and you.

Moving forward life will unfold, with these deeds of destruction
bringing forth harm to rich and poor, young and the old.

This future I see, does not have to be,
if we collectively can change from a consciousness of me-me-me,
to We.

The will of the many beholden to the sincere beliefs of the few.

Arising In Light:
A portal opens, Light perceived within as ample to lift one up if one falls.

The politics of vengeance are the politics of torture.

These visions I will no longer see, when humanity awakens, living from their hearts, empowering the Divine within to be.

Legislating Onerousness:
Claiming access whilst simultaneously legislating onerous deterrents to access.

The infliction of pain as a deterrent to behaviours the authoritarians find offensive.

Inner Cry of the Fascist Heart:
If I can’t feel love, neither will you.
My unity derives from your feeling separate – Othered.

A voice in the wilderness …love.

A breaking of the faith of the people.

Wake Up!
The use of spectacle to redirect debate.

AI – humanity’s intellect bereft the soul of humanity.

Light will oft times bring forth that which was once forgotten.

Privatization of the Commons:
Asking the public to pay for what they already own.

20 Years On:
The ethics of collateral damage infiltrates schools, homes, businesses, holy houses, the home and streets.

Feel good politics in the presence of rising fascism.

Threat as a Form of Torture:
Forcibly taking control of The Nation of the Free through torturous legislating and desecrating spectacles.

In a time of rising authoritarians, internalize the teachings of love.

An Entering Into A Period Of Falling Illusions:
Watch for despair.
Stay present in the unknown.
Do not allow the mind to wander with the energies of fear.

Frequency Changes
Frequencies creating the internal impression of a ‘speeding up’. May create nervous system challenges which can produce cyclical surges of perceiving the energies of anxiety, agitation, and stress.

Climate Politics:
When climate related loss of resources falsely justifies the forced taking of another’s.

Self-coronation’s in the nations of democratic rule.

Old kings, unwilling to let go of power, whilst self-appointed princeling’s and knights await with impudence and impatience for their moment to seize rulership and control.

Bannings as a key tenet of the Neo-Freedom fighters.

As Atrocities Perpetuate

Reality As Asset:
The monetized bending of the boundaries of shared perceptual reality.

Blind Spot:
Legislating the sanctioning of the poor and distressed in oblation to the godhood of the wealth creators. A forgetting of the instruction of charity.

A time coming forward in which those who were protected from feeling and experiencing the energies of distress, guilt, or discomfort, will inevitably create situations in which they may, in embodied form, experience them.

These travails I doth speak, brought forward for all to see.

Diplomatic witnesses evacuate as atrocities perpetuate.

Deliverance of spoon-fed truths.

A lauding of the citizen punisher, the usher of death, the cries of the hungry, the desperate, silenced.

Retribution, the harbinger of the sons and daughters of vengeance.

The rising power of the gilded, unwavering in conviction that the poor pay their fair share – sans mercy.

The Energies of Menace in a Time of Increasing Light:

The energies of menace reign in times of the dark night,
advancing upon one’s heart with dread and fright.
The energies of menace separated from the Light,
seek to control movement forward with obfuscated
interpretations of what is deemed right.

The energies of menace releasing into the Light,
seek willing hearts to increase their might.
These energies coming forward at times full of spite,
seek to undermine compassion and love
with righteous claims to inflict smite.

Fear not beloveds for when these energies appear to create blight,
for in the bespoken times to come,
the power of Love shall gather hearts contrite,
giving rise to an epoch of Love and Light.

A rise in Neo-political saviors, bringing forth the corrupt practices of cruelty, punishment, indifference to suffering, violence, and the demoralization of ‘Other’ not borne in their image and likeness.

A rise in the pernicious steamrolling over the sacred, innate, God-given, personal boundaries of the embodied soul.

The new master at war with collective reality.

The RFID’ing of embodied reality.

Holy Space:
Disconnection from the automation of time in service to the well being of the self, and all.

A rise in enhanced political intimidation techniques.

Citizens delineated as enemy combatants positioned for the punishers retributions.

The Blasphemy Of Hubris

A time rising in which disruptors become destroyers.

Foot soldiers of the crusade against ‘Other’ on the march.

The wantonness of the punishers revealed.

The abandon of greed.

The energies of hatred corrupting the Spirit.

A rise in the blasphemy of hubris.

The new master gathers his troops.

The new master calls his troops to arms.

The new master, at war with the nation of the free.

Relief as an aspect of the redemptive process of Love.

Profitable Engagement:
Politically derived hysteria as theatre for the masses.

The establishment of compliance controls as to not offend the eye of the sincere believer.

Extracting Advantage:
From colonialism to authoritarianism.

In A Time of Judgement:
Be mindful of generating sorrows and pain onto Other.
“Remember Love.”

Multiple, Historical Timelines Emerging:
Render all ism’s to the transformative potentialities of Love.

Coming Clean:
The truth redemption tour.
All Blessings.

War Room Punisher’s:
Fearless in the application of manipulative technologies.
Lies for the eyes.

Cruel and Unusual:
The posturings of ominous Neo-political saviors.

For Profit Climate Ventures:
When the response to calamity holds greater profitability than preventive measures.

A Separation of Effect From Cause:
A time coming forward of the gilded seeking for hire hardship stand-ins.

The Polarity of Self-Absorption:

Worshipfully, did the elect look upon their king
giving thanks and singing song.

For One, For All:

On Your Behalf:
“Why I am your liege as I live and breathe.”

A rising coming forward of harsh piety.

A Shock So Great:
Paradigm reality timeline shifts.

Investment Strategy:
Invest love in thy heart.

Shall thee push away, reject, thy own Mother for her supposed shame?

Self-induced Fall from Grace:
Patriarchal theocratic prepotency.

A rising of the policing of the autonomy of citizens with military precision.