The spiritual teachings of GurujiMa of Light Omega.

Spiritual Teachings

Light Omega

This the the heart of Light Omega — to act as a force of love and unity upon the Earth and a light for all people; to point the way toward the manifestation of a new Earth in which all can be supported, honored, and loved as divine and holy beings; to establish the most basic freedom of all, the freedom to be oneself and to shape one’s own destiny. This is the vow at the heart of Light Omega.

May it be so. GurujiMa

Introduction to Light Omega

The work of Light Omega unites two energy streams, that of the universal Christ that belongs to all religions, and that of the Divine Mother, merging these two into one so that this combined stream may act as a beacon of light upon the Earth and an energy of oneness for the purpose of universal transformation. Light Omega’s work is as a catalytic seed within consciousness to help people everywhere transform into a new way of life.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict, 2023: A Spiritual Overview

If we consider the war between Israel and Palestine not as a localized event but as a global event affecting consciousness everywhere, then we must think about how we can maintain alignment with spiritual light and truth, and not become enmeshed in darkness.

There are many ways in which to practice alignment with light and with the truth of our hearts. Such alignment is always important, but becomes even more important in the presence of threat, conflict, or in the present situation, war. Below are several understandings that may be held in relation to the battle taking place between Israel and Palestine. They are points of view intended to broaden our perspective, bringing forth not only an interpretation of current events, but asking us to examine our own values and points of view as well.

The Battle of Light and Darkness

  1. This is not just a battle between Israel and Palestine, but a battle between light and darkness.
  2. The battle is for the preservation or loss of one’s sense of humanity – a determination of what respect for the humanity of others can remain, even in dire situations.
  3. The battle is also over the belief that the ‘end justifies the means,’ and that as a result of such a belief, the harm toward or taking of innocent human life becomes valid.
  4. Further, the battle is over the belief, presented by the dark forces, that there is no other way than the way one is pursuing, the way of inhumanity. That this is a price that one must pay. The battle is over the willingness to believe that there is always another way.
  5. The battle is also over the belief in the capacity of the human heart to hold more than one point of view, and to see a partial truth hidden in all sides of a conflict.
  6. Finally, the battle is over the willingness to see all beings as descended from the One divine Self that is the Creator of All. This is the largest battle that is at stake, for it supports or detracts from the capacity of human beings to join together in love and unity, and affects the planet as a whole.