For who knoweth the Revelations of Love shall carry forth the Light.

Visions Received in 2019

The Sacred Once Hidden – Revealed

2019 – The Emerging Energies of The Mother.

2019 – The Emerging Energies of the Daughter.

2019 – The Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

Activities of Love in the presence of energies of separation, hierarchical dominance, and corrupted power in service to power.

That which has been corrupted and separated from the Divine Plan revealed.

Energies in service to darkness revealed.

Energies in service to Love revealed.

Love Revealed:

The divinity of the Daughter revealed through the portal of the Sacred Heart.

The Daughter of the Divine in the sacred embodiment of the Christ.

Love’s Power Revealed:

Love the essence of all that exists, revealed in its fullness.

Embodied divinity unites in the One.

Imbalance brought into balance — harmony.

At first in fear, that which was separated from Love attacks, demeans, suppresses, and seeks to destroy that which is of its essences, its origin – Love.

Cruelty abounds as separated energies attack and seek to destroy.

The Punisher and his cadre of punishers reveal the separated aspects of their heart’s through actions, words, and deeds, which reflect not Love, but the energies of unmitigated power.

Empowered by the Punisher, those who seek to follow his path reveal themselves.

The iron fist seeks to crush that which cannot be crushed — the spirit and essence of the soul.

Revelations Of Love


Separated aspects of the divine embodied, male and female united in sacredness in the heart — the portal to the Divine.

Ye shall know them by the Light they carry.

Ye shall know them by the Love they embody.

For who knoweth the Revelations of Love shall carry forth the Light.

Be not afraid of the energies which would seek to cover your light, for the Light is with you and you shall carry forth the Heart of the Christ in all that you do.

Those souls who long for peace, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Peace.

Those souls who long for love, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Love.

Those souls who long for healing, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Healing.

Those souls who long for unity, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Unity.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.

In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

Daughters of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

Sons of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

Let not the revelations of that which has covered thee frighten thee.

All must be seen.

All that is separated must be revealed.

Allow. Allow. Allow.

Architects of Domination

The energies which once held sway over the minds and hearts of humanity shall seek to keep hearts covered.

These energies will seek to frighten, intimidate, corrupt, and crush thee.

Fear not for the power of these energies diminish as the Light of the One is revealed.

That for which you have been borne to bring forth shall bear fruit.

Allow. Allow.

Allow the Light of the Divine to infuse your heart.

Allow your soul to come forth for this is why you are here.

The time of Revelations nears.

Open thy fist and receive.

Architects of Domination:

Beware the pious punishers.

Woeful is the sound of voices having the power to extend mercy yet judges ‘other’ as deserving of punishment.

War for profit and dominance in the name of the pious punishers.

Architects of Dominionism:

Energies arise again.

Domination of the America’s and then, America.

War, sorrows, death.

The sons and daughters of liberty weep.

Prophecies of The Pretender King:

In The Presence of Monarch’s:

The royal house which gave up America to We The People who longed to live monarch free, receives from America, a would be king.

The king’s daughter as representative of the will of We The People.

Coerced To The Sacrifice:

We the People wary of the deaths of their sons and daughters — coerced to the sacrifice.

Woeful Souls

Covered Over By Darkness:

The Light is still present.

Covered Over:

No oppressor can beat out the innate kindness present in all souls. The energies of the oppressor may cover it, yet it is still present.

We as souls are awakening to the revelations of consciousness which brings us to the awareness that all is sacred experience.

And, that we all were born with the innate freedom (free will) to choose our sacred experiences not have them thrust or manipulated upon us for the benefit of the few.

What is This Oppression?

The loss of the ability to say with complete freedom anything that one feels without fear of surveillance, in service to a branded principle of preserving this very same freedom.

The energies-consciousness opposed to freedom are being revealed — what shall we do to honour our freedom?

The Infinity from which all comes forth as reality, manifestation, energy, and consciousness is within all embodied souls.

Woeful Souls:

Profiting off of the suffering of ‘Other’.

The commodification of suffering of ‘Other’.

To Rule Them All:

The deification of the energies of darkness in service to power.

Planetary Incongruity Within The Divine Matrix:

The energies of the archetype of the fool king manifest rampantly on the body of Mother Earth.

All is revealed waiting to be healed.

We are living in a time when the archetype of the fool can be interpreted both as an innocent mendicant and the power hungry.

One brings enlightenment, the other dark despair.

Wait Upon My Word

The energies of predatory commodification revealed in its full horror.

All aspects revealed.

All blessings for the suffering.

The Light is always present, ready to enlighten the soul lost in darkness waiting only for an invitation to do so.

Pray for wisdom.

Pray for courage.

Pray for compassion.

Pray for the Light which resides in all.

A Great Punishing to Come Forward:

The Punisher enraged enacts revenge upon the principles of freedom.

The energies of darkness (evil) would have one believe that the qualities of nobility, kindness, decency, and compassion have little value and are an indication of weakness.

The goal of these separated energies is to make the embodied soul one with the darkness.

Be – align, with the energies of nobility, kindness, decency, and compassion which the soul longs for, and thrives in.

Guidance From I AM:

I AM: Daughter, fear not for I AM with thee.

Daughter, in the quiet thou shall hear Me.

Thou is with Me.

(Why do I feel as if I am dying?)

I AM: Death of the self in service to the life of the soul. A path, a way is being made daughter.

(Is this my mind self-comforting my emotions?)

I AM: Yes.

I AM: Comfort to bear that which you are to endure.

The Voice is Mine, the comfort yours. Your mind, My channel to you daughter.

Daughter of life — fear not this death which approaches thee. For I AM and I AM with thee.

Always daughter with thee.

Rest and wait upon My Word daughter.

I AM: Daughter


I AM: That which ails thee is sent.

(By who — whom?)

I AM: By that which would separate thee from Me.

To keep thee compounded by fear and ail.

That which you shall do you shall do through Me.

For I AM the Giver of Life.

(What should I do?)

I AM: Wait.

Wait upon My Word.

Rest in My Word.

Thou art My daughter, thou art of My Life.

Fear not that which would hasten thy death.

For I AM The Light of Life.

Gentle daughter fear not, for I AM and I AM with thee.

Blessed art thou who faithfully serves Me.

No daughter your mind makes this not up.

Rest and wait upon Me.

Brothers Of Dominion

The Future of Humanity – Energies of Light and Darkness:

Energies of Light: Service – Sacrifice – Sharing.

Energies of Separation/Darkness: Ego – Pride – Fear.

Brothers of Dominion:

The brothers of dominion seeking the sacrifice of the sons and daughters of liberty in service to the cults of coin and death.

Woe O Nation, woe.

Who Shall Pay Homage?

Who shall pay homage and kiss the ring?

“It’s patriotic,” We The People are told.

“Why it’s the new thing!”

The health of the nations and planet offered in sacrifice to the cults of coin and death.

Breathe daughter. Breathe and be easy.

Warnings you bring, prophecies not pleasing.

Prayers for the suffering of the Kurdish peoples in Northern Syria.

Silent are the voices of moral integrity.

Absent are the actions of moral integrity.

Slaughter of the innocents, children, women and men, by proclamation of the tweet.

Monarchical And Theocratic Rule

“Look here!” “Look here!” The serpent calls.

“Justify me!” “Justify me!”

“Give unto me your heart’s, such actions will cause you no pain.”

“For I have been released to bring forth the sorrows of my reign.”

Revelations Of The Consciousness Of Monarchical and Theocratic Rule:

Revelations (of that which is to be purified), of the consciousness, (historical energies), of monarchical, theocratic, and aristocratic rule.

The will of the king focused upon the thoughts and hearts of his people.

The blessings of the king transcending the blessings received of God. (Creator Source)

Benedictions directed to the king instead of towards God. (Creator Source)

The prayers of the people directed towards the king and against all perceived enemies and threats to the rule of the king.

The king expressing the belief of his ordination by God. Followers enforce this mandate.

The king, expressing the qualities of severity, punishment, humiliation, and the belief of his divine right to inflict pain.

The belief set forth that the authority of the king transcends all other authorities.

The throne of gold and power as the symbol of the will of the king.

The king, as his divine interpreted right, determines what the truth of his worthy followers shall be.

Those who do not follow the truths of the king shall be silenced.

A wounding of the people propounded as necessary to enforce the will of the king.

The will of the people of the king as an instrument of the king’s will made manifest.

Vows of obedience and loyalty to the will of the king.

A hell on earth created for all who displease the king.

The charismatic magic of the king’s essence and power enthralling the followers of the king.

The will of the people formed by the king and all who serve the king.

The people, found to be wanting of trust in their truth’s, their will’s, their heart’s pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are to be formed by the king and all who administer the king’s will, in the image and likeness of the king.

Those who serve the people who do not serve the will of the king first, to be identified as those who thwart, or are a threat, to the will of the king.

Under the rule of the king, justice meted out harshly to the ‘undeserving’.

Under the rule of the king, justice meted out harshly to those who will not follow the will and mandates of the king.

Under the rule of the king, justice meted out harshly to those deemed not to be the ‘true’ followers of the king and the new kingdom.

Under the rule of the king, treasures squandered and stolen.

Under the rule of the king, mercies allotted to the faithful followers.

Under the rule of the king, truth obfuscated.

Under the rule of the king, justice meted out without mercy.

Solemn Duty

Visions of Nation’s Awakening – Solemn Duty:

Solemn Duty.

How wretched the heart that hears the sound of its own voice desecrate in words,elected honourable service, anchored within hallowed halls, born upon a great collective inspiration.

What shall it mean to We The People to hear as denounced, the love and respect of, in union with, the virtues of service, the pillars of our national dignity, that which We The People, collectively aspire to?

Planetary-wide the energies of the iron fist seem to assert themselves.

Willing hearts, ready to follow, enact their cruelest desires.

How often through time have the First Thoughts of Creation experienced thought-forms filling human minds with dark shadows?

When a thought or action feels solemn to an embodied soul’s heart, and these feelings of solemnity are supported by pillars of decency, mercy, justice, and honor, and they are attacked, these very same embodied souls seem to grow in Light and the energies of integrity.

All blessings to the hearts which bring forth the energies of integrity.

In a time of would be kings be wary of a king elect who can easily purchase his power to rule over free peoples.

Vision of the Judicious Warrior:

The judicious warrior unnerved by the enemy from within…from behind.

Consciousness Shift:

We are moving from a consciousness of a God who will save us to a God who is within us.

A Fear So Cold

Awakening Light – The Plurality of the Divine:

The Light within is opening my heart and consciousness to the plurality of the experiences of the Divine, a journey to be gloried in.

Vision: A Fear So Cold.

A fear so cold makes the unstable bold.

A work separated from the heart, causes souls to depart.

Grace given for those forgiven.

A time nears, a rise in fears.

A nation departs from their heart’s.

A wrong turn as anger churns.

A time of warnings and souls mourning.

All prayers for the suffering, may the Grace of God be upon them.