A time of Revelation approaches.

Visions Received in 2015

A time of Revelations approaches.

Inner eyes once covered, now see.

Revelations rising on the horizon of the collective unconsciousness of humanity.

Some shall mourn and weep.

Some shocked, will cling to their disbelief.

Others still, shall celebrate.

All will know Truth.

As the illusions fall away, just be.

Harbor no judgements on these falling illusions.

Allow all illusions to fall away.

There are no saviors.

When the illusions of being saved fall away, you shall find the Twin Hearts of the Christ, the Divine Beloveds united, who have anchored and have come again to hold the Light for all who walk in darkness.

When the illusions of the (political) savior fall away… hearts shall weep.

There are no saviors.

There are the Blessed Teachings of the Christed Divine Beloveds filled with Light and Love to help you remember the truth of who you are.

There are no saviors.

There is you Awakening, in a unified field of Light and Love.

Cultivate the Light within.

The physical body, aligned with Divine Intention, is capable of the alchemical transformation of the nature of time and space.

The zero point for all energies expressed within the human form is the heart.

The lifting of the veil.

The falling of illusions.

Beliefs challenged.

Light on a new horizon — rising.

Within the pain of the lifting and falling of illusions, the gift of unlimited possibilities awaits us.

Worry not of the chemicals sprayed into your skies.

The power of the Light is far greater than the deeds of man.

The collective unconsciousness transcending the paradigm of savior.

There are no saviors.

Each embodied soul is responsible with the assistance of the upliftment of Light, for our own redemption.

The Christed Divine Beloveds anchor the Word and the Light for all who walk in darkness.

The voice of the soul, once repressed into the unconsciousness, rises into the dawn of a new day.

Falseness must be broken down and illusions shed so that in the Light of the new day we may remember the truth of who we are.

In the fullness of the Light:

Truth cannot be repressed.

The soul cannot be repressed.

Paradigm shift:

Ego transforming the unknown into the known now becomes the heart transmuting the unknown into the known.

It is the work of the Light to penetrate the energies of darkness within all of us.

The Light which is here, ever expanding is affecting every being and every living thing.

Whether humanity accepts the insights-illuminations of the Light within them and around them, is their Sovereign Divine free will choice.

It is not our work to evangelize our wills or paths onto one another.

Respect the free will of the Divine Sovereign within all living beings.

There is an ever expanding field of Divine Light which is awakening and illuminating every thing and living being upon the planet.

Physical death — the last embodied transmutation of the soul into the Heart of the Unified Field of Light.

The Epoch of the Christed Divine Beloved.

Global surveillance as the distorted outer expression of the collective unconsciousness seeking to experience itself truthfully and fully.

Revelations in a time of remembrance.

If God has blessed one with the gift of sight in which to see the Light within the darkness, who are you to call this Divine Gift the work of the devil?

Be wary of the voice that condemns and admonishes the awakening to keep their eyes closed.

Beware the voice which calls your blessed gifts of God, evil.

Be wary of those who tell you they come in God’s name as they bind you in chains of chaos and shame.

The shepherds who kept their flocks dumb and blind sought to fall upon the awakening souls with tales of fear and torment.

Watch for the ones who will call the awakening ones demons.

The Beloved Divines – The Divine Beloveds:

Anointed twin souls perfectly embodying the Divine Consciousness of Light.

Christ Consciousness embodied, male and female.

The Christed Divine Beloveds.

The effects of the Light will manifest within each sacred vehicle of consciousness in a manner in which serves the soul in its highest purpose.

Bless the souls who have been locked in their dark cells of suffering for so long that the Light frightens them. Harm them not. Bless them and allow them to come to the Light in their own way.

The day is upon us when our eyes will open and our knees bend in wonder and awe.

Truth does not need our collective anger to fuel its power.

That which has been hidden from your eyes and hearts shall now in its fullness rise into the Light.

The Light can only bring to you that by which by your free will you are willing to receive.

The Light comes swift like an arrow through the darkness.

Illuminating all that has been hidden.

The Holy Light which my heart now perceives shall be perceived by all.

For those who have been given sight – it is now time to ‘see’.

The Redemption of the daughters of Eve.

The Dawn of the Daughters of Light.

The Dawn of the Covenant of the Daughters and Sons of Light within the One.

Note: savior with an uncapitalized ‘s’ does not indicate the Christed Beloved’s, it indicates embodied souls who in a state of separated consciousness, come forth to ‘save’ in the name of ego, power, political power and glory, separated from the Creator Force of the Universe.

March 2015

The Willing Sacrifice

The Path of the Christ:

Into the darkness transforming the darkness into Light.

And all manner of demons did come and visit me; yea, their legions were strong.

And they visited me in my heart and my spirit and upon my mind.

And the Lord Our God spoke unto me and blessed me and protected me in my torments.

And my heart and mind, verily my soul, called out to you My God for mercy and deliverance.

And the demons and legions raged at these words and sought to separate me from my vow unto Thee which I have given Thee.

Unto Thee I have given thyself.

Only Thou can release me.

Even as the darkness seeks to confound and confuse me, you are here Beloved, shining your Light on my path.

Even as the outer light is covered from our eyes, the Holy Light grows stronger to our inner eyes.

Windows of dimensional healing now coalescing.

Light shining through various dimensional windows of awareness bringing healing to all hearts who would be healed.

Light shining into karmic awareness — choice to act out or heal (forgive).

The veiling of the skies shall not hinder the unveiling of the consciousness of human kind.

The dimensional doorway to redemption, opened to all, that they may pass through, by the sacrifice and crucifixion of the embodied Christ.

Waves of Planetary Rage and Despair.

Sickness, torments, pains, sufferings and sorrows rise up as a collective wail to the ONE known in many names and tongues.

The embodied ones aligned with the forces of darkness ready themselves to pounce.

Blessed are the innocents. Blessed are the innocents. Blessed are the innocents.

The black clad jihadis of death have found their earthly powers aligned with the dark forces of evil.

Replaced is the Blessed Allah, with the dark god of suffering and torments which they inflict upon all who dare cross their paths.

Sick of heart, mind, and spirit, they wield their swords, stones, and violent diatribes upon the innocents.

Their iron fists clenched, their iron wills merciless, their hearts depraved, their tongues steel like the swords used to murder all who dare live as Allah wishes and desires.

Upon the name of the Prophet, PBUH, do they desecrate the Holy Word and the Holy Way.

In their innocence, the pure will be able to discern the duplicitous.

To the Children of Israel:

Piety without the benefit of compassion and empathy shall keep you wandering.

Open your hearts to all of God’s beloved children, then you shall know the promised land.

The Call of the Christed Divine Beloved:

Blessed are those which hear and answer, the call of the Divine Beloved, in this Epoch of the Christed Divine Beloved.