Songs of joy.
Songs of delight.
A banquet awaits those who traverse through the dark night.

Visions Received in 2017

The One Eternally Expressing Divinity

Behold My Beloved Creation:

Designed to transform the energies of darkness and express the energies of Light.


I in you and you in I.

There is no separation only the One eternally expressing Divinity.

In A Time Of Darkness and Loss Of Integrity:

In a time of darkness… you can choose to shine your light.

You can make the choice in each new moment to be a beacon of hope for those lost in the darkness.

Shine in your integrity, your hopefulness, your faith, your innocence, your light!

Be the love you long for.

In the Presence of the Energies of Deception:


Become aware of energies being imposed upon your hearts and minds which are separated from love.

Before you knew of these sorrows, I held them close to my heart in prayer.

The energies of purging coming forward devoid of health.

Dimensional doors opening within.

Thoughts and beliefs once polarized become nuanced.

To confound and confuse, to agitate and enrage; the rule of the Punishers dividing the Nations.

Deception As Desecration

One of the hallmarks of deception is desecration.

Cries of the suffering met with impudence and scorn.

Patriots called by the deceived to harden their hearts.

Cries of the suffering mocked and silenced.

The rise of the iron fist.

The cries of the suffering calling out for mercy.

The hearts of the One watching in horror and prayer.

The cries of the suffering downtrodden in fear engulfed by the energies of loathing, calling out for mercy.

The Nation of the Free complicit in silence.

“We are one!” cry out the hardened hearts of the patriots.

Calls to “Harden your hearts, for the ‘other’ is not of us.”

Bewilderment and sorrow engulfs the Nation of the Free.

Freedoms lost, the laws of the Punisher a desecration to the sacred held up in vainglorious hubris.

“See you not?” cry out the hardened. “See you not that all we do is for you?”

Hearts confused and bewildered cower in fear.

The soul rises in the dark times to come.

An awakening of truth in the hearts of the awakened of which no deception, no lie, can penetrate.

One of the hallmarks of deception is desecration.

Truth Obscured


“What am I to trust?” cry out the bewildered.

Trust the goodness of your hearts.

Let your actions be rooted in love.

Feelings of helplessness as events move forward without grounding.

Energies of chaos causing overwhelm of nervous systems, minds and hearts.

Decisions becoming more difficult to make in the presence of distorted and chaotic energies.




Allowing for the passage of time and the subsidence of energies and clearing.

Truth Obscured:

A calling to anchor deep within, connection with the soul in stillness, waiting for clarity.

The Nation once united – torn asunder.

Truth Obscured:

A calling from the voices of the deceived to hate and desecrate.

Great sorrows in the Nation of the Free.

Truth Obscured:

Language weaponized to separate the hearts and minds of the people of the Nation of the Free.

Anger fueled by the voices of the deceived calling for unholy wars between sister, brother, neighbor and friend.

Categorizations of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

The language of love weaponized.

The Nation weeps.

Sorrows And Divisiveness

Truth Obscured:

Hearts and minds distracted, overwhelmed, helpless, enraged – lash out.

Sorrows and Divisiveness:

The avowed saviors of the Nation crushing dissent.

The iron fist of the Punisher and punishers loosed upon the Nation’s values and rules of law, a great desecration of the Nation to come.

Woes and sorrows of the needy scorned and mocked.

The needs of the cult of coin and death usurping the generous heart of the Nation.

Imprisonment and harsh indictments for those who would dissent.

A great blessing coming forward for the nation in times of turbulence and destruction.

Look past desecration’s and divisiveness. Days of darkness and destruction of pillars of virtue of the nation bring forth unexpected consequences.

The Nation of the Free united in cause and voice.

Fear not for I have foretold of these times.

I AM and I will be with you.

The birth of the nation once envisioned and anchored in hope, comes forward.

All Blessings.

The tides of ancient Rome wash unto American shores.

The iron fist attacks.

Punisher’s revealed.

The beloved nation reels.

Wails of women and children.

The cries of men.

A great injustice unto the Peoples of the Nation of the Free.

King Of The Republic

Wails and lamentation years old, washes the planet in sorrow.

Sorrows and crimes attributed to irrelevance and the fake.

The sting of the Punisher shocking and awing the Nation of the People of the Free.

“Who shall bend and kiss the ring?”

“Look,” cry the complicit, “behold our modern king!”

I speak to thee in a time of freedoms not long to be.

The iron fist of the Punisher strikes brutally.

These events foretold by sages, prophets, and Holy Books of old, warning all who would listen.

A time to stand in integrity.

Beware the man who would proffer a pious brow and speak with a soldiers tongue.

The energies of desecration, tentacle like, spread into the hallowed foundations of the Nation of the Free, crushing and undermining long held virtues.

The eye of the tyrant meets from sea to shining sea.

Memories once seemingly locked in time, surface.

Horrors and sorrows long held, others now new.

Hearts and minds scrambled, reel.

The wrath of the iron fist of the Punisher.

The rising light continues to reveal, that which once was, and is, concealed.

Bear with nation.

Bear with.

Daughter Write My Words


Daughter – Christed Heart of the One

Daughter – Scribe of the One.

Throughout all visions this key is valid.

Daughter Write This Unto Thy Nation:

Nation, I call thee to remember the yoke which once held thee. Your Fathers and Mothers stood in defiance to injustices and the crushing of liberties.

Remember those who have come before thee in times of tyranny – when your knees falter, and your hearts worry and cower.

Remember Nation, I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter Write My Words:

Fear not daughter, for these words I have put into your heart. Your pen I guide.

Daughter, I AM and I AM with thee.

Hear me now, a time to come forward when the Nation shall weep and lament.

Fear not for all is not lost, for these are the times in which I have called you forth.

Daughter, begin now, I beseech thee fear not.

(This message is not clear what am I to begin?)

Proclaim daughter. Proclaim My Words.

Be thee not fooled by the words of those who care not for those they claim to uphold.

Daughter, be thee not afraid in the times of sorrows to come. 

For My Words you shall speak.

In My Name you shall proclaim.

Hear Me Daughter?

Daughter, scribe of My Heart, you come forth.

Your life, daughter, is Mine.

Daughter, you heart trembles for I have called you.

Your heart trembles, daughter, to know Me.

Be not afraid for it is I who calls you.

Daughter of My Heart, falter not. For it is I who shall form the words of your mind and of your mouth.

Daughter Of My Heart

Daughter thy will is My Will. 

Know there is no separation.

For you have been formed of My Heart, born in service to My Will.

Daughter of My Heart, I have called you, fear not.

Daughter, My Will you shall proclaim. 

My Voice shall speak to the nations through you.

Be not afraid for I AM and I AM with you.

Hearwith Nation:

A time soon comes forward when all shall seem secure and serene, yet I tell you forthwith that behind the calm and serenity burn fires, fires that would seek to destroy the very fabric of the nation.

Fear these forces not.

For these times I have warned you of and shall come to pass.

Daughter of My Heart, follow the call of My Voice in all that you do.

Know you have been formed of My Heart.

Thy Will shall be proclaimed through you daughter.

Fear not.

Daughter, I call out unto you, and you daughter of My Heart, shall proclaim My Word.

(I am unworthy of this most sacred task, why me?)

Daughter, would you in your fear cull your heart from Mine?

Daughter, your destiny has been formed from My Heart, from My Love – fear not daughter.

Fear not.

Daughter, holy scribe, beloved of My Heart, know that I AM and I call thee forth.

Tremble Not Before Tyrants

Daughter, those who seek to deceive shall in the end, have their eyes and hearts opened.

Daughter, tremble not before tyrants.

Reminiscences of tyrants bear no might to the sorrows of the suffering.



Write scribe.

Daughter of My Heart, your fears I know and am familiar with.

Worry not child.

For I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter, you worry, “Is it my small voice I hear that commands me?”

No daughter.

Your small hand writes. My Voice commands you to do so.



Write scribe.

I shall guide thee in all that you do. Nothing you do, daughter, is separated from My Will.


(Yes, Beloved.)

You shall in time fill in.

(Fill in?)

Fill into the places and spaces I have appointed for thee.

Until such time, wait and know that I AM and I AM with thee.

Worry not daughter.


(Yes, Beloved.)

Be thee not afraid.

Be thee not small in thy heart.

Wait upon My Word.


Unto THEE Thy Nation Is Calling:

A time of great weeping to come.

Many fallen.

Sons and daughters cry out in vain.

A ship sinking in the sea.

Be not afraid.

Write Scribe:

I AM ever aware of Thy Nation’s cries.

No son, nor daughter ever alone.

A time to come when all shall witness Thy Might and know that I AM.

Called Forth

Hear now in this Voice I shall call unto thee.

Feel now how thy body trembles in My Presence.

Be not afraid.

A time to come when I shall call all by My Voice, all shall know I AM and I AM with them.

Daughter of My Heart, I have called thee forth as scribe.

In Thy Name you shall speak.

Carry not the burden of My Words.

For I AM with all who shall hear My Voice.

I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter, your pen falters.

(Yes, Beloved. For these words I write carry such sorrow and pain. How shall we bear these sorrows to come?)

Daughter of My Heart, I forsake none.

As a branch is of the tree all are of Me.

For I AM.

Carry not these words I have given unto thee.

For this is not your work, scribe.

I have called you forth, Daughter of Hope, to be a Light in the dark to come.

Many will falter in fear and sorrow.

Many shall curse and lose hope.

Suffering is not of My Will.

For all my children shall know My Love.

All my children shall know of the new way I have prepared for them.

First, the journey into the dark times to come.

I AM and I AM with all.

None shall I forsake.

(Why this journey, Beloved?)

The choice was made to separate from Me.

The choice was made to wander.

The choice was made to walk into the darkness through the darkness, with Me, for I AM and I have not forsaken My sons and daughters.

A way has been made.

A way through the darkness has been made.

Daughter, holy child, write:


I AM of your mornings, I AM of your night.

I AM the song of the birds, the ideas of your mind, the love in your heart.

To thee I have given this task which your heart calls a burden.

Carry all in prayer daughter, carry all with Me.

Sweet daughter fear not.

For a time shall come to pass when all is dark, all unfamiliar.

This way I have made for thee.

Trust that I AM with thee in each step you shall take.

Follow the Light, daughters.

In the dark times to come, follow the Light.

Follow the Light, sons.

In the dark times to come, follow the Light.

Carry these words forth as I have called you to do so.

All truths shall be known.

All shall be revealed.

Cries Of The Nation

Cries of the Nation:

The governor’s of the virtues of the nation express coldness and cruelty.

The heart of the nation beats uneasily.

The warmth of the heart of the Republic turns cold.

Fear in the belly and heart.

Bear with, nation, bear with.

The Law Of The Punishers:

The Peoples of the Nation of the Free angered by energies by which they know not, are fed by the rages and manipulations of the commissioners of divisiveness inciting the people to attack each other, destroying the harmony of the nation.

Woe, beloved nation. Woe.

Spirit crushing laws of the Punisher’s awaiting the awakening, betrayed, Peoples of the Nation of the Free.

The laws of the iron fist of the Punisher’s meted out harshly.

A twisting of the Teaching: “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”*

Judged failings of humanity, suffering, poverty, lack of health and wealth — indicators to those who come in the name of the iron fists of the Punisher and punisher’s of those who shall be sanctioned and punished harshly so that they might be saved.

*Matthew 7:2

Threats to leadership and those who disagree, become in turn, new laws in the Nation of the Free.

“Ho, we shall decide what is best for the nation,” cry the Punishers.

“Those who veer from our rigid ways shall be punished, for our punishments shall save you.”

Seeking to increase their kingdom in the name of their God upon the nation, laws and punishments meted out in order to save those souls who do not follow their creeds and beliefs.

The cult of coin and death flex the fists of the Punisher’s.

Woe mighty nation, now brought low.

Power uncoupled from the energies of love bears a plague upon the human heart.

The Somnolent Awaken

We are, as embodied souls, meant to work in harmony, respecting the dignity of each person who abides upon the planet.

The Somnolent Awaken:

Waking up can sometimes be a shocking event to the somnolent soul.

Bear with beloveds. Bear with.

Trust In Service to Love:

There will be times when the Light will ask you to believe in others without knowing why.

This very act of trust is in service to Love.

In A Time Of Deception:

Beware the deceived who shall seek to inform your heart that compassion is not measured by the sufferings of the poor, the broken, the elderly, and the infirm.

Let your heart not be guided by cruelty and injustice.

Remember the truth of who you are as the children of Light and Love.

Alienating, name calling, demonizing, and shaming ‘other’ creates space for the darkness to take hold in the heart of the ones demonizing ‘other,’ often bringing harm to the innocent.

Hate begets hate.

Name calling begets harm and suffering.

Demonizing ‘other’ begets harm, sorrow, and suffering.

Learning how to love one another is the passage to healing, peace, and planetary harmony.

Be aware of the calls of the deceived, who will seek to inform your heart that collectively, we share no common humanity, and that compassion for others is folly.

A re-calibration within the hearts of humanity comes forward.

Who is your God?

Who is your God that demands inflicting cruelty and painful lives as well as death upon innocents?

I ask again, who is your God?

Desecration of Innocence:

Desecrator of innocence, has your heart been so devastatingly wounded that desecrating innocence becomes your loving sacrifice to your idols?

Finding the Sacred.

That which I find sacred is that which I care for.

The serpent masks itself within the hearts of the cold.

Waves of suffering, horror, and sorrow encompass the beloved.

Daughter Of The One


Daughter – Christed Heart of the One

Daughter – Scribe of the One.


(Yes, Beloved.)

I wish to speak.

(I am ready.)

Daughter, write these words scribe:

I AM calls you. Fear not.

All is according to My Plan, My Will.

Unto thee, O daughter, shall I speak.


(Yes, Beloved.)

In the times to come a darkness shall cover the earth as never seen before.

A darkness shall cover the earth. Souls shall wail and bellow, calling for Me.

This darkness daughter, shall come to pass.

Fear not daughter, for I AM and I have called thee to My Heart.

Daughter of I AM I have called Thee.


(Yes, Beloved.)

I will call you forth and you will know My Voice.

Until such time, rest daughter, know that I shall call thee.

Daughter, Blessed One of the Beloved, I await Thee.

For I have called Thee forth and with a faithful heart You have answered My Call.

Unto nations You shall speak.

Thy Heart shall be known as Blessed.

Blessed Daughter of the One:

Thy children shall come to Thee and be with Thee.

Thy children shall be safe unto Thee for I have called Thee faithful.

I have called Thee Beloved.

I have called Thee Daughter of the One.

Truth Reveals Itself In Time

From the darkness dwells a Light.

From the darkness dwells a Light that shall shine upon all who suffer.

From the darkness shall come a Light for I AM and all is unto Me.

From the darkness shall come a Light, the Light of I AM the Light of the One.

For all is within Me, all is of Me.

All darkness shall be made Light.

For the Light cometh forward through the darkness, the darkness redeemed, now of the Light.

Worry not brave daughter, worry not and write as I instruct thee.

(How can Light come from darkness Beloved?)

All is of I AM.

In Me there is no separation of Light and darkness, all is of the Light, all is of I AM.

(These things You speak I do not understand Beloved.)

Beloved scribe, worry not over meanings, interpretations, and dissemination’s.

I AM, Daughter. I AM.


(Yes, Beloved.)

How you worry and fret.

(Yes, Beloved.)

Blessed art Thou who has been called forth Daughter of the Light.

Blessed is Thy Heart.

Blessed is Thy Faithfulness.

Blessed is all that comes thru Thee.

Blessed art Thou, O Daughter of Compassion.

Blessed art Thou whom I call forth.

Blessed are Thy Works, Thy Name, and Thy Heart.

God’s Will – Life.

By our very existence we are the living embodiment’s of God’s Will.

As The Light Reveals:

As the Light continues to reveal that which has been hidden and separated, remember that the revelation itself is part of the process of healing and purification.

Compassion involves suffering with – bearing with.

Truth Reveals Itself In TIME:

In the presence of Truth darkness weakens.

As the frequencies of Light increase, it will take more energy to uphold the darkness than truth.

Truth will always reveal itself in TIME.

TIME – Universal Reality.

Yea, even in the presence of multi-dimensional realities truth reveals itself in TIME.

Bear with.

Bear with.

Interpreters Of Freedom

Last summer of innocence in a time of men who would be kings.

Be aware of the interpreters of freedom.

Choose the Light.

‘See’ the darkness.

Choose the Light.

Be aware of those who would seek to corrupt your heart.

“Shush,” cry the complicit.

“It is wrong for you to call the darkness – darkness.”

In a time of men who would be king, terror reigns upon the planet.

Hearts, anxious, confused, seeking Light and Truth, are met by threats of darkness.

An awakening of the nation’s heart.

Hearts longing.

Souls awakening.

Legacies of separation purified.

Souls freed, no longer bound, bending to the energies of the forces of darkness.

The Love You Seek

The energies of darkness will never be defeated by acts of darkness.

In times of darkness – choose the Light

In The Presence Of Energies Separated From Love:

In the presence of energies separated from love, trust your heart to guide you.

Check yourself.

Do not call the darkness to you.

Anchor your thoughts in love.

Be aware and do not despair.

Where is the Love?

The Love is inside of you.

“Where? I have looked everywhere and cannot find Love.”

Look under your anger, your hatred, your bias, your sense of supremacy, your hubris, your intolerance, and any right you perceive to have to act out these energies.

The Love you seek is under these energies.

The Mother is the Unified Field.

The body of the Mother surrounds us in the trees, plants, rocks, mountains, beaches, deserts, fields, caves, skies, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and all forms of wildlife.

I hear the language of the trees which surround me in birdsong.

No Separation.

All is unified.

All is whole.

All is Love.

This is our shared destiny.

Heart Of The One

The pain of the lower frequencies of discord and separation will in the end, open the hearts of those embodied souls attached to the energies of chaos and distortion.

Bear with.


For the truth to be told, as events unfold, one must be ready to behold, the awe of the One.

Songs of joy.

Songs of delight.

A banquet awaits those who traverse through the dark night.


Who am I to speak to you of the Holy?

Why I am of you.

I am of the One.

Daughter, embrace the good things which have come unto thee, for I have found thee faithful.

Know that I AM with thee.


Who AM I?


I AM from which you came, from which all comes forth.

From My Body your body was formed.

To My Body you shall return.

Fear not in the times of polarization that I have abandoned thee.

All is held within the Heart of the One.

Truth Be Told:

In the times coming forward, that which have been separated from My Heart and from your own hearts shall be revealed.

I have caused this releasing which comes forth.

I have called you sons and daughters before Time was known.

I call you forth now Awakening the Sacred Heart within that we share.

For The Beloved


Fear not the rising tides of war, desecration, death, and tribulations, for all has been foretold.

I hold all, for all are of My Holy Body. There is no separation.

I AM with you in your suffering and sorrow.

I AM with you in your joy.

I AM with you as you transverse through all which has separated you from Me.

Blessed Be.

Blessed be to thee.

For I have called thee forth, and you have come.

From time immemorial I have been with you.

Never alone, your soul of My Body, your heart of My Heart.

These anguishes, sorrows, and tribulations you bear, I have borne with you.

Now a time comes forward where all will know I AM and I AM with you.

Blessed Be.

My Song I sing into your heart.

A softened heart shall hear.

The hardened heart will soon be near.

O such pains and woes inflicted upon My beloveds.

Know in this night of darkness you traverse, the sorrows and sufferings of the past are being healed and reversed.

Fear not beloveds, for I AM and I AM with you.


The final steps in the journey to Awakening and Unity.


How can this journey of sorrows and tribulations be lessened?

Look into your heart.

Call forth, bring forth, share, the love within your heart.

No gift of your heart is too small or unworthy.

Worry not if your love is rejected.

For it is I, the One from which you came, which calls this love forth in the healing of your brothers and sisters.

Prophet: “Love.”


“Surely Prophet you jest!”

“Why look at the hatred, the bigotry, the hubris, the attacks on ‘other,’ the poor, the sickly, the less fortunate.”


“Why those who are acting out these separated energies bear arms, bear bats, bear fists, bear words of horror from their hearts.”


“Surely Prophet you jest.”

Prophet: “Love.”

Daughter, give thanks for I have found this worthy.

Know that thy work is good and of My Heart.

Know that you serve Me, and in this truth you shall find your purity.

For the Beloved:

Blessed Art Thou whom I call Daughter.

“Daughter, you tire.”

(Yes, Beloved.)

“Take thy rest Daughter, take thy rest.”

O behold the holy of heart who need no promptings as they joyfully emerge to serve those in need.

All blessings to the servants of Love.

with love,
A witness to the wonders of your love.

O Holy Of Heart – A Fine Line Walked.

O holy of heart who plumbs the depths of souls who walk in darkness to serve the innocent.

A fine line walked. Souls imprinted do not succumb to the will of the forces of darkness even in the presence of acts of cruelty, depravity, rages, and all manner of corruptions of heart and mind.

Who are these souls who are holy of heart?

You are.

Hope On The Horizon:

A witnessing to come forth of the demise of the for-profit paradigm.

Wait. Watch as all unfolds.

Values, moralities, ethical behaviors, greed and gluttony to be purified.

All shall be revealed.

As events continue to speed up, seemingly coming closer together, so too will the intensity.

Continue to be prayerful, trustful, and seek to hold joy in your heart whenever possible without being shallow.

This is one way to move through the expansion of Light and the releasing of energetic density.

The One from which we all came forth from, and return to, loves us so perfectly, that we were made to not only endure with trust through this process of planetary and individual purification, but to grow – expand in our hearts, minds, down to the dna in our cells.

We are moving forward into passages and experiences of awakening which will seem shocking.

Bear with.

Bear with each other.

Voice Of The Punisher

Peace And War – The Voice Of The Punisher:

I speak of peace and play with my powers of war.

In the name of infused beliefs of who shall be deemed good and who shall be deemed evil, I shall use my powers to control those whom we have deemed evil.

Speaking of war and strength, with parades of egoistic militaristic might, and funding for wars and displays of might, whilst depleting the coffers for the elderly, poor, disabled, and sickly.

Peace and war.

Actions and deeds propping up the pillars of war and militaristic commands throughout the lands with words of peace and freedoms promised.


These words speak of the peaceful, respectful, and unifying principles and yet, for public consumption private words and actions show thy truth.

I the listener am confused in my mind because I do not know what to trust.

My heart witnesses deeds which are not of the heart even as cleverly written speeches confuse my mind.

Energies of abuse promising peace, in the presence of psychological games, cause me to whirl, seeking stability in the presence of that which my heart knows would annihilate that which is good, true, and unifies all in love.


That which is in the heart and mind, often hidden from the conscious self is projected out onto other’s behaviors.

Be mindful that there are times in which the projections can hold some truths, often these very same projections are signs of that which is to come for those who believe they are under the wings and protection of the projector. That which is secretly admired is publicly condemned.

Focus of Abuse:

As the abuser turns their focus unto others, for a moment those who are not in the eye of the Punisher, feel a sickly sense of relief that they can breath easy until the wrath of the abuser focuses their way again.

Threats Cloaked In Words Of Peace

What Is This Truth?

I cannot follow these words. I cannot feel or perceive as I listen nor define that which is truthful and that which is false.

I perceive in the words I am listening to as a cover which sounds of logic and purity, and yet, I feel something dark and menacing.

Speaking of Heaven and Hell:

I have heard you speak of heaven and hell – I have heard you condemn with what I perceive to be a void, and emptiness of soul, a proclamation of those who shall be condemned.

I have heard you speak the name of God and my heart shrinks back for I feel no love, no history, no relationship only a vast emptiness and soul corrupting manipulation of the Holy Name of the Nameless One.

Seeing The Unacceptable:

“Let us ‘see’ the unacceptable in others.”

“Let us divert our attention towards those who are much like us, so that we can do unto others that which we condemn others for doing unto their own.”


Hollowness offers space for magical words which are meant to enhance and fill, the hollowness within.

Offering no substance in the presence of words and promises which are in the end, never meant to be fulfilled.

The Word Evil:

The word evil is pronounced in such a way that I feel as if I listen to the syllables sounding out, the historical lash of religious inquisitions, ringing out in the halls of time.

Cloak Of A King:

“Here, put on this cloak of wonderfully composed phrases, and you shall be as a king, showing the way to those who have no true vision of how we shall make the world in our image and likeness.”

Revelations of Light:

Be not fooled by words for acts will reveal the truth.

For this is a time of the Light revealing all which is hidden within the darkness.

Threat Cloaked In Words Of Peace:

“Why See How Grand I Am!”

“Come see my grandness in every missile, every gun, every righteous soldier, every threat, every weapon of war, every tank — for they are my jewels, my new found riches, giving me that which I have found lacking within, the grandness I long for.”

This God You Speak of – Voice of the Separated:

“This God you speak of now commands the world through me, my will be done.”

“I shall now become the sovereign I have longed to be, for this is what those who love me, long for me to be.”

“This God you speak of, my will be done.”

Voice of the Punisher:

“Those who are like me, reject me, for they can see that which I hide behind – the veil of my scripted words.”

“Wait, for I shall reveal in time, the fullness of that which is hidden for all to see.”

“Watch and see. Those who reject me shall come forth and embrace me fully.”


Time and the Prophet:

My time is found in waiting, listening.

My time is found outside the bounds of time.

My time is the Time of the One.

When called, all waiting for my attention in time dissipates, and my heart is brought forth both in time and space, to a timeless space.


Revelations come forth unbidden, not to my mind, but through my heart.

My soul speaks.

My mind worries and frets in the presence of the One who speaks through my soul – through my heart.

“Who am I?”

“Who am I to be called forth as Prophet?”

Nation of the Free – Awaken!

In your slumber you have become known as a people who want to and do, kill millions of innocent people to keep ‘secure’.

What new horror shall be committed in our names?

What Have We Wrought?

I hear a Nobel peace laureate exclaim ‘fake news’ in response to the people’s actions of tyranny and horror.

I hear a president insulting and threatening Nations, groups of peoples, cultures, religions, women, families, and individuals.

I hear the chants of outrage for the ‘others’ seeking refuge, fleeing lands we destroy.

I hear the words of a new hard-liner nationalist leader drunk with power from an unexpected win.

I hear the cries and the screams of the poor, raped, desecrated, ruined, bullet ridden, murdered, starving, oppressed and repressed of all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all families, in my heart.

I see the rise of the fist of the Punisher’s.

I see the indignantly righteous clasp their hands in glee.

I see a planetary We The People leading the way forward through acts of love, truth, solidarity, and integrity.

Bear with planetary family. Bear with.

Only when we redeem our own house will we be able to look out again as a nation at all nations and feel the peace of knowing no one is dying nor suffering in our names.

Revelations of the Light – Free At Last:

Wait for Revelations to come forward.

In the presence of Divine Light all that has been held in darkness comes forward.


Hold Revelations of the Light in prayer.

All shall be revealed.

This is the holy mystery.

These are the times our souls have longed for.

Wait Upon My Word

In The Dark Night – As The Nation Slept:

What path has been set?

What yoke imposed?

How the righteous of the coin celebrate.

Shall the nation weep when they awaken from their sleep?

Oh ye nation, thy steps are heavy.

Your light is found within your love for one another.

May peace be found in the heart’s of the suffering.

The darkness will inform your heart that you have the ‘right’ to devour.

These energies which come as waves of predaciousness and devouring come through a vortex of time, bringing forth the wounds, old and fresh, of souls which have suffered so.

Reverberations Throughout Embodied Time:

Slaughter of innocents held in the heart’s of the holy, held in the hearts of the daughters and sons of the One.

Even As The Light Seems Dim:

Light surrounds all that is dark, holding all in Love.

Blessed peacemakers seem will-less in the presence of the energies of darkness.

This is not true.

Light lifts the will-less who have surrendered their wills to the Will of Love.

How thy heart cries out in the presence of evil.

For the heart knows Love – is borne of Love, lives to serve Love.

Truth Be Known, All Revealed:

Revelations coming forward upending the darkness whose coarse reign falls to pieces in the presence of the Divine.

Wait Upon My Word:

For in My Word justice, mercy, and love flow as a never ending river of Cosmic Light.

The Hand Of God

Peace be upon thee.

For thy heart is seen.

Thy love is known.

Blessed art thou who follow the tenets of Love.

A path will be made forward through the dark times to come.

A path will be made.

Blessed art thou children of Love and Light.

Fear not in the dark times to come.

Fear not for I AM and I AM with thee in all thy travails and tribulations.

A way will be made through the darkness.

The Hand of God cannot be forced by the whims of a king.

The Hand of God cannot be forced by the claiming of earthly kingdoms.

The Hand of God cannot be forced.

Be not afraid of the darkness.

For even as the darkness seems strong, engulfing, and seemingly crushing, its powers are temporary.

For the Light and the power of Love, will, and ever shall be with us.

Fear not in the dark night.