Fear not in the darkest times, lose not your hope
in the power of the Light over the darkness.

February 8, 2005

The karma* of the suffering of others in the name of “freedom” shall be inflicted upon the people of the nation of the free.

The rage filled heart has slowly filled with hate for each injustice, as the people of the nation of the free, go about their lives – complicit – even as they cry of their ignorance and innocence. 

(Karma – in this instance – meaning fate; destiny {In Sanskrit a deed or an action that has consequences}) 

February 20, 2005

Nation of impudence and arrogance.

You have falsely made the nation into your own image; claiming it for the “glory of God.”

Vanity I tell you. Hubris, vanity – vainglory.

How I weep for the innocent – asleep – as their liberties are taken from them.

How I weep for the innocent.

How I weep for the innocence of the nation – lost.

People of the nation of the free, no longer… free.

March 23, 2005

Here – this is what I see:

They cannot perceive that it is the darkness motivating their hearts.

The people of the nation of the free are incited in their hearts by the voices of darkness claiming to be of the Light; causing their emotions to overwhelm them and reason to flee their minds.

A madness in the hearts and minds of the people of the nation of the free. 

May 1, 2005

Greedy nation of idolaters; worshipers in the name of the almighty dollar:

A disease festers in the heart of your nation, in your collective consciousness.

Kindness is being desecrated – replaced – by your self absorption.

Care for the welfare of your brothers and sisters – replaced – by your aggressive greed.

Oh greedy nation – pushing, shoving, grasping – to satiate your insatiable desires; 

I weep and anger at this injustice borne upon the backs of the children, women and men

who hunger for their daily bread and a safe place in which to sleep. 

{Nation – The United States of America} 

May 22, 2005

I feel deeply within My Infinite Heart…

every beating; every cut; every bruise; every slight; every injustice; every moment of a rape; 

every brutalization; every cruelty; every crime; every unkind word; every slur; 

every moment of your hopelessness; every moment of your depression; every fear; 

every moment of your despair; every tear; and every cry, cried out in the darkness.

I AM with you – children of My Heart, of My Love – Always.

June 1, 2005

And this is how the darkness shall seek to confound your mind…

When near the Light or those of the Light, the darkness will manifest in your mind; in your body; in your emotions; and the darkness will tell your mind that it is the Light which is the cause of the darkness in you. 

That it is the Light, which is causing your suffering and pain.

It is not. It is the darkness seeking to undermine the Light; which is being experienced in the presence of the Light.

Peace be unto you my brothers and sisters. Stay true to the Light. Stay true to Christ’s Heart.

Stay True. 

June 5, 2005

The darkness will always seek to justify itself.

The Light has no such need.

Behind the words and actions of those corrupted by the darkness; is always the agenda of the darkness.

The prophecy that was originally here will be posted once further guidance has been received.

Without the purification of the will/ego and alignment with the Light into the Oneness; the ego (and the heart) will remain vulnerable to corruptions of the darkness.

The darkness is wise in all manner (ways) of manipulation and treachery.

And the darkness shall present itself as the Light.

Be not fooled in egotism and false ideals; for the darkness shall make pledges and promises it has no intention of keeping.

And the innocents, corrupted by the darkness, will grieve and wail at their corruption.

Even when your trust in the Light has been disconcerted by the darkness, stay true.

Stay true to the Light.

Stay true to the Christ.

Heed my warning:

The darkness is wise in all ways of manipulation and treachery. 

Be not deceived. (fooled)

The Children of the Light will be guided out of the darkness through the combination of the right use of will and guidance from the Light.

Arrogance and willfulness are the paths by which the darkness shall enter into your hearts and consciousness to corrupt you.

Seek ye not holy men and holy women to hide.

Now is the time to come into the Light and face the darkness.

The darkness will seek to intimidate those whom it deems to be weak and fearful with its awesome displays of power.

Be not deceived!

These are the last days of the deeds of darkness.

Think you that the darkness cares one wit about your well being?

It’s agenda is to destroy and corrupt the Light within you.

To make you one with the darkness.

Often in the name of the Light.

Remember this…”It is by their deeds that they shall be known.”

The darkness shall seem to be sympathetic and caring and righteous.

But it is not!

The darkness will promise you power and then proceed to drain you of your own.

Your power – which is your inherent right – as Light from God.

There is no deed of good (God) that can be accomplished if at it’s core are the energies of darkness.

The darkness seeks to corrupt that which is good and to cause separation.

As it has been from the beginning it will be until the end.

(of the reign of darkness)

Here are the gifts of the darkness:

Power – corrupted power – separated from the Light.

Vanity, arrogance, vainglory, hubris, false pride and false piety.

Trust in the Light.

No matter how dark your heart and mind may become.

Trust in the Light.

No matter how much darkness your eyes may witness.

Stay …stand true.

At any moment, no matter how corrupted you may have become by your previous alignment with the forces of darkness, remember if you can…

…the Light awaits your return to Oneness – to Love.

No deed is ever a good deed if it is aligned with the will of darkness.

Purify, stay true to the Light and in time, you shall see the darkness for what it truly is.

Fear not in the darkest times, lose not your hope in the power of the Light over the darkness.

Stay true my brothers and sisters.

Stay true.

For ultimately, the Light shall have reign over the forces of darkness.

You shall witness horrible deeds of the darkness.

And you shall question your God (gods).

And you shall wonder of truth and righteousness.

Remember my words:

These are the deeds of the darkness.

Wait for the Light.

The Light will come.

Stay true.

Be still in your helplessness and wait.

Pray. Meditate upon the Light.

Be still.

Do not act (react) from your helplessness.

Be still and wait to be guided by the Light.

Despair not.

For the darkness will be purified and redeemed in you by the Christ. 

July 6, 2005

Purveyors of darkness in the name of democracy:

The darkness has hardened your hearts to the weeping and distress of the women; of the men; of the children, of Iraq and Afghanistan, who suffer by your hand.

In the name of the false Christ you have come to conquer and plunder.

Your master is the darkness.

Your false prophets inflame and confuse the hearts of the people of the free.

Woe to you for the suffering you have begot.

Woe to you for the suffering which shall be brought upon the men, women and children, of the people of the nations of the free. 

November 21, 2005

My eyes perceive only the darkness around me.

My heart has known days upon days of despair and lament.

My body and spirit, tortured and tormented, have become weary and weakened.

My soul weeps.

Why have you abandoned me my Beloved God?

Why have you abandoned your faithful and devoted servant to the darkness?

My days are spent weeping. 

My heart, believing that it has been forsaken by your Love, despairs of eternal embodied damnation*.

{Damnation – the perception of condemnation to everlasting punishment; doom.} 

November 23, 2005

My screams… are mocked.

My cries and pleas… are greeted with silence.

My suffering… is met with contempt.

My dignity… is stripped and paraded before the people of compassion of the nation of the free, who debate, discuss and seek justify the use of torture and secret imprisonments in the name of freedom.

Woe to you desecrated nation.

Woe to the people of the nation of the free… no longer free.

December 5, 2005

Oh America….

When shall you humble your hearts and acknowledge the blood of innocents upon your hands?

My God….

My spirit feels crushed under the weight of my suffering…

My breath no longer deep, seeks not to take in life’s offerings…

My heart, cries out in despair and loneliness…

My eyes, my eyes – my God – weep at the sight of eternal darkness before me…

My Beloved, how can my embodied death serve you?

How can Your Heart – of all hearts – not ache at the wailing cries of your beloved child? 

December 6, 2005

The laments and wails of my heart seem to be absorbed by the walls of my prison.

Hear you not my God?

I am bound by death in a living body.

My laments go unheard, unheeded.

It is only the darkness, of whom I am a prisoner, who responds to my calls for help…

with mocking cries of delight and tormenting thoughts of my failures. 

December 13, 2005

My God – only you shall know this answer…

What does it merit a man to deceive his brother?

How easy it is to deceive me.

Given the opportunity to be kind – you choose to be deceitful.

Given the opportunity to be generous – you choose to be greedy.

I am astounded by these choices you have made.

My breath is taken away – my heart, weeps as I clutch it – in a state of unbelief at the darkness and cruelty you have inflicted upon it.

{Belief in this instance related to the act of placing trust or confidence in another and something believed or accepted as true, especially a particular tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons.}

And you will come upon me.

And your hearts will be tested.

How shall it be for you?

Shall the darkness pour forth from you and will you then think yourself victor by the inequities you unleash upon me?

Or shall you, in a moment – open your hearts – see your darkness and pray for the Light to heal you?

Say not “nay – it is only a small wrong I have done.”

For every wrong is seen by your own heart, your own soul and it is counted and held until it is revealed to you in its fullness.