2018 – Love Revealed

The Sacred Once Hidden Revealed:

2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of The Mother.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Daughter.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

Activities of Love in the presence of energies of separation, hierarchal dominance, and corrupted power in service to power.

The sacrifice of the divine feminine manifesting as revelation of ancient energies once empowered to suppress the energies of the Divine Mother.
Blessings to the daughters whose lives have been borne of sorrows and whose lives have bees extinguished by energies embodied claiming the right to desecrate and destroy.
Mourn these daughters.

That which has been corrupted and separated from the Divine Plan revealed.
Energies in service to darkness revealed.
Energies in service to Love revealed.

Love Revealed:

The divinity of the Daughter revealed through the portal of the Sacred Heart.
The Daughter of the Divine in the sacred embodiment of the Christ.

Love’s Power Revealed:

Love the essence of all that exists, revealed in its fullness.

The heart’s of the souls awakening to the energies of Love need not call forth the suffering for healing, for by their very presence embodied, the healing force of Love is activated and that which is meant to crush, suppress, and oppress is enveloped by the energies of Love these beings of the Christ, the Divine Mother, carry.

Embodied divinity unites in the One.
Imbalance brought into balance – harmony.

At first in fear, that which was separated from Love attacks, demeans, suppresses, and seeks to destroy that which is of its essences, its origin – Love.

Cruelty abounds as separated energies attack and seek to destroy.
The Punisher and his cadre of punishers reveal the separated aspects of their heart’s through actions, words, and deeds, which reflect not Love, but the energies of unmitigated power.

Empowered by the Punisher, those who seek to follow his path reveal themselves.

The iron fist seeketh to crush that which cannot be crushed – the spirit and essence of the soul.

Prayer to the Mother Divine:

Mother Divine embrace me.
Mother Divine uplift me.
Mother Divine infuse my heart with Your Love.

Separated aspects of the divine embodied, male and female united in sacredness in the heart – the portal to the Divine.

Ye shall know them by the Light they carry.
Ye shall know them by the Love they embody.

For who knoweth the Revelations of Love shall carry forth the Light.

Be not afraid of the energies which would seek to cover your light, for the Light is with you and you shall carry forth the Heart of the Christ in all that you do.

Those souls who long for peace, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Peace.
Those souls who long for love, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Love.
Those souls who long for healing, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Healing.
Those souls who long for unity, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Unity.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.
In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

Daughters of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

Sons of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

See how the Daughters and Sons of Light dance to the songs of Heaven’s Love.

Let not the revelations of that which has covered thee frighten thee.
All must be seen.
All that is separated must be revealed.
Allow. Allow. Allow.

The energies which once held sway over the minds and hearts of humanity shall seek to keep hearts covered.
These energies will seek to frighten, intimidate, corrupt, and crush thee.
Fear not for the power of these energies diminish as the Light of the One is revealed.

That for which you have been borne to bring forth shall bear fruit.
Allow. Allow.
Allow the Light of the Divine to infuse your heart.
Allow your soul to come forth for this is why you are here.
The time of Revelations nears.

Open thy fist and receive. 

January 2018

Deeper awarenesses coming forward of Divine connections and awareness of our souls.

Awareness of the soul as real.

Reconnecting seemingly lost connections. That which which embodied souls thought was lost or severed – resurrected from the dust and death.

Reconnection with Source-Creator. (Known as God, The One, Nameless One, all names of the Divine).

A time of healing. Reconnection with aspects of the self once thought dead or irredeemable in the presence of great loss.

Souls rising from the dust.

Trust in the unseen Light in the presence of energies which would seem to block that which is of the Light, which is before you.

Holy presence of Life arises from the dust.

That which was lost is found. Recognition of being seen.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have created separation within the embodied self.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have caused humanity to lose themselves in that which was dead and lifeless.

That which was neglected in the self gaining greater importance.

Awareness of the lost self, reintegration, connection.

Connecting of the holy self – the Light infused self, in the presence of energies which would seek to destroy the common man and woman.

That which was lost being found. Lost dreams and hopes find bridges between hearts and souls. Hope once seemingly lost – found.

Realization of the dreams of the soul.

Seemingly lost hopes and aspirations rising – no longer based in class, social mobility, or material wealth – rising within the realms of the heart and soul.

Loss of the material, finding that which one has always longed for.

Confusion arises. Who are we? How have we suppressed ourselves? Who we are meant to be?

The rising holy self in the presence of corruption, obfuscation, dishonorable actions.

Loss of the material self and the gain of the spiritual self.

In the presence of loss of the material self the spiritual self is discovered.

Awakening from sleep – illusory dreams, in the presence of woe leading to the awakening of Divine within.

Embodied awareness of the unification of the nameless One, the soul, and the conscious self.

Remembrance of Love – Divine Love.

Freedom from the illusions rising from the shadow self.

Extending Love. Expanding awareness of the presence of Love from Source-Creator flowing to the soul, from the soul to the embodied self, and from the embodied self to other embodied souls.

Increased radiation of the energies of Love and Light in a time of darkness.

In a time of great sorrows, pain and despair, pray, for the Light shall be with you.

Obfuscation of the Word and hence words.

Obfuscation of Truth and hence truths.

Obfuscation of Divine reality and hence reality.

Illusions presented as reality. 

Theories of truth presented in place of Divine Truths.

Truth found in the Word. The Word anchored within human heart’s awaiting revelations of Love, Life, and Light.

Energies of darkness seeking to imitate energies of Light.

The narrow path of Love sought as hearts awaken.

The Divine and human united within the heart.

Resurrection, Life, Truth, Love, and Light.


A way will be made by the Light even if situations do not turn out as one would long for them to be.

Pray and trust for each soul knows what is best. That which is unfolding will ultimately lead to that which has been longed for by the soul since time immemorial – the connection between the soul self and the Divine to be awakened within the embodied self.

The effects of the ‘fall of humankind’ healed by the sufferings of the Christ’s death and the sacrifices of the Christ’s resurrection. A time of redemption.

Souls arising from the dust of the earth. Resurrection of the awakened soul and the conscious self.

Awareness: “I AM knows I am here.” Embodied souls become aware that I AM is aware of them.

Redemption Is For All

If one allows their heart to open to the possibility of redemption for the self, then the heart is also called to remain open to the possibility of redemption for all.

A Rising Comes Forth:

A rising of souls comes forth.

A battle ensues as polarizing energies of darkness seek to engulf and engage hearts separated from Love’s calling.

Be not of the darkness.

Seek not align your heart with forces separated from the Light.

When self-righteous piety reigns LOVE diminishes.

Let your heart be aware.
Let your heart be mindful of these energies releasing and arising for the purposes of purification – not re-enactment, from the hearts, thoughts, and words of the warriors of self-righteous piety.

Be not deceived.

An entrance into the final enduring’s of the reign of the punishers.

Woe – The Promises of the Punisher

The iron fist of the Punisher promises love, and delivers sorrow.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart cold and hardened.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart disdainful and contemptuous.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented and wept for the punishing’s to come
in the name of those who seek to create a kingdom in their image and likeness.

Hard hearted scorn and contempt meet the cries of the suffering.

The iron fist of the punisher enacts a force once held in abeyance by the foot of the crucified Christ.


The mask of the pious punisher removed.

Laments of the suffering met with self-righteous scorn and contempt.

Biding time the wrath of the pious punisher is cloaked in adoration.

Let All Who See – Know

The Light knows all the plans of the forces of darkness waiting for enactment through the hardened hearted.

For the darkness was once of the Light, and shall be again.

All shall be healed.

A Great Punishment Meted Out

A great punishment enacted out upon the people of the nation of the free.

Woe O beloved nation. Woe.

Cries of the Suffering in Pain

“Why?” “Why?”

“Have we not healed these torments?”

“Why have these torments emerged again?”

Bear with nation.
Bear with.

Zealot like energies freed within hearts to enact vengeance upon all who are not made in the image and likeness of the warriors of self-righteousness.

“Vengeance is ours!” Cry the hard hearted.

“Now we shall make them submit!” Cry the punishers.

A time of great woe.

“Bend thy knee!” “Bend thy knee or we shall charge you with heresy.”

Woe O nation, woe.

Know that the Light is with you in the suffering and pain.

Backs turned on daughters and sons.
Backs turned on mothers and fathers.
Backs turned on neighbors and friends.
Backs turned, haughtily held.

The proudly self-righteous enact division, punishment, and scorn.

Sons and Daughters of might and right,
claim to come in the name of love,
war and fight,
shall in the end,
return as one with the Light.


My heart feels the sorrows of the deceived.

How can it be that those who justify and align with the energies of darkness can in the end, be of the Light?

All are here to purify that which has been separated from Love.


Whilst your heart and mind justifies hate, your soul – pure in love, suffers greatly.

Life before life – upheld as sacred.

Life once alive – condemned as sinful.

All is sacred which comes forth from the One Creator.

To hate is to desecrate.

The pious warriors of peace fan out to save and punish.

The image of the dove projected over the iron fist of the punisher.

Forgiveness and mercy for those who bend their knees.

“Our kingdom come!” ” Our will be done!” Cry out the agents of change.

“Bend thy knees for our mercy.”

Beware the cup of power which separates the heart from the fruits of Love.

Daughters and Sons of the One.

Those who would teach you that your heart is wicked or deceitful have forgotten from whence they came.

Created by Love, for the purposes of Love, we are each of us, Daughters and Sons of Love.

In the silence of the Mother’s Divine Womb,
all is to come forth,
all shall bloom.


Holiness shall flow as a river of Love from the hearts and words of the Daughters and Sons of the Light.

All shall partake of this blessing.


Be not afraid in these times foretold.

The arrows of hate and cruelty shall sting and burn.

Even as this is true, the Light shall come forth as a balm,

healing all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all hearts.

Love frees the embodied soul to be.

To know divine Love is to know the union of peace and joy within the human heart.

I have called thee daughter to My Heart and thou has heard Me.

I shall lift my light in the darkness and await Thee.

The love song of my Beloved is sweet and comforting, calling my soul forth through the darkness into the Light.

February 2018

Visions of the New Earth Energies


It can be so difficult to feel one’s divinity embodied.
Even so, the Divine awaits awakening within each of us.

Prayers for the suffering who feel separated from the Divine within.
Prayers for these embodied souls who tend to feel with greater pressure within their hearts,
energies seeking the expression of desecration, mockery, and manipulation.

Without connection to the Divine and our own divinity, suffering can seem meaningless and arbitrary.
Suffering in whatever form it takes, is never meaningless, never arbitrary, always held in the arms of the Divine.


The word’s of the Beloved “Remember love”.
Until we become, and extend love, then the suffering of perceiving separation will continue.


It is time to embrace the truth of who you are.

Ancient and new Teachings shall become easier to comprehend.

The Infinite Awakening:

The Infinite transforming the embodied.

Beloved, I hear the Voice of the Infinite in the Infinite embodied.

In the silence within, I AM.


A time in which the energies of darkness brings forth to the Light that which has been hidden.

Vandals at the gates.
The bolts of decency, respect, and honor of one another loosened yet not breached on that which bind us in unity.

The energies of transactional consciousness will seek to own your soul.
Charismatically, the energies of darkness will seek to draw your soul forth.
Be forewarned, the soul collector cares not one wit for the care of your soul.
The soul collector basks in the ownership, the rulership of your soul.

All of humanity has imprinted in their soul the truth of who they are and why they are here.

Divine Light is the inheritance of all souls.

No matter how dark in these times of charismatic violence and desecration events may seem, the light within all embodied souls is awaiting conscious awakening.

Every soul has a spiritual gift to bring forth.

Fear covers this truth for many, yet in the times to come forth, the Light awakening within will heal the effects fear has had and dignity, honor, truth, integrity, and respect for one another will come to the fore.

This will not be at first an easy awakening for many, for the energies of opposition to Love and Light can zap the strength to forebear.

Even so, bear with.

Anchoring in the innocence of the heart brings forth the purification and eventual clarity of the mind in the presence of the energies of darkness.

How does one find truth in the presence of charismatic rulership?

In the innocence of one’s heart, guided by the wisdom of the soul.

Harmony of spirit is an essence of the One.

The harmony of souls comes forth through conscious gestures of the heart – love, cooperation, dignity, and respect.

That which seeks to separate harmoniousness in humanity uses the tools of fear, desecration, diminishment, and the dissemblance of the humanity of ‘other’.

How is it that the energies of darkness can bring forth truth to the Light?

The energies of darkness reveal in the presence of Light, that which is separated and opposed to Love and Light so that clarity of what is Love and Light may be revealed, may be ‘known’.

A spiritual movement forward.

The transcendence of spiritual Light bringing forth clarity and truth as inner knowing.

Certainty of inner truth through ‘knowing’ anchored in innocent hearts.

All hearts are capable of a return to innocence.

No matter what one has done and said, a Path of Return to innocence is available to all souls.

In the silence of I AM.

In the silence of I AM our intuition conveys the presence of I AM to the heart and mind.

All spiritual paths, all embodied experiences of the soul lead back to the One.

For from the Infinite we come forth and return.

All events experience in an embodied state, will in what ever form they have taken, ultimately bring humanity back to the Oneness from which we have come forth.

Each Path of Return is as individualized as the soul and its embodied experiences. 

The state of innocence of the heart allows the mind to witness what is unfolding with a suspension of judgement so that a greater truth beyond the veils of separation can be gleaned through the intuitive self.

All Shall Be Revealed:

Fear not for that which confuses, obfuscates, and confounds, will in the end, reveal in the presence of Light, the truth of that which has been hidden.

A time of awakening to the truth of who we are.
The heart shall reign, the unity of life bringing forth the blessings of the One.

In times of darkness embodied souls seemingly fall into a ‘forgetfulness of Love’.

Embodied souls, in the depths of their forgetfulness of Love, far too often, choose to follow the energies of charismatic rulership. A rulership which reinforces the forgetfulness of Love through the energies of fear, violence, threats of punishment, punitive punishing’s and petting.

Even so, Love remains as the Path of Return.

It may not seem so to the judgmental and fearful mind that darkness witnessed as manifesting in embodied souls in a state of the forgetfulness of Love can also be signs of the struggle of the soul to awaken from their state of forgetfulness and separation.

Yeah, even the rage filled heart seeks the Path of Return to Love.

The awakened can provide through their hearts, ‘doorways’ to those seeking the Path of Return to Love.

Embodied souls who seek to strip other embodied souls lost in the depths of darkness of their humanity the dignity of their souls, will in the end, seek to imply as irredeemable and inhuman, those souls do not conform to their embodied rule.

Divine Light is always with us no matter how charismatically dark the actions of those who would seek to separate our hearts from Divine Light and Love.

There are souls in a state of forgetfulness of Love, who will seek your pledges of faith whilst desecrating faith in all but themselves.

See experiences as an opportunity to heal perceptions and judgements where the forgetfulness of Love may be present within.

Be not of the darkness.

Lift the veil of your own forgetfulness of Love, lift the veil within your heart.

First and foremost, find your faith in the power of Love.

Those who would seek to rule your heart and mind know that the suspension of love and dignity are necessary to obtain your faith and ultimately, your compliance.

From The Beginning:

From the beginning we were created by the authority of Love, made in the image and likeness of Love, and meant to live in the harmonious unity of Love.

So shall it be.

The Veil Of Forgetfulness Shall Lift:

Wisdom and love shall flow through all of Creation as an everlasting fount.

Fear not the charismatic energies which would seek to incite hearts to violence.

Truth, love, intuition, wisdom, dignity, respect in the ascendent.

The veil lifts.

Love stirs the somnolent heart to awaken.

Your inner light strengthened by the Light of the Infinite shall shine.

Truth will be revealed. All will be known.

Deadened hearts shall arise for this is the promise of the One Everlasting. 

March 2018

Yea, the spirit rises in the two,
love and hate, separated, yet one.

Youth, once the promise of a dream 
of generations before who fought the darkness embodied, 
rise into chaos, the energies of hate embodied, 
the energies of souls separated, seeking love and harmony, enraged.

How my heart weeps to see the darkness use the sacred
vessels meant for Light awakening – desecrate and hate.

Woe, nation. Woe.

Yea, with the promises of power and superiority
the energies of hate, and the energies of desecration
for all who are not made in their image and likeness,
rise up in heart’s all too human and all too lost in the darkness.

See what the fathers of darkness have sown and sow.

See what the fathers of darkness have given unto their sons.

Woe O mighty nation. Woe.

How is it that it is the children who see and rise in the face
of the dangers emerging in the nation?

Innocence knows not of the duplicity of the fathers of darkness.

Would that these visions carry forth
more of the promises of the New Earth and Light.

Alas, my work is not yet complete.

Verily, my heart. devoted scribe of the One,
transcribes faithfully what has been given,
whilst awaiting in earnestness and steadfastness,
the Light which is to come forth for all.

In the presence of the increasing Light, the energies of darkness cannot stop revealing itself.

Apparatus of the desecration of the Nation nears completion.

Woe O beloved Nation.

Bear with.

Fear not for all has been foretold and I AM with you.

The Culmination of Light

That which was once separated coalesces and shines as One.

Light Within

Light within once covered over begins to shine.

That which would seek to distract you may confound and confuse only in the dark.

Love transcends all suffering.

That Which is to Shine Bright

That which is to shine bright 
in the dark night

Blessed Is Thou

Blessed is Thou O Holy One.
From Thee I come forth.
To Thee I return.

All is One. 

Feel The Joy

Feel the you as thine eye awakens to truth within.

I AM Here – The Covenant

I AM here,
with you,
now, within,
I AM one with thee.

In And Out Of Time

In and out of time
I embody and resurrect.

In and out of time
I AM eternal Light.

Here Within

Here within I call to thee.
Here within I AM with thee.
Here within you shall come to know Me.

This Light I See

This Light I see
is for both
you and me.

Truth Be Known

Truth be known for all to see.
Truth be know the soul awakens in the body.

Truth be know none shall distract.
Truth be known the One acts.

The Mother Divine – Awaiting In Time

The Mother Divine called to me,
I did not hear Her.

The Mother Divine shines on me,
I did not feel Her warmth.

The Mother Divine embraced me,
I did not feel Her touch.

The Mother Divine with me,
I did not see Her.

The Mother Divine with me,
awaiting in time,
for me to join with Her.

So shall it be.

That Which Is Hidden Within

That which is hidden within can only be mined by thee.



Desecration of Sacred Trust

Quietly, behind the scenes
zealots assemble to dismantle the Nation
and rebuild in their image and likeness.

Arrogance and hubris unchecked
the Punisher punished
by transactional agents.

Men and women who carry the cross
silently in their hearts,
desecrated and destroyed
for this new legion of the
intolerant and zealous.

All manner of shadow behavior
justified for this new kingdom nation
made in their image and likeness.

A great time of woe befalls the Nation.

The Punisher silent
awaits the punishers
to enact his will upon
the Nation.

In The Silence – The Beloved Comes Forth

In the silence Your Love
washes over me.

Behind eyelids closed
a great Light infuses my inner eyes.

My heart once heavy suddenly lifts
my heart beating faster in Your Presence.

In the silence You come forth to me
and I am grateful and aware
that it is You.

Inner Life of the Prophet:

My self of the world and my soul which knows of the Light coming forward.

My self of the world delights in visions 
and prophecies of Infinite Love coming forward.

My self of the world despairs of visions
and prophecies of darkness and cruelty coming forward.

My soul faithful inscribes that which comes forth
for it Thy Will not mine which guides thy hand.

Yeah, even as I am called to bear witness to the Light,
I too am called to bear witness to the darkness.

For only Light we once knew.

Then the darkness came forth.

Now with eyes discerning.
Light in the presence of darkness,
Aware, and awakening.

The Fruitfulness of Thy Word

The fruitfulness of Thy Word thru thy hand shall be judged by the Light which comes forward.

All is held in Light.


May 2018

All is held in God.

All will be revealed.

Fear not!

Reality once understood, begins now to change.

All becomes unknown.

Cling to love.

My Beloved’s gifts are as varied and beautiful as the flowers in God’s garden.

The ability to experience a silent mind will no longer be seen as a fearful experience but a sign of awakening as the time comes forward when the Light, wonderfully radiating and pulsating, enters into hardened hearts and minds.

No man shall rise higher then the fist of the Punisher.

In his voice I heard the voices of legions.

All deemed free until the Punisher deems this not to be.

Be wary!

The Punisher and punishers, whilst afflicting the protected and the weak, reminds all of their good relationship with prayer.

Contempt for the law of man-kind, the keeper of the new kingdom made in his image, desecrates that which is good and holy for the promises of power to mold the new kingdom.

The imprisoned hopelessly sacrifice themselves.

Woe O Nations for what you have called forth.

Afflicting the Planetary Family:

Kings will have their vanities.

The king positions his future queen and prince consort.

The priests are blinded by their new found power to inflict punishment.

A healing of the hard-hearted brought about by cataclysmic events. 

June 2018

May Your Soul Radiate Light In Times Of Darkness 

The energies of darkness calls forth: “How unfair you treat me. Why is it that you do not treat me as the Light?”

The darkness speaks: “I will force you to embrace me.”

The Light speaks: “I Am here. If you wish to embrace me my arms are open to you.”

Be wary of the iron fist which promises caresses.

Blinded by the energies corrupting and hardening hearts, the suffering are crushed and mocked by the Punisher’s army of punishers.

Those of heart, watching helplessly, become unwittingly complicit in their silence.

Judged as meek and pliable by the Punisher and the punishers, audacious cruelties abound.

Woe O Nation. Woe.

A new currency emboldens the hard-hearted. 

“No mercy. No mercy.”

Eyes taught not to see.

Hearts taught to harden.

The wails of the suffering engulf the nation of the free.

In a time of darkness which draws near, the qualities of mercy shall seem to disappear.

All shall share in the despair.

That which is false and cruel upheld as fair.

These revelations I share, painful to witness,
the vortex of suffering a passage.

The Light surrounds all,
do not lose tenderness of heart,
when those you love and cherish,
become hardened of heart.

Energies Infusing The Planet:

“Witness our cruelty,
cower in fear,
we will crush all who defy us,
and ignore your tears.”

Currencies of punishment upon all nations,
the peoples watch in horror, silent, less they too
are given a share of the cruel fists of the punishers.

The Light is here, to heal fear.

“Wait, for I AM.”

“This passage, a revelation of long held energies of darkness
corrupting the heart’s of humanity, shall bring forth in the Omega,
the love humanity has long awaited.”

The nuclear fist shall hang over the heads of the planetary family.


For I, the Prophet, allegiance to the Infinite One, from whence I and all come.

The forces of darkness will use all manner of corruptions and manipulations seeking to make your soul one with the darkness.

May your soul radiate Light to guide your way forward in the darkness.

Prayer In A Time Of Darkness:

Guide my heart to the Light, especially during those times when I am blinded by the darkness.

Help me to recognize Love in the presence of the energies of hate and cruelty.

The Punisher seeks to define planetary reality.

New allegiances and unchecked power emboldens the Punisher and the Punisher’s punishers.

The tongue of the hard hearted now speaks for the peoples of the nation of the free.

The peoples, dumbfounded and confused, flounder for solutions to the onslaught of external darkness. 

Create space within.

Find time to tend to your spirit.

Remain in dignity.

Seek to be truthful, even as this seeking comes with endurances and temptations.

July 2018

Aggrieved crusaders of enforced piety euphorically rejoice in the establishment of a kingdom in their image and likeness.

The tenets of a loving God forsaken, mercy forsaken, forgiveness forsaken, generosity forsaken, kindness forsaken, for those who do not pursue lives of provable regimented piety.

Woe O beloved Nation.

These times shall call upon your soul in service to humanity and the restoration of all Nations.

This passage, pre-ordained, is held in the One from which all souls come. Falter not, for that which is given shall come from through thy heart, the place of loving courage and the home of the ideals of justice and mercy, which shall prevail.

Our beloved Mother cries out “I can no longer hold your pain beloved’s, you must stop hurting each other.”

Unrestrained force enacted upon the peoples of the nation of the free.

Those who point the righteous finger of ‘bias’ are often unaware of their own.

Ambitious righteous anger tempered by a wily and pious mind.

Finding a speck in eye of another for ambition, to be ‘seen’. A betrayal.

Anger can take one too far into the fire.

A time of betrayals. Step mindfully around the ambitious.

The Infinite from which we all come, gave us freedom to be.
Beware the energies which tell you that you are not free.

Stars of bright Light shine in the dark night.

The darkness craves the comfort of death and destruction. 
That which is of Light is of life.

Lo, even as the darkness may seek to desecrate the Light, it can never destroy it.

Let the Light fill your heart, infuse your cells, and lift up your spirit. 

August 2018

A denial of the will of “We The People”.

The Light never dies.

The Light IS life.

Nothing is hidden in the Light.

The inner violence of the Punisher expressed through an army of punishers.

Hand fed hatred and violent thoughts emboldens the ordinary to become one with the will of the Punisher.

A hardened heart can blind a soul to the Light and truth.

The UNITED divided.

We The People weep.

Land of the free.

Free no more.

Listen for voices reflecting integrity.

After walking in darkness it is difficult for the mind to adjust to the Light.

The heart knows the Light when it perceives it. 

Desecration can only fool one for so long.

In a moment, the heart will know truth and awaken.

The Light is waiting.

In a time of fiery rhetoric and ideologies, beware of becoming like that which offends thee.

Original Separation:

The darkness came from the Infinite and to the Infinite it shall return.


Fractured aspects of dis-embodied energies of desecration seeking expression through embodied consciousness.

A time coming forward:

The calling forth of inner demons.
Release without identifying.

Soul Goals:

Transcend that which separates.

Remember Love in the presence of the energies of darkness.

Awakening Vessels of Light:

Vessels of Light remembering the truth of who they are – Awakening.

Depository of Sacred Knowledge:

A book of truths exists within your heart.

Each present moment brings forth another opportunity to choose the potentialities of Light.

They who feed off your heart, will in the end, desecrate your love.

Collateral punishment (enforced) upon the whims of the Punishers contempt.

Tributes paid to be in the presence of the king.

The mind is meant to co-evaluate the heart’s experiences.

What heart has a king who celebrates inflicting collateral punishment and suffering?

All shall experience the sting of the Punisher.

Watch for the Light once covered awaken in courageous hearts.

A soul never forgets experiences of integrity, as integrity is of a souls nature.

The Punisher:

Darkness comes upon him and he sees it not.

The king inflicts punishment, because he has the power to do so.

Punishers Hidden:

Be wary of the punisher who punishes in secret.

For they will come upon you in the darkest moments of the night.

Look forward for the day shall come when the reign of kings end.
An epoch closes.

December 2018

Visions Of and For The Zealous Hearted

The fear filled heart full of zeal entrusts that to the Punisher which is for God.

Hatred fills the fear filled heart with a zeal to punish and inflict pain upon those deemed as ‘other’.

Hatred of ‘other’ – those not made in the image and likeness of the zeal filled heart causes a hardening which blocks the love of the soul from flowing freely.

All are children of the Infinite, the Divine spark borne in each soul.

The serpent speaking softly to the heart of zeal, feeds the fear resting where love should abide.

Fear and lust for power bind in darkness that which was meant to shine as light.

A loving heart rejoices in justice tempered with mercy, mercy wedded with wisdom, love wedded in Light.

We we’re, we are, we shall ever be, immortal in the One, Infinite.

The Light from the heavens shall fill all hearts longing for Love.