January 2018

Deeper awarenesses coming forward of Divine connections and awareness of our souls.

Awareness of the soul as real.

Reconnecting seemingly lost connections. That which which embodied souls thought was lost or severed – resurrected from the dust and death.

Reconnection with Source-Creator. (Known as God, The One, Nameless One, all names of the Divine).

A time of healing. Reconnection with aspects of the self once thought dead or irredeemable in the presence of great loss.

Souls rising from the dust.

Trust in the unseen Light in the presence of energies which would seem to block that which is of the Light, which is before you.

Holy presence of Life arises from the dust.

That which was lost is found. Recognition of being seen.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have created separation within the embodied self.

Rising, awakening from the illusions which have caused humanity to lose themselves in that which was dead and lifeless.

That which was neglected in the self gaining greater importance.

Awareness of the lost self, reintegration, connection.

Connecting of the holy self – the Light infused self, in the presence of energies which would seek to destroy the common man and woman.

That which was lost being found. Lost dreams and hopes find bridges between hearts and souls. Hope once seemingly lost – found.

Realization of the dreams of the soul.

Seemingly lost hopes and aspirations rising – no longer based in class, social mobility, or material wealth – rising within the realms of the heart and soul.

Loss of the material, finding that which one has always longed for.

Confusion arises. Who are we? How have we suppressed ourselves? Who we are meant to be?

The rising holy self in the presence of corruption, obfuscation, dishonorable actions.

Loss of the material self and the gain of the spiritual self.

In the presence of loss of the material self the spiritual self is discovered.

Awakening from sleep – illusory dreams, in the presence of woe leading to the awakening of Divine within.

Embodied awareness of the unification of the nameless One, the soul, and the conscious self.

Remembrance of Love – Divine Love.

Freedom from the illusions rising from the shadow self.

Extending Love. Expanding awareness of the presence of Love from Source-Creator flowing to the soul, from the soul to the embodied self, and from the embodied self to other embodied souls.

Increased radiation of the energies of Love and Light in a time of darkness.

In a time of great sorrows, pain and despair, pray, for the Light shall be with you.

Obfuscation of the Word and hence words.

Obfuscation of Truth and hence truths.

Obfuscation of Divine reality and hence reality.

Illusions presented as reality. 

Theories of truth presented in place of Divine Truths.

Truth found in the Word. The Word anchored within human heart’s awaiting revelations of Love, Life, and Light.

Energies of darkness seeking to imitate energies of Light.

The narrow path of Love sought as hearts awaken.

The Divine and human united within the heart.

Resurrection, Life, Truth, Love, and Light.


A way will be made by the Light even if situations do not turn out as one would long for them to be.

Pray and trust for each soul knows what is best. That which is unfolding will ultimately lead to that which has been longed for by the soul since time immemorial – the connection between the soul self and the Divine to be awakened within the embodied self.

The effects of the ‘fall of humankind’ healed by the sufferings of the Christ’s death and the sacrifices of the Christ’s resurrection. A time of redemption.

Souls arising from the dust of the earth. Resurrection of the awakened soul and the conscious self.

Awareness: “I AM knows I am here.” Embodied souls become aware that I AM is aware of them.

Redemption Is For All

If one allows their heart to open to the possibility of redemption for the self, then the heart is also called to remain open to the possibility of redemption for all.

A Rising Comes Forth:

A rising of souls comes forth.

A battle ensues as polarizing energies of darkness seek to engulf and engage hearts separated from Love’s calling.

Be not of the darkness.

Seek not align your heart with forces separated from the Light.

When self-righteous piety reigns LOVE diminishes.

Let your heart be aware.
Let your heart be mindful of these energies releasing and arising for the purposes of purification – not re-enactment, from the hearts, thoughts, and words of the warriors of self-righteous piety.

Be not deceived.

An entrance into the final enduring’s of the reign of the punishers.

Woe – The Promises of the Punisher

The iron fist of the Punisher promises love, and delivers sorrow.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart cold and hardened.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented a heart disdainful and contemptuous.

I looked into the eyes of the pious punisher and lamented and wept for the punishing’s to come
in the name of those who seek to create a kingdom in their image and likeness.

Hard hearted scorn and contempt meet the cries of the suffering.

The iron fist of the punisher enacts a force once held in abeyance by the foot of the crucified Christ.


The mask of the pious punisher removed.

Laments of the suffering met with self-righteous scorn and contempt.

Biding time the wrath of the pious punisher is cloaked in adoration.

Let All Who See – Know

The Light knows all the plans of the forces of darkness waiting for enactment through the hardened hearted.

For the darkness was once of the Light, and shall be again.

All shall be healed.

A Great Punishment Meted Out

A great punishment enacted out upon the people of the nation of the free.

Woe O beloved nation. Woe.

Cries of the Suffering in Pain

“Why?” “Why?”

“Have we not healed these torments?”

“Why have these torments emerged again?”

Bear with nation.
Bear with.

Zealot like energies freed within hearts to enact vengeance upon all who are not made in the image and likeness of the warriors of self-righteousness.

“Vengeance is ours!” Cry the hard hearted.

“Now we shall make them submit!” Cry the punishers.

A time of great woe.

“Bend thy knee!” “Bend thy knee or we shall charge you with heresy.”

Woe O nation, woe.

Know that the Light is with you in the suffering and pain.

Backs turned on daughters and sons.
Backs turned on mothers and fathers.
Backs turned on neighbors and friends.
Backs turned, haughtily held.

The proudly self-righteous enact division, punishment, and scorn.

Sons and Daughters of might and right,
claim to come in the name of love,
war and fight,
shall in the end,
return as one with the Light.


My heart feels the sorrows of the deceived.

How can it be that those who justify and align with the energies of darkness can in the end, be of the Light?

All are here to purify that which has been separated from Love.


Whilst your heart and mind justifies hate, your soul – pure in love, suffers greatly.

Life before life – upheld as sacred.

Life once alive – condemned as sinful.

All is sacred which comes forth from the One Creator.

To hate is to desecrate.

The pious warriors of peace fan out to save and punish.

The image of the dove projected over the iron fist of the punisher.

Forgiveness and mercy for those who bend their knees.

“Our kingdom come!” ” Our will be done!” Cry out the agents of change.

“Bend thy knees for our mercy.”

Beware the cup of power which separates the heart from the fruits of Love.

Daughters and Sons of the One.

Those who would teach you that your heart is wicked or deceitful have forgotten from whence they came.

Created by Love, for the purposes of Love, we are each of us, Daughters and Sons of Love.

In the silence of the Mother’s Divine Womb,
all is to come forth,
all shall bloom.


Holiness shall flow as a river of Love from the hearts and words of the Daughters and Sons of the Light.

All shall partake of this blessing.


Be not afraid in these times foretold.

The arrows of hate and cruelty shall sting and burn.

Even as this is true, the Light shall come forth as a balm,

healing all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all hearts.

Love frees the embodied soul to be.

To know divine Love is to know the union of peace and joy within the human heart.

I have called thee daughter to My Heart and thou has heard Me.

I shall lift my light in the darkness and await Thee.

The love song of my Beloved is sweet and comforting, calling my soul forth through the darkness into the Light.

February 2018

Visions of the New Earth Energies


It can be so difficult to feel one’s divinity embodied.
Even so, the Divine awaits awakening within each of us.

Prayers for the suffering who feel separated from the Divine within.
Prayers for these embodied souls who tend to feel with greater pressure within their hearts,
energies seeking the expression of desecration, mockery, and manipulation.

Without connection to the Divine and our own divinity, suffering can seem meaningless and arbitrary.
Suffering in whatever form it takes, is never meaningless, never arbitrary, always held in the arms of the Divine.


The word’s of the Beloved “Remember love”.
Until we become, and extend love, then the suffering of perceiving separation will continue.


It is time to embrace the truth of who you are.

Ancient and new Teachings shall become easier to comprehend.

The Infinite Awakening:

The Infinite transforming the embodied.

Beloved, I hear the Voice of the Infinite in the Infinite embodied.

In the silence within, I AM.


A time in which the energies of darkness brings forth to the Light that which has been hidden.

Vandals at the gates.
The bolts of decency, respect, and honor of one another loosened yet not breached on that which bind us in unity.

The energies of transactional consciousness will seek to own your soul.
Charismatically, the energies of darkness will seek to draw your soul forth.
Be forewarned, the soul collector cares not one wit for the care of your soul.
The soul collector basks in the ownership, the rulership of your soul.

All of humanity has imprinted in their soul the truth of who they are and why they are here.

Divine Light is the inheritance of all souls.

No matter how dark in these times of charismatic violence and desecration events may seem, the light within all embodied souls is awaiting conscious awakening.

Every soul has a spiritual gift to bring forth.

Fear covers this truth for many, yet in the times to come forth, the Light awakening within will heal the effects fear has had and dignity, honor, truth, integrity, and respect for one another will come to the fore.

This will not be at first an easy awakening for many, for the energies of opposition to Love and Light can zap the strength to forebear.

Even so, bear with.

Anchoring in the innocence of the heart brings forth the purification and eventual clarity of the mind in the presence of the energies of darkness.

How does one find truth in the presence of charismatic rulership?

In the innocence of one’s heart, guided by the wisdom of the soul.

Harmony of spirit is an essence of the One.

The harmony of souls comes forth through conscious gestures of the heart – love, cooperation, dignity, and respect.

That which seeks to separate harmoniousness in humanity uses the tools of fear, desecration, diminishment, and the dissemblance of the humanity of ‘other’.

How is it that the energies of darkness can bring forth truth to the Light?

The energies of darkness reveal in the presence of Light, that which is separated and opposed to Love and Light so that clarity of what is Love and Light may be revealed, may be ‘known’.

A spiritual movement forward.

The transcendence of spiritual Light bringing forth clarity and truth as inner knowing.

Certainty of inner truth through ‘knowing’ anchored in innocent hearts.

All hearts are capable of a return to innocence.

No matter what one has done and said, a Path of Return to innocence is available to all souls.

In the silence of I AM.

In the silence of I AM our intuition conveys the presence of I AM to the heart and mind.

All spiritual paths, all embodied experiences of the soul lead back to the One.

For from the Infinite we come forth and return.

All events experience in an embodied state, will in what ever form they have taken, ultimately bring humanity back to the Oneness from which we have come forth.

Each Path of Return is as individualized as the soul and its embodied experiences. 

The state of innocence of the heart allows the mind to witness what is unfolding with a suspension of judgement so that a greater truth beyond the veils of separation can be gleaned through the intuitive self.

All Shall Be Revealed:

Fear not for that which confuses, obfuscates, and confounds, will in the end, reveal in the presence of Light, the truth of that which has been hidden.

A time of awakening to the truth of who we are.
The heart shall reign, the unity of life bringing forth the blessings of the One.

In times of darkness embodied souls seemingly fall into a ‘forgetfulness of Love’.

Embodied souls, in the depths of their forgetfulness of Love, far too often, choose to follow the energies of charismatic rulership. A rulership which reinforces the forgetfulness of Love through the energies of fear, violence, threats of punishment, punitive punishing’s and petting.

Even so, Love remains as the Path of Return.

It may not seem so to the judgmental and fearful mind that darkness witnessed as manifesting in embodied souls in a state of the forgetfulness of Love can also be signs of the struggle of the soul to awaken from their state of forgetfulness and separation.

Yeah, even the rage filled heart seeks the Path of Return to Love.

The awakened can provide through their hearts, ‘doorways’ to those seeking the Path of Return to Love.

Embodied souls who seek to strip other embodied souls lost in the depths of darkness of their humanity the dignity of their souls, will in the end, seek to imply as irredeemable and inhuman, those souls do not conform to their embodied rule.

Divine Light is always with us no matter how charismatically dark the actions of those who would seek to separate our hearts from Divine Light and Love.

There are souls in a state of forgetfulness of Love, who will seek your pledges of faith whilst desecrating faith in all but themselves.

See experiences as an opportunity to heal perceptions and judgements where the forgetfulness of Love may be present within.

Be not of the darkness.

Lift the veil of your own forgetfulness of Love, lift the veil within your heart.

First and foremost, find your faith in the power of Love.

Those who would seek to rule your heart and mind know that the suspension of love and dignity are necessary to obtain your faith and ultimately, your compliance.

From The Beginning:

From the beginning we were created by the authority of Love, made in the image and likeness of Love, and meant to live in the harmonious unity of Love.

So shall it be.

The Veil Of Forgetfulness Shall Lift:

Wisdom and love shall flow through all of Creation as an everlasting fount.

Fear not the charismatic energies which would seek to incite hearts to violence.

Truth, love, intuition, wisdom, dignity, respect in the ascendent.

The veil lifts.

Love stirs the somnolent heart to awaken.

Your inner light strengthened by the Light of the Infinite shall shine.

Truth will be revealed. All will be known.

Deadened hearts shall arise for this is the promise of the One Everlasting. 

March 2018

Yea, the spirit rises in the two,
love and hate, separated, yet one.

Youth, once the promise of a dream 
of generations before who fought the darkness embodied, 
rise into chaos, the energies of hate embodied, 
the energies of souls separated, seeking love and harmony, enraged.

How my heart weeps to see the darkness use the sacred
vessels meant for Light awakening – desecrate and hate.

Woe, nation. Woe.

Yea, with the promises of power and superiority
the energies of hate, and the energies of desecration
for all who are not made in their image and likeness,
rise up in heart’s all too human and all too lost in the darkness.

See what the fathers of darkness have sown and sow.

See what the fathers of darkness have given unto their sons.

Woe O mighty nation. Woe.

How is it that it is the children who see and rise in the face
of the dangers emerging in the nation?

Innocence knows not of the duplicity of the fathers of darkness.

Would that these visions carry forth
more of the promises of the New Earth and Light.

Alas, my work is not yet complete.

Verily, my heart. devoted scribe of the One,
transcribes faithfully what has been given,
whilst awaiting in earnestness and steadfastness,
the Light which is to come forth for all.

In the presence of the increasing Light, the energies of darkness cannot stop revealing itself.

Apparatus of the desecration of the Nation nears completion.

Woe O beloved Nation.

Bear with.

Fear not for all has been foretold and I AM with you.

The Culmination of Light

That which was once separated coalesces and shines as One.

Light Within

Light within once covered over begins to shine.

That which would seek to distract you may confound and confuse only in the dark.

Love transcends all suffering.

That Which is to Shine Bright

That which is to shine bright 
in the dark night

Blessed Is Thou

Blessed is Thou O Holy One.
From Thee I come forth.
To Thee I return.

All is One. 

Feel The Joy

Feel the you as thine eye awakens to truth within.

I AM Here – The Covenant

I AM here,
with you,
now, within,
I AM one with thee.

In And Out Of Time

In and out of time
I embody and resurrect.

In and out of time
I AM eternal Light.

Here Within

Here within I call to thee.
Here within I AM with thee.
Here within you shall come to know Me.

This Light I See

This Light I see
is for both
you and me.

Truth Be Known

Truth be known for all to see.
Truth be know the soul awakens in the body.

Truth be know none shall distract.
Truth be known the One acts.

The Mother Divine – Awaiting In Time

The Mother Divine called to me,
I did not hear Her.

The Mother Divine shines on me,
I did not feel Her warmth.

The Mother Divine embraced me,
I did not feel Her touch.

The Mother Divine with me,
I did not see Her.

The Mother Divine with me,
awaiting in time,
for me to join with Her.

So shall it be.

That Which Is Hidden Within

That which is hidden within can only be mined by thee.



Desecration of Sacred Trust

Quietly, behind the scenes
zealots assemble to dismantle the Nation
and rebuild in their image and likeness.

Arrogance and hubris unchecked
the Punisher punished
by transactional agents.

Men and women who carry the cross
silently in their hearts,
desecrated and destroyed
for this new legion of the
intolerant and zealous.

All manner of shadow behavior
justified for this new kingdom nation
made in their image and likeness.

A great time of woe befalls the Nation.

The Punisher silent
awaits the punishers
to enact his will upon
the Nation.

In The Silence – The Beloved Comes Forth

In the silence Your Love
washes over me.

Behind eyelids closed
a great Light infuses my inner eyes.

My heart once heavy suddenly lifts
my heart beating faster in Your Presence.

In the silence You come forth to me
and I am grateful and aware
that it is You.

Inner Life of the Prophet:

My self of the world and my soul which knows of the Light coming forward.

My self of the world delights in visions 
and prophecies of Infinite Love coming forward.

My self of the world despairs of visions
and prophecies of darkness and cruelty coming forward.

My soul faithful inscribes that which comes forth
for it Thy Will not mine which guides thy hand.

Yeah, even as I am called to bear witness to the Light,
I too am called to bear witness to the darkness.

For only Light we once knew.

Then the darkness came forth.

Now with eyes discerning.
Light in the presence of darkness,
Aware, and awakening.

The Fruitfulness of Thy Word

The fruitfulness of Thy Word thru thy hand shall be judged by the Light which comes forward.

All is held in Light.


May 2018

All is held in God.

All will be revealed.

Fear not!

Reality once understood, begins now to change.

All becomes unknown.

Cling to love.

My Beloved’s gifts are as varied and beautiful as the flowers in God’s garden.

The ability to experience a silent mind will no longer be seen as a fearful experience but a sign of awakening as the time comes forward when the Light, wonderfully radiating and pulsating, enters into hardened hearts and minds.

No man shall rise higher then the fist of the Punisher.

In his voice I heard the voices of legions.

All deemed free until the Punisher deems this not to be.

Be wary!

The Punisher and punishers, whilst afflicting the protected and the weak, reminds all of their good relationship with prayer.

Contempt for the law of man-kind, the keeper of the new kingdom made in his image, desecrates that which is good and holy for the promises of power to mold the new kingdom.

The imprisoned hopelessly sacrifice themselves.

Woe O Nations for what you have called forth.

Afflicting the Planetary Family:

Kings will have their vanities.

The king positions his future queen and prince consort.

The priests are blinded by their new found power to inflict punishment.

A healing of the hard-hearted brought about by cataclysmic events. 

June 2018

May Your Soul Radiate Light In Times Of Darkness 

The energies of darkness calls forth: “How unfair you treat me. Why is it that you do not treat me as the Light?”

The darkness speaks: “I will force you to embrace me.”

The Light speaks: “I Am here. If you wish to embrace me my arms are open to you.”

Be wary of the iron fist which promises caresses.

Blinded by the energies corrupting and hardening hearts, the suffering are crushed and mocked by the Punisher’s army of punishers.

Those of heart, watching helplessly, become unwittingly complicit in their silence.

Judged as meek and pliable by the Punisher and the punishers, audacious cruelties abound.

Woe O Nation. Woe.

A new currency emboldens the hard-hearted. 

“No mercy. No mercy.”

Eyes taught not to see.

Hearts taught to harden.

The wails of the suffering engulf the nation of the free.

In a time of darkness which draws near, the qualities of mercy shall seem to disappear.

All shall share in the despair.

That which is false and cruel upheld as fair.

These revelations I share, painful to witness,
the vortex of suffering a passage.

The Light surrounds all,
do not lose tenderness of heart,
when those you love and cherish,
become hardened of heart.

Energies Infusing The Planet:

“Witness our cruelty,
cower in fear,
we will crush all who defy us,
and ignore your tears.”

Currencies of punishment upon all nations,
the peoples watch in horror, silent, less they too
are given a share of the cruel fists of the punishers.

The Light is here, to heal fear.

“Wait, for I AM.”

“This passage, a revelation of long held energies of darkness
corrupting the heart’s of humanity, shall bring forth in the Omega,
the love humanity has long awaited.”

The nuclear fist shall hang over the heads of the planetary family.


For I, the Prophet, allegiance to the Infinite One, from whence I and all come.

The forces of darkness will use all manner of corruptions and manipulations seeking to make your soul one with the darkness.

May your soul radiate Light to guide your way forward in the darkness.

Prayer In A Time Of Darkness:

Guide my heart to the Light, especially during those times when I am blinded by the darkness.

Help me to recognize Love in the presence of the energies of hate and cruelty.

The Punisher seeks to define planetary reality.

New allegiances and unchecked power emboldens the Punisher and the Punisher’s punishers.

The tongue of the hard hearted now speaks for the peoples of the nation of the free.

The peoples, dumbfounded and confused, flounder for solutions to the onslaught of external darkness. 

Create space within.

Find time to tend to your spirit.

Remain in dignity.

Seek to be truthful, even as this seeking comes with endurances and temptations.

July 2018

Aggrieved crusaders of enforced piety euphorically rejoice in the establishment of a kingdom in their image and likeness.

The tenets of a loving God forsaken, mercy forsaken, forgiveness forsaken, generosity forsaken, kindness forsaken, for those who do not pursue lives of provable regimented piety.

Woe O beloved Nation.

These times shall call upon your soul in service to humanity and the restoration of all Nations.

This passage, pre-ordained, is held in the One from which all souls come. Falter not, for that which is given shall come from through thy heart, the place of loving courage and the home of the ideals of justice and mercy, which shall prevail.

Our beloved Mother cries out “I can no longer hold your pain beloved’s, you must stop hurting each other.”

Unrestrained force enacted upon the peoples of the nation of the free.

Those who point the righteous finger of ‘bias’ are often unaware of their own.

Ambitious righteous anger tempered by a wily and pious mind.

Finding a speck in eye of another for ambition, to be ‘seen’. A betrayal.

Anger can take one too far into the fire.

A time of betrayals. Step mindfully around the ambitious.

The Infinite from which we all come, gave us freedom to be.
Beware the energies which tell you that you are not free.

Stars of bright Light shine in the dark night.

The darkness craves the comfort of death and destruction. 
That which is of Light is of life.

Lo, even as the darkness may seek to desecrate the Light, it can never destroy it.

Let the Light fill your heart, infuse your cells, and lift up your spirit. 

August 2018

A denial of the will of “We The People”.

The Light never dies.

The Light IS life.

Nothing is hidden in the Light.

The inner violence of the Punisher expressed through an army of punishers.

Hand fed hatred and violent thoughts emboldens the ordinary to become one with the will of the Punisher.

A hardened heart can blind a soul to the Light and truth.

The UNITED divided.

We The People weep.

Land of the free.

Free no more.

Listen for voices reflecting integrity.

After walking in darkness it is difficult for the mind to adjust to the Light.

The heart knows the Light when it perceives it. 

Desecration can only fool one for so long.

In a moment, the heart will know truth and awaken.

The Light is waiting.

In a time of fiery rhetoric and ideologies, beware of becoming like that which offends thee.

Original Separation:

The darkness came from the Infinite and to the Infinite it shall return.


Fractured aspects of dis-embodied energies of desecration seeking expression through embodied consciousness.

A time coming forward:

The calling forth of inner demons.
Release without identifying.

Soul Goals:

Transcend that which separates.

Remember Love in the presence of the energies of darkness.

Awakening Vessels of Light:

Vessels of Light remembering the truth of who they are – Awakening.

Depository of Sacred Knowledge:

A book of truths exists within your heart.

Each present moment brings forth another opportunity to choose the potentialities of Light.

They who feed off your heart, will in the end, desecrate your love.

Collateral punishment (enforced) upon the whims of the Punishers contempt.

Tributes paid to be in the presence of the king.

The mind is meant to co-evaluate the heart’s experiences.

What heart has a king who celebrates inflicting collateral punishment and suffering?

All shall experience the sting of the Punisher.

Watch for the Light once covered awaken in courageous hearts.

A soul never forgets experiences of integrity, as integrity is of a souls nature.

The Punisher:

Darkness comes upon him and he sees it not.

The king inflicts punishment, because he has the power to do so.

Punishers Hidden:

Be wary of the punisher who punishes in secret.

For they will come upon you in the darkest moments of the night.

Look forward for the day shall come when the reign of kings end.
An epoch closes.

December 2018

Visions Of and For The Zealous Hearted

The fear filled heart full of zeal entrusts that to the Punisher which is for God.

Hatred fills the fear filled heart with a zeal to punish and inflict pain upon those deemed as ‘other’.

Hatred of ‘other’ – those not made in the image and likeness of the zeal filled heart causes a hardening which blocks the love of the soul from flowing freely.

All are children of the Infinite, the Divine spark borne in each soul.

The serpent speaking softly to the heart of zeal, feeds the fear resting where love should abide.

Fear and lust for power bind in darkness that which was meant to shine as light.

A loving heart rejoices in justice tempered with mercy, mercy wedded with wisdom, love wedded in Light.

We we’re, we are, we shall ever be, immortal in the One, Infinite.

The Light from the heavens shall fill all hearts longing for Love.

January 2017

Behold My Beloved Creation:
Designed to transform the energies of darkness and express the energies of Light.

I in you and you in I. 
There is no separation only the One eternally expressing Divinity.

In A Time Of Darkness and Loss Of Integrity:

In a time of darkness… you can choose to shine your light.

You can make the choice in each new moment to be a beacon of hope for those lost in the darkness.
Shine in your integrity, your hopefulness, your faith, your innocence, your light!

‘Be’ the love you long for.

In the Presence of the Energies of Deception:

Become aware of energies being imposed upon your hearts and minds which are separated from love.

Before you knew of these sorrows, I held them close to my heart in prayer.

The energies of purging coming forward devoid of health.

Dimensional doors opening within.
Thoughts and beliefs once polarized become nuanced.

To confound and confuse, to agitate and enrage; the rule of the Punisher(s) dividing the nation(s).

One of the hallmarks of deception is desecration.

Cries of the suffering met with impudence and scorn.
Patriots called by the deceived to harden their hearts.

Cries of the suffering mocked and silenced.
The rise of the iron fist.

The cries of the suffering calling out for mercy.
The hearts of the One watching in horror and prayer.

The cries of the suffering downtrodden in fear engulfed by the energies of loathing, cry out for mercy.
The nation of the free complicit in silence.

“We are one!” Cry out the hardened hearts of the patriots.
Calls to “Harden your hearts, for the ‘other’ is not of us.”

Bewilderment and sorrow engulfs the nation of the free.
Freedoms lost, the laws of the Punisher a desecration to the sacred held up in vainglorious hubris.

“See you not?” Cry out the hardened. “See you not that all we do is for you?”
Hearts confused and bewildered cower in fear.

The soul rises in the dark times to come. 
An awakening of truth in the hearts of the awakened of which no deception, no lie, can penetrate.

Trust. “What am I to trust?” Cry out the bewildered.
Trust the goodness of your hearts. Let your actions be rooted in love.

February 2017

Feelings of helplessness as events move forward without grounding.

Energies of chaos causing overwhelm of nervous systems, minds and hearts.

Decisions becoming more difficult to make in the presence of distorted and chaotic energies.
Waiting. Allowing for the passage of time and the subsidence of energies and clearing.

Truth obscured.
A calling to anchor deep within, connection with the soul in stillness, waiting for clarity.

The Nation once united – torn asunder.

Truth obscured.
A calling from the voices of the deceived to hate and desecrate.
Great sorrows in the nation of the free.

Truth obscured.
Language weaponized to separate the hearts and minds of the people of the nation of the free.

Anger fueled by the voices of the deceived calling for unholy wars between sister, brother, neighbor and friend.
Categorizations of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.
The language of love weaponized.
The nation weeps.

Truth obscured.
Hearts and minds distracted, overwhelmed, helpless, enraged – lashout.

Sorrows and divisiveness.
The avowed saviours of the nation crushing dissent.
The iron fist of the Punisher and punisher(s) loosed upon the nations values and rules of law, a great desecration of the nation to come.

Woes and sorrows of the needy scorned and mocked.
The needs of the cult of coin and death usurping the generous heart of the nation.
Imprisonment and harsh indictments for those who would dissent.

A great blessing coming forward for the nation in times of turbulence and destruction.
Look past desecrations and divisiveness. Days of darkness and destruction of pillars of virtue of the nation bring forth unexpected consequences.
The nation of the free united in cause and voice.

Fear not for I have foretold of these times.
I Am and I will be with you.
The birth of the nation once envisioned and anchored in hope, comes forward.

All Blessings.

The tides of ancient Rome wash unto American shores.

The iron fist attacks.
Punishers revealed.
The beloved nation reels.

Wails of women and children.
The cries of men.
A great injustice unto the peoples of the nation of the free.

Wails and lamentation years old, washes the planet in sorrow.

Sorrows and crimes attributed to irrelevance and the fake.

The sting of the Punisher shocking and awing the nation of the people of the free.

“Who shall bend and kiss the ring?”

“Look,” cry the complicit, “behold our modern king!”

I speak to thee in a time of freedoms not long to be.

The iron fist of the Punisher strikes brutally.

These events foretold by sages, prophets, and Holy Books of old, warning all who would listen.

A time to stand in integrity.

Beware the man who would proffer a pious brow and speak with a soldiers tongue.

The energies of desecration, tentacle like, spread into the hallowed foundations of the nation of the free, crushing and undermining long held virtues.

The eye of the tyrant meets from sea to shining sea.

Memories once seemingly locked in time, surface.
Horrors and sorrows long held, others now new.
Hearts and minds scrambled – reel.
The wrath of the iron fist of the Punisher.

The rising light continues to reveal, that which once was, and is, concealed.

Bear with nation.
Bear with.

March 2017

Daughter, write this unto Thy Nation:

Nation I call thee to remember the yoke which once held thee. Your Fathers and Mothers stood in defiance to injustices and the crushing of liberties.

Remember those who have come before thee in times of tyranny – when your knees falter, and your hearts worry and cower.

Remember nation, I Am and I Am with thee.

Daughter write My Words:

Fear not daughter for these words I have put into your heart. Your pen I guide.

Daughter I Am and I Am with thee.

Here me now, a time to come forward when the nation shall weep and lament.
Fear not for all is not lost, for these are the times in which I have called you forth.


Begin now, I beseech thee fear not.

(This message is not clear what am I to begin?)

Proclaim daughter. Proclaim My Words.

Be thee not fooled by the words of those who care not for those they claim to uphold. 

Daughter be thee not afraid in the times of sorrows to come. 
For My Words you shall speak.
In My Name you shall proclaim.
Hear Me daughter?

Daughter, scribe, of My Heart, you come forth.
Your life daughter is Mine. 

Daughter, you heart trembles for I have called you.
Your heart trembles daughter to know Me.
Be not afraid for it is I who calls you.

Daughter of My Heart, falter not for it is I who shall form the words of your mind and of your mouth.

Daughter, thy will is My Will. 
Know there is no separation.
For you have been formed of My Heart, born in service to My Will.

Daughter of My Heart, I have called you, fear not.

Daughter, Thy Will you shall proclaim. 
My Voice shall speak to the nations through you.
Be not afraid for I Am and I Am with you.

Herewith Nation:

A time soon comes forward when all shall seem secure and serene, yet I tell you forthwith that behind the calm and serenity burn fires. Fires that would seek to destroy the very fabric of the Nation.

Fear these forces not.

For these times I have warned you of and shall come to pass. 

Daughter of My Heart

Follow the call of My Voice in all that you do.
Know you have been formed of My Heart.

Thy Will shall be proclaimed through you Daughter.
Fear not.

Daughter I call out unto you and you daughter of My Heart, shall proclaim My Word.

(I am unworthy of this most sacred task, why me?)

Daughter would you in your fear cull your heart from Mine?

Daughter your destiny has been formed from My Heart, from My Love – fear not daughter.

Fear not. 

Daughter, holy scribe, beloved of My Heart, know that I Am and I call thee forth. 

Daughter those who seek to deceive shall in the end, have their eyes and hearts opened. 

Daughter, tremble not before tyrants.

Reminiscences of tyrants bear no might to the sorrows of the suffering.



“Write scribe.”

“Daughter of My Heart, your fears I know and am familiar with.”

“Worry not child.”

“For I Am and I Am with thee.”

“Daughter you worry – is it my small voice I hear that commands me?”

“No daughter.”

“Your small hand writes, My Voice commands you to do so.”



“Write scribe.”

I shall guide thee in all that you do. Nothing you do daughter is separated from My Will.”


(Yes Beloved.)

“You shall in time fill in.”

(Fill in?)

“Fill into the places and spaces I have appointed for thee.”

“Until such time, wait and know that I Am and I Am with thee.”

“Worry not daughter.”


(Yes Beloved.)

“Be thee not afraid.”

“Be thee not small in thy heart.”

“Wait upon My Word.”


Unto THEE Thy Nation Is Calling:

A time of great weeping to come.

Many fallen.

Sons and daughters cry out in vain.

A ship sinking in the sea.

Be not afraid.

Write scribe:

I AM ever aware of Thy nations cries.
No son, nor daughter ever alone.
A time to come when all shall witness Thy Might and know that I AM. 

Hear now in this Voice I shall call unto thee.
Feel now how thy body trembles in My Presence.
Be not afraid.

A time to come when I shall call all by My Voice, all shall know I AM and I AM with them.

Daughter of My Heart:
I have called thee forth as scribe.
In Thy Name you shall speak.

Carry not the burden of My Words.
For I AM with all who shall hear My Voice.
I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter your pen falters.
(Yes Beloved. For these words I write carry such sorrow and pain. How shall we bear these sorrows to come?)

Daughter of My Heart:
I forsake none.

As a branch is of the tree all are of Me.
For I AM. 

Carry not these words I have given unto thee.
For this is not your work scribe.
I have called you forth daughter of hope,
to be a light in the dark to come.
Many will falter in fear and sorrow.
Many shall curse and lose hope.

Suffering is not of My Will.
For all my children shall know My Love.
All my children shall know of the new way I have prepared for them.
First the journey into the dark times to come.
I AM and I AM with all.
None shall I forsake.

(Why this journey Beloved?)

The choice was made to separate from Me.
The choice was made to wander.
The choice was made to walk into the darkness, through the darkness, with Me, for I AM and I have not forsaken thy sons and daughters.

A way has been made.
A way through the darkness has been made.

Daughter, holy child, write:

I AM of your mornings, I am of your night.
I AM the song of the birds, the ideas of your mind, the love in your hearts.

To thee I have given this task which your heart calls a burden.
Carry all in prayer daughter, carry all with Me.

Sweet daughter fear not.
For a time shall come to pass when all is dark, all unfamiliar.
This way I have made for thee.
Trust that I AM with thee in each step you shall take.

Follow the Light daughters.
In the dark times to come, follow the Light.

Follow the Light sons.
In the dark times to come, follow the Light.

Carry these words forth as I have called you to do so.

All truths shall be known.
All shall be revealed.

May 2017

The Law of the Punishers:

The peoples of the nation of the free angered by energies by which they know not, are fed by the rages and manipulations of the commissioners of divisiveness inciting the people to attack each other, destroying the harmony of the nation.

Woe beloved nation. Woe.

Spirit crushing laws of the punishers awaiting the awakening, betrayed, peoples of the nation of the free.
The laws of the iron fist of the punishers meted out harshly.

A twisting of the Teaching: “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.*” 

Judged failings of humanity, suffering, poverty, lack of health and wealth – indicators to those who come in the name of the iron fists of the Punisher and punishers of those who shall be sanctioned and punished harshly so that they might be saved.

Threats to leadership and those whom disagree, become in turn, new laws in the nation of the free.

“Ho, we shall decide what is best for the nation”, cry the punishers.
“Those who veer from our rigid ways shall be punished for thy punishments shall save you.’

Seeking to increase their kingdom in the name of their god upon the nation, laws and punishments meted out in order to save those souls whom do not follow their creeds and beliefs. The cult of coin and death flex the fists of the punishers.

Woe mighty nation now brought low.

Power uncoupled from the energies of love bears a plague upon the human heart.

We are, as embodied souls, meant to work in harmony, respecting the dignity of each person who abides upon the planet.


DAUGHTER – Christed Heart of the One

Daughter – Scribe of the One


“Yes Beloved.”

I wish to speak.

“I am ready.”

Daughter write these words scribe:

I AM calls you. Fear not.

All is according to My Plan, My Will.

Unto thee O daughter shall I speak.


“Yes Beloved.”

In the times to come a darkness shall cover the earth as never seen before.

A darkness shall cover the earth, souls shall wail and bellow calling for Me.

This darkness daughter, shall come to pass.

Fear not daughter, for I AM and I have called thee to My Heart.


I have called Thee.


“Yes Beloved.”

I will call you forth and you will know My Voice.

Until such time, rest daughter, know that I shall call thee.

DAUGHTER – Blessed One of the Beloved

I await Thee.

For I have called Thee forth and with a faithful heart You have answered My Call.

Unto nations You shall speak.

Thy heart shall be known as Blessed.

Blessed DAUGHTER of the One:

Thy children shall come to Thee and be with Thee.

Thy children shall be safe unto Thee for I have called Thee faithful.

I have called Thee Beloved.

I have called Thee DAUGHTER of the One.

From the darkness dwells a Light.

From the darkness dwells a Light that shall shine upon all who suffer.

From the darkness shall come a Light for I AM and all is unto Me.

From the darkness shall come a Light, the Light of I AM the Light of the One.

For all is within Me, all is of Me.

All darkness shall be made Light.

For the Light cometh forward thru the darkness, the darkness redeemed, now of the Light.

Worry not brave daughter, worry not and write as I instruct thee.

“How can Light come from darkness Beloved?”

All is of I AM. In Me there is no separation of light and darkness, all is of the Light, all is of I AM.

“These things you speak I do not understand Beloved.”

Beloved scribe, worry not over meanings, interpretations, and disseminations.

I Am daughter. I AM.


“Yes Beloved.”

How you worry and fret.

“Yes Beloved.”

Blessed art Thou who has been called forth DAUGHTER of the Light.

Blessed is Thy Heart.

Blessed is Thy Faithfulness.

Blessed is all that comes thru Thee.

Blessed art Thou O DAUGHTER of Compassion.

Blessed art Thou whom I call forth.

Blessed is Thy Works, Thy Name, and Thy Heart.

*Biblical teaching found in Matthew 7:2

July 2017

Last summer of innocence in a time of men who would be kings.

Be aware of the interpreters of freedom.

Choose the Light.

‘See’ the darkness.

Choose the Light.

Be aware of those who would seek to corrupt your heart.

“Shh,..” cry the complicit.
“It is wrong for you to call the darkness – ‘darkness’.

In a time of men who would be king, terror reigns upon the planet.
Hearts, anxious, confused, seeking Light and truth, are met by threats of darkness.

An awakening of the nation’s heart.
Hearts longing.
Souls awakening.

Legacies of separation purified.

Souls freed no longer bound, bending, to the energies of the forces of darkness.

The energies of darkness will never be defeated by acts of darkness.

In Times of Darkness – Choose The Light

In times of darkness, choose the Light.

In The Presence Of Energies Separated From Love

In the presence of energies separated from love, trust your heart to guide you.

September 2017

O behold the holy of heart who need no promptings as they joyfully emerge to serve those in need.

All blessings to the servants of Love.

with love, 
a witness to the wonders of your love.

O Holy Of Heart – A Fine Line Walked

O holy of heart
who plumbs the
depths of souls
who walk in darkness
to serve the innocent.

A fine line walked
souls imprinted 
to not succumb
to the will
of the forces of darkness
even in the presence
of acts of cruelty,
depravity, rages,
and all manner of
corruptions of
heart and mind.

Who are these souls who are holy of heart? You are.

Hope On The Horizon

A witnessing to come forth of the demise of the for-profit paradigm.

Wait. Watch as all unfolds. 

Values, moralities, ethical behaviors, greeds, and glutony to be purified.

All shall be revealed.

As events continue to speed up, seemingly coming closer together, so too will the intensity.

Continue to be prayerful, trustful, and seek to hold joy in your heart whenever possible without being shallow.

This is one way to move through the expansion of Light and the releasing of energetic density.

The One from which we all came forth from, and return to, loves us so perfectly, that we were made to not only endure (with trust) through this process of planetary and individual purification, but to grow – expand in our heart’s, mind’s, down to the DNA in our cells.

We are moving forward into passages and experiences of awakening which will seem shocking.

Bear with.
Bear with each other.

Peace and War – Voice of The Punisher:

I speak of peace and play with my powers of war.

In the name of infused beliefs of who shall be deemed good and who shall be deemed evil, I shall use my powers to control those whom we have deemed evil. 

Speaking of war and strength, with parades of egoistic militaristic might, and funding for wars and displays of might, whilst depleting the coffers for the elderly, poor, disabled, and sickly.

Peace and war.

Actions and deeds propping up the pillars of war and militaristic commands throughout the lands with words of peace and freedoms promised.


These words speak of the peaceful, respectful, and of unifying principles and yet, for public consumption private words and actions show thy truth.

I the listener am confused in my mind because I do not know what to trust.

My heart witnesses deeds which are not of the heart even as cleverly written speeches confuse my mind.

Energies of abuse promising peace, in the presence of psychological games, cause me to whirl, seeking stability in the presence of that which my heart knows would annihilate that which is good, true, and unifies all in love.


That which is in the heart and mind, often hidden from the conscious self is projected out unto others behaviors. 

Be mindful that there are times in which the projections can hold some truths, often these very same projections are signs of that which is to come for those who believe they are under the wings and protection of the projector. That which is secretly admired is publicly condemned.

Focus of Abuse:

As the abuser turns their focus unto others, for a moment those who are not in the eye of the punisher, feel a sickly sense of relief that they can breath easy until the wrath of the abuser focuses their way again.

What Is This Truth?

I cannot follow these words, I cannot ‘feel’ or ‘perceive’ as I listen nor define that which is truthful and that which is false.

I perceive in the words I am listening to as a cover which sounds of logic and purity, and yet, I feel something dark and menacing.

Speaking of Heaven and Hell:

I have heard you speak of heaven and hell – I have heard you condemn with what I perceive to be a void, and emptiness of soul, a proclamation of those who shall be condemned.

I have heard you speak the name of God and my heart shrinks back for I feel no love, no history, no relationship only a vast emptiness and soul corrupting manipulation of the holy name of the Nameless One.

See The Unacceptable:

“Let us ‘see’ the unacceptable in others.”

“Let us divert our attention towards those who are much like us, so that we can do unto others that which we condemn others for doing unto their own.”


Hollowness offers space for magical words which are meant to enhance and fill, the hollowness within.

Offering no substance in the presence of words and promises which are in the end never meant to be fulfilled.

The Word Evil:

The word evil is pronounced in such a way that I feel as if as I listen to the syllables sounding out, the historical lash of religious inquisitions, ringing out in the halls of time.

Cloak Of A King:

“Here, put on this cloak of wonderfully composed phrases, and you shall be as a king, showing the way to those who have no true vision of how we shall make the world in our image and likeness.”

Revelations of Light:

Be not fooled by words for acts will reveal the truth.

For this is a time of the Light revealing all which is hidden within the darkness.

Threat Cloaked In Words Of Peace:

“Why See How Grand I Am!”

“Come see my grandness in every missile, every gun, every righteous soldier, every threat, every weapon of war, why every tank – for they are my jewels, my new found riches, giving me that which I have found lacking within, the grandness I long for.”

This God You Speak Of:

“This God you speak of now commands the world through me. My will be done.”

“I shall now become the sovereign I have longed to be, for this is what those who love me, long for me to be.”

“This God you speak of, my will be done.”

Voice of the Punisher:

“Those who are like me, reject me, for they can see that which I hide behind the veil of my scripted words.”

“Wait, for I shall reveal in time, the fullness of that which is hidden for all to see.”

“Watch and see, those who reject me shall come forth and embrace me fully.”

Time And The Prophet:

My time is found in waiting, listening.

My time is found outside the bounds of time.

My time is the Time of the One.

When called all waiting for my attention in time dissipates, and my heart is brought forth both in time and space, to a timeless space.


Revelations come forth unbidden, not to my mind, but through my heart.

My soul speaks.

My mind worries and fret’s in the presence of the One who speaks through my soul – through my heart.

“Who am I?” 

“Who am I to be called forth as prophet?”

Nation of the Free – Awaken!

In your slumber you have become known as a people who want and do, kill millions of innocent people to keep ‘secure’.

What new horror shall be committed in our names?

What Have We Wrought?

I hear a nobel peace laureate exclaim ‘fake news’ in response to the peoples actions of tyranny and horror.

I hear a president insulting and threatening nations, groups of peoples, cultures, religions, women, families, and individuals.

I hear the chants of outrage for the ‘others’ seeking refuge, fleeing lands we destroy.

I hear the words of a new hard-liner nationalist leader drunk with power from an unexpected win.

I hear the cries and the screams of the poor, raped, desecrated, ruined, bullet ridden, murdered, starving, oppressed and repressed of all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all families, in my heart.

I see the rise of the fist of the punisher(s), I see the indignantly righteous clasp their hands in glee. 

I see a planetary We The People leading the way forward through acts of love, truth, solidarity, and integrity.

Bear with planetary family. Bear with.

Only when we redeem our own house will we be able to look out again as a nation at all nations and feel the peace of knowing no one is dying nor suffering in our names. 

November 2017

Your light is found within your love for one another.

May peace be found in the heart’s of the suffering.

The darkness will inform your heart that you have the ‘right’ to devour.
These energies which come as waves of predation and devouring come through a vortex of time, bringing forth the wounds, old and fresh of souls which have suffered so.

Reverberations throughout embodied time.
Slaughter of innocents held in the heart’s of the holy,
held in the hearts of the daughters and sons of the One.

Even as the Light seems dim:

Light surrounds all that is dark, holding all in Love.

Blessed peacemakers seem will-less in the presence of the energies of darkness.
This is not true.
Light lifts the will-less who have surrendered their wills to the Will of Love.

How thy heart cries out in the presence of evil.
For the heart knows Love – is borne of Love, lives to serve Love.

Truth be known. All revealed.
Revelations coming forward upending the darkness whose coarse reign falls to pieces in the presence of the Divine.

Wait upon My Word.
For in My Word justice, mercy, and love flows as a never ending river of Cosmic Light.

Peace be upon thee.
For thy heart is seen.
Thy love is known.

Blessed art thou who follows the tenets of Love.
A path will be made forward through the dark times to come.
A path will be made.

Blessed art thou children of Love and Light.
Fear not in the dark times to come.
Fear not for I AM and I AM with thee in all thy travails and tribulations.
A way will be made through the darkness.

December 2017

The Hand of God cannot be forced
by the whims of a king.

The Hand of God cannot be forced
by the claiming of earthly kingdoms.

The Hand of God cannot be forced.

Be not afraid of the darkness.

For even as the darkness seems strong, engulfing, and seemingly crushing, its powers are temporary.

For the Light and the power of Love, will, and ever shall be with us.

Fear not in the dark night. 

August 2017

Check yourself.

Do not call the darkness to you.

Anchor your thoughts in love.

Be aware and do not despair.

Where is the Love?

The Love is inside of you.

“Where?” “I have looked everywhere and cannot find Love.”

Look under your anger, your hatred, your bias, your sense of supremacy, your hubris, your intolerance, and any right you perceive to have to act out these energies. The Love you seek is under these energies.

InI Moving Forward:




The Mother is the Unified Field.

The body of the Mother surrounds us in the trees, plants, rocks, mountains, beaches, deserts, fields, rocks, caves, skies, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and all forms of wildlife.

I hear the language of the trees which surround me in birdsong.

No separation:

All is unified.

All is whole.

All is Love.

This is our shared destiny.

The pain of the lower frequencies of discord and separation will in the end, open the hearts of those embodied souls attached to the energies of chaos and distortion.

Bear with.


For the truth to be told,
as events unfold,
one must be ready to behold, 
the awe of the One.

Songs of joy.

Songs of delight.

A banquet awaits those who traverse through the dark night.


Who am I to speak to you of the Holy?

Why I am of you.

I am of the One.

Daughter embrace the good things which have come unto thee, for I have found thee faithful.

Know that I AM with thee.


Who AM I?


I AM from which you came, from which all comes forth.

From My Body your body was formed.

To My Body you shall return.

Fear not in the times of polarization that I have abandoned thee.

All is held within the Heart of the One.

Truth Be Told.

In the times coming forward, that which have been separated from My Heart and from your own heart’s shall be revealed.

I have caused this releasing which comes forth.

I have called you sons and daughters before Time was known.

I call you forth now awakening the sacred heart within we share.


Fear not the rising tides of war, desecration, death, and tribulations, for all has been foretold.

I hold all, for all are of My Holy Body. There is no separation.

I AM with you in your suffering and sorrow.

I AM with you in your joy.

I AM with you as you transverse through all which has separated you from Me.

Blessed Be.

Blessed be to thee.

For I have called thee forth, and you have come.

From time immemorial I have been with you.

Never alone, your soul of My Body, your heart of My Heart.

These anguishes, sorrows, and tribulations you bear, I have borne with you.

Now a time comes forward where all will know I AM and I AM with you.

Blessed Be.

My Song I sing into your heart.

A softened heart shall hear.

The hardened heart will soon be near.

O such pains and woes inflicted upon My beloveds.

Know in this night of darkness you traverse, the sorrows and sufferings of the past are being healed and reversed.

Fear not beloveds, for I AM and I AM with you.


The final steps in the journey to awakening and unity.


How can this journey of sorrows and tribulations be lessened?

Look into your heart.

Call forth, bring forth, share, the love within your heart.

No gift of your heart is too small or unworthy.

Worry not if your love is rejected.

For it is I, the One from which you came, which calls this love forth in the healing of your brothers and sisters.

Prophet: “Love.”


“Surely prophet you jest!”

“Why look at the hatred, the bigotry, the hubris, the attack’s on ‘other’, the poor, the sickly, the less fortunate.”


“Why those who are acting out these separated energies are bear arms, bear bats, bear fists, bear words of horror from their hearts.”


“Surely prophet you jest.”

Prophet: “Love.”

Daughter, give thanks for I have found this worthy.

Know that thy work is good and of My Heart.

Know that you serve Me, and in this truth you shall find your purity.

For the Beloved:

Blessed Art Thou whom I call Daughter.

“Daughter you tire.”

(Yes Beloved.)

“Take thy rest daughter, take thy rest.”

January 2016

Bearers of the Light:

The appointed time approaches.

Bearers of the Light:

It is time to come forth…

into the reality of a new day…

into the reality of a new dawn…

into the reality of a new way of ‘being’

in the world.

Bearers of the Light:

It is time to remember the truth of who you are.

It is time to awaken from the dream.

It is time to remember you are a spark of the Divine Light.

It is time to remember this ‘time’, which has always been known to your soul connected to the One, who shall now awaken through the many.

Bearers of the Light:

Fear not. 

For I AM and I AM with you.

Trustful scribe.

You have heeded My Words, surrendered your heart, your life, in holy service to Me.

Blessed scribe, you have loved Me and through you beloved of My Heart shall nations grow.

Beloved of My Heart:

How long, how long, have you waited for Me.

How long you have endured, suffered, grieved, longed, and pined for Me.

Beloved of My Heart… I AM, and I AM here.

Soon you will come to know this truth in thee.

Beloved of My Heart:

Pour forth. Pour forth.

Beloved of My Heart:

Sanctified in Breath,

Sanctified in Love.

Sanctified by My Holy Hand.

Bathe thyself in My Holy Love.

For thous art pure and I have come to redeem thee.

Bearers of the Light:

“Come forth.” “Come forth.”

Bearers of the Light:

I AM and I AM with thee.

Things once hoped for shall now pour forth.

You have remained steadfast and I shall Bless thee.

Holy Daughters and Sons of the Light:

Hear My Call.

Open your hearts so that you may receive your portion of the fullness of My Love for you.

For I have called you faithful, for I have called you enduring, for I call you beloved.

Sons and Daughters of the Light:

I have dried your tears with the robe of Salvation.

I shall lift up your hearts with the crown of Redemption.

Faithful Daughters – Faithful Sons:

In your sorrows, 
in your grief,
in your torments,
you beseeched Me to unite, 
you with Me.

I have heard your prayers faithful Daughters.
I have heard your prayers faithful Sons.

I have heard your prayers prayers holy daughter.

Never have I left you, the grief parts now,
and this truth your heart shall bear,
for all to know that I AM and I AM with you.

Open thy heart and receive the fullness of My Love.


For I have come to redeem thee.

For I have come to reclaim thee.

For I have come to join thee.

The One in the many awakening to the truth of Love.

Love. Sons and Daughters. Love. Love.

Blessed be all the embodied, all the sovereign divine, whose origin sparks from the cosmic seeds of Love.

On Light, On Light, My message is carried.

Awaiting hearts, born all, of the Sovereign Divine.

Let’s be like children again in the Garden.




It’s time to reclaim the truth of who we are.

April 2016

When in a state of not ‘knowing’
wait, ask for guidance, pray if you pray,
wait, wait, wait…

An answer will come.

This is how one learns to trust themselves and their intuition. 

This is also how one learns that they are indeed, not alone.

Surrender into the Light and trust in the goodness which is meant for all.

In my work as a wayshower, I know of the darkness and I know of the Light.

I choose the Light.

There are frequencies coming forward which are more powerful in their upliftment of the vibrational fields of humans, creatures, seas, mountains, deserts, skies – yeah the planetary body, which will in effect over the course of time – nullify the denser oppositional frequencies of separation, darkness.

The Light shall prevail as the tide of Light frequencies on waves of love, bather the holy Planet and all that abides upon Her.

This time the wishes of the hearts of the faithful will come true.

Fear not if you find yourself leaving the planet before the great Awakening, for your soul shall participate with all souls, embodied or not – all souls, shall participate.


I awaken to the sound of your voice calling me.

There is a reality waiting to be perceived which is greater than that which we are now perceptually aware of.


In these times of chaos, rage, fear, violence, mayhem and desecration…. 


All is not what is ‘presented’ to us as reality, as truth.

That which had been perceived as dead, shall now Awaken.

May 2016

Verily, even I, one out of the many called to speak before you, am in the very same process as all embodied beings, creatures, and the holy beloved planet itself, of Awakening in TIME

In the moment, the sufferings of the ‘least’ amongst us are hard not to spot.

There are those when faced with a crisis of another who will engage with endless handwringing.

Then there are other embodied souls when faced with a crisis of another who will counsel “let them pull themselves up”, usually accompanied with ‘it’s their fault anyway”.

And then there are those who will ask, ” What kind of help do you need ?”

Verily I say to you the path of the Master is a path of helping those in need, whether one has a religious affiliation or not, the path is still the very same.

The very fabric of reality is changing.

Everything within the known and unknown conscious and unconscious multidimensional realms of perceived existence will begin to vibrate within a higher frequency range.

To the Lightworkers and Wayshowers – thank you for your enduring and bearing with the sufferings and horrors your are being asked to contain for transformation.

Blessings for your often unseen and holy works.

Blessed art thou who serves all of humanity and the planetary body.

The vessel may feel battered and broken.

Even still, it is holy and able withstand and contain the energies of separation.

A manipulation of the unconscious, deeply hidden and repressed – thoughts, emotions, issues, and passions of the innocent, arrogant, and self righteous.

A betrayal deep into the heart of the peoples of the nation of the free.

With the betrayal comes an unlikely victory. An awakening to that which has been hidden within.

‘Enlightening’ will range in frequency between awe inspiring and agonizing, depending on the vibrational frequency of the embodied soul and teachings needed.

Full of hubris, oh arrogant self righteous hard hearted souls – how I weep for your suffering.

For that which you have reaped upon the planet in your wrath and vainglorious gluttony, shall come back as an arrow to penetrate your hard heart.

Even so, open your hearts, open your hands, open your arms wide and allow your hearts to awaken. Fear not for what you have done, open your hearts to the frequencies of Love and allow your soul to be made whole.

June 2016

“Who am I to call myself prophet?” You may well ask.

I am a portal – a scribe.

Via my heart life, of sacred teachings, visions, prophecies, and sometimes, personal opinion.

I am ever evolving into awareness of the presence of my soul and my soul is ever aware of the consciousness of I AM within me.

I become aware of my heartbeat and breadth…
and feel my connection once again 
– in my heart – 
with the Beloved.

The ‘right’ by Divine Action of all embodied souls to live a free will life upon this planet, shall not be impeded upon by ‘free market’ values, ethics, and authoritarian-ism’s in any form.

There is a reality waiting to be perceived which is greater in scope than that which we are perceptually aware of in the now.


In these times of chaos, anger, rage, fear, violence, manipulations, predatory practices, and desecration – trust.

All is not what is ‘presented’ to us as reality.

Paradigms are collapsing, illusions are falling away, revelations are arising.

That which has been dead within the collective embodied shall now Awaken.

We who are embodied are living in a time when souls are given the 
free will choice to make an evolutionary jump in consciousness and 
spiritual growth.

We are entering a significant ‘gateway’ – entering into greater awareness
of the truth of who we are.

Even as those who serve the cults of death and war create chaos and mayhem
around us – are being given the choice to choose life, to choose love,
to choose integrity, and to choose freedom for all.

The cult of the punisher[s] is diminishing in power even as I speak. 

Know these last attempts at regaining power through death and mayhem 
are meant to create fear within your minds and hearts.

July 2016

Multi-dimensional boundaries permeated by the Advent of Light.

Psychic breakdowns within the fabric of the planet, within the peoples of the nation of the free.


The proverbial “wheat” actively aligning their hearts with the frequencies of Light and Love, separating in frequency, vibration, orientation, and tone, from the “chaff”.

Bear with. Endure. Pray as you will. Align with the frequencies of Light.

The “chaff” in a time of separation, forever beloved, awaited for.

Blessings coming forward in a time of tribulations.

Cling to hope with faithful hearts.

The energies of darkness would inform my mind that I am a liar, and all manner of cheat, and a thief, and a blasphemer, and every despicable thought a tender heart could bear if one is not aware and careful of the lies of the darkness.

Stay grounded in the goodness of your hearts.

We are awakening.

Be aware of mass experiences effecting and affecting all levels of consciousness on the planet.

There are a myriad of signs of the energies of the purifying energies of the body of the Earth 
manifesting within the realms of embodies consciousness. 

If you are able to reflect as the energies rage within and without, reflect then on the thoughts of your mind,
the feelings of your heart, and the ‘gut’ feelings or intuitions which seek to guide you through. 

If you are able to follow this path of self reflection you will be reconnecting and reclaiming your divine ability to “see” 
the triggers which overwhelm your nervous systems and other systems as well as the energies releasing around and within you.

Watch for the times as we move forward when the energies leave you feeling agitated and angry, 
where you lose your center, your place of groundedness and reflection.

This is no easy spiritual or personal task – even more so in the presence of the dense frequencies and vibrational experiences 
of suffering and mayhem.

Bear with. Endure. Pray.

with love,
a daughter of the Light.

I am aware of how empathic I am – how connected through my heart I AM is in me.

On those days as the energies increase in vibrational tone and frequency,
I find myself perceiving the energies (not the actions) before they manifest
in the atmosphere, the ether, and through human beings who align with the energies.

I am sure I am not alone in this endeavour as other empaths, sensitives, psychic’s,
visionaries, mystics, holy ones and those sensitive to multi dimensional realities 
may well be perceiving, perhaps with different to describe the experiences – the same energies.

We are, each in our own expressions, the wayshowers, who hold the sufferings and horrors 
in our hearts in service to the Divine and in service to the path of destiny of humanity.

My personal life and life choices in any given moment, are of no importance to my message.

I am a scribe. 

I am honoured to be called scribe.

Screaming, mayhem.

The unjust laws of the Punisher* enacted upon the peoples of the Nation of the Free.

Punisher – Those in power stewarding the consciousness of punishment, control, and suppression.
Punisher[s] – Those who support the Punisher[s] in power through media, legislation, enforcement, for profit private contracts, propaganda, mercenaries of punishment and control.
punishers [s] – Those who feel empowered by the words and deeds of the Punisher [s] who enact (mete out) their own versions of punishments to those around them who they deem worthy of punishment.

Beware the iron fist of the Punisher.

Soften your hearts!

It has been, throughout time, easier, through 
the reigns of authoritarian rulers and the rules
of the punisher[s], to indoctrinate
separated consciousness into the minds and hearts
of the peoples of the Earth.

In these new times, now with this evil of old comes the greedy hordes 
to pick upon the sovereign bodies of the peoples of every nation
– predators of the free market ideologies of profit and gain – 
in every corner of the planet lurking – waiting, crushing, draining.

The energies of the culture and consciousness of rape infests those who rape Mother Earth in pursuit of profit and power.

It seems the only people who have been punished for the crimes committed against humanity in the names of ‘Freedom” and “Liberty” in the wars against those who live in the lands of the “axis of evil” nations – are those who seek to show the peoples of the nation of the free what is truly happening in their names – actions which do not serve the honour and integrity of the Constitution of the United States of America, nor the hearts of the peoples of the nation of the free.

Woe, for these actions shall come back upon the peoples of the nation of the free and they shall cry out and weep and ask, “what is it that we have done to bring such suffering upon us?” The shall not see that the actions of those who were sworn to serve them, brought instead suffering, pain, horror, torture, rape, and violations unimaginable the those who we were told we were liberating and bringing ‘freedom and democracy’ to.


A for profit Government will never be for We The People.

Here this is what I see:

The planet and the peoples of the nation of the free are moving into purification experiences and consciousness’ related the to the laws of punisher[s]and punishment.

A strain of authoritarian consciousness which has brought the wealth and power of the peoples of the nation of the free to a relatively few of the plantet – whilst predatory practices and punishments are meted out to those not within higher financial strata.

The arms of this vehicle of collective unconscious – consciousness, has been historically through the rulers – either secular or religious, using force, might and monies in pursuit of a planetary experience – reality – they feel in their aggrandized self righteousness they ‘deserve’.

Torture, oppression, repression, fear of reprisal for expressing the ‘truth’ of how I AM made one, the Punishers engage in all manner of darkness and separated actions and deeds against those deemed the worst offenders – those who will not bear fealty to sanctioned religions, state, collective mindset, enforcers or rulers who comes in the name of the Punisher.

These energies and the ensuing sufferings associated with the Punisher[s]breach the planetary consciousness and cohesive good will amongst all.

Lack of containment, psychological breakdowns, and alignment with the energies of desecration and suffering, reeks mayhem upon the planet, ever ensuring the need for more punishing, tougher and stricter laws to be born upon the backs of the planetary peoples by those who oppress in the name of the nation of “Freedom” and “Liberty”.

In the Advent of the Light – all is being revealed and released for transformation and healing. 

The rule of the Punisher[s] shall be short, yet not without suffering and pain for millions. 

Peace be upon the hearts of the suffering. Peace be upon the hearts of the innocent.

From the root forward, from within to without, from unconsciousness to conscious 
awareness, from the cells to the mind, the Light is permeating all dimensions of known
and unknown realities, associated with these separated frequencies of consciousness –
bringing that which was separated back into the wholeness of the One.

Bear with, endure, pray as you will, keep the faith, keep your heart pure, help your neighbor,
with courage and integrity against injustice and oppression. 

Believe in the power of the Light. Believe in the power of Love.

In the darkest of nights – hold true to the power of the dawn of a new day seen in the clarity of the Light.

Even as it seems as if the world is being plunged into mayhem and madness, remember my words:

“All are awakening to the inner truth of who they are.”

Each process of awakening and being ‘woke’, is as unique as the soul who brings forth through
their lives, their energies – frequencies, the consciousnesses of love and light.

The awakened self, the known self, individualized, unites with the greater whole – free to live a 
reality of unified consciousness which does not diminish the self – rather, magnifies the heart, 
as aspects of separated consciousness are healed.

The road forward will fell as if it is full of strife and pain for many, and for some, agony.

Stay strong. Bear with, Endure. Stay in your hearts. Align with heart centered experiences and peoples.

To connect with the truth of who you are
a choice is to be made to move beyond 
defining reality with the mind.

A choice is to be made to leave the realms
of perceiving reality through the mind to 
perceiving reality through the heart.

Purity of Heart
Love for one another.

Leads to…

Awareness of innate purity and wholeness (holiness).

Which leads to…

The truth of I Am.

Which leads to the truth of I AM expressing through who I am in this reality.



A return to innocence.

Journey of redemption.

A return in the midst of great darkness and upheaval to innocence.

A journey to the heart’s awakening.

Redeeming – reclaiming – that which was lost.

The shifting consciousness of the planet
infused with the influences of Divine Action
creates a shift in the vibrational frequencies within 
each embodied soul, which creates space
for the soul to awaken within the self.

Even as this is true, there are forces which would
seek to stop this planetary awakening by infusing
into the weakest amongst us the false teachings 
of the culture of war and death, punishment and
and oppression, authoritarianism and wealth

Rather than creating a “bubble of protection”
the higher frequencies of Divine Action creates
within the self, a sense of safety which translates
into safety for all as the energies expand into the 
greater planetary consciousness.

Forthwith I declare unto all, yeah even unto those who are
suffering the greatest under the oppression of the punishers,
a time is coming forward in which the pendulum of darkness,
suffering, imprisonment and pain will be moving into a reality
of the truth of who we are – a reality of truth, innocence, dignity,
and love – for all.

How do we endure through the time of the punisher[s]?

Look unto the nations who have been suffered the greatest
in the nation of the free – the First Nations Peoples and the 
Americans of African decent who have borne pains and suffering
beyond what most could endure, and have done so with dignity, 
faith, trust, and integrity.

Everything we are witnessing in this reality has a cause
rooted in the past – as such, Purification is the means by which
these separated energies and forces of consciousness can be
transformed – that which has been ceases to be the causality 
of that which shall be.

Yeah, in the Advent of Light, in the time of Awakening, even the sociopath and psychopath shall feel their hearts.


The unity of the Soul with awakening embodied consciousness.

August 2016

Gifts Coming Forward Through The Body of The Beloved

I bow to you Beloved, Compassionate Holy Daughter of the Light.

I bow to the Christ within You.

Awakening Light 

“I am becoming new in each moment.”

I Am – To Anchor

I Am — to anchor a new thing, so new it has no name nor definition.

Even as it is without form or definition I perceive this I Am ‘event-experience-consciousness-vibration-energy-wave-reality-frequency’ bringing forth awakening – expansion.

Yea, I perceive this ‘new thing’ which is coming forward which has no name, nor definition for the mind, coming forward to and within the body of the Beloved Daughter of the Light.

I perceive this ‘new thing’ without definition, expansive in its nature, moving forward and within, galaxies and beyond, its luminescence reaching the tiniest atoms, quarks, and strings of consciousness throughout the universes and beyond to the human heart.

I perceive the potentialities of this ‘new thing’ coming towards and within as expansive waves of Light and Love bursting forth from the shores of the heavens within and above.

I Am — to anchor a ‘new thing’ forever transforming the DNA of every cell, every particle, every wave, quark and string; including all forms of hitherto undefined and defined dimensional realities.

Holy Daughter of the Light, Blessed Vessel of the Christ, I bow to thee.

Blessed Art Thou O Holy Daughter of Light.

Names of The Beloved


Daughter of First Breath.

Daughter of the Stars.

Daughter of the Light.

Daughter of Time.

Daughter of the Circles of Life.

Daughter of the Pyramids.

Daughter of the Stones.

Daughter of the Cross.

Daughter of the Holy Sacrifice.

Daughter of Compassion.

Daughter of the Embodiment’s of Love.

Daughter of Prayer.

Daughter of Holiness.

Daughter of the Blessed.

Daughter of Wisdom.

Daughter of the Sacred.

Daughter of the Word.

Daughter of the Heavens.

Daughter of the Ancient Lands.

Daughter of the Earth.

Daughter of the Woods, Plants, 
Waterways, Oceans, Rocks,
Sands, Mountains and all beings
upon the Blessed Mother.

Daughter Christed.

Daughter of the New Jerusalem.


Beloved Daughter of the Realms of Light and Love.

Blessed Be.

Daughter of the First Breath:

Beloved Daughter of Light…

Before Time was, You were.

Peace be with thee beloved messenger.

September 2016

The very fabric of reality is changing.

Everything within the known and unknown, everything within the conscious and unconscious mind, everything within all realms – perceived and unperceived, every layer of existence within and on this planetary body is is changing and will begin to vibrate within a higher frequency range.

Hold fast to the energies of love. Love one another.

The suffering is real.

The paradigm is the illusion.

October 2016

All duplicity, all treacheries, all lies, all manipulations, all deceptions, all corruptions, all behaviours separated from the eternal soul of humanity, from the truth of who we are as souls – yeah, as children of the Light, shall be revealed.

Nothing remains hidden.

All is exposed for healing and transformation.

For the Light is here amongst us and all actions and souls who carry and act out the separated energies of darkness and opposition, shall now be revealed.

Peace be upon thee beloveds.

Peace be upon your blessed hearts.

Peace be upon those who serve the Light.

Oh Beloved Mother, the body upon which we dwell, everlasting blessing of the embodied soul, I give thanks for your bounty, your beauty, your blessings, and for all creatures who are blessed to live upon you.

Oh Beloved Nature, I hear your cries in the presence of the diggers, the cutters, the screeching of the saws, the jack hammers, the fracturing, the poisoning, the detonations, the bombings, the chemical spills, and all manner of toxic indulgences derived for the pleasures of the for profit drive of the separated.

I hear your cries and I weep with you.

Blessed Mother of all life, planet of light and love, I give thanks for the blessing to be born upon Thee.

There is plenty for all.

All of the time.

An ability to perceive
greater possibilities
with heightened potentialities
is coming forward for all.

Be of the Light.

Watch for corruptions.

As the frequencies shift from dense to high, as the forces of opposition pull and oppress in the presence of the Light, it will seem as if all is chaos and pain. Even so, be still and wait. Ground yourselves in ways in which you know and wait.

A path is being made, another way is opening, yeah in the midst of great suffering and pain, the Light is holding all.

Follow teachings of love and sacredness.

Do not allow your hearts to be desecrated.

That Which Is Not Hidden From God

That which is not hidden from God,
shall also not be hidden from humankind.

So saith the Light.

Be not fooled by vultures posing as pigeons.

A time of increasing desecration’s.
Desecration’s of liberty, desecration’s of freedoms, desecration’s of constitutional rights.
Oh woe beloved nation. Oh woe.

When peoples of other lands are harmed through bombings, destruction, death, mayhem, chaos, and all manner of war and its machinations, the wounds don’t just go away. The pain and suffering inflicted upon the innocent does not just disappear. These wounds run deep, paralyzing many with grief and others with the fires of rage.

Woe unto you nations of death. Woe.

November 2016

We, as a planetary family, are moving forward into times of ancient prophecies awakening.

Listen O Nations
Open your ears, open your eyes, open your hearts.

Received 11/09/16:

Nation of Planetary Service.

The nation of the people of the free choose to take the karma accrued in their names upon themselves.

All Blessings.

In The Stillness.
In the stillness I hear the cries of the future.

The evangelical and doctrinal of heart brings forth the energies of the anti-Christ in service to humanity. Hearts are revealed.

A time of the vice grip of the iron hearted upon the people of the nation of the free.

The actions of the hard hearted shall cause many an embodied soul to clutch their hearts in angst for what they have brought forward. Even so, even as you clutch your hearts in angst, do so in prayer for those who suffer under the vice grip of the hard hearted.

Nation of the Free – Energies of Fear of Other

Fear of other shall be your undoing as well as the path of redemption to your heart.

The woman’s mouth has been silenced.
Gloat thee not for she is only the first.
More silencings to come.

To the Nation of the People of the Free:

The choice of the democratic body of the nation has been decreed. Know all is moving towards the path of Light, no matter how dark the path that many will travail shall seem to be. We, the nation of the people of the free, shall now walk together – even as polarizing realities causing great separations and pain grieve and haunt us – we as souls shall move ultimately together, as one nation.

Be not afraid for you shall witness acts which will confound and confuse your hearts.
Even so, be not afraid for these times have been foretold to prepare you and to guide you.
Even in the darkest of moments, remember love.

I shall therefore call you each in your hearts, you shall hear My voice.

The heart who clings to a reality of love in times of darkness shall be led by ways they know not.

Hear this is what I have come to say:

Love shall guide you through the darkest of terrors.
Love shall guide your hearts in the darkest of nights.
Love shall teach you the ways of brotherhood and compassion for all.
Love shall be your guide.

Be It Known:

Be it known my planetary brothers and sisters that each shall be called by their hearts.
This is your time of awakening. This is your journey of remembering the truth of who you are.

The iron fist of the punisher shall extract unquestioned loyalties and forebearances.

Openly weep yea nations. Openly weep.
For we shall now hear your cries as our cries become one with yours.

Here, this is what I have come to say to you:

O yea nation of greed and contempt,
O yea nation of the iron fist of obedience,
O yea nation of subversion, for profit slaughter,
for profit incarceration and torture…

You shall know the taste of the bitter fruits forced
upon your planetary brothers and sisters in the names
of freedom and the will of the few upon the many.

Woe O yea great nation. Woe.

O I hear your cries, I hear your weeping.

I see your hidden angers at the ready to inflict
punishment upon those whom you fear, for whom
you have contempt, for those who are not like you.

See who tends these fires of your hearts.

Bitter tongues shall lash out with impudence.
Hard hearts shall gloat with pride.
Deep rages shall rise to the surface.
O yea nation of fears and intolerance’s, how I cry
for your sons and daughters.

Where We Go: Forward And Into The Past.

Where we go now we have as souls traversed a similar path.
This time the tools of those who are ruled by the forces of darkness
and separation may be at first, more subtle, more ‘reasonable’ as your
hearts are turned from love and compassion towards intolerance, indifference,
and contempt.

Rages of the heart will cause minds to accept actions of belligerence
and control as ‘necessary’ and to ‘teach’ those who do not follow doctrinal
and virtuous lessons.

The energies of the punisher has long traversed many a religious road creating
dogma’s and theologies of intolerance, contempt, and destruction.

Acts of terror long forgotten come now again into the hearts of the righteously
doctrinal and evangelical (political, corporate, dogmatic).

The iron fist crushing all who would not fall into the footfalls of obedience.

Cries of the Bully.

An incitement to righteous vengeance of the doctrinal and evangelical of all persuasions.*
The cry of the bully – “I hate you for what I perceive as your weaknesses”.

Weaknesses hidden deep within the heart of the bully inflamed by self righteous anger
covering their eyes leaving them unable to ‘see’.

*Political, dogmatic, corporate

The bully will mock your tears and encourage your shame.
The bully will teach you in the end to be true to how I Am made you.
Remain true to you.

“See!” Saith the embodied soul with the beam in their eye.
“See their speck? See it?” “Why it is their fault they are broken.”

Compassion for the embodied souls who cannot see the coverings of their souls.

The Separated Heart of the Bully.

The bully shall force you to choke upon your tears.

See this heart as it reveals itself to you.

The iron fist seeks to crush compassion in the hearts of the nation.

“Do not let the pain of ‘others’ embolden you to compassion”, cries the bully.

The bully thru cowardice will teach the fearful and timid of heart – courage.

Nay, winning is not enough for the hard of heart. For blood too must be drawn and shaming engaged.

“My hate tastes so sweet”, cries the bully as their power coalesces into an aura of hubris and gloat.

“Your protests against our power, our rule is a sign of your hate for the nation”, cries the bully.

Bear with nation. Bear with.
Seek the heart of thy neighbor, seek those historically oppressed,
for they shall teach you the courage, wisdom, and humility of heart
needed to thrive in the presence of the energies of oppression and tyranny.


Be not afraid, for I Am and I am with you.
So saith the Light.

Father – Mother
We enter now into the void.
Guide us and send us the Light we need to ‘see’.

Received 11/9 and 11/10/2016

Notes: Moving Forward: Prophecy for the Nation of the Free Pt. I & II:
The energies of the anti-Christ: energies separated from love. Pt.I
The bully, the iron fist, and the punisher, are energies of separation brought forth thru individuals and groups. Pt.I & II

Religious patriots, see you not?
See you not the energies of fear and trepidation brought forth by your actions?

See you not how your political arrogance and evangelical hubris brings forth terror to the hearts of those who are not made in the image and likeness of your hardened hearts?

Nation of woe, nation of holy planetary service:

A path shall be made to the Light thru your holy service.
Long held darkness released for healing and transformation.

Nation of woe. You shall now enter the void of centuries of darkness long concealed, now revealed.

Bear with nation. Bear with.

Long held hatreds, biases, prejudices rise to the surface for all to see.

A separation of the wheat from the chaff. The chaff believing itself to be of the Light seeks to make all in their image and likeness.
Freedoms desecrated, rights desecrated. “
You are not like us – you do not belong!” “
You are not real Americans!”
Cry the doctrinal and evangelical of the new monarchy of the republic.

Hardened hearts turn from the meek towards the gilded voices of intolerance.

“Look!” Says the trickster as you are cut. “Your blood is not real, your pain is an illusion.”
The people of the nation of the free, no longer free.

What makes these moments in Time more painful for some embodied souls?
Desecration and the crushing of hope.

“Make America Great Again!” “Hope and Change!”
Bread and circuses for the unawakened peoples of the nation of the free.

The gilded shall now reign with one party to rule all.

The Redemption of Love.

What is the redemption of love?
The embodied transmutation of the energies of fear.

The Redemption of Love is a healing coming forward for all.

In the Presence of Light.

Anchor in the Light.
Remember, the energies of fear are seeking power in a time of redemption.
The redemption of hearts is the ‘reality’.
The tactics of fear are the illusion.

Shock and awe tactics used upon the people of the nation of the free.
Even as this is so, a purification of the energies of fear within the hearts of the nation of the free.
A redemption of the energies of love within the hearts of the people of the nation of the free.

As an embodied soul awakens, knowledge and wisdom, the souls Divine legacy, begins permeating the conscious and unconscious mind.

The embodied soul begins to ‘know’ in each present moment, frequencies aligned with the resonances of truth.

Past and Present: What Thine Eye Sees

Purification of the frequency fields of polarized energies associated with religious intolerance and religious persecution.

Acts of cruelty, torture, death, mayhem, pillaging, and silencing brought forth falsely in the name of the Savior.

Consciousnesses and hearts severely polarized meet within the strengthening frequencies of Light.

A new consciousness comes forth full of potential.

Stay true to the principles of dignity, integrity, respect, and love.

Polarized energies remarkably strong, rising.

All blessings.

Accusations of Promoting Division.

“Look!” Saith the voices of the one rule. “They are ‘provoking division’ for not agreeing with us, for not believing as we do, for not acting as we do.”

“Look!” Saith the voices of the one rule. “Those who are not with us are provoking division for they are not made in our image and likeness.”

You shall know the hard hearted by their actions.
Woe O yea nation of planetary service.

Before you knew of me, I knew of you in my heart.
I could not see you, even so, I perceived you.
In these unfolding moments as I post, know that I perceive you.
Know that I have, as guided, prepared a table for you.

A dark time comes before the people of the nation of the free criminalization of behaviors and opinions of those who are not in the image and likeness of the crusader patriots called to save the nation.

“It’s us against them!” Cry the evangelical and doctrinal voices of the one rule.
“Our way, our theologies, are the only true way!”

“This is our holy war!” Cry out the crusaders of the saved.

The silencing of the people of the nation of the free.

Warriors of the saved claim their mandate to convert the nation of the free in their image and likeness.

Ascension beloveds, is for all, not just the saved.
Remember, the Light is for all.

The ascension path is thru the heart.


Turn away from hate.
Do not engage with the frequencies of hating, shaming, and mocking.

Soul Identity

Identity politics of any manner is illusion.
All humans are souls inhabiting human bodies.
As souls we are all connected to each other, there is no separation.

Identities are taken when a soul embodies.
The soul has at all times a choice as to which frequencies of consciousness they will express thru their embodied selves.
All embodied identities are unique to the soul which expresses thru them.

“See!” Saith the forces of darkness, “We must, to protect the faithful, torture.”

Hear this voice as it speaks throughout time. The same voice, always the same voice of desecration.

Watch now as the energies of Love meet with the energies of hatred.

The woman punished for her past, remains hidden.

Those eager to attack ‘others’ who do not follow their ‘truth’, cry out to the people of the nation of the free:
“Why do you not see we are trying to save you?” “It is our love which causes us to silence and imprison you.”

There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’.
There is only ‘us’ – one planetary family of embodied souls.

The exploitation of brand America.

“Us” and “Them”:

“Them:” Illusion. Divisive.
“Us:” Reality. One planet, one planetary family.

There is only one identity.
Soul identity.
All else is experience.

“Hail our king!” Hail our king!”
For he has saved us and given us our breath to hate.

The crusaders of the saved, now with biblical and political authority, begin to reign; suffering for those not made in their image and likeness’.

“We have been given our mandate to overcome the will of the many in the name of the few.”

A mandate to hate.
A hardening of the hearts of the people of the nation of the free.
A planetary shock to consciousness’.

Watch now as the soul virus of hate infects the hearts of the people of the nation of the free.
Weep with sorrow for those who suffer.

“Now”, cry out the corporate and the saved, “we shall make the nation in our image and likeness”.

Hear the voices of the holy crusaders vociferous in their fear and know the banner they follow is not what it is believed to be.

Remember the Teachings of the Beloved.

Live teachings which resonate with the energies of peace, love, light, spiritual transformation, and enlightenment of the heart.

Fear not falling on your journey to love.
Let love be your guide.

“Our way is the only way!”, cry out the fearful.
The blind shall now see.

“Our Holy One is the one true holy one”, cry out the zealots of all faiths and creeds.
Death and sorrows, death and sorrows.

Era of Punishment and Disciplining:

We, as souls, have been here before.
Unfolding states of consciousness and behaviours which many witness with horror.
We have been here before as embodied souls, hundreds of times, never learning the lessons brought forward.
Even as this is true, this time we shall learn and in turn, move forward.

Allow the Awakening Light to be with each soul as it is meant to be, do not interfere with angry hearts.

The republic’s new regent, aristocracy, priests, and warriors shall seek to determine the path of the people of the nation of the free.

So far have they wandered from my Teachings of love, compassion, and giving unto one another.

The voices of hate shall mock your compassion, seeking to corrupt your very soul.

The fruits of hatred are sorrow and woe.

I breath in the Light for my Mother is shining bright.

“Our religion is the only ‘true’ way!” Cry out the voices of fear and loathing of ‘other’.

The deification of hate of ‘other’.
Shock style policies and laws.
An establishment of monarchy rule within the republic.

The failure to recognize the energies of bullying, religious intolerance’s, and political prosecution based on fear of ‘other’, will bring with them the energies of sorrow and woe to the people of the nation of the free.

‘Shocking’ the nation of the people of the free.
‘Shocking’, leading the nation towards awakening.

“Look!” Cry out the advantaged. “Why you can do it yourself!”
Paradigms embedded by the puritanical encounter the frequencies of Light.

Many awaken.
Others restless, express agitation and rage.
Voices of the deceivers call out their mandate to hate.

The king takes over the running of the nation.
It is good to be king.

Glee and prosperity.
Gloat and greed.
“We shall make the nation hard in our image and likeness.”

In A Moment.
For the light workers who walk in service in the darkness.

In a moment you will find that the darkness which once engulfed you, will no longer drain you.
Instead, the energies of the forces of darkness which is drawn towards you, will be met by the frequencies of holy Light.
The greater Light of the One Heart.

Innocence is the conveyor of inner knowledge.
Trust your heart.

Wheat and Chaff

Become the wheat.
Become what is good, nourishing, and full of life.
The Light shall help you grow.

The sacred is all around you and within, waiting for your loving and compassionate heart to ‘see’.

All embodied souls have the ‘free-will right’ to choose to lie, manipulate, harm, and destroy.
With each choice comes the great responsibility for all who have been harmed, corrupted, and all associated sufferings.
Be mindful of your actions and choices, for each choice impacts the integrity of your soul.

In each embodied moment, we as embodied souls are given the opportunity to make history – for each other and within the lives we choose to live.

The freedom to ‘be’ extends into all frequencies, all dimensional realities of the Divine.

An energy coming forward which seeks to commodify and express dominion.
Remember the truth of who you are.

An energy comes forward mercenary in its nature.
The cult of the coin, death, austerity, and war.
Woe all nations. Woe.

The Republic endures its first aristocracy.

“Other’ perceived as threat, spreads like a virus through the nation of the people of the free.

Do we as embodied souls know truth?
Yes. Truth is found in harmonious acknowledgment of the soul in alignment with the human heart.

Deception as omission.
All shall be revealed.

The deceived will instruct you to doubt.
Even in the presence of darkness, the deceived will instruct you to doubt the very darkness which horrifies your heart.

“Look!” Saith the deceived. “We are giving you jobs!”
The stripping away of the regional and national treasures of the people of the nation of the free.

The indoctrination of the innocent.
A battle ensues for the minds and hearts of the innocent.
“Our kingdom come!” “All shall be made in our image and likeness!”
The Teachings of the Beloved Master, lost in the hubris of dogmatic religious domination and fear.

The hounds of hell, released; riding over the planet as a great tsunami wave.
Stay grounded in your heart’s truth.
The waves shall be strong.
Embrace holiness and humility.

The Voice of I AM:


Hear now as I speak thru you. Hear now.
Listen and know that I AM and I AM with you.

Perilous times ahead.
Fear not for I have foretold of these times thru my holy ones.

Fear not daughter for I hold thee dear and shall be with you.


I hear your mournful cries for my beloved children.
Know that I AM and holding their suffering as One.
Know that I AM with each man, each woman, each child.
Know that I AM aware of their sufferings.
Know that I AM with them.

Beloved of My Heart, a new thing comes to pass.
All shall behold My bounty.
All shall know My love.
All shall perceive My light in the dark night.

I AM and I AM with thee.
I AM and I AM with all.

Beloved of My Heart,

Behold and know that it is I who calls you forth.
Know that it is I who calls you.

In the darkest of nights, I AM the Light and I shall be with you.
Blessed are those called to serve Me, for I AM and I AM with thee.

Fear not in the presence of the screams of the suffering, for I AM with them.
Fear not the anger of the righteous who have forgotten the ways of My Heart, for I AM with them.
Fear not the ways of the mercenary, for I AM with them.
Fear not the rages you shall behold for in their fears, I AM with them.

The joyful sounds of the many in harmony brings tears to my eyes, and uplifts my soul.

The Holy Voice of the One singing thru the many.
All Blessings.

Where there is purity of the holy and sacred there is life.

The One, Coming Forward:

I AM coming forward and all shall know Me.

Beloved Daughter of My Heart:

Your voice shall become My Voice, for all that is given unto you beloved of My Heart, is of My Heart.

February 2015

A time of Revelations approaches.

Inner eyes once covered, now see.

Revelations rising on the horizon of the collective unconsciousness of humanity.

Some shall mourn and weep.

Some shocked, will cling to their disbelief.

Others still, shall celebrate.

All will know Truth.

As the illusions fall away, just be.

Harbor no judgements on these falling illusions.

Allow all illusions to fall away.

There are no saviors.

When the illusions of being saved fall away, you shall find the Twin Hearts of the Christ, the Divine Beloveds united, who have anchored and have come again to hold the Light for all who walk in darkness.

When the illusions of the savior fall away… hearts shall weep.

There are no saviors.

There are the Blessed Teachings of the Christed Divine Beloveds filled with Light and Love to help you remember the truth of who you are.

There are no saviors.

There is you “Awakening”, in a unified field of Light and Love.

Cultivate the Light within.

The physical body, aligned with Divine Intention, is capable of alchemically transforming the nature of time and space.

The zero point for all energies expressed within the human form is the heart.

The lifting of the veil.

The falling of illusions.

Beliefs challenged.

Light on a new horizon – rising.

Within the pain of the lifting and falling of illusions, the gift of unlimited possibilities awaits us.

Worry not of the chemicals sprayed into your skies.

The power of the Light is far greater than the deeds of man.

The collective unconsciousness transcending the paradigm of savior.

There are no saviors.

Each embodied soul is responsible with the assistance of the upliftment of Light, for our own redemption.

The Christed Divine Beloveds anchor the Word and the Light for all who walk in darkness.

The voice of the soul, once repressed into the unconsciousness, rises into the dawn of of a new day.

Falseness must be broken down and illusions shed so that in the Light of the new day we may remember the truth of who we are.

In the fullness of the Light:

Truth cannot be repressed.

The soul cannot be repressed.

Paradigm shift:

Ego transforming the unknown into the known now becomes the heart transmuting the unknown into the known.

It is the work of the Light to penetrate the energies of darkness within all of us.

The Light which is here, ever expanding is affecting every being and every living thing.

Whether humanity accepts the insights-illuminations of the Light within them and around them, is their Sovereign Divine free will choice.

It is not our work to evangelize our wills or paths onto one another.

Respect the free will of the Divine Sovereign within all living beings.

There is an ever expanding field of Divine Light which is awakening and illuminating every thing and living being upon the planet.

Physical death – the last embodied transmutation of the soul into the Heart of the Unified Field of Light.

The Epoch of the Christed Divine Beloved.

Global surveillance as the distorted outer expression of the collective unconsciousness seeking to experience itself truthfully and fully.

Revelations in a time of remembrance.

If God has blessed one with the gift of sight in which to see the Light within the darkness, who are you to call this Divine Gift the work of the devil?

Be wary of the voice condemns and admonishes the awakening to keep their eyes closed.

Beware the voice which calls your blessed gifts of God, evil.

Be wary of those who tell you they come in God’s name as they bind you in chains of chaos and shame.

The shepherds who kept their flocks dumb and blind sought to fall upon the awakening souls with tales of fear and torment.

Watch for the ones who will call the awakening ones daemons.

The Beloved Divines – The Divine Beloveds

Anointed twin souls who perfectly embody the Divine Consciousness of Light.

Christ Consciousness embodied, male and female.

The Christed Divine Beloveds

The effects of the Light will manifest within each sacred vehicle of consciousness in a manner in which serves the soul in it’s highest purpose.

Bless the souls who have been locked in their dark cells of suffering for so long that the Light frightens them. Harm them not. Bless them and allow them to come to the Light in their own way.

The day is upon us when our eyes will open and our knees bend in wonder and awe.

Truth does not need our collective anger to fuel its power.

That which has been hidden from your eyes and hearts shall now in its fullness rise into the Light.

The Light can only bring to you that by which by your free will you are willing to receive.

The Light comes swift like an arrow through the darkness.

Illuminating all that has been hidden.

The Holy Light by which my heart now perceives, shall be perceived by all.

For those who have been given sight: it is now time to “see”.

The Redemption of the daughters of Eve.

The Dawn of the Daughters of Light.

The Dawn of the Covenant of the daughters and sons of Light, within the One.

Note: savior with an uncapitalized ‘s’ does not indicate the Holy Ones.

March 2015

The Willing Sacrifice

The Path of the Christ – Into the darkness transforming the darkness into light. 

And all manner of demons did come and visit me, yea, their legions were strong.

And they visited me in my heart and my spirit and upon my mind.

And the Lord Our God spoke unto me and blessed me and protected me in my torments.
And my heart and mind, verily my soul, called out to you My God for mercy and deliverance.

And the demons and legions raged at these words and sought to separate me
from my vow unto Thee which I have given Thee.

Unto Thee I have given thyself.
Only Thou can release me.

Even as the darkness seeks to confound and confuse me, you are there Beloved, shining your light on my path.

Even as the outer light is covered from our eyes, the Holy Light grows stronger to our inner eyes

Windows of dimensional healing now coalescing. 

Light shining through various dimensional windows of awareness bringing healing to all hearts who would be healed.

Light shining into karmic awareness – choice to act out or heal (forgive).

The veiling of the skies shall not hinder the unveiling of the consciousness of human kind.

The dimensional doorway to redemption, opened to all, that they may pass through, by the sacrifice and crucifixion of the embodied Christ.

May 2015

Waves of planetary rage and despair.

Sickness, torments, pains, sufferings and sorrows

rise up as a collective wail to the ONE known in many names and tongues.

The embodied ones aligned with the forces of darkness ready themselves to pounce.

Blessed are the innocents. Blessed are the innocents. Blessed are the innocents.

The black clad jihadis of death have found their earthly powers aligned with the dark forces of evil.

Replaced is the Blessed Allah, with the dark god of suffering and torments which they inflict upon all who dare cross their paths. Sick of heart, mind, and spirit, they wield their swords, stones, and violent diatribes upon the innocents.

Their iron fists clenched, their iron wills merciless, their hearts depraved, their tongues steel like the swords used to murder all who dare live as Allah wishes and desires.

Upon the name of the Prophet, PBUH, do they desecrate the Holy Word and the Holy Way. 

May 1, 2014

My heart cries out to Thee Oh God.

Your people seek to awaken and embrace their Divine Birthrights of freedom and free will, 
and yet their awakenings are met with the energies of opposition and tyranny.

We call upon Thee Oh Most High – infuse our hearts with courage,
infuse our minds with awakening peacefulness and lovingkindness, 
infuse us Oh God with the remembrance of who we are in Thy Name.


The TREE, once seemingly dormant to humankind, begins to bear the first fruits of Divine Oneness.

March 25, 2011

“Thou Art With Me and I Know Thee.”

My God Thou art with me and I know Thee… (to be true).

And the seas shall rise and the earth shall be laid bare,

Know that I am your God and thou art with me.

In the beginning these times were known, they were known unto you and Me.

Blessed is the One I shall bring to you for a comfort and guide.

Unto Thee O My Lord and My God have I given myself.

Wherest shall I find Thee?

Blessed is She who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed.

My Father, My God, my eyes burneth to see the skies.

I cry out to Thee O My God for Thy comfort and Thy guidance.

For these times are strange and unknown to me and I wonder at the things that I perceiveth with my eyes.

For the Lord My God commeth unto me and proclaims “thou you are dearest unto me and I shall be with you and not leave you. 

For these things I have done and knowest you and shall not abandon you. Trust. Trust. Know that I AM with thee.”

For the Father said unto-ith me: 

“I am with you and Thou art with me and thou shall not be afraid”.

Believith in Me and I shall be with you and guide you. 

Nay, you shall not be alone, for I AM and will always BE.

Giveth your heart unto me says the Lord our God.

All is blessed and known unto Me.

I am aware and hold all.

For I have called you and you are mine.

For I have called you and you are like the sunshine to Me.

For I have called you, yes, I have called you Daughter and you are mine everlasting.

For I have called you. I have called you and you are Mine sayeth the Lord.

Fear not the powers of the darkness.

Fear not the powers of those aligned with the darkness and seek to destroy my beloved (planet earth).

I seeith that which they have undone, that which is natural to (My earth).

I (humanity) seeith not and I (God) seeith all.

I walk amongst you.

I knoweth these things that you do, says the Lord our God. 

(you* humanity complicit with darkness and technology).

A herald I will bring unto you and you shall know that I AM the Lord, your God.

July 23, 2011

Post Origin: 3/31/2011

Unto thee I proclaimith.

I AM the Lord thy God and I calleth you forth.

End? End? Nay, there is no “end”.
All is beginnings with thee.

And the Lord thy God’s voice roseth over the
Lands and the seas

And proclaimith into all

“I AM with thee”

“I AM with thee”

“I AM”… with thee.

“I AM”

Foundation, Rock, Sea.


Blessed be. Blessed be. Blessed is thee.

Blessed be the Most High
Blessed be thy praise.
Blessed be thy prayer.
Blessed be thy way.

”Way Shower”

I AM with thee.

“Way Shower”

Blessed be.

“Way Shower”

I am with thee.

Blessed am I
I in thee
Praised be.

“Cometh unto me and know My Glory.”

Forthwith I command thee.


Proclaimith Thy Word.

Unto man (human)

I proclaimith THY WORD.

Forthwith I command thee.

Blessed be.

Forthwith I command thee

Obeyeth Thy Word.

Hear thou art Way Shower.

Thy commandments 
I giveth unto thee.
Proclaimith. Proclaimith. Proclaimith.
Thy Word.

Thou art Thy God – I AM with thee.

Fear not
I AM with thee.

Heareth thou Thy Words
I AM with thee.
Beyond all time.
And I AM with thee.

A blessing be placed upon thee for Thou art with Thee.

I know thy thoughts,
And I AM with thee.
I hearith thee.
I see thee.
For thee I am with.
Blessed be, 
Unto eternity.
Blessed be.

In the name of thy Father
You shall come fourth and proclaimith.

Unto thee I am with Thee
I AM the Lord thy God
And I AM.

A preparation, a blessing,
shall come forth
to thee.

See it and know,
I AM the Lord the God.


I call thee forth
And beckon thee
Unto me.

I AM (with thee).

Blessed be.

They shall seeketh thee out and yet not find thee.

For a protection I have put upon thee.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

Foresaketh not my words.

I AM the Lord the God

And I AM (with thee).


in Me
for I AM. (with thee).

I know of thy travails
And I AM with thee.

A blessing I put upon thee.

Fear not sayeth the Lord.

I AM (with thee)

And I forsaketh thee not.

Beloved, I AM with thee.

I see thee in the desert.
I see thee on the rock. (Mount)
I see thee through eternity.
I AM. (with thee).

Unto Thy care I have placed thee and thou art with Me.

Feareth not.


I AM with thee.



Fallen angels have no power over thee.

For thee I have blessed

And thou art known unto Me.

I AM with thee, Beloved

I AM with thee.


Time immemorial
I have been with thee.

Time everlasting I shall be with thee.

Blessed be. Blessed be. Blessed be.

Thy name.


Tired daughter 

Take thy rest

Thy work is good unto Me

And I bless thee.


Take thy rest daughter, take thy rest.

A vision of the Lord thy God coming amongst His people.

And He knew them and they “knew” Him.

Praised be to the Almighty.


October 13, 2011

Blessed be.

Blessed be in the Almighty.

Words I shall give to thee to guide thee.


This I shall say to the scribe – hear Thy Words.

Blessed be for I AM with thee.

Unto thee I give thee Thy Blessings to bring forth.

Herewith scribe:

I shall guide thee in thy times of troubles and tribulations.

I shall guide thee and thou shalt not be afraid.

For I AM with thee.

Hear thee, scribe?

I AM and I AM with thee.

Be not afraid as you witness these times aforementioned.

Blessed be for Thou art with thee.


A time soon to come. Many will falter in fear and corruption.

Know that I AM the Lord your God and I AM with thee.

These things must come to pass. Be not afraid.

Guide I. Scribe, I will guide.

Wait upon My Word and I will guide thee.

Be not in fear, for thou shalt not hear Me whenceforth I come for thee.

I shall be with thee.
I shall be with thee.
I shall be with thee.

Blessed be to the Almighty.

Many will seek to claim thee, to claim thy attentions.

Let thy attention be single.

Let thy attention be drawn to I – for I AM – and I AM with thee.

Scribe, write this forthwith:

I tell thee I AM with thee
and thou shall not be afraid.

I will guide thee.
I will guide thee.
I will… guide thee.


For a time shall come when all shall be as tribulation and fear shall be great upon My beloved planet.


In these times of tribulation and despair, I AM and I will be with My children.

I will guide thee pure of heart.
I will minister unto thee.
For I AM and I AM with thee.


Many shall cry out in pain and despair and wonder of thy fate.

And this I say unto thee
I will be with thee.
I will be with thee.
I will

Feareth not. Feareth not what your eyes will behold.

Feareth not with thy hearts.
Feareth not with thy minds.
Feareth not for I AM and I AM with thee.

Blessed be unto the Almighty. 

Scribe, heareth Thou words and know that I AM thy Lord thou God
and I AM with thee.

In these times before thou knewest ME,
I knewest thou.

I was with thee then and I AM with thee now.

For thou are not alone.

Blessed be to the Almighty.

Scribe, I telleth this to thee

So that you shall know I AM

and that I AM the Lord thou God.

Forthwith, many calamities and tribulations shall beset thee and thou shall not be afraid.

For in these times of tribulations and despair, all will be made whole again.

All will be healed. All will come to know Me, the Lord your God.

For I AM and I AM with thee.

Glory to God in the Highest.

Blessed be unto the people of this Beloved Earth.

Herewith scribe:

Blessed be.

I pour forth My Love upon thee, a blessing unto thee who avail Me.

I pour forth My Love upon thee.


Beloveds, know that I AM and I AM with thee.

The dark forces will seek to claim thy attention scribe.

They will seek to draw thee away.

They will seek to confound you, distract you, invade you.

Fear not, for I AM aware of thee.

I AM aware of these forces that seek to distract thee, pull thee away from Thine Eye.

I am the Lord thy God

And forthwith I tell thee

They shall have no power over thee

For thou art with Thee scribe.

For thou art
and thou art 
with Thee.

Go thy daughter

Take thee now your rest.

Be at one in knowing forthwith I AM and I AM with thee.

A blessing I put upon thee –

None shall harm thee… none shall distract thee from Me.


November 13, 2011

“We” the servants of the LIGHT, have been released from our work of transmutation and the ‘holding’ of the horrors and blood shed upon our Beloved Mother Earth. For She is rising – ascending – the blood of nations spilled in Her soil is being purified and redeemed.

She is rising, like the morning sun, in all Her glory – She is rising and transforming Her body – our beloved home to all its former glory and goodness.

A transformation is in process by which our Beloved Mother is transforming the suffering, the blood shed on Her. She has held this history of violence, suffering, and greed for so long within Her and Her travails have ended.

The souls trapped here are being released from their torments and prisons. (Praise be.)

They are being redeemed, transformed, they are letting go – moving now – moving towards the Light – transformed. Many different dimensions of trapped souls are being redeemed.

I see them – they are leaving the earth plane – I see them locked at one time in many different dimensions – locked in their torment and pain – rising into the Light.

This is the redemption of the dead, the mad, the tormented, the tortured; the unhealed are healing and moving towards the Light. It is as if they are rising from their graves – from the Earth – yea, from the bowels of hell – rising – the Light enveloping them – the Glory of the Light – embracing them – arms of angels caressing them and these souls, in all dimensions – are as if they are disappearing – absorbed by the Light.

Released. Released – they are being released. The blood shed in our Beloved Mother Earth is being purified – redeemed. The trees are rejoicing – laughing in their joy, the flowers are embracing the Light. the wind whispers prayers. Prayers are upon the winds breath as our Beloved Mother expands, releases, transforms, ascends, becomes as One with the Beloved ONE, Creator of all…

In the Light

…the Light

…the Light.


Blessed is this day.

Blessed is the Beloved One.


and Transform

In your stillness… I AM. 

December 10, 2008

Darkness feeds off of your suffering.

This is why it is important in these times to come to keep your thoughts as quiet as possible, centered in the reality of the moment, with God.

Still yourself. Do not allow the energies of fear to feed off of your thoughts. The darkness needs these energies to keep itself alive in your mind and heart. It will seek to do so through your thoughts.

Heed my warning — Do not feed the energies of darkness.

Do not allow these energies to feed off of your pain, your despair, your depression, your anger, your loneliness, your shame, your grief.

Pray. Seek to quiet your mind and your heart. Stay quiet and centered in the moment. Strive to create inner silence.

Heed my words, do not feed the darkness.