The Mission of the Christ
Joining With The Energy of the Divine Mother.

The Sacred Flower of Light comes forth.
Guruji-Ma - Mother of Light embodied.

January 1, 2018

The Sacred Once Hidden Revealed:

2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of The Mother.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Daughter.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

Activities of Love in the presence of energies of separation, hierarchal dominance, and corrupted power in service to power.

The sacrifice of the divine feminine manifesting as revelation of ancient energies once empowered to suppress the energies of the Divine Mother.
Blessings to the daughters whose lives have been borne of sorrows and whose lives have bees extinguished by energies embodied claiming the right to desecrate and destroy.
Mourn these daughters.

That which has been corrupted and separated from the Divine Plan revealed.
Energies in service to darkness revealed.
Energies in service to Love revealed.

Love Revealed:

The divinity of the Daughter revealed through the portal of the Sacred Heart.
The Daughter of the Divine in the sacred embodiment of the Christ.

Love’s Power Revealed:

Love the essence of all that exists, revealed in its fullness.

The heart’s of the souls awakening to the energies of Love need not call forth the suffering for healing, for by their very presence embodied, the healing force of Love is activated and that which is meant to crush, suppress, and oppress is enveloped by the energies of Love these beings of the Christ, the Divine Mother, carry.

Embodied divinity unites in the One.
Imbalance brought into balance – harmony.

At first in fear, that which was separated from Love attacks, demeans, suppresses, and seeks to destroy that which is of its essences, its origin – Love.

Cruelty abounds as separated energies attack and seek to destroy.
The Punisher and his cadre of punishers reveal the separated aspects of their heart’s through actions, words, and deeds, which reflect not Love, but the energies of unmitigated power.

Empowered by the Punisher, those who seek to follow his path reveal themselves.

The iron fist seeketh to crush that which cannot be crushed – the spirit and essence of the soul.

Prayer to the Mother Divine:

Mother Divine embrace me.
Mother Divine uplift me.
Mother Divine infuse my heart with Your Love.

Separated aspects of the divine embodied, male and female united in sacredness in the heart – the portal to the Divine.

Ye shall know them by the Light they carry.
Ye shall know them by the Love they embody.

For who knoweth the Revelations of Love shall carry forth the Light.

Be not afraid of the energies which would seek to cover your light, for the Light is with you and you shall carry forth the Heart of the Christ in all that you do.

Those souls who long for peace, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Peace.
Those souls who long for love, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Love.
Those souls who long for healing, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Healing.
Those souls who long for unity, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Unity.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.
In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

Daughters of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

Sons of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

See how the Daughters and Sons of Light dance to the songs of Heaven’s Love.

Let not the revelations of that which has covered thee frighten thee.
All must be seen.
All that is separated must be revealed.
Allow. Allow. Allow.

The energies which once held sway over the minds and hearts of humanity shall seek to keep hearts covered.
These energies will seek to frighten, intimidate, corrupt, and crush thee.
Fear not for the power of these energies diminish as the Light of the One is revealed.

That for which you have been borne to bring forth shall bear fruit.
Allow. Allow.
Allow the Light of the Divine to infuse your heart.
Allow your soul to come forth for this is why you are here.
The time of Revelations nears.

Open thy fist and receive. 

August 9, 2018

Old inquisitions come forth anew.

Bear with nation. Bear with.

A time of healing wounds ancient.

The forlorn weep and wander.

Pious punishers strike out in fear seeking to protect that which needs no protection, that which is the One Eternal.

The serpent infects the hearts of the self righteous. The tail now leads the head.

The laws of mercy convoluted.

The guilt ridden accuse and torment the innocent seeking to purge darkness within.

Hearts closed invite darkness as comforter.

Have mercy on those who have sought the darkness as comforter. Judge them not. Let the compassionate mercy of self awareness and the love in your hearts bring forth healing.

The healing to come is for all. 

All who wander.
All whose hearts have hardened.
All who have remained faithful to the tenets of love.

Let your hearts not be corrupted by hatred and violence.
Let your hearts remain in innocence.
Trust that the Light will heal all wounds, ancient and new.

Hardened hearts, cruelty, greed, indifference to the suffering of others – these energies and more call forth the energies of darkness. Remember innocence and love are paths through the darkness.

All sins revealed.

Pain carried through the generations healed.

The vulnerable tormented by the powerful.

This land of wheat and honey,
this land of the free,
let no king
tend fires of fear 
in your heart or eyes.

Beware the punisher who claims to punish and torment you to save you.

If the One whom many call God forces you not to worship or love,
then which man or woman can lay claim to forcing you to love or worship their God? 

Souls freer than the stars descend in Sacred Time.


Multidimensional realities of sacred consciousness held within the Heart and Consciousness of the One.

Each dimensional reality presents divine potentialities as well as polarities borne of individuated consciousness.

Each embodied and non-embodied soul experience a lesson ultimately of unity.

Each polarity seeking it’s opposite – repelled and attracted from moment to moment, seeking expression, seeking wholeness – holiness.


A gift of the One for the expressions of all.


A unifying force for that which has been rejected. A unifying force for that which seeks to be defined through embodied expression.

All is vibration. All is frequency.

When the consciousness is drawn to the voice of the soul, potentialities will be perceived awaiting within the realms of higher frequencies expressed as love, compassion wisdom, generosity, gratitude, and awe.

Be wary of souls who would seek to define the boundaries, expressions, and experiences of your conscious life.

Walk with caution around those souls who would seek to drain you for their want of attention.

If another embodied soul would harm you, steal from you, seek to control you, punish you, seek to cause a winter of fear in your heart, create for thyself then a boundary of prayer. Pray that such a soul may remember their heart, remember the truth of who they are – sons and daughters of the Infinite – sons and daughters of love.

The energies of desecration of innocence runs rampant upon the body of the Earth.

Raging waters. fires, pestilences, quaking’s, greed, hatred, indifference, cruelty, and abuse of trust and power. Energies when faced consciously with an innocent and inner guided heart can bring healing.

Expressions of the Divine Mother:

The many colours of the Mother expressed so that the windows of the soul might perceive them.

Open your hearts so that the soul may see, so that the soul may be.

Keep the burning jewels of frankincense and myrrh near you.

Receive the teachings of life into your heart trusting the teachings being brought to you in each moment are for your healing.


Trust that if you ask within, you will be inner guided.

Purify your heart so that your spirit may burn as a guiding light in times of darkness and despair.

Worry not that you do not know who you are or how to be.

Give your heart permission to experience beauty, let no embodied soul take this blessed gift from you.

The beauty you seek is anchored within.

Every moment is ripe with potentialities for awakening to the truth of who you are – no matter how constricting the limitations.

Mother of Light Embodied.

The Sacred Flower of Light comes forth. Guruji-Ma – Mother of Light embodied.

Soldiers of time – lay down your swords.

Unity is the bane of the Punisher.

The decrees of the barren of compassion welcomed by predators and worshipers of intolerance and punishments.

The iron fist tastes the sweet power of the adulation of the naive, the sanctimonious, the self-serving, and the fearful.

When you observe your planetary brothers and sisters cowering in fear, know that they who have bent them in fear, shall too seek thee.

All manner of cruelties freely expressed by the many fists of the Punisher.

The sickness of kings brings sorrow and woes, dishonors, and desecrations.

In Thy Haste:

In thy haste peace is desecrated.

In thy haste fears bloom.

In thy haste fires burn where peaceful waters should flow.

In thy haste the heart is troubled, thy mind frets, the song of thy soul is unheard.

For it is the Light which beckons me:

When the Light beckons I speak.

When the Light beckons I bring forth prophecies.

When the Light beckons I listen.

If we live in a time of hell, then we are being asked to remember the ways of love.

The Painful Surrender.

In service to the One, there is the longing of the will and times of waiting which can manifest as limitation.

Oft times the mind will say ‘yes!’ and the body, for which all energies of Divine Manifestation flows through, says ‘wait!’.

One must wait until bothe the will (mind), and the heart are in accordance.

The waiting can be painful for the mind and the heart which longs for unified manifestation.

Rising For Redemption.

Oft times it is difficult to remember the soul sickness you are perceiving is rising for redemption.

The downfall of kings.

The downfall of kings brought forth by arrogance, hubris, and manipulations of justice.

The Divine Mother’s Voice can be heard in the songs of the whales to the thunder of the skies.

To Love One Another:

Assume. Assume. Assume.


To love one another.

Yea, even the heavens shall scream.

The screams of the suffering shall be redeemed by the breath of God.

What shall you see?

What shall I see as I awaken to the Light?

What reality shall ask me to be one with it?

Who seeks to define your reality?

Purity of Heart

Purity of Heart
is how
of nights.

Bear With.

In this Reality?

It takes a lot of trust to live from a pure heart.

Yea, bear with.

A justice to come forth which cannot remember.

Hidden truths revealed. 

November 2018

Shared Reality

Shared Reality can be found in the realms of the heart.

Love is what anchors each of us.

Love is what unites us.

If an energy (consciousness) is being generated with the intention to diminish or divide then the energy is not of the Light.

Reality Bending

When the experience of total dominance of reality will only suffice.

Reality of Love

From Love we have come forth.
Love is the the womb of reality in which we (embodied souls) live.
Love is the reality embodied souls are made in the image and likeness of.
Love is the reality souls strive to ‘know’ embodied.
Love is the unifying force from which all life comes forth.

The radiating energies of love need no generation for Love IS, and all other states of reality must be generated.

Love is our (souls) original state of beingness. We leave the reality of Love when we, through free-will, choose to act and think from a state of not Love.

To find truth in a time of collapsing paradigms and the generating of distorted ‘framed’ realities, a soul has the choice, through free will, to perceive their reality through the eyes of Love.

All Realities Are Held In Love

Those who would seek to define the reality of all embodied souls in service to power, can only ‘generate’ alternate realities separated from Love. Each soul is given through its creation, the free will choice as to which reality the embodied soul will align its consciousness with.

This journey of the embodied soul, ‘to choose’, in an embodied state, to love or not love, has been the core of all realities unfolding over millennia.

Now, in this present unfolding of collective reality, technologies have taken embodied souls to a more complex experience of discerning what is reality, and what is truth.

If an embodied soul is able to anchor in a reality of Love, then the soul will over time, develop the skills – embodied, to discern that which is of Love and that which is of energies generated to separate the soul from a consciousness of Love, of Light, of holy Life.

Love Radiates

Love radiates. That which is separated from Love generates.

A generated reality by its very nature must be ‘fed’. Stimulated emotionalism, irrationality, fear, and a myriad of prejudices ‘feed’ and uphold the illusions created by generated realities.

A reality of Love needs no generating force for Love IS. Love is the very fabric of reality. The reality of Love radiates, uplifts, infuses, and enlightens infinitely.

The Body Of The Mother

The Body of the Mother, our Beloved Earth is being readied and is near completion of Her Transformation into a Light Body.

That which is separated from Love, releases from Her Body, eons of separated energies have been and are, releasing.

As the separated energies release, the Light, and souls in service to Love, absorb and contain, the releasing energies,

There are those in service to the One, the Body of the Mother, and humanity who are here to contain these releasing energies, a process of transformation/redemption anchored in Love.

In time, as greater amounts of embodied souls participate in the containment of the energies releasing which are separated from Love, the impact on individual souls will lessen.

The Body of the Mother, Planet Earth, can no longer lovingly contain these separated energies for Her sacred mission is to radiate in fullness, the Light of the One, the Light of the Infinite.

As We Move Forward

As we move forward energies which are separated from Love, from Light, will seek through the bending of reality (framing, creating, generating) in service to power, to further alienate souls from each other and from the truth of who they are.

When an embodied soul is actively bending, framing, or generating a distorted reality, it will be incumbent upon embodied souls witnessing these distortions to go within, to anchor in Love, and then to look out towards the reality being generated and to choose whether they will participate or align with the reality being generated, which seeks to diminish and separate or, whether to choose to align with a reality of Love, held within the radiating energies of Light, truth, unity, compassion, and empathy.

One who generates a reality of separation cannot call forth the energies of Love.

These souls can generate a reality of superficial love separated from Divine Love by feeding off of the generation of energies which create an internal emotional reality which becomes addicted to that which feed’s off of the heart, feeds off of the love being offered, feeds off of the adoration, feeds off of emotionalism, and feeds off of fear.

Love Is Complete Within Itself

Love seeks nothing.

Love seeks nothing for Love is complete within itself.

Love IS.

Love does not seek to influence your reality.

Love is an energy which in its fullness, souls perceive as within themselves, for Love is the primordial energy from whence all souls come forth.

Reality Framing

The influencing of realities will become as we move forward, more insidious.

Those who recognize the manipulation of reality in service to power and control will be sorely tempted to strike out at those seeking to bend the reality of sacred life and Love.

Remember the words of the Beloved, “Remember Love.” One cannot fight the energies of darkness with darkness.” ” Only Love, only Love.”

Longstanding Manipulations Revealed

Love held in its purest embodied form embraces innocence.

For eon’s, in embodied form, souls in their innocence have experienced manipulation.

Their succumbing to the manipulations of those who would desecrate their innocence are not signs of weakness or failure.

Rather, each time a soul seeking to live in a state of innocence (to the best of an embodied soul’s abilities) is manipulated or desecrated by energies generated to inflict suffering and sorrows and the soul chooses (again, to the best of their embodied abilities) to align with the energies of Love, the embodied soul grows in strength. radiating Love, often unconsciously, uplifting all realities within the One Reality.

In This Time Of Revelations

In this time of revelations not only will those who seek to walk in the Light histories of thoughts, actions, words, and deeds separated from Love and Light be revealed, so too will the thoughts, actions, words, and deeds of those who would seek to desecrate and bend the very fabric of reality, the reality of Love, will be revealed.

All will be revealed.

Mantra For Transformation – Redemption

“Who Am I?”

“I Am Love.”

The form in which I share these holy guidance’s may be from my heart, by my hand. Even so, these holy guidances belong to the One, they belong to all. I am only one scribe amongst the many who have come before me, are here now, and will come after me.

with love,
a daughter of the One Infinite.