Prophecies Received in 2021

With folded hands I bow before the Light and stand as witness to the darkness.

O Holy God which brought thee forth, Your humble servant awaits Thee

The line between the reality we know and the reality coming forward is shifting.

Eschew not truth for transient moments of happiness or peace.

The well intentioned deception agitates the soul even as it pacifies the mind.

The king of vanities wields his sword of divisiveness from his throne of cruelty.

How long? How long will humanity continue to be deceived?

The profits of false salvation weave webs of deception.

Unconsciousness, willfulness, and deceptions causing the furtherance of the sufferings of humanity.

Woe O Nations.

A lifting up of the soul. Turning thine eye towards that of Love and Light.

False profits bringing forth the destruction of the Earth’s resources and balance, whilst inhabitants suffer and perish.

A passage exists in which embodied souls may free themselves from their sufferings. In this passage, hidden in the heart, the soul awaits the Light to shineth the Way.

All hopes of deliverance from the darkness rise as the spring buds in the presence of the Light.

How do we emerge from our sufferings?

  1. Recognition of the soul’s desire to be free.
  2. Willingness to trust in Love.
  3. Willingness to live in Love.
  4. Willingness to be Love.

False profits will exhort thee that material wealth a measurement of Grace.

The kings of death and sorrow.

Despising Light and Love whilst uplifting malice and trust in the ways of darkness, the kings of death and sorrow, trod upon the bones of the fallen.

Thousands of lies for hundreds of thousands of lives.

The kings of death and sorrow deliver false hope to the bleeding without staunching their wounds.

A forked tongue endeavours to speak plainly, truthfully.

The imperious king brought to the people as their salvation.

Through the hearts of the humble, the servants of Love, shall the One Creator speak.

The divestment of joy from embodied life, in service to the embellishment of wealth of the stony-hearted.

The profit’s and aristo’s of the vainglorious king strive to display their vulgarities and cruelties, lest they catch his wandering eye.

The serpent arose, drew its fangs, and bit the people. And in their madness the people proclaimed the serpent their salvation, their saviour.

The darkness, hidden in the hearts of deceivers, watched with wide-eyed awe, at the upliftment of vanities and cruelties amongst the peoples, and proclaimed for all to see, that they too, had been bitten by the serpent and had come in his name to rule them.

Vanity kings – villainous rogues, vainglorious and aggrieved, cry out to the people wailing of their sufferings and woes. As the people watch helpless as their loved ones perish and their lives become wretched.

The children of the Light opened their hearts so that the balm of compassion might anoint the hearts of the crestfallen.

Revelations of the Emergence of Patriotic Deceptions

If you are not with us you are against us, we shall call you traitor.

Only the true church shall save the Nation.

Romans sought to crown Beloved Christ Jesus. Satan offered the crown of the world to Beloved Christ Jesus. True patriots come forth to set the crown upon Beloved Christ Jesus. The crown of king of the Nation of the Free.

They shall come and scourge you, beating you with the rod, until you submit to the kingdom of their true god.

The false of heart incite the People to attack all who will not submit to four more years of the kings reign.

Oracles of the god-king come before loyal patriots inciting them to overthrow the Republic for a new kingdom.

The seeders of deception devoured by their progeny.

Mark of the Beast:

I do not recognize you as a true patriot.

“Real Patriots”. Brought to you by our corporate sponsors.

Hate. Hate. Hate.
Anger. Anger. Anger.
Fight. Fight. Fight.

Incited masses claiming they are the only true patriots.

“Liberty”. Brought to you by the deniers of the Democratic process.

Lies and corruption brought to the hearts and minds of We The People by the mendaciously ambitious.

Deceptions of Patriotic Freedom.

The lords and ladies of duplicity instruct the loyal true patriots that patriotic freedom means never having to accept a truth they do not agree with.

Intentional stirrings of the inner rage of true patriots in service to the persecuted king.

Prevaricators and exploiters stand proud accusing all who are not loyal to the whims of the king as being traitors.

“Alternative Reality”. Brought to you by the sons and daughters of domination.

The lords and ladies of the great lie speak to the people in the humble robes of the patriotic.

Enterprising spinners and weavers of falsifications uphold their wares of deception as the foundation for their actions in inciting We The People to overthrow their Republic.

Liege lords of the dark night incite the people to fight.

A frenzied appeal to the true patriots inner hatreds to destroy ‘Other’ as disloyal traitors.

The lords and ladies of the great lie call for the overturn of the Republic’s democratic election for their candidate who lost as an authoritarian takeover.

Patriots pray for the freedom to overturn a free democracy to restore their king.

The mad of mind incite the angry of heart.

“Only the true patriot loves our king.”

Think you this madness will depart with the mad king?


The ambitious lords and ladies of duplicity shall never set their prey free.

“Why it is for your care and well being true patriots that our king serves you!”

“Our truth is the only truth.” Cry the true patriots.

The lords and ladies of duplicity preach of a land full of demons calling for the destruction of the Republic of the Free.

The liege lords of the king’s mercy bring incitement to the true patriots.

Inciting treason and rebellion in the hearts of the We The People, the lords and ladies of the true patriots ask for your continued patronage.

Patriots claiming to protect the country and Constitution by calling for the overthrowing the Republic.

Liege lords and ladies of the dark night rouse the loyal into feverish states professing their god has sent them to destroy Other who is not loyal to their cause.

The un-reflective reflect to The People inner darkness.

Patriots called to denounce all who are not of them as sons and daughter of Satan.

The lords and ladies of the great lie uphold the king as the deliverer of the Republic.

The lords and ladies of the dark night stand as anointed spokesperson’s for their god by attacking and desecrating all who are not made in their image and likeness.

Liege lords and ladies of the dark night exclaim the Light to be of the darkness, of satan, and the darkness to be of light and good.

The liege lords and ladies of duplicity request the people to uplift the king so that he may save them by destroying the Republic.

The lords of the dark night inspire loyal troops to overturn the rule of law to save the Republic.

The lords of darkness spread venomous teachings amongst the People of the Nation of the Free.

“Destroy this hellish nation!” Cry out the lords and ladies of the dark night. “Our rule is the only true rule!”

The lords and ladies of duplicity shall speak to you of darkness and light, good and evil, the saved and the servants of satan, and shall call all who are not loyal “ servants of evil.”

The lords of darkness raise their arms in feverish praise, thanking their god for the freedom to desecrate the rule of law and the values of a democratic Republic.

Liege lords and ladies of the great lie uphold the king as the saviour of the Nation of Liberty.

“Why we are here to save you People of the Nation of the Free.”

Evidence of the non-existent is bombarded into the consciousness of the People of the Nation of the Free.

“The king is only here to save you!”

“We are the true patriots, here to save the Nation. And you, ‘Other’, are the disloyal traitor whom our liege lords call us to destroy.”

In a time of chaos and tumultuous patriotic sentiment, dogmatic seeds sown by the fabricators of the god like.

It shall be not the people, but the lords and ladies of the dark night who shall come forth with scythes for the harvest.

“We demand that you give us our freedom to overturn the government of the Nation of the Free!”

“The New Kingdom”. Brought to you by true patriots and the lords and ladies of duplicity.

The king directs HIS people to the Peoples House demanding that the will of the people be overturned for the continuation HIS rule.

Woe O once mighty Nation brought low.

These are the revelations of the emergence of patriotic deceptions.

Visions Of The Remorseless

The Daily Hate.

The daily hate has not been tempered.

Yea, no remorse.

The perfectly coifed lords and ladies of the great lie recommence the sowing of malfeasance.

Threatening violence is not acceptable opinion.

“My God, remove their speck!”

Instructs the beam filled eye.

The attractively vexed brought to you for your entertainment are “just asking Questions”.

“Why we have a right to incite violence and hate!” Cry those inciting violence and hatred.

There is no right to hate.


“Why our hate and threats of violence are not as bad as “Other’s”.

“Why we are justified in the sight of our God in our hatred!” Cry out the victims of special honors and exploitation. A cashing in on the emotional instabilities of the manipulated.

The hate of the lie continues to brew.

People speaking freely of their right to express their hatred and inner violence, bemoan and wail their lack of freedom to express their hatred and inner violence.

“Now that we have divided the nation – if you dare to hold us accountable – it is you who will be the cause of the division of the nation!” Cry out the enablers of discordance.

Prepossessing, winsome women and men enunciate the energies of malfeasance and divisiveness. For entertainment purposes only!

Visions of the king signing decrees and looking lovingly upon HIS peoples flash across screens as choreographed dialogues disregarding the violence upon the People of the Nation of the Free fill the hearts of the desecrated and exploited.

A reassuring of the Patriots brought to you by our corporate sponsors.

The amorally glamorous persist in scripted deceptions as hidden sponsors exploit the resources, health, and wealth of the People of the Nation of the Free.

“Look” Say the mannequins perpetuating the great lie, “We only say these things because we care about YOU”.

“Why let’s just pull together!” Cajole the enablers of divisive insurgence. A shrewd intent to lull the People of the Nation of the Free back into somnolence.

“Fear, fear, fear!” The commodification of the emotions of the People of the Nation of the Free.

The kings men and women retreat so that they, the elect of The People, may evade holding the king accountable for the desecration of the Peoples House.

If those who have been elected by the People are never held to account when acting with impudence, then the People will commence to internalize that impudence is an implied call to order.

In a time of plague, billionaires and millionaires proliferate. The People weakened by suffering, mass death, poverty, homelessness, and hunger cry out for relief whilst the wealth of the Nation converges in the pockets of the few.

Love expands.

Hatred inflames.

False righteousness desecrates.

Equity Lost – Vision

A recognition of equity lost.

A time coming forward – the disavowal of the for-profit paradigm of governance.