Calling Forth of the Prophet

The prophetic revelations which I have shared since 2003, as I know them in my heart, are meant to prepare embodied souls for the sorrows and sufferings as well as the Light to come. The prophecies of the Return of the Christ are anchored as an ever-present reminder to all embodied souls that God is always with them, so that souls may hold within their hearts, in times of revelation, tumult, and change, a new choice as to how to hold unfolding events in ways which are aligned with the energies of holiness, sacredness and trust, and a consciousness which seeks to hold all with and in God, the Creator Source.

Daughter, write this unto Thy Nation:

Nation I call thee to remember the yoke which once held thee. Your Fathers and Mothers stood in defiance to injustices and the crushing of liberties.

Remember those who have come before thee in times of tyranny – when your knees falter, and your hearts worry and cower.

Remember nation, I Am and I Am with thee.

Daughter write My Words:

Fear not daughter for these words I have put into your heart. Your pen I guide.

Daughter I Am and I Am with thee.

Here me now, a time to come forward when the nation shall weep and lament.
Fear not for all is not lost, for these are the times in which I have called you forth.


Begin now, I beseech thee fear not.

(This message is not clear what am I to begin?)

Proclaim daughter. Proclaim My Words.

Be thee not fooled by the words of those who care not for those they claim to uphold.

Daughter be thee not afraid in the times of sorrows to come. 
For My Words you shall speak.
In My Name you shall proclaim.
Hear Me daughter?

Daughter, scribe, of My Heart, you come forth.
Your life daughter is Mine.

Daughter, you heart trembles for I have called you.
Your heart trembles daughter to know Me.
Be not afraid for it is I who calls you.

Daughter of My Heart, falter not for it is I who shall form the words of your mind and of your mouth.

Daughter, thy will is My Will. 
Know there is no separation.
For you have been formed of My Heart, born in service to My Will.

Daughter of My Heart, I have called you, fear not.

Daughter, Thy Will you shall proclaim. 
My Voice shall speak to the nations thru you.
Be not afraid for I Am and I Am with you.

Herewith Nation:

A time soon comes forward when all shall seem secure and serene, 
yet I tell you forthwith that behind the calm and serenity burn fires. 
Fires that would seek to destroy the very fabric of the Nation.

Fear these forces not.

For these times I have warned you of and shall come to pass.

Daughter of My Heart

Follow the call of My Voice in all that you do.
Know you have been formed of My Heart.

Thy Will shall be proclaimed thru you Daughter.
Fear not.

Daughter I call out unto you and you daughter of My Heart, shall proclaim My Word.

(I am unworthy of this most sacred task, why me?)

Daughter would you in your fear cull your heart from Mine?

Daughter your destiny has been formed from My Heart, from My Love – fear not daughter.

Fear not.

Daughter, holy scribe, beloved of My Heart, know that I Am and I call thee forth.

Daughter those who seek to deceive shall in the end, have their eyes and hearts opened.

Daughter, tremble not before tyrants.

Reminiscences of tyrants bear no might to the sorrows of the suffering.