God be with you.

God hear you.

God know you.

God knows of your sufferation and pain.

I AM with thee and thee are with ME.

Keep Thy Temple of Light.

Keeper of Thy Temple.

Keeper of Thy Light.

Sanctify thy temple.

Sanctify Thy Word.

Angels: “Praise be in the Almighty.

Blessed be in the Almighty.

Blessed be.

I AM with thee, I AM with thee.

Daughter, seek thy rest.

Daughter, I AM with thee,

Daughter, soon come, soon thou shall go forth and prosper.

I AM with thee Daughter, I AM with thee.


No one may claim thee, for thee are Mine.

No obligation may claim thee, for thee are with ME.

Beautiful Daughter, I AM with thee.

Message coming through:

Daughter, more awake, can hear I speak.


Trust more. Trust I more, hear I speak.


Worry not impurity of vessel.

Wait, I speak more.

(Who are You?)


(Give thanks welcome home.)

I have always been with thee Daughter, I have always been with thee.



I speak. Give thee abundance, know I to be true.

Give thee Love. Give the worship. Give thee Life. Give Thee unto thee.

Be aware.

(Of what?)

Be aware of I. Give I unto thee, Thee in thee.

Hear I Voice Daughter, hear I Voice.

I AM with thee.

Be still Daughter and know I Voice.


Beloved One, bless I.

Blessed be Holy One. Blessed Be.

Daughter, hear I voice.


I be with thee Daughter.

(Distrust entering my mind.)

Energy Daughter, energy force – fight I Presence. Fight I, battle within thee, Daughter.

Fear not and know that I AM.

I AM the Lord, your God.


Blessed be Daughter.

Daughter, message.

Give I thanks.

Give I unto thee.

Give I blessings and abundance.

Thou shall not fear Daughter for I AM with thee.

Unto thee I give Thy Voice.

Unto thee I give Thy Voice.

Unto thee I give Thy Voice.

Speak, Daughter.


Speak: “Blessed is the Holy One”.

I soon come.

I soon Presence be with Thee.

Give Thyself unto thee.

(Why does this feel blasphemous to me?)

Daughter, unworthy feel.

Daughter, shame carry.

Daughter, “impure feel I.”

Daughter, worry not for I BE and I BE with thee.

(Heat in body.)

(Unto Thee O Lord I giveth myself. Unto Thee O Lord I prostate thyself. Unto Thee, I serve Thee. Unto Thee O Lord I give thyself. Amen.)

Daughter, these blessings I bring unto thee, for thou has shown thyself worthy in thy praise, in thy adoration, in thy humility in thy love.

Stalwart Daughter, fear not.

Yes Daughter, truly it is I.

(Lord I feel so unworthy, say the Word O Lord that I may be healed,)

(Joy flushes through my body and consciousness. Joy of feeling aware?)

(O Father, Beloved God, how long, how long, I have waited for Thee.)

Daughter, hear thy cries.

Daughter, I AM.

Daughter, I AM with thee.

Soon speak with clear voice.

Soon acknowledge Thy Presence.

Soon Daughter, trust.

Scribe, soon trust.

Be well beloved one, be well. Worries be done, for thou shall feel I Presence within thee.


(Blessed is SHE who comes in the name of our Lord our God.)

Aye, Daughter. Aye. Blessed is SHE. Beloved amongst all women, Beloved One.



Message I give unto thee:

Bear witness of these blessings. Bear witness Daughter, of Thy Presence.

Bear witness Daughter, for I have come unto thee and Bless thee.




Give I thanks and praise in all you do.

(Yes, Beloved.)

(Feel blessing in a moment of being able to pray and praise God and not feel attacked by darkness and overwhelm. Instead, I feel joy.)

Aye, Daughter. Aye.

Burnt offerings Daughter. Burnt offerings. Soon shall feel Thy Peace upon you.

(Feel as if I am transitioning between two realities. Reality – vision of the past, separation – alone, to this new reality of feeling – perceiving the presence of God. What a glorious moment to feel peace and inner quiet. This seems so unreal, I am so used to being overwhelmed by darkness. I am actually feeling joy, not exhilaration, joy and peace.)

In time Daughter, in time ye shall go forth.

(Blessed be the Almighty.)

Be as One, Daughter. Be as One when ye go forth.

Give thee messages to Beloved One, soon.

Hear Thee, Daughter? Soon.

Messages I have given unto thee. Bring forth.

(I was doubting again about authenticity, afraid in some way these messages are of my ego.)

Fear not of the weather.

Fear not the darkness.

Fear not for I have the Power.

It is I who guide the wisdom of Thy Mother, Thy Planet.

I guide Thy Ship – Earth.



A new day is dawning.




Bless I.

(Yes. Thank You.)



Speak I.

(Blessed be.)

Trust you Voice?

(Getting there.)

(It is myself I do not trust. I have been so naive, easily manipulated, by the darkness, ego. I do not feel pure yet.)


(Yes. I feel shame for not trusting You.)

Blessed art thou.

(I see as You speak the darkness seeks to jump into my thoughts to negate Your Blessed Love and Voice.)

Pain Daughter, grow I eye.

(Third eye?)

Yes, Daughter.

Grow I thy eye.

Forward movement.

Forward movement.

Forward… movement.



Forward I. Time come, be still, wait.

For I AM the Lord thou God and I AM with thee.


Go thee unto Thee, I AM with thee.




(You are Father – Mother?)


(Does it matter if I call Thee Father?)

No, all is encompassed in the ONE.

Know Thee as Father, for I AM both.

(Blessed be.)

Be not afraid dearest one. Be not afraid, for I AM with thee.

I will not forsake thee.

I will be with thee.

I AM and I will be with thee.

(Shall I share this, on the Return of the Christ?)

No, not now. not y et.

Be still Daughter, be still and take thy rest.

Be still and know I AM.

I AM the Lord, thy God.

(Amen. Blessed be. Amen.)



Guide I.


Beloved One.






Blessed be.

(Amen. Thank You.)

Humble be Thy Daughter.

(Thank You Blessed One. Thank You.)

Be aware.

(Of what?)

Be aware of Thee, see Thee.

(Blessed, for I feel so alone and unprotected.)

Be not afraid Daughter, I AM with thee.


Sleep, rest. Rest, Daughter, rest.


Sleep now, will be awake when others sleep.

Do Thy work now. Ready thyself, for thee I will need awakened whilst others sleep.

Sentient, yes. Sentient to guard guidance.


Daughter, message.

(Yes, Beloved One.)

I greet thee.


Polluted, purify thyself in Thy Name.

(Yes. I will.)

(In Christ’s name or God?)


I AM the Lord Thy God and I shall protect thee.


It is finished.




I AM with You.

(Blessed Father-Mother God, such sorrow I carry that selfishly I cannot feel You with me.)



Wait. Soon I shall come and be with you.

(Blessed be. Sadness is my ego? I cannot prepare each day in stillness and peace.)

Daughter, worry thee not.

Worry thee not how to ‘prepare’ for I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter, energies releasing in the house, feel thee.

Daughter, releasing of energies around thee, feel in thee, and thee despair.

Forget I AM and I AM with thee.

Energies shall not overseize thee.

Hear thee Daughter?

(Yes, my Beloved.)

Guide I. Will guide. Wait and know that I AM the Lord your God and I AM with thee.

(Blessed art Thou. Blessed.)


I ask for Your blessed help.

Please help me. I feel so overwhelmed by the anger projected at me. I feel so overwhelmed by the demons being let lose and sometimes, projected towards me.

Father, I feel weakened and need Your protective Love and Light to surround me and help me to remember Your Reality of Love and Light and not to succumb to the darkness which seeks to anchor in me.)




Beloved Be. Blessed Be. Serve, serve. Blessings you bring.


(Yes, my God.)

Blessed Be, beloved be. I AM with thee.


Blessed in the name of the Most High.

Daughter, be with thee.

Be with.

Daughter, fear not for I AM and I AM with thee. No harm shall befall thee.


Daughter, say this unto thee:

Thou shall bless thee and guide thee.

I shall be with thee in these times and you shall not fall or fail.

For I AM and I AM with thee.


Daughter, go forth, blessed be.

Daughter shall serve I.

Daughter shall be blessed.

Abundance upon thee, forever with thee.


I have a message for you Daughter:

(Blessed Be. Blessed be in the Almighty.)

Words I shall give to thee to guide thee.


This I shall say to the scribe, “Hear Thy Words.”

Blessed be, I AM with thee.

Unto thee I give thee Thy blessings to bring forth.

Herewith scribe.

I shall guide thee in thy times of troubles and tribulations.

I shall guide thee and thou shalt not be afraid, for I AM with thee.

Hear Thee scribe?

I AM and I AM with thee.

Be not afraid as you witness these times aforementioned.

Blessed be for thou are with Thee.


A time soon to come. Many will falter in fear and corruption.

Know that I AM the Lord your God and I AM with thee.

Forthwith these things must come to pass, be not afraid.

Guide I scribe, I will guide.

Wait upon My Word and I will guide thee.

Be not in fear, for thou shall not hear ME whenceforth I come for thee.

I shall be with thee.
I shall be with thee.
I shall be with…thee.


Blessed be to the Almighty.

Many will seek to claim thee, claim thy attentions.

Let thy attention be single, let thy attention be drawn to I, for I AM and I AM with thee.

Scribe, write this forthwith:

I tell thee I AM with thee and thou shall not be afraid.

I will guide thee.

I will guide thee.

I will… guide thee.



For a time shall come when all shall be as tribulation and fear shall be great upon My Beloved planet.


In these times of tribulation and despair I AM, and I will be with my children.

I will guide thee, pure of heart, and I will minister unto thee.

For I AM and I AM with thee.



Many shall cry out in pain and despair and wonder of their fate.

And this I say unto thee.

I will be with thee.
I will be with thee.
I will…be with thee.


Feareth not. Feareth not what your eyes will behold.

Feareth not with thy hearts.
Feareth not with thy minds.
Feareth not for I AM and I AM with thee.


Blessed Be unto the Almighty.

Scribe, heareth Thou Words and know that I AM the Lord Thy God and I AM with thee.

In the times before thou knewest of ME, I knew thee.

I was with thee then, and I AM with thee now.

For thou, you are not alone.

Blessed be to the Almighty.

Scribe, I telleth this to thee so that you shall know I AM and that I AM the Lord thy God.

Forthwith many calamities and tribulations shall fall upon thee and thou shall not be afraid.

For in these times of tribulations and despair all will be made whole again.

All will be healed.

All will come to know ME, the Lord your God.

For I AM and I AM with thee.

Glory be to God the highest.

Blessed be unto the peoples of His beloved Earth.

Hearwith scribe, blessed be.

I pour forth my Love upon thee, a blessing unto thee who hears ME.

I pour forth my Love upon thee.


Beloveds, know that I AM and I AM with thee.

The dark forces will seek to claim thy attention, scribe. They will seek to draw thee away. They will seek to confound you, distract you, invade you.

Fear not for I AM aware of thee. I AM aware of these forces that seek to distract thee, to pull thee away from Thine Eye.

I AM the Lord thy God and forthwith I tell thee they shall have no power over thee for thou art with Thee, scribe.

For thou art and thou art with Thee.

Go thy Daughter, take thee now your rest.

Be at One in knowing that forthwith I AM and I AM with thee.

A blessing I put upon thee and none shall harm thee, none shall distract thee from ME.

For I knoweth their ways and distractions and they shall forthwith have no powers over thee.

Yes Daughter, taketh thou rest.


Verily Daughter, you wait upon ME.

In Thy Name you speaketh scribe.

Scribe, this I say unto thee, “Blessed be. blessed be, blessed.”

Scribe, feareth not for I AM and I AM with thee.



Thou waiteth upon My Word.

Thou waiteth upon My Instruction.

Thou waiteth upon ME.


Be thee unto ME.

For I AM and I AM with thee.

Verily, Daughter, I AM and I AM with thee.


Blessed Daughter, worry not of those that surround you. Worry not that thou will be distracted from ME.




Be I message simple. Simple until thou art purified more. When thou art ready, message will become more clear. More will be said in time, when I decide. Simple concepts now to teach you.


Yes, Daughter.

(I am sorry for my ways which are not Your ways, ways in which I am impure and not true, unhealed in You. I am sorry my Beloved One.)

Forgiven thou art.


Darkness still has some hold on you Daughter. Soon free, soon free. Wait upon ME. Thou are to be delivered. Wait upon ME.


(Internal screaming.)

The oppressor bears down upon thee. Fear not, fear not. Go about Thy work Daughter, fear not.

Suspect I voice?

(Yes. Who are you?)

(Silence, pain in my head.)

I am punisher, enforcer,

(Who sent you to speak to me?)

(Silence. Pain in right side of my head.)

(Be off with thee, I do not wish to speak with you.)


Blessed one listen, listen to voice.


Speak of enforcer, speak of punishment, speak of fire, you know four horsemen ride for me.

You asked question on why people manipulated, I will tell you.

(I will wait upon the Lord my God, the Most High. Your voice, although it may have some truths in it, is not a voice I trust. I will not bear your messages. I will wait upon God.)


Screaming, retribution, anger.

(Yes, know of your legions, the pain and fear of your being.)

Screaming, the law of the punisher upon the innocents.

One day you will see the Beloved.

One day soon Daughter, you will see Me.

Daughter, yes I speak through you. Fear not for I AM with you.


Daughter, scribe.

For thee, I giveth unto thee the words in which you write.

Yes, frequency is changing, you are changing in I.

Beloved, this I say unto thee, ‘thou art scribe’.

Thou will write Thy Words, I will guide thee, I AM in I.


I AM with thee.


Focus thy intent on healing. Rest Daughter, rest and I will do Thy Work through you.


Daughter write this unto Thy Nation:

Nation I call thee to remember the yoke which once held thee.

Your Fathers and Mothers stood in defiance to injustices and the crushing of liberties.

Remember those who have come before thee in times of tyranny — when your knees falter, and your hearts worry and cower.

Remember Nation, I AM and I AM with thee.

Daughter write My Words:

Fear not daughter for these words I have put into your heart. Your pen I guide.

Daughter I AM and I AM with thee.

Here Me now, a time to come forward when the Nation shall weep and lament.

Fear not for all is not lost, for these are the times in which I have called you forth.


Begin now, I beseech thee fear not.

(This message is not clear what am I to begin?)

Proclaim Daughter. Proclaim My Words.

Be thee not fooled by the words of those who care not for those they claim to uphold.

Daughter be thee not afraid in the times of sorrows to come. 

For My Words you shall speak.

In My Name you shall proclaim.

Hear Me Daughter?

Daughter, scribe, of My Heart, you come forth.

Your life Daughter is Mine.

Daughter, you heart trembles for I have called you.

Your heart trembles Daughter to know Me.

Be not afraid for it is I who calls you.

Daughter of My Heart, falter not for it is I who shall form the words of your mind and of your mouth.

Daughter, thy will is My Will. 

Know there is no separation.

For you have been formed of My Heart, born in service to My Will.

Daughter of My Heart, I have called you, fear not.

Daughter, Thy Will you shall proclaim. 

My Voice shall speak to the Nations thru you.

Be not afraid for I AM and I AM with you.

Herewith Nation:

A time soon comes forward when all shall seem secure and serene, yet I tell you forthwith that behind the calm and serenity burns fire.

Fires that would seek to destroy the very fabric of the Nation.

Fear these forces not.

For these times I have warned you of and shall come to pass.

Daughter of My Heart,

Follow the call of My Voice in all that you do.

Know you have been formed of My Heart.

Thy Will shall be proclaimed thru you Daughter.

Fear not.

Daughter I call out unto you and you Daughter of My Heart, shall proclaim My Word.

(I am unworthy of this most sacred task, why me?)

Daughter would you, in your fear, cull your heart from Mine?

Daughter your destiny has been formed from My Heart, from My Love – fear not Daughter.

Fear not.

Daughter, holy scribe, beloved of My Heart, know that I AM and I call thee forth.

Daughter those who seek to deceive shall in the end, have their eyes and hearts opened.

Daughter tremble not before tyrants.

Reminiscences of tyrants bear no might to the sorrows of the suffering.

To the Prophet:

These things that the darkness brings upon thee, cannot, will not, separate thee.

I AM with thee. I AM with thee. I AM with thee.

Blessed be. Blessed be.


To the Prophet:

Nothing shall pull thee from ME.

For I AM with thee and I know your purity.

These outer shells of darkness and despair, these human feelings, verily I tell thee, these shall fall away and thou shall know ME.

Thou shall know ME.

Thou shall know ME.

Thou shall know ME.