August 2018

A denial of the will of “We The People”.

The Light never dies.

The Light IS life.

Nothing is hidden in the Light.

The inner violence of the Punisher expressed through an army of punishers.

Hand fed hatred and violent thoughts emboldens the ordinary to become one with the will of the Punisher.

A hardened heart can blind a soul to the Light and truth.

The UNITED divided.

We The People weep.

Land of the free.

Free no more.

Listen for voices reflecting integrity.

After walking in darkness it is difficult for the mind to adjust to the Light.

The heart knows the Light when it perceives it. 

Desecration can only fool one for so long.

In a moment, the heart will know truth and awaken.

The Light is waiting.

In a time of fiery rhetoric and ideologies, beware of becoming like that which offends thee.

Original Separation:

The darkness came from the Infinite and to the Infinite it shall return.


Fractured aspects of dis-embodied energies of desecration seeking expression through embodied consciousness.

A time coming forward:

The calling forth of inner demons.
Release without identifying.

Soul Goals:

Transcend that which separates.

Remember Love in the presence of the energies of darkness.

Awakening Vessels of Light:

Vessels of Light remembering the truth of who they are – Awakening.

Depository of Sacred Knowledge:

A book of truths exists within your heart.

Each present moment brings forth another opportunity to choose the potentialities of Light.

They who feed off your heart, will in the end, desecrate your love.

Collateral punishment (enforced) upon the whims of the Punishers contempt.

Tributes paid to be in the presence of the king.

The mind is meant to co-evaluate the heart’s experiences.

What heart has a king who celebrates inflicting collateral punishment and suffering?

All shall experience the sting of the Punisher.

Watch for the Light once covered awaken in courageous hearts.

A soul never forgets experiences of integrity, as integrity is of a souls nature.

The Punisher:

Darkness comes upon him and he sees it not.

The king inflicts punishment, because he has the power to do so.

Punishers Hidden:

Be wary of the punisher who punishes in secret.

For they will come upon you in the darkest moments of the night.

Look forward for the day shall come when the reign of kings end.
An epoch closes.