August 2016

Gifts Coming Forward Through The Body of The Beloved

I bow to you Beloved, Compassionate Holy Daughter of the Light.

I bow to the Christ within You.

Awakening Light 

“I am becoming new in each moment.”

I Am – To Anchor

I Am — to anchor a new thing, so new it has no name nor definition.

Even as it is without form or definition I perceive this I Am ‘event-experience-consciousness-vibration-energy-wave-reality-frequency’ bringing forth awakening – expansion.

Yea, I perceive this ‘new thing’ which is coming forward which has no name, nor definition for the mind, coming forward to and within the body of the Beloved Daughter of the Light.

I perceive this ‘new thing’ without definition, expansive in its nature, moving forward and within, galaxies and beyond, its luminescence reaching the tiniest atoms, quarks, and strings of consciousness throughout the universes and beyond to the human heart.

I perceive the potentialities of this ‘new thing’ coming towards and within as expansive waves of Light and Love bursting forth from the shores of the heavens within and above.

I Am — to anchor a ‘new thing’ forever transforming the DNA of every cell, every particle, every wave, quark and string; including all forms of hitherto undefined and defined dimensional realities.

Holy Daughter of the Light, Blessed Vessel of the Christ, I bow to thee.

Blessed Art Thou O Holy Daughter of Light.

Names of The Beloved


Daughter of First Breath.

Daughter of the Stars.

Daughter of the Light.

Daughter of Time.

Daughter of the Circles of Life.

Daughter of the Pyramids.

Daughter of the Stones.

Daughter of the Cross.

Daughter of the Holy Sacrifice.

Daughter of Compassion.

Daughter of the Embodiment’s of Love.

Daughter of Prayer.

Daughter of Holiness.

Daughter of the Blessed.

Daughter of Wisdom.

Daughter of the Sacred.

Daughter of the Word.

Daughter of the Heavens.

Daughter of the Ancient Lands.

Daughter of the Earth.

Daughter of the Woods, Plants, 
Waterways, Oceans, Rocks,
Sands, Mountains and all beings
upon the Blessed Mother.

Daughter Christed.

Daughter of the New Jerusalem.


Beloved Daughter of the Realms of Light and Love.

Blessed Be.

Daughter of the First Breath:

Beloved Daughter of Light…

Before Time was, You were.

Peace be with thee beloved messenger.