The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

My name is the root of the hero narrative.
My deeds of desecration’s against humanity legendary.
My instructions of the slaughtering of the innocents signs of my cowardice and fear.
My iron fist feared in all of Palestine for its cruelties and horrors.
My spirit rises in each act aligned with supremacy, vengeance, hatred, and fear.

De-Contextualizng History:
The mass destruction of historical artifacts identified as offensive abominations.

Laying Siege To Nations:
Wearisome are the actions of the peoples of war and affliction..

Compassion as righteousness in service to freedom.

Messiahs Of War:
Pummeling reality with the energies of violence.

An erasing to come planetary-wide of historical artifacts of deities not deified as our deity.

Ritual Sacrifices:
Biblically inspired spectacles of massacres of ‘Other’.

Barbarians At The Gates Of The Lands Holy:
The systemic destruction of the lands and peoples of holy history.
Damascus, Syria, Ethiopia, Mesopotamia(Iraq), the forests of Lebanon, Sudan, and Palestine.

Hearts weak of love grow strong in cruelty.
Images of cruel strength are not portrayals of actual strength.

Bulldozing Reality:
In the presence of reckless carnage, the projecting of realities of heroics.
The re-occurrence of bulldozing/tank run-overs,
a running over of the living and the dying, by the thanatophobic.
Vengeance inspired destruction of all perceived abominations.

Nay, the God of war will never be satiated in embodied time.

Go South! You’ll Be Safe!
Drones of death encircling the innocent, tormenting, torturing, reigning hell and death.

Courage Rising:
When cruelty loses its power to create fear.

For The People:
Draw towards Love.
Draw towards Peace.
Draw towards Unity.
Draw towards Life.

Genocidal Colloquialisms:
Anti-confliction zones
Sustainable ceasefire

In a reality of love, guardians of prosperity transform into guardians of the innocent.

Torture, Starvation, Assassination, Cruelty, Deprivation, Murder, Mayhem:
The veneer of righteousness peels away.

People Of Strife:
Erasing all sounds of peace, of life.

History Once Forgotten:
Human hearts remember biblically inspired cruelties.

Beyond Comprehension:
‘Conquering’ houses of mercy and healing.

The Faithful:
Strong hearts and broken bodies keeping the Faith.

Death By AI:
The analytics of targeted death
The Euaggelion of death.

Vested Interests:
By erasing contextual history, histrionics are given free reign.

Re-Writing History:
Cities ancient one by one being destroyed in efforts to establish a new primacy.

Gates Ancient Once Closed:
What hell cometh unto the peoples?
Do not suffer the child of abominations proclaim the warlords of death as they roam the lands Holy.
No mercy. No mercy.

On Display:
Final solution consciousness expressed through acts of mass starvation, destruction, disease, bombing, assassinations, and incomprehensible cruelties. Forcing the mass departure of the Indigenous to the lands historical shame.

Inversion Of Sharing Consciousness – Colonization.
A global transformation of the consciousness of the claimed right to dominate and appropriate resources belonging to ‘Other’.

Masking As Righteousness:
Destroying the beloveds of your peoples in order to destroy the beloveds of other peoples.

Death By Superstition:
The Indigenous of the lands, dehumanized, fetishized, as biblical enemies of yore, desecrated and slaughtered.
Mass killing, starvation, deprivations, disease and death in the name of ‘safety’.
Aye, even in the light of day, internal visions of death and slaughter will not easily go away.

Us vs Them Consciousness:
The for profit enforcing. monitoring, and control of expressions of compassion of ‘Other’.

An unleashing of zealots unto the nation unwitting.

When Conversions Fail:
The egoism of my kingdom consciousness.
The elevation of the covenant of politics and theocracy.

Culling The Vote:
“We find you unworthy to participate.”

A rising of vexatious obsessions with the sexual freedoms of ‘Other’.
Forced celibacy, forced purity… force, force, force.
The impure of heart force inversions of purity upon ‘Others’.

Millionaire /Billionaire Pastors.

The rising of idolatry laws in the Nation of the Free.

Fear Of Other:
“You are not made in our image and likeness.”

1402 – 2023:
Flotilla’s of colonizers protecting the rights of prosperity.

Life as a journey of awakening.
Rising from somnolence, rising from embodied death.

A rising of supremacists monopolizing rights of freedom.

The dis-unification of humanity.

The energies of darkness are unsustainable without human alignment and expression.

Repentance Brigades:
“Do you condemn?” Incitements to violence.

Leadership Training 2.0:
Leaders teaching the multitudes to persecute and harm ‘Other’.

Dark Side Of Enforced Purity Consciousness:
Behold the lust of violent engagement.

Technocratically Yours:
“We” decide.
“We’re the good guys.”
“You’re the bad guys.”

Rising Energies Of Hatred Of ’Other’:
It matters not if the actions or statements make sense.
All that matters to the propagators of the energies of darkness
is the spreading of the energies of hatred into the hearts of the people.
O Woe Nations. O Woe.

The Year 2023:
When supporting human rights became designated hate speech.

Inversions Of Patriotism:
Posturing as heroic whilst claiming victimization.

Suffer The Children:
10,000 dead babes, the innocent of the blessed Earth.
(Not counting the children under the rubble of revenge.)

Brutal Silencing’s Of Truth:
More silencing’s to come.

Sick, Starving, Dying:
Intelligence observing humanity being bombed, starved, water deprived, tortured, and desecrated out of existence.
The complicity of politics in a time of immorality.
Moral injuries abound.

Wherever the God of war storms forth, death follows.
The decadence of collective murder.

Hate-filled energies attracted to the Garden.
The angels of death come to the lands Holy.

The painful ‘smirk’ of supremacy based righteousness.

Legacy Of Colonization:
A destroying of history in the vainglorious name of destiny.
A thieving from you to enrich me consciousness.

Seventy seven days of collective punishment and mass murder
inspiring the separated of heart in watching nations, to commit… mass murder.

In The Presence Of The Slaughter Of Innocents:
Behold the guardians valiant as they sail to protect the rights of prosperity, whilst the innocent unprotected, are slaughtered without mercy, man, women, child, and babe.

Religious Authoritarians:
Assigned for vengeful punishing, citizens are perceived in the eye of the offended as designated evil-doers.
Hunting for blasphemers.

Gun Violence American Style:
Mass murder problem in schools?
“Why just arm the teachers, janitors, staff, and now, children.”
As empires fall leadership abandons the people and the rule of law.

Profitable Imprisoning:
The profitable nature of charging per bed, meals, basic amenities, phone calls.
Now with prisoner leasing!

Billion Dollars Of Subsidies Available!*
*The poor, infirm, homeless, and hungry need not apply.

The suppressing of knowledge and the upraising of ignorance as a bulwark against truth.

Lost In Darkness:
Sanctioning biblically inspired genocide of perceived ‘Other’.
The deities of belligerence bolstering the energies of anger in the hearts of the people.

Appetites of the venture war-god$.

A re-rising of the disunity consciousness of ‘only our religion is the true religion’.

Settled In:
Bygone immigrants settled in, bemoaning and dehumanizing new immigrants.

A gathering of the coalition of the greedy.
Harming the many to enrich the few.

The New Master:
Bringing forth a new vision of unity minus the E. Pluribus Unum.

It’s Just The Weather:
Feeding resource hungry beasts through political repression.

Prophetic Witnessing:
Witnessing ‘Live Free or Die’ signage at a gathering espousing the crushing of freedoms.

Conflation Politics:
A time coming forward when anti-authoritarianism becomes conflated with anti-Christianity.

Fires Of Hell:
Preaching the gospel of fear from the pulpit to the podia.

Energies Rising:
A war on the diversity of humanity moralized as ’purity’ of the culture.

Amoral Powers Of The King:
Behold the populace powers of the punisher king’s keen observances of the folly of front-facing morality covering over immorality.

Division culture as an inversion of Divinity culture.
A rising of the popularizing of the theocratic right to enact retribution and revenge upon all perceived as sinful ‘Other’.

A rising of all supremacy consciousness’s of all nations coming to the fore of collective consciousness. A rising of the separated consciousness narratives of “I need to control you to feel safe”

When The Soldiers Of Blood Vengeance Return:
What happens O beloved Nation when the soldiers/militia of blood vengeance return?
What happens when these soldiers/militia re-enter a land of boiling, rising hatreds?
What shall happen O beloved Nation when these soldiers/militia who have experienced the exhilaration of restraint free retribution in the spilling of the blood of the innocents, return in the presence of the rhetoric of retribution and vengeance?’

The moral certitude accompanying permissive genocide.

Virulence Of Hatred:
The virulence of hatred coming for one’s own.
Aye, the hubris of we can stop this disease we have initiated at will.
New variants of disease borne in the lands of the Holy spreading throughout the planet.

The incredulous use of camera facing minorities vetoing genocidal actions as a mask for ongoing colonial expansion.
A manipulative disconnection from reality brought to you by the ‘good guys’.

Not Made In Our Image And Likeness:
And their leaders came upon the children of Christ seeking their financial support and prayers in the destruction of the lands of the Christ’s birth and teachings.

Living Nightmare:
In order for us to live our dream your peoples must be eradicated nightmares foisted upon the the Indigenous peoples.

Colonizers ‘Defending’ Themselves Consciousness:
Colonization necessitates fighting dreadfully for conquest as Indigenous peoples being dispossessed, righteously defend their lands and birthrights to life.

Sorry Lot:
Generations of shame endured projected and unleashed unto populations of the innocent.
Expressions of violence breathtaking in its scope of moral decay and perverseness.

Uncharitable Donations:
Aristocratic billions spent on the destruction of the lives and freedoms of the people.

Ensuring a historical national image as destroyers of life, beauty, love, and peace.

First Usurping Of The Creator:
In the presence of freedom and free-will, the usurper deity commands embodied souls to curse and kill the Creations of the Creator.

As Sorrows Unfold:
Immoral leaders inching towards moral imperatives.

Running Low On Targets:
Eyes of blood-lust look to the east of the lands of the Holy.
The beast of war hungry for death. campaigns for the slaughter of nations of ‘Other’ perceived as threat.

Coordinates given in good faith used to target the sheltering and innocent.

Shameless Slaughter:
The enforcers of shameless slaughtering cry out, “Why are we hated?”

Whilst You Were Shopping and Celebrating:
Mass murder, starvation, disease, and destruction through the holy-days in the lands of Christ’s birth.
No babe spared from the blood-lust of the legions.

Religious dimensions of genocide and ethnic cleansing rises again, a calling for humanity to heal the past in the present.

Inversions of Strength:
Spectacles brought forth by the inept.
A stripping naked and humiliation of the humble, as projections of victory.

As It Was In The Beginning:
Brigands and land thieves slaughtering.

Multi-Front Persecutors:
Persecutors surreptitiously attacking their neighbors, bemoan their neighbors attacking them.
The separated consciousness, ‘our neighbors are dangerous, so we must attack them all’ expressing itself as an inversion of freedom.

Whilst oppressors destroy cemeteries, bulldoze the the living and dead, and leave the innocents to die on the streets, left un-buried, legacy media propagates and propagandizes stories of ‘Other’s’ misdeeds.
The energies of death in need of constant refreshment.

Bear Hugs of Death:
Man of unfathomable expressions of the energies of death, despair, and destruction, informs humanity to expect more spectacles of violence against the innocent.

A people wedded to a consciousness of violence, propagandized by the energies of vengeance and blood-lust, awaken to a reality that the mere mention of the name of their nation invokes horror in the collective human heart.

Close To Their Maker:
Old kings pass into the dark night.

Not Quarantined:
Contagions of mass psychosis and trauma inflicting the human collective.
Expressions of unrestrained violence allowed to spread as a plague unto the planet.

Eradicating Hopes Of The Future:
Pregnant mothers, women, children, babes as targets for bombs, bulldozers, tanks, and snipers.
The scythes of death freely roaming the lands of the Holy.

Cycles Of Retribution:
Rather than seeking a path of redemptive healing, the once persecuted persecute unmercifully.

Allusions Of Normalcy:
Allusions of normalcy in the presence of barbarity.

The deification of political violence.

Folly Of Moral Political Certitude

The Folly Of Moral Political Certitude:
Limbless children.

The Psychosis Of Fear Of Other Consciousness:
When the unhealed fear of ‘Other’ consciousness usurps the right to life of the neighbors of the unhealed.
Eliminating ‘Other’ one nation at a time.

Messianic Complex:
The moral certitude of massacring all perceived abominations of ‘Other’.

Abomination Consciousness:
The perceived right to punish, control, or kill any embodiment of our perceived fears.
The delusion of togetherness propaganda as a path to success in eradicating the abomination of ‘Other’.

Undue Foreign Influence:
The bringing onboard of multiple nations into the spectacles of horror as to wash away ones culpability for mass annihilation.

Cycles Of Collective Violence:
The heart of humanity remembers.

Peace and humanity.

The spectacles of genocide covering the mass theft of the lands of the Indigenous.

Making Million$:
The centuries old practice of siphoning off the poor and the widows penny for self-enrichment.

Again, the ecclesiastical political lust for destroying the sovereign nation of Persia rises as bile in the throat of the Nation of the Free.

Posing As Normalcy:
Blood-lust, vengeance, retribution.

Inversions Of Strength:
Snipers in a hide, sniping unarmed innocents seeking shelter, water and food.

Expunging 2000 Years Of Religious History:
The acceleration of the eradication of the bloodlines ancient of Christianity.
Propagandizing dismissive dehumanization, “there are no Christians’ in the lands Holy.

A seeking of political resurrection through the upliftment of the energies of zealotry.

A weaving of a tapestry of violence with the threads of hatred.
Modern day colonial settlers slaughtering the Indigenous.

Think It Through:
If Christ came to you and asked you as His self-proclaimed faithful follower how could you defend the genocide of the first followers of His Teachings, in the lands of His ancestral peoples, what would you say?

Mass slaughter of the innocents in service to the easily offended and quick of retribution.
The collective manipulation and traumatization of humanity.

Worshiping The Deity Of War:
A cleansing, removal, destruction, of all perceived abominations in the lands Holy.
None spared the vengeance and blood-lust of the perceived righteous of the Deity of war.
The lands eradicated of Indigenous peoples, worshipers not of the Deity of war.
Woe O Nation for what your self-serving hearts have brought forth.

Karmic Re-Enactments:
A punishing coming forward of the followers of the Deity of the crusaders by the messiahs of death.

The Faithful desecrated, in the presence of crushing collective punishment, upholding living Faith, as human hearts planetary-wide witness the sorrows.
All Blessings.

Previously concealed politically elected radicals, unite under the banner of the genocide of perceived ‘Other’.

The Salvation of Love usurped by spiritual warriors.

Only the peoples of our Deity shall live in the lands once holy to all humanity.

Held In The Eternal Heart:
Tears of the innocent, tears of the Faithful.

Duplicitous Expressions Of Care.

Collateral Damage:
The indiscriminate killing of the innocent.

With beads of prayer in the pocket, munitions are sent, which kill on masse.
A fanning of the flames of hatred and chaos.

Euro/Americana Colonization Consciousness:
A belief in the fallacy of the ‘civilizing force’ of genocide.

Silence and Outrage:
Phrases of freedom… Outrage of perceived genocidal intent.
Actual genocide… Silence.

Highly Informal:
Highly informal harvestings of the biologically intact.
A desecration of the teachings to do no harm.

The God of war holding open the doors of hell.

Ironclad support for mass murder.

Colonization Colloquialisms:
Casualty minimization.
No choice.

Brigandry – Stealing resources from ‘Other’.
It’s ours, all ours, everything is ours.

Perceived Fear Consciousness:
When control of the inhabitants of the Earth becomes the safety net for the unhealed of perceived fear consciousness.

The sounds of the perpetual presence of Death.

Undeclared Climate Strategies:

Multi-Fronted Occupation Of Reality:
Humanity as undeclared targets.

Slaughter Of The Innocents:
Vengeance against God.

Motivated By The Energies of Vengeance and Fear:
Inflicting distressingly painful injuries upon the peoples, children and babes alike,
whilst simultaneously destroying the ways and means to heal.

“Vain Offerings”*
Embodied souls aligning with the energies of hubris proudly marching into the darkness.
“Vain offerings” – Isaiah 2:13

One Or The Other:
God is with us.
Mass murder.
If God is with thee wherefore art the need to kill thy neighbors?

Atrocity Propaganda:
Refreshing the energies of separation in service to the deity of death.
The cruelties of ‘civilized’ nations revealed.

Maximum Amount Of The Dead:
Narratives of vengeance and blood-lust casting energies of death and darkness.
O’ the impending sorrows of embracing the tenets of death and destruction.

Colonization Consciousness:
Non-reflective proclamations of the perceived divine right of exploitation and death.

“Why we’re not slaughtering the innocent, intentionally.”
All is witnessed.
The forces of darkness creating the influences for the erasure of humanity.

The Genocide Seen By All:
The genocide witnessed by humanity with sorrow and horror,
whilst those who had the power to stop the deaths and destruction enabled more, of both.

Lessons Not Learnt:
Inversions of holiness given breath in the breeding grounds of hatred.

1095 – 2023
The longstanding war against the Faithful lives on in all its dread and fury.
May Peace Be Upon The Faithful Of God.

Some shall call it karma.
Some shall call it judgement.
Some shall call it preordainment.
All shall know truth in the Presence of Light.
In the Presence of Light all manifestations of darkness are revealed.

Here ends the testament of the energies of the Light Rising in a time of darkness.
All Blessings.